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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mungiki Going For Raila Head

Central Province leaders are cleverly scheming to use the Mungiki menace enable Raila make his own political noose. Unless the Prime Minister knows something that ordinary Kenyans are not privy too, Njenja Karume and co are cleverly hiding under Raila’s pragmatic and proactive suggestion to engage the Mungiki militia in dialogue to cleanse their bloodied trails.

PNU is rediscovering its DECEPTIVE traits by pretending to hail the gesture to talk to Mungiki knowing very well they are the PRINCIPAL financiers and beneficiaries of the murderous edifice. True to their characteristic these chaps are more than willing to export their local problems to the rest of Kenya when it suits them most. Their script is so predictable so much so that you need not think very hard to see them eventually turning around demonizing their subject of collective hate when crunch time beckons.

Mungiki has equally perfected DECEPTION and taken it to new level in pulling wool on our eyes when they shamelessly claim to have supported and voted for ODM. And the lies don’t stop there. Maina Njenja takes it a notch higher by rubbing it in that by extension Mungiki considers itself as part of the coalition government. So we must assume that those foul-mouthed gangs led by Ndura Waruinge in the streets of Nairobi in support of Kibaki during the post elections violence were aliens from Mars.

Clever political extermination
Politics of DECEPTION as personified by Kibaki has been exposed for what it is and only his cronies continue flying the kite. Reminds you of the script to make Kenyans believe the mirage of 6% that never was or singing themselves hoarse being proud Kenyans. Raila must be very careful in his attempts to cultivate a national and reconciliatory personality given the people he is dealing with. Raila is one person the Kikuyu political elite will not forgive in a hurry and any they will manipulate any opportunity to EXTERMINATE HIM POLITICALLY.

Raila must be EXTREMELY CAREFUL in dealing with Mungiki. This is one multi-headed hydra which will promptly mutate to consume him. Mungiki's oath lies elsewhere and their objective of TRIBAL SUPREMACY and PURITY have no place for other Kenyans outside Central province and Kikuyu Diaspora. It defeats the tenets of basic political logic why Raila would want to prove to be a hero while REAL Mungiki principals and beneficiaries Uhuru and Kibaki are selfishly guarding their counsel.

Raila and ODM by extension stand to lose badly. At best many ODM supporters will be left confused at the thought of embracing this Kenyan mafia. ODM stands the risk of losing the heart and minds of civilized Kenyans who will readily distance themselves from anybody or organization seen to be pandering to BEASTS who specialize in skinning heads of toddlers in the 21st Century.


Anonymous said...


agreed this is very slippery ground for RAO, but he has already done more than anyone else and that is demonstrate that he is surely the peoples president and will create avenues for all to be heard. hope some good can come out of all this.

on a related note

i find it strange that the "leaders" from central (tho't they were voted out, dont know why they are still referred to as leaders, former MP, GEMA chairman ok, but not leaders, they were rejected by their constituents) are calling for release on bail (PNU mentality, money money money) of maina njenga which is a totally different issue. the man is in for possession of firearm/drugs, fabricated or not.

the man can talk and has been talking from where he is. these "leaders" are trying to redeem themselves through the backdoor by appearing to be "one who posted your bail" and just itching to flaunt their wealth. maina njenga should like mandela refuse to associate with these johnny come lately and instead talk with those who opened the opportunity for him in the first place.

can just foresee other former leaders lining up to release other offenders to solve land dispute problems, marital problems etc.

if these are leaders then i do not want to be led or rather we have been misled, halooo!!

but the good news is that hehehehehe , these ex-leaders are now seeing domo as a viable alternative ...



Mkenya Damu said...

RAO ., the peoples genuis is nobody's fool , trust me he will come out of this triumphantly.Just to compare and contrast kibaki n him look at how he treated nyaga vs how kibaki treated kituyi , kombo, tuju the list is endless.while kibaki is surrounded by tribal loyalist Raila is a team player in an ethnically diversified team.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

So now Mungiki is going after Raila?! What utter rubbish. Does that not contradict Raila's public call, the first by a very senior public figure short of the President, to talk to Mungiki? Did Mungiki coerce Raila to call for dialogue? Raila has even already started the dialogue as confirmed by prison warders who overheard the telephone conversation in Naivasha prison between Maina Njenga and Raila. Was a Mungiki thug holding a gun to Raila's head as he spoke? Also, Mungiki have confessed that they supported ODM in the General Election, all this from the Standard newspaper, an ODM supporting paper.
Of course, fanatical, cross-eyed, love struck ODM wankers will not see the contradictions but will partake even more of the opiate of the mind dispensed by the one and only demi-god.

Anonymous said...

Crackdown on Crime Sparks Frustration in Central Kenya
By Derek Kilner
30 April 2008

Kilner report - Download (MP3)
Kilner report - Listen (MP3)

Central Kenya provided the largest base of support for President Mwai Kibaki in the country's recent elections. But as Derek Kilner reports from Nairobi, political leaders from the province are growing frustrated with the government's crackdown on a criminal gang from the region and its slow movement in resettling IDPs.

The Mungiki is Kenya's most notorious criminal gang, blamed for a crime wave last year that included several instances of beheading, and more recently an attempt to shut down traffic and businesses in Nairobi and Central Kenya.

The police have vowed a strong response. Last year, human rights groups charged the police with widespread extra-judicial killings in its efforts to crack down on the gang.

Members of the Mungiki gang in a bullet-riddled car in outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, 28 Apr 2008
When two leaders of the gang were shot and killed near Nairobi on Monday, police said they suspected the incident was caused by an internal power struggle, but spokesmen for the groups, along with others, suspected that undercover police officers were responsible.

The gang is largely composed of young men from the Kikuyu ethnic group from Central Province, and leaders from the area say the government's response has caused growing anger in the community, which also happens to supply the bulk of president Mwai Kibaki's political support.

A group of political leaders from the community, including member of parliament Elias Mbau, called for the government to change its response.

"And these are the regions that also give our own president Mwai Kibaki his bedrock support and therefore it pains us very much when everyday and every week we are continuing to attend burials of so-called young people who have fallen by the gun, whose assassins are never brought to book," he said. "We supported Kibaki in our government to a man, and now these are the people who are suffering immensely."

Mbau said he would raise the issue in parliament. Former Defense Minister Njenga Karume, meanwhile, called for the government to allow the release of the Mungiki's jailed leader, Maina Njenga, on bond.

Negotiations were set to begin between Mungiki leaders and the government, but those plans fell through after Monday's killings.

Another Central Province leader, Catholic Bishop John Njenga, called for the government to move more quickly in resettling people displaced by violence following December's disputed elections.

"The IDPs must not find themselves having a first anniversary in the camps across the country. Let our target be that no IDP will be in a camp on December 30 this year," he said.

Some members of Kibaki's Party of National Unity already feel the president conceded too much in agreeing to share power with Raila Odinga, his rival in December's elections. Mr. Odinga has been given the post of prime minister and his party controls half the country's ministries.

Anonymous said...


we are dealing with sensitive issues here, pple are getting killed where dialogue is being sought, RAO is my/our demi-god, tin -god you name it we or at least i agree, but fact is he has initiated dialogue, but someone is else determined to derail the dialogue and is killing these guys. its not about what we perceive our leader to be, its about who is derailing the process. you shed some light on that if you can, otherwise you are really becoming part of the problem and not helping to solve it.

am open to progressive minds/thinking so kimi lets put on thinking caps


Philip Roy said...

There is more to what is really going on.

Keep a look out, more interesting stuff on the way.

Anonymous said...

Unless you have faced teh wrath of mungiki you may not think of dialogue with thugs and killers. They have no respect for human life. Rao in his usual " am in charge" thinking thought he would be doing himself and ODM service by engaging the thugs - how come now he is saying he is going to consume him. Other than Njenga Karume and Anyang Nyongo who have called for dialogue in the past, no kikuyu mp worth his respect would in public support these thugs. The kikuyu community has no respect for thugs who extort and shamelessly create fear. Kibaki has never shown mercy for them, Michuki they hate him with passion etc - these are the people who did mungiki in last year. Let Raila carry his cross. He got himself in it to outwit and play moses for the kikuyu.

Taabu if you have nothing to write, why dont you hold your piece rather than wasting your time with ODM crap and imagination. Yesterday they were to you, today they are threatining raila. Give us facts bwana. Remember it these kind of headlines that asdvise. Be a pacifies not an alarmist. You and Phil will cause the next breakdown of Kenya by writing what your fertile imagination and theories tell you before even doing some ressearch. Let us enjoy the labour day with the pain of having lost our businesses and no jobs to talk about courtsy of you andr ilk

Knoppix! said...

Personally being a resident of Nakuru Town i have on more than one occassion seen what Mungiki can actually do.The most recent is all the very obvious one.

The fellows were those were not known to any of the local residents.In one instance they could ask you for an ID if they had the feeling you were from a funny tribe that they abhor.As you fish out the ID one was standing behind you and on Seeing the Name Otieno Or Kirui an Axe was on your Kisogo and they would start feasting on you like Meat in a Butchery.We are not saying some other outfits dint use the same tactics,but the Mungiki one has been stringed far too long and still is.

As Kenyans there is alot of Information that we never get to know of and its through such fora that we get to know the latest romour and alarming or otherwise somehow there is a speck of truth in it.And active debate here will enlighten us on how to approach the issues of the day.In essence what am saying is,the title of this post might sound alarmist but the most basic meaning one can make out of it is,Mungiki might feel that RAO reneged or hoodwinked them to bring peace only to turn around and ignore them,thus they might be getting back at him.

I said it before,being PM raila might not be neccessarily the one to dialogue with them,he could as well delegate the security minister and the Security apparatus to meet them.But may be if they construed his call to mean that he was the one to meet them then they can as well be upset just like you and i could be.Of course we have no niceties to fork out for Mungiki,they have a course justified or otherwise but the approach is retrogressive and barbaric.Look at IRA in ireland.

That said,RAO by now and everyone should understand and be knowing this is way too sharp for the likes of Mungiki and the Njengas.I have reservations on Muite and Kamotho because i did not expect them to be that parochial.Someone said that Mungiki Voted for Raila - give me a break - Thats the most silly comment i have read here in days.Correct me if am wrong!

Anonymous said...

Guys cant you see what Raila is building too???

Isnt he forming a base where by also the Kalenjin warriors later can have dialog with govt of kenya n call for amnesty to their members who participated in the post election violence????

This is where its heading too ....soon you'll see cries

If the Govt negotiated with an outlawed criminal sect why cant they negotiate with a mwananchi group which were only trying to "protest" after a "stolen " election


Anonymous said...

Raila's eyes are on the 2012 presidential elections. He is a political realist. He knows that without a piece of the GEMA vote his dreams will remain forever illusory. Worse still, he knows that it will be very hard for him to get the Kalenjin vote as a block the way he got it in Dec 2007. With Kikuyus likely to sit out the 2012 presidental sweepstakes, Raila is acutely aware that Kalonzo could easily get the GEMA vote. That is why ODM will do whatever it takes to reach out to Mungiki; after all they saw the power of aggrieved youth vote. They will play the grievance card to the Mungiki to the hilt.

The question is: will Mungiki play along or are the values and objectives of ODM and Mungiki mutually exclusive? The answer will have to wait for another day. Suffice to say that Mungiki are desperate to secure the freedom of their leader. Like any other cult, when their leader was imprisoned the members went bananas especially because they thought some members of the Kibaki govt would come to their rescue. They also believe (and correctly) that had their leader been free during the post-elections crisis, Kikuyus murders in RV would have been avenged much earlier and more decisively.

There are just too many players interested in controlling or working with Mungiki. Not just politicians (like Raila), but private sector guys, and even big kahunas from the security apparatus. But some people like Njenga Karume have occupied a prominent place in the whole mess for some time now. He ranks perhaps highest among the people accused by Mungiki of shortchanging them. It began with him promising them in 2002 that if they supported Uhuru's presidential bid, Karume would make sure Mungiki youth were given free land. Certainly, he did not honour the MOU. So, it is true to some extent that Karume might be seeking some cover under the dialogue call. But for others like Kamotho, I believe they are just after any opportunity to re-invent themselves politically.

For Raila, it is both a pursuit of a peacemaker image as well as a tactical positioning for potential votes. It is a very risky enterprise for him politically because Mungiki is not a very popular gang in Kikuyuland despite what outsiders think. So far he has managed to get some positive response from one wing of Mungiki whose leaders are falling under a hail of bullets daily. Even for Njenga, the maximum security jail has been his salvation. If released, he will have to be given official 24-hr protection.

Raila is more likely to get more enduring Kikuyu goodwill if he were to be seen to be pushing for a successful resettlement of the IDP's. In fact, that is the only way of by-passing the Kikuyu elite to win the vote of the average Kikuyu. If he persists on travelling through the Mungiki alley, he must be ready to meet characters who thrive best in the shadows.

My parents live in a Mungiki infested area and I have seen fisthand that these are bad criminals to say the least. While as humans we have to sympathize with the hopelesssness among the youth, it does not follow that we should dialogue with crimal gangs especially when they engage in heinous murders. It is even more troubling when the govt wakes up one day and decides to dialogue with them without setting a framework of doing so. At least, there should have been some pre-conditions. It is amazing that PM Raila could just pick up a phone, call, and talk politics with the head of the most murderous gang in our history. Just like that. This matter should have been discussed in the cabinet first before Karume and Raila start freelancing. KENYA IS NOT IN THE CORRECT HANDS!!!!

Anonymous said...


It’s soo good to hear from you Kimi. Welcome back! Blimey, that was a boisterous performance over the weekend. Well done!

You have used my favourite word – wanker! There are so many of ‘em here.
Too right, Raila initiated the talks with Mungiki solemnly on a purpose of making himself a hero.
You wonder why he has become a cult figure. The guy knows how to pull a stunt.
Kibaki administration almost finished Mungiki last year and thus Mungiki hate Kibaki and all the Kikuyu elites. So, Taabu if you don’t have anything else to write about, go indulge yourself in an afternoon nookie.


Kimi Raikkonen said...

Precisely, anon @ 1.33am. That is the kind of reasoned argument that should be seen more often on this forum. There is too much emotional diatribe and people expressing frustrations in the wrong direction.

Anonymous said...


Never should any Kenyan politician (I mean Kenyan not Kikuyu politician)try to negotiate with these dirty backward murderers.

Their problem is NOT poverty. Afterall Western Province, Nyanza, NEP, Coast are the most poor provinces. Even a university graduate from Mbale rides a border-border bicycle in Kakamega and Kisumu to survive. A graduate from Central gets a job immediately.

The problem facing Central Province is the relative richness. There are many billionares from Nyeri, Kiambu, Muranga than any other part in East and Central Africa, but most of them have earned it through thuggery.

That is why young Kikuyus have decided on collective thuggery to narrow the gap. Mungiki youth are economically better off than their age mates from Butere, Bondo, Keroka, Mwatate and Malindi.

Long term imprisonment for their leader and financers is the solution.

Anonymous said...


ALL PNU members are also Mungiki members.
No MP, No powerful Minister from Central Prov (ONLY FORMER MPs)has made a single comment on this dangerous illegal grouping. But not criticising the Mungiki criminals.

Central Prov is the richest province in Kenya. People own planes. The excuse that the youth is starving in CP is a wrong excuse and should not justify the formation of a killer society.

It is known that a Kikuyu loves money more than God and anything else on earth. There are no morals, when it concerns money. Nowonder 90% of prostitutes in Kenya, 98% of robbers, rapists and murders are Kikuyus.

History proves that a sick Kikuyu was thrown to hyenas, a dead Kikuyu was never burried. The body was thrown away.

Kikuyus dont have a culture based on morals, it is based on wealth. This wrong culture has over the years created this aggressive momentum in Kikuyuland to acquire wealth, no matter how much it costs. Kenyatta showed the way. He told the sons of Mau Mau to go to the banks and take the money piled there. "I'll get you the weapons", he said. The first Kenyan daylight bank robbery started.

Kenyans, the gov cant eradicate Mungiki using weapons or creating jobs for the youth. There should be no dialog with nor amnesty for capital criminal syndicates. That would be the end of Justice in Kenya. Youth from Coast, NEP,EP, WP would immediately form the mafia movements.

THE KIKUYUS MUST GET CULTURED, get moral upbringing. That is the cure.

Knoppix! said...

Taabu.....Did you you overcelebrate or what?We need you input/impetus here.My eyes and definetely Ivy's and yours are set on Ruskis!And This time round our Fans are unusually psyched!

Get back to work Mates.You'd agree its a lazy May First so idling in the office could suffice!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:10
What source tells you that a graduates from central get jobs immediately whereas those from other regions are denied. You should come with data of all employed and unemployed graduates from all regions for comparison. I know many unemployed graduates from central also surving.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Hey Kwale, thanks. Next weekend but one, Turkey, one of our Ferrari team's favourite circuits. Damn, ain't our car hot or what?!! Anyway, see you in Istanbul on the 11th. Hope this time that the the MP-4s can give us some real competition!
You know, don't you think Kenyan politicos could learn a thing or two about class from our sport? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.10… What you have just said there is a travesty and a sad reality of how people like you think in this country.
You may have noticed I bear a name after my hometown, one of the most deprived parts of the country. I was born in a village and went to a village school, but fortunately I don’t have any village in me. Yes, I do get occasional bouts of my early childhood nostalgia, infact as I write now, I am in a very poignant mood but that will never allow me to be hindered into pursuing my God given potentials. I am infact one of the few ‘ordinary’ coastal people to have moved into the mainland and fully integrate.

The point I trying to make here is; this country of ours is open to us all. There are many opportunities all over throughout this vast land of ours but it’s up to you to seize the opportunity as they come like our brothers and sisters in Central Province, or you can choose to just sit there and wait for manna from heaven. You also have to note NOT all Kikuyus are billionaires, like you have put it, infact many of them live in abject poverty let me in form you. Indeed there is nothing in the world to which Kikuyu holds the interest and importance than mbeca (money), of all the wonders of this world and its mysteries, it’s all disappear near the great flaming of their passion for money.


Anonymous said...

Kimi, totally agree, there is a lot our politicians can learn from our electronics, aerodynamics, suspension and tyres sport but I disagree with you, Ferraris are NOT damn hot. You just wait; Lewis Hamilton and the plucky Heikki Kovalainen are just going to thrash you to the pulp.
By the way my house is a Lewis Hamilton turf. Even our dog will bark you off if dare mention Kimi, Massa or Alonso. See you in Istanbul.


Anonymous said...

Release that fool from jail and he will be next to go. You wait and see.... Mr Norman Nyagah, Mr Njenga Karume and Mr Joseph Kamotho... what do all these imbeciles have in common? Kenyans are tired of being held hostage by this criminal gang through extortion and what not and should be dealt with "na iwe funzo" approach. Hii upuzi ya negotiations has to stop. Negotiate what?! RAO needs to strengthen our institutions so that they can function effectively. Hawezi fanya kila kitu...

Pissed off with all this stupididty.

Anonymous said...

Raila received less than 10,000 kikuyu votes. Mungiki has claimed in the past to be 1million strong. Had they voted for ODM, Raila's margin of victory would have been more than 300,000 as it were.

These GEMA tacticians just don't get it, do they?

Anonymous said...


In Kenya, there is nothing like qualification. What counts is whom you know, as long as you have formal education. That is why Central people supported the 8-4-4 education system. Shallow way of getting to the top. Kwale, many Nyanza, WP graduates flock Mathare, Kibera in search of jobs and end up being killed by Mungiki.

Brother/Sister @4:55
Go to any ministry, you will find numerous young Kikuyu graduates, who have been favoured since 2002. Police, Army, Education Ministry, Finance, CBK, All Banks incl Equity, Revenue Dept, Foreign Ministry, Health, UoN, JKUAT, KU, Kenya Airways, Airport. You might think that Kikuyu population amounts to 80% of Kenyan.

In my home alone we have graduates of Tourism, Civil Engineering, Applied mathematics, Science Education and Government.

No jobs. Young people are totally frustrated BUT they are NOT indulging themselves in crime NOR have they joined ILLEGAL Mungiki-like murderous syndicates.

Crime a la Mungiki is a life style being proudly practised in Central Province. The people have to change their mentality, that's all.

No weapon, no dialogue will finish this movement as long as the top leaders are members.

Anonymous said...

One of mungiki oathing statements says "kuishi ni bahati na kifo ni kawaida"... maybe there is a some truth in the statement but I do not agree with this murderous evil thugs.

Andy Capp said...

It's utter foolishness to suggest that Raila needs GEMA to win the presidency. Didn't he win in 2007? All he needs is a non-partisan Kivuitu-less ECK. Further, to suggest that by laying in bed with Mungiki wins him GEMA support is truly idiotic. You can wait a million years to see GEMA vote for anyone outside their cocoon. It's just a political reality.

Ask yourselves where James Orengo's wife is today.

But anyway, Taabu, I concur with everything you say today. The one thing Kenyans should remember is that Mungiki has political elite Kikuyu members. If these jamaas have anything to hide, they will never let Raila expose them. The way I see it, the immense criminal, political and economical power wielded by these ultra special Mungiki fellas should be enough to caution Raila.

Now I'm not saying that the Karumes, Michukis and Uhurus can never be defeated; but why fight them when they are already fighting within themselves? Raila should let Mungiki finish themselves by themselves. In fact he should support any efforts by the police to drive wedges of death between these thugs.

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 6.53 Moi was in power for 24 years, why did you not make all this fuss then. He introduced 8-4-4 not Kibaki.
Mungiki was still operating during Moi era, why did he not finish them then?
Those killed in Mathare and Kibera were only killed when Luos started attacking Kikuyus. They have to defend themselves for christ sake.

Anonymous said...

RAO should introduce a system where Central children get educated on ethics. No dialogue with Mungiki.

Solving of past injustice will give the people of Central the land back, which was re-claimed with Kenyan tax payers money in 1963 but stolen by Kenyatta.

Yes Kenya got loans from Bank of England in 1963 to reposses the land occupied by white settlers. Kenyatta took all the land and Kenyans paid back the loan in 1983.

Uhuru and his clique are enjoying the fruits. Kikuyus must get their land back, not in RV BUT in Central Province in the heart of Kikuyuland.

Anonymous said...

This is the time to solve Kenyan problems. Once and for all. Kibaki is already fuataring Nyayo. He is not interested in Kenya. All Kenyans must join hands to support what is right.

If you support a devil, you will not see the Promised Land.

Agree with me that Kenya is a wonderful country with a potential of developing like Malaysia. Kibaki doesnt want Kenya to develop like that, Raila wants Kenya at least to try to reach half of what Malaysia has got.

Organized crime, fully supported by Kikuyus, is not favourable for development. Tribalism supported by Kibaki is a setback, injustices, wrong education system, a croudy cabinet, unsolved scandals fully supported by Kibaki are real enemies of development.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Kimi Raikkonen said...

only a PNU blinded fool can post such nonsense!!! didn't mungiki confirm on tape and to anyone who could listen that they killed MP WERE??
and if indeed Njenga says he supported ?? then why Kill MP Were and ODM MP???(Njenga should was his filthy mouth at statehouse!)

second- if mungiki voted for ODM?? why then did they commit genocide on all ODM supporters who hail from other tribes- Luo- beheaded-luhyas beheaded- kisii's beheaded and many other tribes but not kikuyu by the mungiki's in Naivasha and Nakuru??

go tell your psychopath Njenga mungiki leader that Raila and Kenyans ain't stupid-

by the way Raila's motive is to find out the truth who killed his people and who paid the mungiki's to slaughter and behead innocent kenyans from hsi constituency Kibera to Naivasha and Nakuru!!

kibaki and his cronies have been denying even after the BBC News questioned Alfred Mutia about the Kibaki and Mungiki meetings of before and after 27 election at kibaki`s residence!!!

Mambo bada- Raila ain't foolish this is a guy who was imprisoned and had to be street smart and wise to survive!!!maybe wakina njenga Karume think they are using Raila to cover up their own deeds- but kenyans i ask you to watch closely what will happen in this mungiki saga!!

Andy Capp said...

Kwale, I appreciate that you worked hard to crawl out of that backwater deprived hometown of yours. Yours was a mammoth achievement. That said, suggesting that all one needs to succeed in Kenya is seize the opportunity, go the extra mile and all that Bill Gates talk also suggest that your mind cannot be right. Waishi wapi?

Let's be sincere. Accepting your opinion as fact is pretty much saying that Kenya is just fine. Then why all this fuss about the constitution and institutions?

Anonymous said...

anon 11:16 PM you posted this nonosense!!!!

The kikuyu community has no respect for thugs who extort and shamelessly create fear. Kibaki has never shown mercy for them, Michuki they hate him with passion etc - these are the people who did mungiki in last year. Let Raila carry his cross. He got himself in it to outwit and play moses for the kikuyu.


remeber kikuyu`s also killed J.M. Kariuki!! for standing for the land and youth issues!! kenyans know kikuyu=money=crime!!!look around you!!

98% OF KIKUYU`S IN CENTRAL PROVINCE SUPPORT MUNGIKI EVEN PROF WANGARI MATHAI has ome out openly (she is on video praising and supporting mungiki)
now all the Mt.kenya Mp`s took mungiki oath at karume`s house in cianda there is proof of that too!!all central province MP`s have used mungiki foot soldier in one way ot the other and as for the meeting with kibaki and his cronies at his residence!! they were first paid to commit genocide in KIBERA!!NAKUTU!NAIVASHA!! and were promised with the release of their leader!!and no more executions of their members!! kibaki as usual didn`t keep his promises- he did not release- njenga and he is continuing executing them after using them to commit genocide!!

kibaki will pay dearly!! you wait and see

Anonymous said...

And you think Raila is the one to take you to the promised land. Dream on bro.
When Kibaki swept in to power 2003, the growth rate was minus, since then we have seen a spectacular growth rate of about 6%. Your problem is, you can't bear to think your tribesman is not in the sate house.

Anonymous said...

anon1:33 AM
you sound like kamotho!! an opportunist kikuyu on here ati now you say kikuyu`s do not support mungiki!! so why haven`t i seen all central province condemning the mungiki babaric acts since last year-
do not even imagine the rest of the tries in kenya are fools - kikuyu majority support mungiki period!!! that come out clearly during the elections compaigns and more open in december and february- even on the blogs all kikuyu bloggers were threatening as other tribes to unleash their foot soldiers mungiki in our provinces and they were very proud of them!and what they had done in nakuru and naivasha!!! show me on here any kikuyu -who condamned those killings publicly!!

so wacha your propaganda ati kikuyu`s do not support mungiki!!
what has happened kenya changed and the coalition happened!! now you do not need your mungiki foot soldiers and now you want them all executed so that to hise the connection between them and the Mt. Kenya mafia!!
oops!!! too late kenyans already know who are the mungiki financiers from PNU!!! go peddle your lies else where!!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:03am, If we were in the negative then maybe the growth rate was positive but stayed negative get it, -25+6= -19.
After all the years of Moi misrule and mismanagement, even a 0.5% growth rate would be monumental, so please spare us the 6% crap, Kenyans are wiser than you Mt. Kenya folks think. Didn't they also say that he was "unelectable"?
You have to distinguish between an oasis and a mirage, some people just do not get it.

Anonymous said...


only a kikuyu blind fool can post such nonsense- anyway if it makes you happy to dig your head in the sand then so be it!

Kibaki and PNU cronies= mungiki financiers- before and after 2007 elections.

mungiki are only executed when they disagree with KIbaki on deals
Kibaki and his cronies met with the mungiki leaders (two executed recently)at his residence in Nairobi before and after election- where after mungiki proceeded to commit genocide in nakuru and naivasha and mungiki have confirmed this and have a tape on the meeting proceedings and the promise kibaki made to them to release their leader after job well done! in fact any one who beheaded a LUo(kihii) was paid triple- that is who nasty and evil kibaki and his cronies are!!
so push off and go post your kikuyu mavi else where- you will never ever wipe or make facts to disappear in kenya again!! thanks to media!! internet!! kenyans on ground with cell phones that take pictures- information ahs been very easily to get and crimes being committed are very easy to tape:)

kibaki thought they could put a recording device in koffi Annan`s room- and mungiki did the same to them :):) mungiki needed security after what happened to them early 2007- executions executions by greedy PNU - kibaki and cronies- who were pushing them to collect more money for them from poor kenyans for their elections(who doenst know that bags of money used to e dropped off at statehouse by mungiki members!! ask Alfred Mutua!!

let me state again Kikuyu`s adore mungiki - they cheered them up to slaughter kenyans in December , January, February- before the coalition government was put in place- and now the same kikuyu`s are denying them now!!

here on Kumekucha you will see and of course you can already see them trying to distant themselves from mungiki`s- kenyans go back to Jan-Feb- you will not find even one single word from kikuyu bloggers on kumekucha condemning or distancing themselves from mungiki gang!! there was silence all around- because by then mungiki was busy beheading and slaughtering other tribes in nakuru and naivasha!!

kenyans are very enlightened and know who is behind financing the mungiki gang and they full well know mungiki gang are the central kikuyu foot soldiers

Even Prof Wangari Mathai is on record giving mungiki fool support and she is on the video with the mungiki leader Njenga at the mungiki shrine in Muranga!!
so do not waste your propaganda here- kenyans all ready know who and what mungiki is all about!! it ain`t a religion!!

Anonymous said...

anon7:20 AM

ha!!ha!! why would MOI kill them when he had uhuru the mungiki lord under his wing!!eh!!

post more propaganda here - let as see who you thin you can fool

mungiki=kibaki PNU=Uhuru=KANU=MARTHA KARUA=NARC-K

Anonymous said...

ANON 4:55 AM


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You think in one dimension. We should not invest in people to change Kenya.

We should make ideas do it. At the moment it is NOT Kibaki with ideas to make a positive impact on Kenyan lives, not even on Kikuyu lives. Bro/Sis it is at the moment Raila with the best ideas.

Dont mix tribal growth with national growth. The 6% Kibaki talked about was on coffee farmers and many Kikuyus individuals who profited from Kibakis nepotism politics (Prof Njuguna, Aaron Ringera, Thuo, Michuki, Cowboy constructors, Mwangi the equity,etc) In real sense the economy went down between 2002 and 2007 as prices for vital goods soared by 75%.

Young and old Kikiyus got employment in all govt and private sectors.

Many Kenyans were forced to travel by air to Uganda, TZ, Kisumu, Mombasa and Eldoret because of the bad state of roads in Kenya. It was worsed than during the ERA of MOI. Mind you NO DEVELOPMENT WITHOUT INFRASTRUCTURE.

SECURITY was and is worst than in the MOI ERA. GROWTH AND SECURITY always go hand in hand.

You should not be cheated that there was/is economical growth. There is no growth at all. Only afew are growing (and they will always grow because they are corrupt)

Anonymous said...

ANON 8:03 AM





Anonymous said...

ANON 9:15 AM



Anonymous said...

no kenyan agree`s with executions of other kenyans- but the mungiki have to come out of hteir closet and become proper kenyan citizens - and put down their murderous weapons- before kenyans believe that they want to live with other tribes in harmony!!

the police should also be punished and stopped - they have done the same executions in mt. Elgon! in Bungoma e.t.c
so kenyans should remember it is not only the mungiki the police have been executing- look around you!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon@9.15 AM
I quote you..... it`s true and you have very good ideas.

Other Kenyas should emulate you and write and discuss points on blogs like this....

it`s not the person in particular, it`s ideas.....that work and have worked in the world since time in memorial, otherwise kina churhill, hitler and others could still be in pwere today.

Good thinking...

"We should make ideas do it. At the moment it is NOT Kibaki with ideas to make a positive impact on Kenyan lives, not even on Kikuyu lives. Bro/Sis it is at the moment Raila with the best ideas.

Dont mix tribal growth with national growth. The 6% Kibaki talked about was on coffee farmers and many Kikuyus individuals who profited from Kibakis nepotism politics (Prof Njuguna, Aaron Ringera, Thuo, Michuki, Cowboy constructors, Mwangi the equity,etc) In real sense the economy went down between 2002 and 2007 as prices for vital goods soared by 75%.

Young and old Kikiyus got employment in all govt and private sectors.

Many Kenyans were forced to travel by air to Uganda, TZ, Kisumu, Mombasa and Eldoret because of the bad state of roads in Kenya. It was worsed than during the ERA of MOI. Mind you NO DEVELOPMENT WITHOUT INFRASTRUCTURE.

SECURITY was and is worst than in the MOI ERA. GROWTH AND SECURITY always go hand in hand.

You should not be cheated that there was/is economical growth. There is no growth at all. Only afew are growing (and they will always grow because they are corrupt)"

Anonymous said...

my summary of the situation/foregoing is

fact: mungiki is a murderous gang
fact: mungiki leaders are being annihilated at an alarming rate
fact: no kikuyu (mungiki or regular) or at least negligible numbers of kikuyu (those resident in central province) voted for RAO total number votes in central = 33,210, IDPs from central = 28,000 go figure
fact: mungiki leader maina njenga would like to engage in dialogue with PM

from here on everything is part speculation, part strong rumor, part factual, with indeterminate quantities or not backed by irrefutable evidence with dates, clips, etc

a) a large number of suspected mungiki youth have dissapeared or turned up dead (dates, numbers, cause, not determined)
b) suspected mungiki adherents have engaged in gruesome murders and torture of kenyans, exortion, humiliation of women in public
c) it is largely understood that the kikuyu population is petrified and therefore can neither openly condemn nor support this group with only veiled ambiguous occasional comments leading to wholesale condemnation of kikuyu as active or passive supporters or members of mungiki
d) it has also been claimed that mungiki have been sponsored to cause mayhem on other tribes specifically Luo, Kalenjin and Luhya largely by the very same kikuyu elite that mungiki was formed to ostensibly counter their influence/affluence.

current position, although commendable and welcome that mungiki is shedding its savage image and adopting a more civil approach, the past deeds, uncertainty in future direction, blatant lies/deception and other gray areas, make it unconceivable for a large population to accept terms for dialogue with this sect unless further goodwill is evident. there is also a good number of kenyans against continued extra judicial killings if by police, or if not, the apparent lack of ability to zero in on the murders/assasinations. there is also perhaps an equal number of kenyans who beleive its good riddance.

half a dozen of one and six of the other to obtain the perfect zero sum total.

i.e we are again hopelessly deadlocked and have no solution, over to you the smart smooth talking chaps for long lasting solution that you would personally be leading from the front line and not hiding behind rhetoric, smart legal terms and GSU/kwekwe/eagle etc. but certainly feel free to call on these resources to enforce your solution.

bring on the hate


Anonymous said...


11:02 AM



Anonymous said...

Killing thousands of young kikuyu youth in the name of Mungiki is absurd and unforgivable.

More than 10,000 young kikuyus have disapeared without trace and end up found in the hills of Mount Kenya region and some in Ngong hills.

This is NOT right. It`s sinful as much as it is devilish.

Mungiki is more than Young, unemployed young and women who are kenya`s future.

The prime minister and The internal Secuirty Minister should urgently adress this menace. It` a nightmare.

Women, Sons and daughters and fathers of these Kikuyu young men and women are constantly mourning in the centrak province, while the rest of the country engage in condeming a Sect that is bigger than they imagination. Something has to be done and it should be done now.

Anonymous said...

The good old days – in 2007 when he hosted and jetted with the Mighty Kenya political elites

Saroni’s 995,000 US$ house

NOW for sale at 625,000 US$

And his story continues to generate more information.

BREAKING NEWS: New tax fraud scandal by Kenyans Abroad – As usual it’s an Emma G Wanjiku

Anonymous said...

Kikuyu`s are thieves.

They are worse than Emrad Black the US Citizen and a canadian Born.

They are wirse than the haliburton headed by Dr. Dick Big John" Cheyney the US Vice President.

They are worse than the Enron crooks who squared people`s pension to death, and more so worse than Martha Stewart who conned the New York Stock Exchange and was jailed for six months and forfeited millions gained in FRaud.

Kikuyu`s should either leave Kenya or shut up..!

We have a Prime Minister Now.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.07..I second you, but "Kikulacho kinguoni mwako." You can only help if they (Read-Kikuyus)themselves are willing to help themselves. The first course of action is acknowledge that they are a murderous, barbaric cult within their community that needs to be ostracized and condemned in the strongest manned. The condemnation, outrage and vocalness has to be clear as crystal from our brethren from the slopes. No half truths and innuendos, then and only then can they expect the rest of the 41 to join in annihilating this sect. How do you help someone that does not want to help themselves, no Central MP has come out to condemn them, they sit pretty and mum as ther kinsmen are terrorized day in day out. Its like a cancer, it will eat and destroy from the inside out.

Anonymous said...

Many Kikuyus would like to migrate to Western Kenya i.e. Nyanza, Western Prov, RV or to Coast because they can do business and live in peace.

Most of them are tired of Mungiki.

But it is a miracle that even in this blog, no single Kikuyu would openly condemn this murderous thugs. Even a Kikuyu Cardinal seems to support the Mungiki.

Why? Is this tribe afraid of self-critisism or all are potential thugs? Look at the role models like Githongo. In Siaya, Kitale, Kapsabet, Voi or Moyale Githongo is a star. In Muranga, he is a dead man.

Why? Is this an evil tribe? A tribe which supports a devil and kills an angel?

Can a Kikuyu man or woman explain to me in simple words why the house of Mumbi is so dark. I would appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Anon@2.34 Pm.
I will only take a moment of your time and explain why the house of Mumbi is so dark.

Please i beg your pardon if i go overboard.

Do you remember the "Opium War in China" How the the British invaded China a Soveign Country and forced them to do business with them and fucked all their women? Can i jog your mind a little bit, Do you you remember the British occupying India and making it their own?

Do you remember History when the british invaded Kenya and tried to make it their own?

Mau mau fought back.

Mau Mau were Not MUNGIKI`s for your information.

But, The message went across and there is no Kikuyu whether this young Men being killed for not having a job or the Multi- billionaires Kiuyu`s will sit there and be intimidated by interests of the West.

Even Nelson mandela refused it categorogically.

That`s why the House of Mumbi is so Dark.

People working for others and for nothing and they are all human beings.

The young people in the 21st century can not take it and what is happening now is the old guard ordering the massacre of the young kikuyu men and women, while their brothers Luo`s luhya, Kalenjins Maasai etc..go abroad and elsewhere to school and get more education.

it`s a pity.

How will mungiki then cease their activities if they are used like toilet paper?

Young people in the 21st century? i doubt..

It will not happen in Kenya. Honestly, take my word. a Million dollars..

Anonymous said...

What a cheap explanation that cant hold water!

Let me remind you that Kikuyu youth are far well off than members of at least 40 other Kenyan tribes.

Kikuyus have best equiped secondary schools and have vast advantages over other Kenyans. From 1963-1978 they were favoured everywhere in education (scholarships to UK, US, etc), in employment, etc. From 2002-2008 they have been occupying all gov and parastatal jobs. In many offices there are 100% Kiuk where Kikuyu is the office language.

Why are Kikuyus protesting, when nearly all Kikuyus are enjoying the national cake?

Why would Chinese youth in Tibet form an illegal anti-gov murder mafia group, when the same gov favours them? Why would Klukux Clan want to kill whites, when they get support from them. Why would a skin head kill a white man who likes him.

Why do Mungiki cut throats of fellow Kikuyus? Give me an answer to this bro/sis!

The creation of Mungiki has something to do with the character of all Kikuyus. Money, money and more money; with blood or no blood.

If what you said was true, then all Kikuyu youth could have voted for Raila in big numbers, because his policies provide something for them. Or is it the character of a Kikuyu bars him from differenciating between light and darkness.

Why is the House of Mumbi in darkness. I need an answer!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm closing my books on this mungiki saga (again).


oh boy another committee

chris, taabu, phil, luke, could you gentlemen kindly use your contacts to help compile a list of all the committees that have been formed to probe or do one thing or another. there were very few before 1985 but nevertheless try and get a list of all of them.

who will end this committee nonsense and institute independent professional working institutions?

RAO please step in now, we know there are a lot of obstacles but show these dolts the way forward.


Anonymous said...

Anon@4.11 PM

I think poor fellow Kenyan Anon@3.03 Pm tried to explain Why is the House of Mumbi in darkness, but he seem to lack language to comprehend his idea.

He/She seems to be either annoyed or worked up trying to explain his/her point.

My heart goes to the poor Kukuyu young unemplyed young men, who do not even earn the minimum wages because they are associated with the Big Thieves"

God feel mercy on poor these Young poor Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7.40 PM Please don`t try to justify killers.

Mungiki`s are killers and worse than Moi in person. Sorry..!

They should go and get some education.

Read this article, it`s true they all have brown teeth for your information; MUNGIKI`s are i quote;

"Mungiki are listed in the encyclopedia of anthropology as direct descendants of Muturapithicus, a tobacco chewing, tree-dwelling species that roamed the forests of Mt. Kenya more than 20,000 years ago. The species is characterized by a sloping forehead, an overhanging brow, discoloured teeth, laboured intelligence and deep-seated hatred for anything female" end of quote.

Anonymous said...

There is no future for those Brown teethed Young Kikuyu , Mt. Kenya Mafia Recruits.

No way no way...

Anonymous said...

Raila has a vested interest in the future of Central and kikuyu's afterall his bloodline that of his grand-children will be central based so if it is all about ethics and morality he left the primative and gave joined the progressive, he knows his own culture's backwardness and desire not to progress so the future is bright the future is CENTRAL

Knoppix! said...

Since we dont have a new post at hand we can string this debate albeit its not worth it.

I wish to quote a sitting Mp " This in any multi-ethnic and multi-cultural nation is a legitimate quest. But the way in which it is being couched raises questions. This is because the debate is not about addressing inequalities or injustices, but simply about cutting a community down to size."

And that was in regard to Land issues and the community mentioned herein is well known.He then went ahead and said " Some other communities in is area should lie low like envelopes"

The quotes might be as varied as they sound and in a way irrelevant to the post in hand.Moses Wetangula the clownish looking foreign affairs minister recently said,"Kenyans are free to live and Own property anywhere in Kenya".

I have not heard any cry from Central Kenya complaining about some tribe that moved there and encroached on their land and have displaced the indegenious people there.Need i say similar cries are being heard from afar?

If you look at central province for instance, the population pattern is only from one tribe,no other tribe has moved in there and hijacked it and that is telling about their person nd character.Truth be told you cant come from outside buy and or own property in Central province and prevail,but they want to do the same and be accorded sanctity in other places.

If you dared follow Wetangula's true but sick theory in kenya's case the mungiki will be unleashed on you and you wont prevail.So for those suggesting that we its the desperate youth who have joined mungiki to make ends meet kindly tell us another.The mungiki tactics are the face of the person and character that an average kikuyu is, so there is not much difference between a mungiki and a kikuyu,bottom line is the service provider to both is safaricom ooooooops Mumbi!"Sorry about that tripp" The ideals are subscribed from one person.

I have been thinking on who is the best suited person to talk to Mungiki?Again and again the central kenya leaders' names have sprung back and forth.If they can call the leaders and talk to them in Kikuyu assuming like others are saying they are not learned they might not understand Engilsh.Perhaps conversing in Kyuk would drive the point home.RAO might have a communication hinderance unlike the Karumes.

Mungiki is a Kikuyu problem that needs Kikuyu solutions by Kikuyu leaders period.Correct me if i strayed!

Anonymous said...


Speak of what you know. Theories that cant wash will not help you. I come from central province and my councillor in Muranga was a luo till early this year. Fact.

Two i live in parts of central province near Nairobi. My neighbour is an mp from north rift, two professors and seveal other lecturers who have built their houses from Nyanza. Its a mi of people.

Remove your myopic way of looking at Kenya. You are the kind of people igniting fire in Kenya while sitting pretty in foreign land.

Anonymous said...

A luo councillor that owns land in Central? Knoppix i think we need a tribunal on that ama?

Taabu this mungiki business is getting into my nerves, after being in a joyous mood you guys spoil it with mungiki!!!!
We have young people from other tribes (41) to be precise, they all have the same challenges as mungiki but they dont go on a killing spree coz of frustrations, lete ingine....As someone said the only thing they need is a bath, toothbrush, toothpaste (no hot water and salt will do just fine!!) then they need to get a life, you dont reap where you have not sown!!!
RAO has no business talking tho these bunch of kenyapithicus...They should negotiate with their patron...Uhuru Kenyatta, Karume & Kibaki.
Ati mungiki voted ODM, leta ingine it is the silliest idea of the century.....As Knoppix said "Mungiki is a Kikuyu problem that needs Kikuyu solutions by Kikuyu leaders period!!!!! Need i say more?
Chris bring on another one?


Anonymous said...

Knoppix and anonymouua at 11.30 PM

My friend introduced me to this blog today and i met you people.

Your articles are great but they lack intelligence.

May be i`m not familiar wit writting and reading blogs like this but i guess you are both emotional, irritated and not on the ground in Kenya.

Could you please visit marianne briane blog and have a sense of how to handle conflicts?

Supposing all the Kenyans were sent fleeing to Sudan and Sudanese, Ethipians, Ugandans and Somalians Occupy Kenya?

The USA and Britain can help to do that.

May be that way Kenyans will wake up and learn.

I watch an episode whereby couples exchange wives and husbands for a few days.

Anonymous said...

Could it be the the Mungiki leaders are being 'targeted' because they know too much?

So many loose ends:

1. Mungiki
2. Displaced people resettlement
3. Inflation
4. GC finding it's way (including internal power struggles and Musyoka's antics)
5. Up coming by-elections

It seems to me we are not out of the woods yet. RAO come back soon and help put the house in order - or at least let's see some real change - to start with disbar Kivuitu & Co.

Anonymous said...


Mungiki is indeed a problem of ALL Kenyans and must be solved by Kenyans.

Kikuyus can not solve it because they are part of the problem.

RAO should step in and set-up a body to invite all young people willing to desert the illegal sect. Their IDs should be marked.

They should be given amnesty, taken to Youth Service camps (along with other Kenyans)and given thorough education on ethics, morality, democracy and humanity. They should be made to work hard and earn their living by let's say building national highways outside CP.

They should be deprived of owning mobile phones, receiving visitors for a number of years. Their education in the Youth Service should resemble Glenn Mills project.

Meanwhile, those who refuse to surrender should be hunted like animals, taken to courts or killed, if necessary.

I WARN: NO dialogue with or amnesty for their leaders and financiers.

Let's stamp out this primitive mafia once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Anon@12.15 AM

I quote you.

"Mungiki is a Kikuyu problem that needs Kikuyu solutions by Kikuyu leaders period!!!!! Need i say more? end of quote

Then, I will have to ask you a question.

And before you answer think, once, twice, not three times but be a thinking man/woman forever, otherwise you will have a lot of problems when you grow up.

Listen to this;

If Kenyan politics were problems that needed Kenyan solutions by Kenyan leaders unlike Zimbambwe, why did Kenyans involve Drs Rice, Kofi and now a Nigerian diplomat, including Bush and Brown and all the other white European Countries, Including China and Russia?

Does anything ring a bell here?

If not, you need some sleep.

Anonymous said...

People, People calm down..

Kenyans calm down.

Kenyans can solve their own problems and do not need the war monger Bush and the nice neo-Colonialist man Brown to solve Kenya`s problems.

Let me be clear here..and i will be specific..

1) During Kenyattas Rule for 15 years there was no "Mungiki"

2) During Moi`s 24 years Rule, Terror, Dictatorship, Corruption of the highest order " Mungiki was born.

3) During Mavi Ya Kuku`s PUMBAVU KIBAKI "somehow tried leadesship" Mungiki were squared but managed to survive.

4) During Our Prime Ministers Leadership This time, " Mungiki should be history" and these unemployed, Uneducated young Kikuyu, brown teeth should be removed from the streets and slums and be engaged in nation building for peace, tranquality and prosperity of our
modern Kenya.

Mungiki`s are nothing but inheritants of the colonial mafia.

Anonymous said...

anon@1.18 AM

I think you are right.

Then MOI, BIWOTT and KAMOTHO, KARUME, NYAGA OF MT. KENYA and MICHUKI should tell Kenyans who the Mungikis`s are.

Can Martha Karua intervene?
Just Asking, i know she is a Dork.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:51 Are all the kale youth, lunje youth, luo youth, illchamus and ogiek youth employed...NO they are not and we dont see these kind of uncouth and barbaric behavior...I beleieve the way the guys worshipped mungiki and embraced them with open arms, the better we let them sort out the problem themselves. We have much better things to do than try to ingilia something that doesn't concern us...Ama
Maybe a piece of advise, just try will work if all else fails!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dont blame foreigners for what Mungiki is. Blame it on those who were elected in 2002 to bring justice to ALL, but have failed dearly.

They have brought misery to ALL.

But get the point. Mungiki has nothing to do with poverty. Ngoroko had nothing to do with poverty. It is a bout the lifestyle of a Kikuyu People. Corruption, robbery, murder, rape, power.

Kibaki proved to the world that he is a Mungiki number one, by snatching the presidency.

That's now history, from which we have to learn anyway.

I know nobody would dare arrest Mungiki financiers nor their president, even if it is clear that he took an oath with them.

Kenyans should try to allow the youth to repent in National youth camps. There will be no young men for Karume, Muchuki, Uhuru for hire to fulfull their dirty motives.

Target the youth for amnesty but not their bosses.

Anonymous said...

I hear you Kenyans` LOUD AND CLEAR.

Kibaki the thief has been entered onto the HALL OF FAME "BOOK"

Read this Kenyans.

We should not condemn ourselves for being Black.

Anonymous said...

To all of you who posted obscene comments about Kikuyus. Kenya is a kikuyu
Kingdom; forever they will reign over you. God bless Kikuyus!

Yes, help them to prosper and continue to prosper until they shit gold!
May my nine daughters continue to produce and bear until they fill the whole country even beyond the land I gave you at foothill of Mt Kenya.

Gikuyu and Mumbi

Anonymous said...

Surely Anon 12:51 you cannot be comparing the kenyan political problem with mungiki...Ei when you guys gloated over mungiki you didn't ask us to help you gloat and you went to an extent of threatening us that you will unleash mungiki on the other tribes...So now what is the problem? Sort out your issues alone and i hope you are not insinuating that we bring Kofi along....No way mungiki patrons have to sort their own issues....It is payback time and we like minded kenyans dont want to be caught in a a battle that we dont even know how it started..... As i said we have better things to do....You paid tax, protection fee, si basi kazi iendelee.....I am just wondering who needs to grow up?


Anonymous said...

Taabu did Mungiki come for your head new posts pliz

Anonymous said...

anon@2.16 AM

I appreciate your comments but they are very disturbing.

If you are PNU or a KIKUYU young man/woman, you need to go to School.

Your writing seems very poor and you sound very uneducated.

Can we talk building Kenya and NOT Pakistan and Iran and Iraq.. In Africa?


Anonymous said...

Sam Okello? anyone?


Anonymous said...

anon 12:37

the saroni saga


add this other story

and its off limits

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