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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cheering Shameful Leadership from the Rear

Wentangula's goofs over violence in South Africa and AU mediator Adeneji were apt examples of poor leadership and disastrous diplomacy. He can choose the cheap Kenyan politician escape of denial and claiming to have been misquoted BUT CAMERAS DON'T LIE. But then this Kenya were DECEPTION and living in serial self denial are revered virtues.

Just like lies you have to use fraud and deception to prop up fraudulent leadership. As a nation we have taken deception to new levels. We shamelessly rush to rally behind our GOOFING and FRAUDULENT tribesmen at the slightest criticism even when caught red handed napping on the job. Reasoning by DISPLACEMENT is our forte during such missions. We readily sanitize their ROTTING leadership using cheap comparison with their political rivals. That is why 5 years of Kibaki's misrule and rape is less ruinous compared to Moi's 24.

True leadership is measured by the amount of conviction and effort a leader puts forward to confront a challenge and not how many years you compare yourself with an IMBECILE. Deflection from the truth never makes the TRUTH change its colour nor shade. Wetangula's diplomatic goof is symptomatic of the present leadership INCOMPETENCE. Remove Annan and Adeneji (his successor) and there would be no country called Kenya to talk about in the first place. Well, haters of the truth will jump to cheap justification with buzzwords like LETS MOVE ON. And there lies DECEPTION and FRAUD extraordinary - bandaging the cancer and wishing it away. We must be our own worst enemies.

Led by the tail
We must call our scoundrels bluff. Until we discard TRIBAL lenses and look truth in face and squarely face to its demands we are unwittingly fooling ourselves that HEALING and PROSPERITY can be built without hard choices. We must replace DECEPTION with the useful HONESTY. There are no two ways about this. There has never been and it won't be. Faint hearts never won any battle leave alone war. Opting for cheap and quick fixes is our national bane. Indulge and soothe your TRIBAL ego if you must but you are only fooling yourself in expecting miracles out of the indulgence. Our present leaders are a disgrace at best and a disaster at worst. Bring them on.


Anonymous said...

Keep on speaking the TRUTH, Taabu. We are tired of these masters of DECEPTION, FRAUD and STEALING!. Don't ever let the usual "Panua" posters on this blog deter you. They simply hate you for telling the truth. Just like flies "like" dirty, filthy places, so do these "Panua" fellows "like" DECEPTION, FRAUD and STEALING!.

M-Pesa said...

They say leaders are just but a reflection of the society. We are also told that a country gets the leaders it deserves. Inept and dozy leaders don't just rig themselves into power but are elected by we, the people.

Bearing in mind that the ministry of foreign affairs was the worst performer last year, we can almost forgive Wetangula for his goofs and blunders, no shock there. Then again we used to have an excellent minister for Foreign affairs in the name of Raphael Tuju who was shown the door for the simple reason that he belonged to the 'wrong party!'

This, ladies and gentlemen was in one of the many areas where even a dog would have been elected as long as it stood in the region's preferred party. Other impeccable leaders who did not fit in include Madam Julia Ojiambo of procurement bill and Muriuki Karue of CDF Act etc.

And who do we have? Mungiki godfathers, financier's of genocide, tribal gods, warmongers and the like's of Gumo, Ntimama, Kosgey etc who have chequered political records...We seriously need divine intervention!

Anonymous said...

M-pesa, as far as we getting the leaders we deserve, this is true. But as far as the elections of Dec '07 are concerned: We elected Raila for president and then Kibaki went ahead to steal the elections. In this case we voted for Raila and then somebody (Kibaki and "friends") went ahead to commit a serious crime by STEALING THE ELECTIONS. This is a fellow who wants to stay in power at all costs, even at the risk of the country degenerating into civil war and collapsing. He (Kibaki) should never have been born. The world would be a much better place with fewer ilk of his kind.

Anonymous said...

It seems the author of this article is removing all the posts that do not massage his ego. Well go on remove this;

Your view: 'That is why 5 years of Kibaki's misrule and rape is less ruinous compared to Moi's 24'

Analysis: 1)Economy during that period grew by 6% from -0.3%. mathematically thats over 600% growth THICK HEAD.2) FREE PRIMARY SCHOOL EDUCATION,3) Revival of all defunct sectors and parastatals like KCC, KMC, LOSS MAKING BANKS, THICK HEAD, don't you think Kenyans benefited from such? i dont want to go on but i think a doctor needs to remove some gas from your CRENIUM

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:29 AM, Those are very substandard achievements. This country has much, much higher potential - higher potential than even singapore, South Korea and Hong kong put together. What has "prevented" us from belonging or even surpassing this club of nations? The reasons are many, but topmost is that this country has never had a real leader since 1963 - what we have had since then has been very substandard leadership; continuing with Kibaki right now...

Again, we, a large number of Kenyans, ADORE MEDIOCRITY AND ABHOR AND HATE EXCELLENCE; That is why you find a mistake of a human being called Kibaki is the so-called "duly" elected President of Kenya.... What a tragedy

M-Pesa said...

Anon at 5.09

Kibaki Winning/Stealing/Rigging the election is very debatable. But I know we are far off better being anywhere near Majimboism, communism, vengefulness, dictatorship and atheism as a nation. Raila was made 'prefect' to the cabinet to massage his ego and I'm sure he's very content with that docket. Let him now show us what he can do for the nation having done absolutely nothing for Kibera in 15 years! In his book 'enigma' he boasts how he led the botched '82 coup attempt yet expresses no remorse for 1,500 innocent Kenyans who died in his greed for power. Ochuka's family still lives in mud huts swimming in abject poverty. The sooner you sink thru your hard skull the fact that Kibaki is indeed the president of Republic of Kenya, the better for your hurting soul.

Nice wkend.

Anonymous said...

In 2002, Kibaki won a landslide vote in an election where Kenyans were united like never before but what has he got to show for it? What legacy is he likely to leave? Here is my a-z of his "achievements!"

a) In lesss that two years of his rule, he presided over some of the biggest corruption deals (Anglo Leasing).
b) He presided over the most tribalistic and nepotistic regimes ever (minister appointed brothers, daughters, sons in law etc to public offices).
c) He presided over the most embarassing spectacle where government resources were used to fly an Ethiopian peasant into the country in the name of an independence hero.
d) He presided over the worst tribal division of the country ever.
e) He has presided over the worst protocol goofs ever (re: the signing of the Southern Sudan Agreement and many others)
f) He oversaw some thuggish imposters brought into the country in the name of investors and get all kinds of security privileges enabling them to ride roughshod over everyone to the point of drawing guns at innocent government officials.
g) He has presided over a period during which illegal gangs have virtually taken over parts of the country (Mungiki, SLDF etc)
h) He presided over the worst vote rigging ever.
i) He presided over the worst political violence ever.
j) He has seen the largest number of Kenyans become refugees in Uganda.
k) He saw the largest number of Kenyans internally displaced.
l) He was sworn in as president at a ceremony where all protocol was thrown out of the window.
m) He has appointed the largest cabinet anywhere in the world.
n) He presided over a regime where his wife physically assaulted public officials liberally.
o) He presided over the worst attack on the press by government (rattle snakes).
p) His government continues to provide official security to an "impostor" whom he has consistently denied as being his second wife (the NARC or is it now PNU activist!)
q) He is the only leader ever to make decisions then go back to consult his subordinates and then change his mind on their advise (recall the mediation talks during which he would meet Raila and Anan agree on an issue then go back to consult his advisors after which Karua or Wetangula would issue statements reversing the agreement)
r) He lost the first and only national referendum.
s) He has been very successful in failing to fulfill his own promises and simply displaying an attitude of, "Kwani mtafanyia nini?"
s) He unleashed the military on innocent Kenyans the aftermath of which was torture and human rights abuse of the worst kind.
t) He has consistently ignored the youth by retaining the highest number of officials past retirement age.
u) During his regime, we saw history made when, on tribal grounds, the leader of official opposition decided to forego his presidential ambition and join his kinsman.
v) He presided over the most bungled national examination ever.
w) He has divided security agents like never before by ignoring the mainstream police force and propping up the Administration Police merely because the latter is headed by his tribesman.
x) His has been a rigime during certain government ministries and departments have turned to transacting business in mother tongue (Ministry of Finance, URA etc)
y) His government's foreign policy (if there is any) is excellent at its failure to read and react to geopolitical issues.
z) Soon, he will preside over the worst famine the country has witnessed.

This indeed is, "CHANGE YOU CAN SEE"!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:09 AM, the TRUTH will remain that KIBAKI STOLE THE ELECTIONS. No amount of DECEPTION AND OUTRIGHT LIES can change that, neither will resorting to insults.

Read what anon 6:15 AM has written. That, my "panua" friends is the TRAGIC TRUTH. which you are "refusing" to see. You have eyes but refuse to see.... Or could it be that you have eyes but are blind. Blinded by tribalism... This is crazy!

Anonymous said...

Annon 6:15 - Good intellectual discourse calls for appreciative enquiry. Yes, do what you have done but also indicate the man brough free education, the growth kenya has had, kmc, kcc, ongoing roads construction highest in subsaharan africa out of south africa and since independence, KRA and revenue collection, country dependence on its own resources, drugs in hospitals, UN award on civil service reform etc. It pays to give a balance score card. Am on dsgruntled ODM and i promise to tell as it is. critic yes, but what good has been done acknowledge. Its just and right.

Anonymous said...


What did wetangula do?

Anonymous said...

Imbeciles What has Raila done for Kibera in 15 years? You should ask yourself wh has Moir or Kibaki done over the same time period, if it were simply up to Raila to fix Kibera, wouldn't it porovide an opportunity for ooportunists like Kibaki n CO to do something to help those Kenyans? I suppose Raila is also responsible for poverty in Nyanza? Right why are some of you PNU sympathizers so content with being ignorant. You will next vote for someone who was against multi-party politics ( kaloozer) or you will vote for someone who was busy getting high when Moi plucked him fom obscurity (uhuru) but this comes as no surprise because you were conned like most kenyans who voted for kibaki in 2002 because he was also getting high and against multi-party politics from the beginning. Raila for all his faults has fought for Kenyans,no one goes to into detention for fun, he has constantly exposed secrets you pnu crooks would like to hide from the public and that is why you can't keep his name off your lips. Raila might in fact have a very large ego but at least he didn't need to steal and election to become president and has twice showed true humbleness by first facilitating kibaki's presidency in 2002 and most recently agreeing to coalition this year. I can assure that Kaloozer has shown no such humility he is merely playing the role as he had cut his deal during elections. Uhuru in my opinion has been the more humble of the two but he create history when he ignored his responsibility as the leader of the opposition to join Kibaki and thus showing his true colors. The difference Agwambo fought and won his position, Kaloozer kissed some ass and begged for his uhuru cut a deal. You tell me who is the best leader amongst the 3 (try basing your answer on something other than tribe too!)

Anonymous said...

Annon 6:15. I shall repeat again: Those so-called "achievements" of Kibaki are verySUBSTANDARD!.

Please do not dwell in MEDIOCRITY LAND. Raise your standards. They are too low. Kenya deserves much better. We can perform much better than these so-called "achievements"

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.15

Aii ata wewe saa ingine? Kibaki to bring famine? will be the source of drought and lack of rain? give us another one?

Penda nchi yako? utaenda wapi south africa ndio hio, tz ndio hayo - ndugu yangu vumilia kuwa mkenya. attitude change is everything. Watu wa hii ndunia kweli?

Anonymous said...

4:38 AM M-Pesa

Haha!!lets start with Kibaki the thieve and Murderer of innocent Kenyans who used police and army machinery to keep him self in power( he is exactly like Idd Amin and mobutu then move on to the Warlord Uhuru Kenyatta father of the mungiki's add on Njenga Karume his uncle don't forget Martha Karua the only circumcised Kikuyu woman who the mungiki agreed to meet with in the famous meeting at Kibaki's residence before and after 27th December elections - her directives together with Kibaki is what become of the Nakuru and naivasha mungiki genocide(well funded mungiki sources have confirmed and they even bragged that they were paid more for the kihii heads!!! get my drift m-pesa??
you can dig your head in the sand and be blinded by your PNU kibaki and his thieving murderous cronies but Kenyans know the truth and it will prevail whether you like it or not!!!

Anonymous said...

anon5:29 AM

What economy? you are so foolish to read what kibaki economist post out the lies for kenyans to read- but you forget most kenyans are very educated and they know all those ecomony reports were faked as we have all come to determine?? and it seems to me you lack the education and the knowledge to understand the kenya economy-
the truth is only it went back 20 years- the looting and the thieving by kibaki and his cronies could never have allowed the economy to grow even at i% so they posted fraudulent reports
as for free education?? says who?? that money was given by foriegn governments and the rest is from kenyans tax payers and yet Kibaki and his cronies were trying to deny other tribes university by changing final results and giving passes to most of the central lesotho thick children of Mumbi house- but oops!! they were caught with pants down!

kibaki and his cronies belong in the rat invested sewage!! they are not fit for kenya consumption!!

Anonymous said...

Kenyans, wake up!! Test your intelligence now.

Question 1)Why did people vote Kibaki out?
Hint:see anon 6:15

Question2) Why did people resort to violence after elections?

Ans.: Kibaki impossed himself on people and used Mungiki and the Forces including foreign forces to diffuse peaceful demonstrations.

Kibaki let people down who elected him in 2002. He will go down in history as the most useless and the most unreliable man in Kenya.

Kibaki will never visit Nyanza, Western, RV, Coast officially alone without the help of Raila, Mudavadi, Ruto and Balala.

Anonymous said...

I always wondered why Kibaki would choose such a man to be kenya's chief diplomat.He would have chosen an eloquent person like Uhuru , balala, or Ruto but alas son of mulembe had to be rewarded for his rigging efforts ,that man makes me mute my tv everytime he appears , then these are supposed to be the elites who went to law school , even a lay man would know better han to abuse his own medicine man.

Anonymous said...

Wetangula and Diplomacy
I am no diplomat but anyone who listened to Wetangula's speech about the Annan's mediation team was left with no illussion that Kenya's foreign Affairs Minister has no diplomancy and lacks tact! May be he had a point that most of pressing issues have been sorted. And the remaining ones can be handle locally. But he did not put it in a polite diplomatic language. He attact the person on Dr. Adeneji and his team! The same local people failed Kenyans miserably in Dec 07 and ked to loss of lives and property and resultant new word in Kenyan Lexicon...IDPs. Will these same politician suceed where they just recently failed miserably? Time will tell but I can't hold my breath.
Wetangula sounded hollow and with no substance when he said that Dr. Adeneji and team should go home! How do you expect Wetangula and other Kenyan politicians to come to any understanding on weight issues such as the TJR commission if they can't even agree on the word Amnesty? One side want to talk to Mungiki while the other want the murderous group of RV released! Yet both groups are murders!
Weta (as the minister is fondly known) is calling Dr. Adeneji one of Africa's prominent diplomats names yet when Kenya was burning Kenyans that Weta wants to sort their own problems today could not do yestermonth! Wasn't it this Weta man and Dr. Alfie Mutua who said that Kuffuor was home for Tea? Remember?
Our diplomancy is suffering at the hands of Weta. He is a lawyer and used to being abrasive when presenting his case in court. This is no court of Law and his tricks will not only fail him but all of ours - Kenyans.
But what did anyone expect from this bunch who could not even supervise the rigging of an election satisfactorily? Weta and company are in a lower league compared to Dr. Adeneji who is a senior politician and a career diplomat. I felt abused as a Kenyan when I listened to Dr. Adeneji's reply to Weta! 'I am not arefugee in Kneya' he said. Yet Kenya has more refugees that any country in Africa (not in active war)!!
To me he is a failure already. Just like Tuju before him. History will judge him hushly!
Watch the space.

Anonymous said...

These are cosmetic scores. The truth is:

1)Free primary education was Raila's idea and that of mps alligned to him.

2)Never in the history of Kenya has the road from Nbi to KSM and ELDO been so destroyed.

3)KCC, Coffee, KMC are companies associated with one community. Kibaki pumped tax payer's money to finance the Kikuyu companies, where 98% of employees speak atherere. This why Kibaki meant 6% growth. He cant differentiate between Central Province and Kenya. In Western Kenya and Coast there was minus 6% growth (unemployment, inflation, poverty, deaths and sicknesses).

I beg Kenyans not to be color blind. Fuata Githongoism and call bad leadership by name. Kibaki is bad and dont compare him with Moi or Kenyatta. They were bad too, but we never had high hopes in them as in Kibaki.

How often can we repeat it: Kenya deserves better leadership and we are sure that this country can compete with Asian Tigers.

Anonymous said...

What do we learn from the violence in Africa?

The Jews learnt alot from their sufferings in Europe during the 2nd World War. They decided to make one place a home for ALL Jews, irrespective of race, origin, education and financial status.

You African Kwerekwere, have you learnt from the killings in SA, Kenya, DRC, Rwanda, Uganda, Somalia, East Germany, Russia?

In Kenya the problem is very simple. People are poor, corruption, tribalism, and thuggery are the illness of the society. Some tribes want to dominate others.

Thieving politicians and personalities are being shielded by their tribes. If you dare critisize a thief from your tribe, you will be killed or sent to excile.

Solution for Kenya.

The constitution should define the ruling power clearly. The Bomas Draft is not perfect:

1) a ceremonial President as the head of the State (he is elected by the parliament and 50 people randomly chosen from each prov). Impeachment possible by 50% votes in parliament.

2)PM as head of Gov (elected by the parliament and 8 Provincial Presidents (PP)). His party must be the majority in parliament. Impeachment possible by 50% votes in parliament.

3)Devolution should create the position of Provincial President (PP) to manage (CDF)development at provincial level. They will be elected by the people. All the 8 PP have the power to ratify a law before signed by the president.

4) Corrupt leaders mentioned in any case must resign immediately.
5) All Kenyans and foreigners must be registered where they live. MP salaries should be slashed ad shoud be fixed to be equivalent to 15 times of what a P1 earns.

6)Any Kenyan or Foreigner willing to buy land from another community other than his must seek a nod from the community. He must agree to adopt the culture and tradition of the community.

Kenya would be a good place to live in, if there is no greed, no thuggery and mistrust.

Politicians be trustworthy and make Africa a home for ALL Africans.

deroo said...

Anon@ 9:48

LOL, LOL LOL....Ah sisemi...


Anonymous said...

This orchestrated attacks on Luhya leadership by Nilotes will backfire sooner than later. The people of mulembe can see a pattern here. First, it was Ababu Namwamba, and now it is Moses Wetangula. The Nilotes must realize that an un-called for attack on a Luhya leader whether in PNU or ODM is an attack on the whole community. Especially the Luos must understand that not every Luhya leader believes like Mudavadi that for a Luhya to ascend to the presidency, a Luo must ascend first. We cannot continue to be deputy captains of any tribe anymore. Specifically, Luos should leave Namwamba alone now before it is too late!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those who just blame Kibaki for everything without giving him any credit for anything are blind followers of the "kabila adui yetu" preacherman. They are cult followers who live outside the jurisdiction of logic. They will even vote for a dog if they are told to do so by the cult leader!!

Anonymous said...

I would not be surprised if people on this blog started arguing that those people committing crimes in South Africa should be freed wake up there is no difference between them and the thugs that committed crimes post elections they should be locked up and the key thrown away obey the rule of law not the rule of fantasy/ jungle etc. No wonder some people can not be entrusted to run a country because simply they are incapable and do not know how, sad but true

Anonymous said...

shame ful leadership is what we are about to see happening in the PM's office where RAO is attempting to create the most bloated and over paid office in Kenya history if you claim to be in the know check and vereify why RAO needs cooks gardners waiters etc paid for by the tax payer, is that what we fought so hard for

Anonymous said...

The SA ambassador is not any better , while he stroked the egos of kenyans by claiming that kenyans are proffesionals and are not under threat our own ambassador wsa attacked and many kenyans petty busness people too , ati professionals professinals kitu gani i know many kenyans in sa surviving on odd jobs , like cab drivers , kisk owners,miners etc.The SA amabassador is out of touch for real , he judjes kenyans by the type he mmets in diplomatic meetings and endless confrences ,

Anonymous said...

ODM sympathisers,

Rao has styled up and moved with his life and politics. Yet mos of you are still in slumberland. Some of you in this blog i slike they had this idea Raila as pm will feed them, wash them, pamper them etc. In Kenya vya bure viliisha zama zake. Keep on complaining and mourning when other kenyans wanajenga taifa. 5 years from today you shall still be dissapointed. Kila la heri

Mkosa kabila wehu

Anonymous said...

anon4:44 PM
kibaki pnu mouth piece that you are seem to forget that kibaki and his cronies will be soon out on their behinds and let me remind you elections are coming soon to free the people of Kenya from this self imposed rigging thieve and his looting cronies!! they must stand for their crimes against humanity!!(Kibera, Nakuru,Naivasha, Mt. Elgon - the dead are screaming for-they know who killed them and who gave the orders and funded the murders!!

I wonder why ODM is wasting time even trying this coalition government which seems to be taking Kenyans backwards??
The key here is to remove kibaki onces and for all -send him packing to central Lesotho othaya region!!
then release our young men from jail that stood up for democracy during and after elections when kibaki send out the police to shoot and kill them!! but that did not stop them to stand up against kibaki and his thieving cronies!!
then continue to dis-arm mungiki gangs- give them one option- stay in central Lesotho province and terrorism their own kikuyu tribe or join in with other tribes to build the nation!!

Kibaki, Uhuru, martha karua, Njenga Karume, Michuki, saitoti must face charges for funding the mungiki gang to commit genocide in Nakuru and naivasha- that we will not allow them to get away with it!!! kenyans demand that and the dead demand their heads!!

Anonymous said...

For those who want to know what Watengula said:

Mr Wetang’ula said an estimated 20,000 Kenyans work, learn and do business in South Africa, and the Government was in touch with the high commissioner, who issued an alert that they should operate in groups for their safety.

Greener pasture

“South Africa is the other fence of Africa, which has greener pasture, and the behaviour of the South Africans is a betrayal of the liberation struggle the continent jointly fought for alongside African National Congress. It beats the dream of having a United States of Africa,” the minister said.

Mr Wetang’ula, who addressed the Press in his office, said the South African government was in control of the situation, and evacuation arrangements cannot be an issue at this stage.

“The African Union summit in July could discuss the conduct of the South Africans in light of the fact that Africans must unite and avoid such situations of murder, destruction and discrimination against fellow black people,” he added.

This may not seem like much but you only say such things when you have already evacuated your people.
He should have placed a call to the high com in Pretoria to edit his speech in view of what was happening on the ground. Some of the worst affected people are Mozambicans their former first lady is married to Mandela and yet they have not made such reckless statements, Zims, Botswana, lesotho swaziland all next door neighbors have kept quite and slowly evacuated their people. Kenya's idot is just putting kenyans on the spot for no good reason. Shame on him.

Hey bwana Mpesa. A ministry does not just perfom poorly overnight, Qs who was the minister before Watengula, when did he leave office so whose performance was being evaluated? And who put both this guys in that office?

Sir Alex

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