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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Exporting Deception, Lessons From Football

First congratulations to all drunk and sober souls still savouring last night's victory and glory in Moscow. Still here waiting to DETOXIFY before the visa waiver expires. THERE IS ONE UNITED and WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS.

With that double gloat off my chect, what can we learn as Kenyans from the beautiful game? One no shortcuts. You cannot afford to win a trophy via top up. But most important NO IMPUNITY and fair play is enforced to the letter. Those traits leaves you with a sour taste when you think of ELECTION THEFT. If one Samuel Kivuitu would have been a referee worth his name and beyond reproach Kenya would be the much better devoid of IDPs and the 1500 souls still alive. But then you cannot polish Lucifer in any angelic gab. or can you?

Now we have Kenyans running for their dear lives down in South Africa. Reason? Hostile local environment left no option of making it at home. And while abroad these Kenyans are overtly or covertly exporting our national pastime of DECEPTION hence the resentment. Very soon Southern Sudan will be the next xenophobic hot spot. Kenyan business people are used to SHORTCUTS to riches and the Sudanese are not taking it lightly.

Deception no industry
We are a country led by pretenders whose forte is DECEPTION which they defend with selective application of law. As a result Kenyans export ILLEGAL practices that readily boil to tensions outside our borders. As a nation are unwittingly caging ourselves into an exclusive home of scoundrels disguised as INDUSTRIOUS. This is no ethnic bashing by any means but a reality check. While locally those who raise their voices in opposing these vices are derided as DOMO, elsewhere the consequences are so grave so much so that the victims are often exterminated altogether.

Charity begins at home and you don't need to be a Nobel Economic laureate to see the local economic gloating for its true cheapness. While a section of Kenya brag of hosting more than 90% of Kenyan millionaires, their backyard is littered with abject poverty. The murderous Mungiki is an apt consequence of this HELL-FOR-LEATHER mentality. Simpy put we are in a hole and must stop digging. But again money rules our lives and preaching to the converted is a harlequin task. We can try though.

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What A Pervert!


Anonymous said...

It's not worth commenting on Taabu's post anymore.

Anonymous said...

Most of the posts here are real daft but they are also funny and thats why we keep coming back. However yours are ya daft but not funny at all. Please stop posting.

M-Pesa said...

Jameni tuwache tribal bashing! I didn't even finish reading that sickening post coz it's just pure tribal bashing aimed at Kikuyus, period. You don't need a degree to see thru this cheap thinly veiled tribal rant fit for Mashada. Jameni Kenyans have moved on and you will even find a beautiful portrait of our beloved president hanging on the wall of our Prime Minister's office. By the way what happened to ARMAGEDDON and Kibaki won't last 7 days? Welcome to fool's paradise!

(I doubt this offensive tribal tripe would be accepted at

M-Pesa said...


The people have spoken and said "NO!" to bigoted tribal tripe. Incase you didn't know that, now you do! Call your troops for a crisis meeting and get your act together. Most bloggers here are of younger generation who have wives and girlfriends from different tribes. The recent tribal whiff coming from Kumekucha has been overpowering and I'm sure Bwana Chris you wil read riot act on usual suspects. No prizes for guessing who they are. We spoke about the logo and you rightly acted. Now guys are fed up to here with cheap rants aimed at certain communities. Kumekucha is drowning right up to it's eyeballs in TRIBAL TRIPE! DO SOMETHING, OLD SON!

Anonymous said...

Why do you have to start offending all Kenyans and especially those forced to earn their living in SA. If you have seen the reports, you will have noticed that the attacks are taking place in townships like Alexandra - the poorest of all places - and the foreigners targeted by these maroding mobs are mostly Zimbabwen refugees and also some from countries like Botswana and Mozambique. Most of them are illegally in the country trying to earn some money in cleaning houses etc. - Kenyans living in this poor neighbourhood are also those who have run away from the aftermath of the Elections in December hoping to be able to support their families at home. These are not rich Kikuyus who live in wellguarded safe residential areas - so your dirty words are placed at the wrong people. Instead, you should feel sorry for these poor people who have again lost everything. I am sure you have never bothered about them like you did not bother about those in Kibera, Eldoret, Kisumu. It is easy to spread hate and create hate - and I wish that the day will never come that you will be the target - or maybe should I better say, I wish you would have to endure just for one hour all the pain and suffering of these people. Maybe then you would learn to show some compassion. But I fear that people like you never learn not even in the darkest hours of their life.

Anonymous said...

How can we develop a country where hard work, sincerity, fairness and justice prevails?

We used to say: If you arrive at 5, dont go to Alliance. Malindi, Voi, Eldo, Kisumu, Kitale, Kakamega are safe at 5. What makes Kikuyu Town such a dangerous place?

It is because the people there want to get rich fast, without working. They are actually very lazy and want to live on other people like parasites.

Let's force our MPs to make tough laws against robbers, frauders and thieves of all kinds: Elections, Exams, Money, land, property, etc. The thieves in the gov must go. E.g. Kimunyua wants to steal the hotel he intends to sell underground to Libyans.

Anonymous said...


Did you hear this, that refs were paid to act in favor of MAN U, ati even Anelka and terry were paid that is why they didn't funga....How foolish can we be?
You mean these refs were easily compromised the same way Kivuitu was?
After it has all been said and done, the bottom line is ......Jijazie

P.s Can't kenyans just have a sense of humuor.....Loosen up folks!!! Maybe that is the sole reason the zulus can't stand your guts


M-Pesa said...

"While a section of Kenya brag of hosting more than 90% of Kenyan millionaires, their backyard is littered with abject poverty."


The above jibe gloating about some Kenyans wallowing in abject poverty is not funny at all when you say some people lack a sense of humour.

But never mind, all you do is being a useful cheerleader to Professors of Hate. I'm yet to hear you say anything constructive that's not bootlicking or sucking up to your masters. How sad. Fools seldom differ!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Taabu. What Taabu has posted is the whole truth. Nothing can change that - not even one million tonnes of FRAUD and DECEPTION by Kyuks. Unfortunately Kikuyus hate and fear the truth and honesty - no wonder they prefer to live in the "kingdom of FRAUD and DECEPTION". Everything they do is loaded with fraud and deception

Anonymous said...


I missed your point. What you quote is a statement of fact. Its not gloating, IMO supposed to be a reminder that there's still a lot of work to be done. Cant find the connection to humor or how that is tribal.


Anonymous said...

Seriously speaking, Kumekucha has become den of cheap tribalists like Taabu who was claiming to be 'horseless' just the other day. What an arrogant hypocrite! True, post fit for MASAHADA!

Anonymous said...

anon 4:51

and what exactly do you call anon 4:51, pun intended?


Anonymous said...

It’s all becoming a bit theatrical here Chris isn’t it; with all these gibberish commentary and endless tribal bashing in a co-edited savoury.
I am not quite sure why you have chosen to editorialize (personal opinion) your blog when you should be giving a report of the facts.
Please give us a piece of useful journalism not bollocks!
Otherwise it’s will soon be an au re-voir from me.


Anonymous said...

The amazing thing is that the people who come up with these laughable posts call themselves educated.
They apparently are the representatives of kenya in countries like the US, the UK, Canada and Australia. They are not your average 20 something year-olds. They are grown men and women who have suprisingly not dropped the habbit of making posts with open dictionaries.
It is just a pity that, in this 21st century, someone still thinks he is poor because of the existence of a community called 'Kikuyus'. That his uncle is not the President of Kenya because of kikuyus. That he is divorced because of kikuyus.
Your sense of worthlesssness is astonishing, brother. If that is what you call humour, then you have a lot of work to do!

Anonymous said...


Stop your Nilotic nonsense. People are not being attacked in SA because they are Kenyans. They are being attacked indiscriminately because they are foreigners. Also, they are being attacked because they are taking jobs from the locals and not becuse of their business practices.

In Kenya, those who want something for nothing are generally from the Nilotic tribes. You saw the looting that went on in Luo Nyanza and RV and Kibera. Those are mainly Nilotic zones and the looting is not limited to some wayward youth - in Nyanza for example, pictures showed wazees staggering under the weight of stolen TVs. In RV, women were shown on live TV carrying away mabati from burnt Kikuyu houses. In Nairobi, the Nilotes did not only loot, but they were also claiming by force ownership of Bantu multi-storey residential units - fortunately, Mungiki took good care of those lazy bums.

And those who are comparing poverty levels of Central Province to those of Luo Nyanza are simply out of their mind. To answer them is like using emphirical data to argue with witchdoctors.

As to which community has the highest number of Ph.D. holders you only need to count. As a sample you can pick the most recent UoN and KU calendars and count them tribe by tribe. That will debunk the Luo myth once and for all. Or look at a sample survey by UC Berkeley of Kenyans residing in the US. Did Kibaki go to the US to top the grades of the Kikuyus?

It is time people stopped this DOMO DOMO culture and remember lazy hands make a man poor.

kalamari said...

M-Pesa and several anti-reality anony-mice, Even in your most arduous attempts to fashion yourselves as advanced progressive thinking Kenyans, you continue to squeeze yourselves into a sort of post election time warp. You choose to use every negative mention of Kibaki or Mungiki, however SATIRICAL or subtle, as an atomic bomb attack on the entire GEMA nation. Indeed Kenyans have moved on; we are now waiting for you.

You cannot pretend to have elevated yourselves above tribalism and its politics when you come out with blazing guns and abuses at observations of Kibaki's thievery having international implications; aftershocks, if you ask me. To you, discussing the extinguishing of Mungiki is the most anti-kikuyu thing on the planet. Now, even residents in Muranga, who are obviously more 'moved on' than you, have chosen the risky task of witch-hunting Mungiki folk. Even the PM sees Mungiki as a group to be culled…by conversation. What of you?

Why must you insist on carrying the burden of Mungiki and Kibaki on your shoulders? The way I see it, moving on is being able to disassociate yourselves from the evils surrounding you…. and your tribe for that matter. It is time for Kenyans to be frank with each other. Foolishly moving ahead without gauging the future implications of the past is a recipe for disaster. You must remain embarrassed for hoping that 'forgive and forget' is workable. We are currently a nation of fighting blood hounds separated by thinly veiled coalition politics…the collapse of which we refuse to imagine.

This is what I say. Folks, let us be bold enough to counter the issues that have led us to where we are today. Let us not get into the habit of defending everybody and everything that grew up across the ridge, especially if they steal elections and behead jamaas.

Above all else let us re-learn to laugh. Release the post election pressure. Wacheni matusi na madharau. That said, please don't attack my use of the word anony-mice. It really is just a joke.

Anonymous said...


When you tell us to have a sense of humour, please remember not all of us here are Nilotes as to be able to enjoy the Nilotic humour of TAABU and KALAMARI. What humour is there about laughing at the terrible conditions of the RV IDPs or the Kenyans in SA. It is like telling a rape victim or her relatives to cheer-up and have a sense of humour. If there is humour there, it is BARBARIC HUMOUR and civilised people ought to be horrified by it.

kalamari said...

Anony-mice @ 9.07am. You surely do not have to struggle to prove your idiocy per excellence. Who is laughing at IDPs?

Anonymous said...


Yes, Mungiki should be culled by the PM for future use to penetrate the GEMA voting block. Since PM calling the GEMA "kabila adui yetu" did not scare them into voting for him, let us change tact and hold a conversation with Mungiki. Whatever it takes to get to State House, let us do it. Let us try to outdo Lucifer. Heheeeeheeee!!

Anonymous said...

Kalamari, you squid, listening to you is If you choose to blame Emilio Mwai Kibaki for bad things happening between here and mars, it might help to remember that much damage ocurred under Moi's 24 years (nilotic mind you--whats up with you guys, cant you do anything right apart from arrows and stones), that is when there was exodus, enmass. That is when we had drunken, illiterate goat herders of the north rift heading each and every money-making, govt- organization, which they.....yes you guessed right, screwed up.
Nobody is carrying Emilio Mwai Kibaki's weight on their shoulder, its just that we think the responsibility for the mess that Raila and ODM caused (since Raila and ODM dont seem the kind to take responsibility for anything, only domo domo) in Kenya has roots way beyond Emilio Mwai Kibaki. It would help to see some maturity from ODM-mites. And what are all those Moi cronies, ethnic cleansers, doing in ODM anyway?

Anonymous said...

Kalamari and your gibberish of people carrying Kibaki's or rather mungiki's crosses; Nobody is defending Kibaki here. you know as much as everybody else here that Kibaki stole elections the same way Raila did. claims a Raila win of 300000 votes. Mudavadi announced a Raila win of 200000. Orengo in parliament told kibaki he lost elections with a 500000 vote margin. Anyang nyong'o and James Oreno have on several occassions talked of Raila winning with a margin of more than a million votes. Kumekucha has claimed Raila won 70% of the vote. Which is which, people? Dont u have the figures? Why should we believe Orengo's or Mudavadi's figures as opposed to kivuitu's?

Shouting the loudest doesnt sanitize lies.And by the way if there is a group of people who see an attack on Raila as an attack on his sheepish community it is you. Many of us Kibaki supporters have always been ready to let kibaki carry his trash. You and your fellow morons, am afraid, have not been very forthcoming in letting the man responsible for your decades-old misery, RAO carry his!

Anonymous said...

What happened after Dec 07 poll was a failed attempted coup by ODM.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki, after pressure from Ruto comes up with a Commission of enquiry: to look into the post election violence-Perpetrators:

I though the following from a writer in Mashada caught the TRUE position.Whats your take.I Kenya the known Animal farm??

"Where do we draw the boundaries when demanding for the prosecution of killers? Do we just demand for the prosecution of only Kalenjin and Mungiki youth or do we demand that that their god-fathers (all senior members of the Grand coalition) be called to task too? Do we stop with Ruto, Saitoti, Uhuru and Karua or do we demand that ECK commissioners rot in prison for bungling the presidential elections? Do we stop with ECK or do we demand that Kibaki pay for ordering to be declared winner after he lost the elections?

I am very angry that more than 1500 lost their lives. This must be condemned using the strongest words. Justice for the victims must not only be seen to be done, but the murderers must pay for their crimes.

But unless we are willing to demand prosecution for all criminals including the chief criminal currently residing at State House, then this is another game of musical chairs.

You and I know that Kibaki is untouchable. Ruto is untouchable. So why the hell should Mungiki or the Kalenjin warriors rot in cells? Either punish all murderers, or let all murderers go scot-free!

Just my 5 cents"

Further see this from

The main suspect, master of deception at it again!Kenyans ni WaKumbavu kabisa.

"Meanwhile, President Mwai Kibaki, BEING OF THE OPINION that it is in the PUBLIC INTEREST to do so, has appointed members of the Commission of Inquiry into the post-election violence following the December 2007 elections.

Members of the commission are;

1. Philip Waki (Judge of Appeal as Chairman)

2. Gavin Alistair McFadyen

3. Pascal K. Kambale as commissioners, and George Mongare Kegoro to be secretary to the commission and David Shikomera Majanja to be counsel of the commission

Separately President Kibaki gazetted 1st July 2008 as the date when the Political Parties Act will come into force.

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:41

It was not just a failed ODMite coup attempt, it was also a failed redistibution of wealth through looting and arson. Worse, it was an attempt by Nilotes to dehumanize the Bantus through rape of women and little girls. That is why the Bantus need to say loud and clear: NEVER AGAIN!!!

kalamari said...

Anony-mice 9.36 and 9.37, Perfect. Exactly the responses I expected. Goes to show you that what I'm saying is true. You did not even waste a minute to creatively reduce Kibaki's woes yet you presume yourselves as 'moved-on'. It is no longer Kibaki, it's Moi. Please remove your tribalist spectacles and let the sleeping watchman be solely responsible for letting the mongoose kill and feed on the chickens. Kibaki had five years to fix Kenya, a mission he failed miserably. This does not mean that all GEMA people messed up Kenya. It only means that had Kibaki done the right thing, we would have had a new constitution that demystifies the presidency, land commision so no RV violence, Anglo-lea….. The list is endless. Kibaki is by very far the worst leader the world and beyond has ever seen. This does not mean that Kikuyu's are likewise.

What I'm asking you fellas to do is deliver yourselves from the bondage of tribalism.

And to those of you propagating rifts between nilotes, bantus, cushites and the like, what type of divide and rule strategy is that?

Anonymous said...


if you all toss aside personal prejudice and read the arguments presented above and place yourself in the shoes of the writer, you soon realize that we are all saying the exact same thing, but our perspective of who is wrong or right, if indeed there is such a concept, or who caused what are diametrically opposite and in permanent conflict. whatever the reason and whichever your side, the belief is permanently entrenched and unshakeable. popularly known as irreconcilable differences and its at which point sensible people are supposed to part ways to avoid further acrimony. a few foolhardy enter into marriage of convenience ostensibly on principle of some mutual gain albeit with much hostility/mistrust. whether long term or short lived, it will be a harrowing journey enjoyed only by the guys at the top (architects of coalition) but plain hell for everyone else.

so what is the way forward?

maybe we all need a mix of forgive, forget, get justice and ensure no repeat violations and no selective application. under the current environment that appears unachievable or unlikely. but there is a solution


Dennis said...

Why are some of you Kikuyus deceiving yourselves that the other Kenyan Bantus are on your side? Stop kidding yourselves. Muko peke yenyu!! The other Bantus did not rape the economy with you.

The next time the shit hits the fan, you will remain alone again. Rather than pursue divisionary tactics, learn to live with your nilotic brothers and sisters.

That is the crown of true statesmanship.

Anonymous said...

Moi bashes kibaki the Chief in thief, says misterseed website as below :

"Some people says that they want to be the president of this country. To be a president you must love all Kenyans equally. How can you be a president when you only love your tribe?" - President Moi speaking in Molo, on Wednesday 21st May, 2008

The ambassodor put a fina nail on it.

"Kenyans in South Africa are safe. Most of them are professionals and they don't live in these Kibakis of Johannesburg where the fighting is taking place." - South Africa Ambassador in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

It is a waste of time to preach peace when those who supposedly would have needed it most are rejecting it with a gusto. It leaves a lot to be desired what these anony-mices who never fail to vilify ODMers and RAO for that matter think about the future of the Kenya as a country. Right now your words may just be a mere contribution in Kumekucha and any other blog outside there but I cannot fail to wonder what common wananchi of your ilk feel about people who do not share their geo-political views.

Whenever I hear someone talk about allowing justice to take its cause I remain perturbed by the idea that those who lost their lives at the hands of PNU supporters and the so called "govt forces" will never get any justice. More so I share in the pain of that woman who lost all her teenage daughters at hands of marauding youth and the so called "govt forces" simply because her plight may not be viewed in the same weight as the 35 lives lost in the Eldoret church.

Fellow Kenyans if we don't share common beliefs as a nation but instead view our lives within the prism of tribe (unfortunately it is turning into Bantus vs. Nilotes affair courtesy of the few anony-mices here), I take it that we will not have any country worth its salt in the near future. What is happening in SA is something we understand fully because we just came out of a similar experience not so long ago and their is no guarantee that we are out of the woods yet considering how carelessly we throw around our distasteful words.

Right now if I am a kikuyu, what should be bothering me is why other tribes have negative feelings about us and how best as a community can we rectify those feelings so as to improve our inter-tribal relationships. That is the same for all other tribes since Kenya's societal problems are not just Kikuyu driven but we all contribute one way or the other.

The only way we can start the dialogue as Kenyans is to take whatever other communities are saying about us seriously and not with a pinch of salt as some of us who are throwing brickbats here. We might have regrets later if we leave this serious business to politicians who only know the art of speaking from the side of their mouths.

Anonymous said...

Kalamari, how can you say that "Kibaki is very by far the worst leader the world and beyond has ever seen." I mean is he worse than Hitler? Worse than Mobutu? Or even worse than our Moi who detained and tortured fellow Kenyans? Wow!! This is the kind of hyperbole that exposes the extreme hate hidden in your arguments.

Anonymous said...

Kalamari. You squid.
The prosecutions should include the Raila and Ruto aduis , the luo nyanza/kibera panga-wielding, stone throwing HIV-infested rapists etc...Dont ever forget this.
Yeah right, five years is a life time to fix everything after Moi's very short 24 years of raping/ looting of the economy, tribalism, divisiveness and overall backwardness.
I think Emilio Mwai Kibaki is just about the best we'll ever have, for the all the freedoms we have. At the minimum, you nor your pea-brained myopic ODM leadership is not rotting in jail (or elsewhere) for all the stuff you said and did over the Kibaki years. Enjoy the freedom, throw the mud, you're just as dirty.
Bye-bye squid.

kalamari said...

@ 10.41am. That is just a figure of speech bwana. Kwani you are in denial of the indisputable empirical evidence of Kibaki's ills? Why dwell on semantics rather than address the real issue here. You have simply joined m-pesa in the post election time warp. Always ready to defend based on tribe.

That said, comparing Kibaki to Hitler and Mobutu is like comparing a red apple and a green apple. Kibaki is the green apple; if Raila would have left him scot free, he would surely have become the reddest red apple.

Remember, this is a guy who enlisted drug traffickers and international fugitive assassins into our senior police ranks.

Anonymous said...

The naivety of people like KALAMARI is astaunding. They wants Kenyans to move on cheerfully, consuming their barbaric humour even if that means leaving the IDPs and the raped womenfolk to their devices in the RV camps. They also want us to blame all the problems of the world on Kibaki ("the worst leader the world has ever seen").

What KALAMARI and TAABUs of this country need to know is that not all Kenyans are heartless as to abandon the IDPs in their darkest hour. Neither are all Kenyans good at singing the Nilotic chorus of ... Kibaki this ... Kibaki that. Kenyans are smarter than that - they know when to blame Kibaki and when to blame themselves.

kalamari said...

@ 11.08. Do you also recognize that there is quite a large number of nilotic IDPs? Tuwache ukabila tafadhali.

Anonymous said...

People should remember that when Raila calls for the release of the arsonists, murderers and rapists in jail, it is a case of the Prime Thug calling for the release of his foot soldiers. He spent a lot time and energy preaching the gospel of "kabila adui yetu" and now he wants the converts released so that he can prepare them for the final assult on his quest for State House. Lately, he has tried to win Mungiki over to his side. The problem is must Kenya abandon the rule of law and sacrifice innocent peasant human life to satisfy the delusion of one man? He wants Mungiki and Kalenjin thugs to be released so that they can continue to kill "kabila adui yetu" to reduce its voting population. That kind of political machination is totally unacceptable!!!

Anonymous said...

Kalamari, you squid, you're right we should not forget that IDPs are both bantu and nilotic. I regret that the nilotic seem to be ovelooked in many conversations.
Bye-bye, squid.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:03, take a chill pill. Engage in meaningful conversation, instead of the use of vulgarities. Just like your "duly-elected" calling Kenyans "mavi ya kuku." I guess the apple does not fall too far from the tree.

kalamari said...

I have come to the conclusion that no Kenyan is a tribalist.

We are simply a very excitable emotional people. Judging from some of the comments these past few days, it is clear to me that the root of our problem begins with our inability to control red hot emotions. Some of you characters are unashamedly ready to chop somebody up on the flimsiest of reasons (just like some rag tag army cadets we all know about). Some of you are automatically offended and extremely disgusted at the mere whisper of a stolen electi…… I'll stop right there. Phew!

So I don’t think we are tribalist. I have seen Kenyans of all walks of life come together when tragedy strikes. The way I see it, as long as we do not mention certain sections of our population and their leaders adversely, we can all be good friends forever. !!(explanation: certain sections does not necessarily mean GEMA)!! What we confuse as tribalism is simply our predisposition to react violently when presented with facts in a room without doors or windows. Otieno is born with predetermined answers on why Ochieng is innocent. At his birth, Kamau knew that Kenyatta did not steal land. This is not tribalism, it's just natural preparedness to come up with answers in times of emotional excitement.

I guess we have to learn to avoid tipping that boiling pot of emotions. Still I wonder how some of you went through primary school… at the height of mchongowano.

-To the chap calling me a squid, na wewe ni panya nono sana.

Anonymous said...

anon10:41 AM

your answer is Kibaki is comparable to IDD AMIN and even worse than Mobuto let us stick to Africa past leaders!!
any animal leader who orders his government machinery called the army and police to shoot!!torture and slaughter innocent kenyans is a murderer!! i wonder if the same was done to his daughter Judy or his son Jimmy or his grand children what he would be saying now!! the dead are demanding his blood and his family's blood too!! why should kibaki order my son to be shot dead while he still enjoys seeing and hugging his?? while mine is 6ft under??my sons sin was only demonstrating against the rigged elections!! no!! no!! no no!! I don't care if it takes me a life time!! his will go 6ft under too!! an eye for an eye that is what i believe in now!!

Mluyia said...

Speaking of DOMO, just where did the first lady go to?

Knoppix!® said...

First and foremost i dont really understand where this mind-bending kikuyu versus the rest came from.Then came in Bantu versus Nilotes and so on and forth.

I am not sure if the bloggers started it but certainly not,and by bloggers i mean the guys responsible for posting here as we wait to make our lousy comments if we can call them so.

Then to counter the percieved bashing imaginary or real the bloggers from central if we can call them that sprung back with all sorts of justification about their tribe.The way they went about the justification has tied us and we cant move ahead like say ask ourselves why the SA economy is doing well and ours aint or why there is so much poverty in SA yet the economy is doing well and gold notwithstanding..So we have all being boxed into tribal semantics.

Sometimes i feel like whoever the moderator of this blog is should call or interview some sober minded PNU or Kikuyu bloggers for that matter so that they can also further the PNU agenda so as to educate other bloggers who are naive about PNU and the GOK as it were so that we move away from the believe that Kumekucha is primarily in place to further the intrests of ODM.By having the mindest of PNU here then maybe others will learn and maybe just maybe the tribal bashing might be watered down.

However the way i see it,the PNU loayalists herein have damaged their credibility if any by making claims that are really frivolous allegations to stack up their claims to superiority over the rest of the Kenyans hence justification for the repugnant handling of emerging setbacks.

It is also evident that one side of the bloggers here have a feel good factor much to the chagrin of the rest of the bloggers.If we were to encourage cohesion and understanding over this or that between the diffrent communities then thou shall not despise the other with an unqualified claim to supremacy when the loud message on the ground proves otherwise.I havent seen anyother blogger here claim to come from a certain community and boast of that community being superior or anything but i have seen that from one end of a blogger.

I was appalled in particular when one asked us to go to the UoN and see the tribe with the most learned people.I mean which serious individual makes such a claim.If we all come from tribe X and we are a million of us and half of us have been to university does it mean the other half is also learned?For a serious individual who has seen the inside of a lecture room to make such misleading overtures then we surely cant forget about such bottlenecks as tribalism.

Elsewhere,another commission has been setup.Headed by a sitting judge and some other individuals whom i will at the earliest opportunity admit i dont know.So every other problem like Kamau and Onyango quarelling will need a commission of inquiry to settle the dispute.So its one commission after another and we continue paying never mind we never know the outcome of the findings.The line "gather Dust" has now had a residual effect on our ears.For instance those two idiots going by the names of Artur,what were they worth to have a report on their conduct shelved somewhere?And that reminds me someone said that he/she will encourage the daughters of Mumbi not to be married by Non Mumbis,If i had a sister by any name i doubt she will stretch herself for the likes of those two brothers like that Wangui lady did.And where is she by the way?I will eject myself now!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Well said

But the bloggers here are more or less representative of the mindset of the parties (ODM and PNU), therefore I suspect the inclusion of PNU bigwigs will likely not bring about any more semblance of saneness

Just a thought


Anonymous said...

Though belated, Dennis i agree...You are very right!!!!

M-Pesa does it bother you that iam Taabu's cheerleader?

Knoppix, you should not have been appalled you should have just taken the trip to UoN and seen the tribes represented there, what was the big deal, then you should have gone again after 6 years and seen how many doctors and engineers graduated...The numbers do speak for themselves...You can check any graduation book they are there in the archives.


Anonymous said...

I'm one of the people who think that Ochuka should be made a hero for standing up for kenyans when he felt our rights were beinr trampled upon. We owe him a alot.
There is a clueless anonymouse who says that what happened post 07election was an attenpted coup by ODM ya so what? Panuers have a idiotic attachement to the letter of the law without any cognisance to the all important spirit of the law. I coup is only wrong if the person being ousted has a moral right to be there in the first place. When you have turned a nation into a tribal milking cow we were even nice to bother with an election. Rwanda has got their act together and my soon overtake kanya as the place to be in East africa but kenya is not moving cause one tribe is insisting on ruling kenya or nothing happens it is too expensive to have this bigoted kuyos let them take the money they have stolen and the education they have with their kinsmen in the diaspora retreat to cetral lesotho and develop for themselves a heaven and let the rest of us build or kenya that we love and want. You have it hall so go do each other and leave us alone who don't have. Why are you forcing yourselves on us, trying to coopt a bantu alliance I thought you were good all on your own.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

I am a kwerekwere!

Do Africans love and respect one another?

No is the answer. Africans still have the colonial mentality. An African gets education to exploit the others under him. Or not to be exploited.

People like Githongo (former Anti-Corruption PS) and Kirui (former ECK)are the biggest African role models and of a rare species.

Can Kenya produce more of such species? Yes we can, we must in order to survive.

We only need to speak the truth, something which we hear everyday in Bible schools, every Friday in the Mosques and every Sunday in the Churches. Let us not support a wrong thing because the affected is a tribe mate.

James Orengo has now opened a scar on lands, Kajwang on passports. Let's all say the truth irrespective of our tribes and races. We expect more scars to be opened soon.

Anonymous said...

Somebody pointed out correctly that what is happening down South will certainly happen in Southern Sudan.

Enterpreneurship should be encouraged. Let's do business all over Kenya and all over the world.

Its unfortunate that some Kenyans are very selfish to the extend that they want or they have monopolised trade and businesses. Its not by accident that 90% millionairs are from one region of the country.

It clearly shows that unethical and unjust means have been employed and continue to be employed to have the status quo. This is what breeds resentment, and people are now enlightend than before.

Knoppix!® said...

Anon 1:40 :Just a point of order,your points are very very striking but you forgot to notice either by omission or commission that we have the Seventh day adventists!I have noticed that many people ignore this day.

Have a brilliant afternoon!

Anonymous said...

I shall repeat again: Kyuks hate TRUTH and HONESTY. The can only thrive in an environment where DECEPTION, FRAUD and THEFT reign supreme. They should be ashamed of themselves and stop this irrational and demented notion of seeing themselves as superior to other Kenyans. We have had enough of this pumbavu nonsense.

And by the way, where is Lucy Kibaki? Has she been locked up or what? Do Kibaki and company fear that she may engage in more "SLAPPING......"

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:52 AM aka Sam Okello - you are uncovered because you are the only one repeating here again and again the same question: where is Lucy Kibaki and referring to her 'slapping' people. Stop your cheap efforts to make propaganda for your book Her Excellency. Kenyans and especially the learned contributors of this blog are tired of you - first telling us that the new Government will survive not more than 5 days .... than starting a campaign against Marianne Briner to cover up your own crooky ways .... then even trying to present yourself as the future President of Kenya ....
and now even using the misery of Kenyans in and outside Kenya for your own selfish reasons.

Shame on you because you are a disgrace not only to Kenya but to all decent human beings.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:49 AM, Anon 2:52 AM is not Sam Okello. Stop firing your bullets in the wrong direction. What you should be doing is responding the issues that I (Anon 2:52 AM) have raised: The warped and fraudulent values that Kikuyu's hold so dear i.e DECEPTION, FRAUD and THEFT

Anonymous said...

Oops! I forgot to ask in my post of 4:35 AM: Where is Lucy Kibaki? Has she been locked up or what? Do Kibaki and company fear that she may engage in more "SLAPPING......"

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