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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Playing Cheap Political Games With IDPs

The horrid conditions of the IDPs has mutated to a new crisis. Meanwhile the curse of Ps has seen PORTFOLIO give birth to PROTOCOL crisis. Are we jinxed as a nation to be eternally diving into one political crisis after another? Well, we asked for all that befalls as dutifully shepherded by our DULY ELECTED leaders.

The IDP problem must be put into its right context. The truth be told, Kibaki is under immense pressure from his tribesmen to use his presidential powers to resettle them. The Kikuyu Diaspora is alive to the fact that the present political and power dispensation won’t last long. Kibaki is very keen to camouflage the TRIBAL push pretending to be oblivious of the fact that he is the SINGULAR CAUSE of the IDPs.

The protocol crisis is Kibaki succession brought forward albeit in disguise. The objective is to undercut the very force whose hand you are seeking to help you navigate choppy political waters. Don’t fool yourself for a second that Kibaki is above the political fray. The script playing itself is well rehearsed with his knowledge. While he wants to make Kalonzo feel appreciated as a saviour during tumultuous times, the GEMA power brokers will stop at nothing to undermine Raila politically.

Where do these serial goofs and cheap power plays leave the IDPs? These UNFORTUNATE Kenyans remain pawns in the selfish pre and post election game of TRIBAL SUPREMACY. An honest evaluation of the whole charade will reveal that Kibaki needed Raila as a cover to visit the IDPs. Since his BEDROOM swearing in, the THIEF-IN-CHIEF only made a technical appearance in Eldoret before and he knew what a waited him were he to ignore the ODM team.

Cultivate peace not legislate
Kibaki the marionette is captive to ETHNIC supremacists who cannot allow him the luxury of thinking outside the box. True leadership demands leading from the front and by example. Kibaki’s conceived his model of leadership from Kenyatta and weaned it under Moi. Expediency is his FORTE. He prefers quick fixes as the problem smoulders underneath to explode another day. To make resettling the IDPs an event and not a process is akin to placing the cart before the horse, but who cares?

The present IDP problem is symptomatic of our DECEPTIVE leadership. Kenya has been home to more than a million IDPs since 2005. But then these are LESSER Kenyans from the wrong geographical regions who are mere statistics. They cannot be any priority to the DULY ELECTED. Either Kibaki considers Kenyans as dunderheads who can be collectively duped or he can willfully serve them full course of his usual utter CONTEMPT when he preaches peace and reconciliation while remotely entertaining power wars on the same platform.

Peace is CULTIVATED and never LEGISLATED. You cannot afford a policeman for each displaced Kenyan. The IDPs are not naive and will not move back into their previous homes without guaranteed security from both their neighbours and government. Selective quoting of the constitution that you can own property anywhere won’t wash. It only leaves you wondering why that piece of legislation selectively and EXCLUSIVELY applies to only one part of Kenya.


Anonymous said...

Now that Kibaki has appeased his conscience by visiting four IDP camps (Nakuru, Naivasha, ELdoret) the peace trip is complete. What about the other camps? What a laugh, what a tragic comedy. After peeping through gaps in the tents to see what they were cooking and where they were sleeping (and coming "face to face" with what we all know without even visiting these camps) then offering "great words of wisdom" ati telling people to live peacefully with each other and go back to your lands, asante ya kuonana. what an anti-climax. in short in keeping with his true self, SO SOLUTION or DECISION. for kibaki all solutions have to be hand delivered, then backed up with tremendous force. so going on to 5 months now and the IDPs still have nothing to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

NO CONCRETE SOLUTION and as usual NO ATTEMPT FOR A CONCLUSIVE DECISION on the way forward. Just a show that he is President, his people (read himself) to see that VP is more senior than PM and yet the IDP problem remains unresolved.


Anonymous said...


You still can't be able to hide your reptilian cold-bloodedness towards IDP? The urgency of resettling the IDP is not limited to "Kibaki and his tribesmen" but extends to all men and women of conscience. Those who attack their neighbours on account of the neighbour's tribe or political affiliation are barbarians, and their world is narrowing, not expanding. Whether the IDPs finally return to their former homes or not, one simple truth stands out: The era of tribes creating ethnic cocoons and self-imposed "bantustans" is coming to an end world wide, and their proponents can only delay the inevitable. What is more, your cheerleading of ethnic cleansing will eventually come to naught without adding a single ounze of value to our national discourse!!!

Anonymous said...

anon5:24 PM
I totally agree with you - the ethnic cleansing we saw the mungiki commit in Naivasha and Nakuru was horrendous - beheading, before circumcising men and women to proof a point to other tribes??? that was the most evil thing that any human being could do!!this mungiki's i hope will remain doing their nasty beheading in central province where they are joyously welcomed and central people do not mind at all!! so yes mungiki and their ethnic cleansing in other parts of kenya will be the past!!or else we will deal with them accordingly should they cross over ever again!!!to our provinces!!IDP's should be resettled in the kenyatta, kibaki, michuki, karume humongous lands that that they own illegally!!who gives them the right to won such vast acreage of Land when their own tribesmen are IDP's??? shame on them!!

Anonymous said...

Kenya’s J.M. Kariuki’s forgotten prophecy of ethnic strife

JM specifically warned privileged elites from Central Province who were taking advantage of their positions to buy up land cheaply from other communities.

“They have even gone as far as Maasailand, saying that they are doing an experiment whereas the whole Masailand has been taken by those greedy people.”

His insight into the creeping inequality in the country acquired a prophetic tone when he warned that if we were not careful, the Kenya would become a country on “ten millionaires and ten million beggars”.

A walk through the slums of Kibera, Mathare, Korogocho and Kawangware today clearly illustrates that this prophesy has sadly come true.

Surrounded by rogues

JM foresaw the danger of ignoring the youth even before formal independence was granted to Kenya.

“If we forget these people (the youth)”, he told Parliament on November 14, 1963, “we will find ourselves surrounded by rogues who are rogues not because they want to become rogues but because they are hungry and this leads them into temptation… The Government should take action immediately before the situation goes from bad to worse.”

He called for a national assistance scheme for the widows and orphans of those who had been killed in the war of Independence and affirmative action for people living with disabilities. He condemned corruption and proposed that no minister or assistant minister should be allowed to sit on any board of a private company because this would lead to a conflict of interests.



Anonymous said...

We need to the overhaul the constitution and do it right once and for all. All this nonsense will be resolved as a matter of law.

Anonymous said...

What we need is for Kibaki to GO! Like someone said elsewhere, he represents our PAST. Put simply, the old ditherer is in the way!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:11 AM: Kibaki ain’t going nowhere dear. He is there to stay. Get over it coz he will be there for the next 5 years. c'est la vie!

What do you think Raila will do for you? The geezer is one of the richest people in the country and yet he has done absolutely nothing for his Langata constituency not even a single latrine for Kibera residents.
He maybe a socialist but he will do nothing for the poor, believe me. Look at what Gordon Brown is doing to Britain. He promised to lower taxes before he became PM and now he is apparently is the only ‘socialist’ leader in history to tax poor and lent it to the rich. They are all the same; they say one thing and do another.


Taabu said...

You are at your element SMELLING and spewing VITROIL. I guess you are so obsessed with one guys that you dare betray what resides within your skull even when nothing is posted hereon the same. Just read again what ANON@2.11 posted and your response. You can't sink any lower you are the bottom of the pit please stop digging mate.

I thought you had or prertended to have home grown solutions so why GB? The subject of your hate is here to stay and like him love him Indian Ocean is free, go dive. Your mindset is so simple-HE SPOILS THE PARTY. Well, Kenyans are in it together. Days of telling others to WORK as you LOOT is gone, never to return. Indulge bro.

Fave said...

You really surprise me when you say 'The geezer is one of the richest people in the country and yet he has done absolutely nothing for his Langata constituency'

Let me remind you and all other of your ilk that the job of an MP is not provide for his constituents. He is a legislator. It is the job of the government to provide opportunities without bias to all citizens. It is the job of the government to have policies that eradicate poverty. Anglo Fleecing is not one such policy. Taxes go to the government and not the MP. How possibly could an MP build roads? or ablution facilities for his constituents? Once more, let me remind you that People on this blog and are knowledgeable, spewing some cheap propaganda will not work. That line failed last year it will fail today.
An MP could not provide for his constituents even if he wanted to. Off course you go on to irrelevantly mention Gordon Brown... Why, I do not know

The core of Taabu's article is a question about why the biased treatment of IDPs now and in the past. We have had IDPs before this and the government has not cared a bit. Even during the current crisis IDPs from some communities had to fend for themselves. It is this biased treatment of Kenyans over the past 40 years that has brought us to this point of resentment and hatred. This unfortunately can not be legislated away or selectively solved. We need permanent solutions, otherwise during the next election the same cycle shall be repeated.
I unlike other people, I am for the resettling of IDPs but, all IDPs not a select few. However, I am not for the compensation of IDPs because that will come from out taxes and we will just be stealing from ourselves. and the money will be not be equitably distributed.

Phil said...

Thank you FAVE, I fail to understand why people see things in such shortsightedness.

Perhaps we might also add, Kibera is just part of Langata and Raila has been MP for Langata. How about Mukuru Kayaba, Mathare, Korogocho, Kwa Reuben and all other slums that have grown in the city? Is Raila responsible for that as well?

The politics of exclusion is the cause of these problems, and the grand coalition agenda 1-4 offers the best opportunity since independence to make some amends. Unfortunately, as Taabu puts it, portfolio and protocol are some games introduced aimed at frustrating ODM into quiting the coalition.

Anonymous said...

FAVE: In my heart of hearts, I do not despise PM Hon Odinga. I think he is one of the outstanding politicians we ever had in this country if not the finest. He has stood the test of time and all, and truly I believe his time will come. What really do my head in is; is the worship that goes with him. He is just a man and he is fallible. That’s all I am saying.


Knoppix! said...

Kwale Kwale!!!!!! breathe bwana.I remember in the early 90's my dad used to send to the shop with a written budget.I used to wonder why but as i grew older i discovered the reason.I was not supposed to buy the items with my own imagination but as stipulated in the budget.

Why i cite this example is because you dont seem to stay within the budget of your comment.One moment you are besmirching RAO the other you have so much tonnage of respect for him.That leaves me wondering what you stand for and that is much the habit we were complaining about the VP.Kindly make a prognosis of your comments @ 3:01AM and 4:38 AM.Quite a contradiction you'd admit.

By the way,have you been to Kibera?If so which parts and we matatu number did you board?Secondly in your own words What is the duty of an MP to his consituents?Thirdly what is the role of the recently constituted CDF?Finally,no one worships Raila,but dont you find that guy admirable anyway?Always ahead of the pack!Brilliant i'd say!

You have those answers then we begin from there maybe?

Fave said...

Wacha mchezo, hebu jifafanue na uwe na msimamo. You are being very slimy and very slick. You are providing me with constantly shifting targets to aim at. I wonder who I am interacting with sometimes.

I beg of you to provide comments from your heart of hearts every time. We need consistency from you. That makes it so easy for everyone interacting with you. But, then again you are a PNU supporter, providing comments from your heart of hearts is difficult because conventional wisdom has it that you do not have a heart [just kidding ;) ].

Anyway, you should know that I have criticized Raila on many occasions, and I will be the first one to hurl a barb at him if he messes up. I am against his proposed talks with Mungiki, I was and I am against his being used by the dictator as a political cover to tour the IDPs. I am not a blind supporter of anyone. I might remind you that I was a PNU supporter until the bedroom swearing in scene.I moved on when I realized the contempt some Kenyans have for others. My views about Kibaki are well known and are based on fact. Nothing short of divine intervention will change them.

On the other hand, I can not understand the blind hatred for Raila... May be it is envy

Taabu said...

@Fave + Knoppix,
Kwale is PULLING a PNU of you folks but thanks goodness you refused to fall for it. You see the mindset of his ilk is distract and have you address sideshow like his possioned love for RAO while sidelining the DECEPTION surrounding the IDPs-WHY SELECTIVE ATTENTION?

Kwale travels in the same grave train as Kibaki. According to this lot Kenyans are DIMWITS to be collectively duped. When you complain they coin a derogatory term DOMO to slight you into submission as they continue their ORGIES on your back. Well, you can cheat some people sometimes but not always. Kenyans won't relent yet the RIDE IS BUMBPY AND ROUGH.

Anonymous said...

Knoppix, I think I have said all that I have to say. But I will try and say something about MPs and their constituency solemnly based on my own opinion.
An MP is a representative elected by the voters to a parliament to represent the voices of his/her constituents.
Thus the primary role of an MP is to be an advocate for their constituents and constituency at a national level. This involves various specific duties:

• Raising constituency issues in parliament;

• Helping constituents on matters for which Parliament or central government are responsible e.g. Infrastructure, Housing, Health etc;

• Listening to the views and concerns of constituents and organisations in the constituency (e.g. businesses, charities, schools etc) on issues affected by national Government policy, and raising those concerns with the Government and Ministers.
I hope this goes some way into explaining what is in my mind.

FAVE: Hahaaahaa… No and that’s a resounding NO, I don’t envy Mr Odinga. I am much younger and better looking…

Anonymous said...

FAVE, Taabu, Knoppix that was me who posted the last comment. Anon5.48


Fave said...

The three primary responsibilities of the MPs as you list them, are true, but, once accomplished by the MP then what?.
It comes back to my point that the MP points out issues, but, it is the government's role to allocate resources in a manner that avoids the emergence of issues such as 'Kibera's flying toilets'. So once Raila has mentioned to the govt. the issues there is not much he can do to get roads or sewage systems installed.

I notice you have avoided answering whether you have been to Kibera or not?. I have to admit I have never been there, I have been to other slums though and trust me the MP can not do anything to solve those issues. For example, it is NCC that should control housing and if some one lives in a shack and pays rent it is NCC and not the MP. NCC bylaws demand that houses meet certain standards, and sewage be connected to all houses, it is not Raila's or any MPs job to enforce that law. But, again, our laws demand that the president to have won the votes cast, but,... the laws are selectively applied here.

and to answer you on this 'FAVE: Hahaaahaa… No and that’s a resounding NO, I don’t envy Mr Odinga. I am much younger and better looking'…
I did not imply that you envied Raila but, I was just saying a lot people and politicians envy his style. More importantly, will you look like him and be accomplished like him at his age? and btw him and the dictator who is at least more presentable? But again, you know I am much younger and better looking than Bill Gates but I envy the guy.

Taabu said...

No need for your signature, your writing is UNIQUE and gives you out own its own.

You PERFECT selective logis so much so that you skirt the unpalatable truth. In your book the MP is meant to provide DIAPERS and such like stuff. You reve in the old mould of hiyo ni maendeleo. In your book the THIEF who steals and bribes for votes is devpt.

Then your wrapped your WARPED sense on logic in interpretating envy to be admiring and reducing it to looks. Well FYI you don't have to be an ORGRE on two limbs from Othaya to be ugly. We have better scare crows for kids you better tell you THIEF-IN-CHIEF to spare us the genocide face on TV.

Anonymous said...


Kenya has been asleep for 45 years waiting on your opinion on what an MP ought to do. We are now so grateful for your insight.

I am also compiling a list to award accolades to any MP who has built at least one pit latrine as a measure of development the award is the Kwale Award Pit-latrine Use in Urban Towns (Kapuut), I notice that Kibaki has been in parliament from early 60's and has not built a pit latrine either in Bahati or Othaya, even as President, VP, Min of Finance. I hope he gets to build one in the IDP camps so as much i know kibaki is kaput of ideas, he does not qualify to receive your esteemed kapuut award.

Kwale, why is it that Raila (MP langata 15 years) is associated with Kibera slums, while Philip Leakey (immediate former Kanu MP of the very same Langata in the formative years when the slum was actually mushrooming) is associated with Karen?


Anonymous said...


Below is a list of MPs for Langata

KANU 1963 - 1992
1963 Joseph Murumbi
1969 Yunis Ali
1974 Mwangi Mathai
1979 - 1992 Philip Leakey
From the first multi-party election
1992 - 2007+ Raila Odinga

Then do a little homework on how slums come about, after that do some math on states of economy in that period 1963 - 2007, then lets come back and discuss Kapuut Awards.


Anonymous said...


hii nongwe ilikuwa inaenda kufanya nini DC? sasa hivi nongwe zake ndogo zinalia ukoloni! walikuwa wapi wakati hii nongwe iluwa DC!

Anonymous said...

To all the last Anons: If the question of who has built a pit latrine and who hasn't is of such importance, than I agree with many observers that Kenya is rightly deserving to have entered the club of the poorest countries in the world. I hope, you at least feel some shame to discuss such matters here for the whole world to read, not to mention the pain those must feel living in Kibera and other slums to hear you talking about them like they are just animals.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:00

clearly literature was not your forte


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