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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Moody Awori Snubs Kalonzo Committee

Samuel Kivuitu continues to provoke Kenyans says ECK is ready to run byelections

Former Vice President Moody Awori knows a lot about the prisons department, after all it was his pet project during his tenure as the second highest authority in the land.

In declining his appointment today by new VP Kalonzo Musyoka to chair a committee to look into the Prisons crisis, the former VP made it very clear that there was no need for such a committee. He pointed out that a detailed strategic report was already available that addressed virtually all the grievances of the prison wardens and all that is required urgently is implementation.

This is the second person in as many days to decline to take their seats in Kalonzo Musyoka's committee. Just yesterday former Prisons boss Abraham Kamakil also politely refused to take up his appointment to the Kalonzo probe team.

It is amazing how a presidential candidate of the recently concluded general election who had promised the people change and new leadership is falling back on old and tired ways of dealing with problems which will surely not work this time. (See my raw notes this week to discover some shocking facts from Kalonzo Musyoka's past and present).

The whole strategy behind these committees and commissions of enquiries has been to reward a politician's croonies with plum jobs at the expense of the tax payer. So despite the fact that Moody Awori produced a strategic plan, it seems that Kalonzo's committee will repeat the task and his predecessor too, while no action at all is taken.

However if this is what Kalonzo has in mind, he had better think again, because the wardens are serious and their plight needs to be addressed and addressed immediately, forming committees to tell the minister the obvious is just a waste of public funds.

As this blogger has said here before, this is clearly a problem that the VP is not capable of handling and this is becoming clearer by the day. The sad thing now is that the country may end up being thrown into yet another serious crisis by the time Kalonzo's blundering hand is through with this.

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Anonymous said...

Is anyone else concerned about this?

Seriously, what's wrong with this government?

tnk said...

Whatever the "real" reason for Awori to decline (many theories are going to be put forward by "insider story fabricators and whistle blowers alike"), this is the first real step in improved public service delivery

a) wrong approach

b) been there done that, deja vu or whatever you call it, its been done many times before, dust the gazillion reports sitting out on bookshelves, save taxpayers more cash agony with useless funding of committees to probe committees that probed committees that were probing something that should have been done right in the first place by selecting qualified competent Kenyans instead of bungling idiots due to corruption, ineptitude or plain stupidity and ignorance.

c) expose the mindlessness and absolute lack of fresh ideas of status quo.

perhaps this is a sign of resignations to come, but again i'm just dreaming.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:14

yes someone pointed that out in a previous thread and the amount in KShs is 30B deficit or something like that. and the question was to ask Alfie Mutush the govt parrot what he meant when he said that question of extra funding does not arise since these new ministries are being shaved of existing portfolios with running budgets.

if only i could smell a resignation .

Andy Capp said...

At this juncture, associating with Kalonzo 'pyramid scheme' Musyoka is a political and social liability. Moody, the richest and most famous prison watchman, is simply trying to redeem himself. You see, after indulging in the PNU fiasco, the political reconstruction of the extra elderly Moody Awori must include regurgitating everything from his last five years. Nobody wants to be heckled at their own funeral.

As far as Kalonzo and his abilities; We all love Paris Hilton but we don't want her to be president of the neigdborhood

Anonymous said...


off topic discussion but to come back to the discussion where you literary beat me to a pulp, am still nursing my virtual injuries, but will recover

the above is exactly what i imagined as the way forward. am convinced the intitiative by RAO is genuine and positive

but am leary however of the typical knee jerk reaction of those PNU whose strategy is always to muddy the spoils or gains and take away any positive from RAO (yes guys that is the truth). I hope those mungiki youth do not allow themselves to be deceived by these shallow minded self serving central elites.


Anonymous said...

i finally get the govt strategy

if you "steal" something or engage in public coffer looting or lets say even as a wild example, steal the presidency in 2007,

just go ahead, use the resources to the maximum and take the law for a dance, milk them dry if you can, squeeze the sugar out of the cane, then hand back the husks or whatever else is left (preferably unusable) and thats it. all is forgiven. remember anglo leasing the money was returned, regrettably before it could be squeezed proper.

in kimunyas own words, this is a process that should be encouraged and the parties involved lauded for good work all round.

am beginning to think seriously about becoming a "hard worker"


Fave said...

@UrXlnc 1:20 pm,
Boohoo virtual injuries! sniffle sniffle beat you to pulp. Man up mate! It was not a fight, it was an exchange of logical points. Admittedly you had some points... but they were very weak. So, we decided to ignore them.

I have glanced at the page and this really stood out
'...Njenga went ahead to urge Embakasi constituents to back an ODM candidate in the coming by-election, saying the late area MP, Mugabe Were, had been his personal friend'
..'He (Njenga)also revealed that his movement supported ODM in the last General Election and the sect feels it is now part of the Government.'

The last statement made me sick! i nearly threw up my spleen on account of that. Do you mean to say Mungiki and I are on the same side?

I will say it once again, Raila should not at all talk to Mungiki. Mungiki has committed to many heinous crimes on people. I could write and entire book on why RAO should avoid mungiki but the above two insincere statements are a pointer to who RAO is dealing with.
The rest of the article makes for very depressing and sick reading especially for an ODM supporter. I have not properly composed my thoughts on article but you can get my drift on that. RAO avoid Mungiki, someone tell him that

Anonymous said...

fave yawa

granted my points may be weak, but as you begin to see, bear more towards real life which is not always perfect.

about being on the same side with someone that you could find repulsive, i say, think it through patiently. imagine being on a plane where one of the crew is a known war criminal (or other loathsome object), you could throw up all over the plane, in your seat, aisles etc. or jump out of the plane, but logic dictates that you find out how/why they and you got on the same plane, their destination and purpose, evaluate against your own. if it turns out its all genuine reformist agenda, then prepare to deal with and confront with their past issues even as you plan the way forward, but if not, then prepare for a hell of a ride. or maybe it could just be life/nature dealing us the intricate paths crossing on our individual paths to greater glories or destruction

moral of my story, retching/throwing up, whereas it creates excellent hollywood reviews, is not always pragmatic, but hey let me wait for some few more brickbats as taabu calls them.


Andy Capp said...

UrXlnc, The revelations of Mr. Njenga cannot be fantastic for Kenya. Mungiki adherents do not have 'more special' problems outside of those experienced by every Kenyan youth in Marsabit or Busia…to justify their blood curling antics.
While it's obvious that Mungiki elders have been threatened by the sect into holding a press conference calling for their leaders release, I'm unsure what business Raila has in sending political books to this jailbird. All Maina Njenga needs is an AK-47 operating instruction manual.
That said, it is clear that Raila has got hooked on the Mungiki bait. When you dance with the devil, you are bound to catch fire. The stage is being set. Six months from now, Mungiki will attempt to assassinate Raila. Why? Because the PM will not honor part of the peace deal that he's being misled into signing with Njenga.

Anonymous said...

was going to take a break but ha ha ha, andy capp got me in stitches over a very serious matter (operating manual for an AK-47, now there is a classic oxymoron well delivered), but point taken.

still anger, hate, prejudice, and some of these bordering on extreme stances will not create the best environment or avenue for solutions. we have something that many people never had and some never will, and that is "opportunity". Opportunity to reason, coerce, plead, beg, reason, differ, argue, beat, inject etc with out partners and adversaries, lets take advantage and not limit or confine ourselves to only those that give us greatest comfort.

and i repeat, i have absolutely no tolerance for the murderous acts and exploitation of mungiki or any other rag-tag mafia mob.


Anonymous said...

As I mentioned before, I have it on authority (and now confirmed by others) that Mungiki voted for ODM. They did this because their Kikuyu leaders were having them shot mercilessly.

A prophet is never believed in his own village. For your information, as MP Njenga Karume used to keep office hours where his constituents could meet him from 6am until 4pm 3 days a week. If he had other meetings, he would leave and then return. Show me any other MP ( including our god, Raila, with such a commitment to his constituents). He asked that we have dialog with Mungiki last year. What did we do? We insulted the guy and called him a mungiki member. Raila has called for dialog and we must support him.

For all of Kibaki Govt good work, we only know and talk about the bad. Why? Because Kibaki and Co. are terrible at PR, self absorbed and too busy making money to talk to others. ODM has just as many bundits in the name of Ruto, Kosgei plus Kosgei etc. But we still think they are the better crew. Assiii! as the Kamba would say.

Now, just as poor in PR as Kibaki is, so is the Mungiki. They have a lot of great work they do, but there are elements among them that take drugs, rape women and kill people. But those are the minority. Unfortunately, just as if you are an arab youth in the age of 18 to 30, you are considered potential terrorist, in Kenya, if you are a Kikuyu between the age of 18 and 30, you are considered Mungiki, shot at and then questioned later.

My point? I think dialog is good. I think Raila and other leaders of goodwill should reach out to the youth. And a true attempt should be made to support upstanding citizens regardless of what tribe they are from.

The killing of Kikuyu youth with impunity in the name of Mungiki must stop.

Taabu said...

@Ivy + Koppix + Fave + Luka,

MOSCOW here we come and the double with PL is all RED. Pole Fave but you have no choice, join the party mate. I+K+F+L kila mtu CHAMPAGNE Rossie and bill me pronto.

Fave pole GOONERS can wait for exbihition but fota success is measured by the no ball stoped by the net. Even GOLDEN Boot is already with the GOLDEN BOY CR. And wait for Moscow to see CR break record once more.

So Grant Avrant knelt to pray at Stamford bridge thinking it was final. Ngojeni next month and the Blue sky will turn RED. Ati Roman has bought almost all the tickets none the less a hostile crowd works better for the CHAMPIONS.

Sorry again folks no Mungiki remarks for me, still smarting from the HO. Only one UNITED and we are the champions. Not black, not white JUST RED.

POOR LUKA always walking alone in the wilderness. Mpaka Torres was torn, LOLL. Take heart bro even SG may be singing Roman come August.

Anonymous said...

anon2:48 PM

like i said before and i will keep on repeating like a broken record- J.M KARIUKI said the same thing about the YOUTH in our beloved kenya including the land issues and look where he ended?? 6ft under!!

Surrounded by rogues

JM foresaw the danger of ignoring the youth even before formal independence was granted to Kenya.

“If we forget these people (the youth)”, he told Parliament on November 14, 1963, “we will find ourselves surrounded by rogues who are rogues not because they want to become rogues but because they are hungry and this leads them into temptation… The Government should take action immediately before the situation goes from bad to worse.”

He called for a national assistance scheme for the widows and orphans of those who had been killed in the war of Independence and affirmative action for people living with disabilities.

He condemned corruption and proposed that no minister or assistant minister should be allowed to sit on any board of a private company because this would lead to a conflict of interests.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:48

Kibaki/PNU have govt spokesman, PPS, Muthaura, Wetangula, and a host of other posts/persons to handle their PR issues internally and externally and it appears from your statement that you therefore agree that they are not doing a very good job (incompetent, bungling) and need to be shown the door. THey are also not making money, but stealing it through the myriad pores available in the system. We want to talk about the good from Kibaki govt but we are at present covered not knee high, not to the neck but to the sky in the murk and more is being churned out daily, but as soon as we hit fresh air, we'll (no I will personally) look for the good.

I agree dialogue will solve more problems, than hard headed violence, its unfair to label any guy and kill them without due process and its further alientating those feeble minded not to take a stance (this is a hangover from kibaki fence sitting being taught all round, had to throw that one in)


Anonymous said...

anon1:36 PM

what is the difference between the well dressed youth in kenya welding lots of power because of their parent positions in power and yet they steal lift right and center and yes the send people to kill their competitors?? but this is known as high level thugs in suits- who walk the statehouse corridors and are wined and dined!! do you remember the Artur brothers?? yes!! those were not executed by the police?? right?? because they are white and dating the presidents daughter and yet it is known they executed poor kenyans?? did you know that??
and now here you are vying for our youths blood some of them have never killed but the fact that they belong to a sect that sme members do it paid buy our own pnu politicians (hungry youth with no jobs not having any way out)

in kenya there are many gangs that loot and steal and kill- but the mungiki is a bigger gang - nobody says they are right but they are not the only ones that are thugs- they have come into the lime light because of being used by the politicians since 2002-2008(KIbak and cronies)
I do not believe in executions and neither should you!! because by allowing the police to do this -


Fave said...

You can not be pragmatic with the deluded gang called Mungiki. An old african saying goes..'what the hyena (Kibaki &Co) can not eat (mungiki) must be unpalatable. RAO will achieve absolutely nothing from Mungiki. The same gang that killed people in Nakuru and Naivasha, comes around to say they supported ODM? Did they not demonstrate in support of Kibaki at one point? Nothing changes my mind about them at this point. They will not endear themselves to Kenyans simply by saying they support Raila. Even in Central people are tired of those bad-teeth-non-showering-smelly-gangsters who reap where they never sowed. A bunch of murderous child raping extortionists they are!

Taabu, I never support Chelsea, but I will always support any team that plays against ManU. You know where I stand on that. I can not join the ManU camp, Taabu, you really know why. Anyway congratulations and welcome to Moscow. I am off for a couple of days. I hope when I come back RAO will not have committed any more blunders and Kibaki will not have burnt down the country
Good weekend folks

Anonymous said...

anon3:28 PM
I totally agree- how can they dare say they supported Raila in the last elections when they went on a slaughter rampage in nakuru and naivasha and killing all other tribes including Luo's?? I see mischievous plot here!! in their statement- who does mungiki think they are fooling??

they were paid by PNU politicians to go commit genocide in Nakuru and Naivasha and as for MP were they claimed killing him and now that he is dead and he can't talk?? for himself they claim to be his friends?? what utter bullshit!!

Anonymous said...

I believe Raila is just trying to stop another goof up by kibaki- i think he should ltet the mungiki's control and circumcise all those women in central province and reign
terror on central province for tree months for those stack up kikuyu's to understand what it feels like!!

si they liked and supported the mungiki's before when they were slaughtering other tribes- why not giver them their own medicine and i'm sure one doesn't have to pay the mungiki to cause terror in central province- they will do it for free!!

Abass said...

I think Raila needs to be EXTREMELY careful in his dealing with this dreaded gangs. Thing is these gangs are deeply Kikuyuphiles. OK, they should be as they are Kikuyus but the problem is they will do everything to set scores against other communities they perceive as being against them. The post election violence is a proof. So how will Raila handle this? They are crying now cause they are facing the brunt of Police brutality. But let him not forget that they will be the same people who will burn children in Naivasha tomorrow. And BTW, what is so special about the problems they are facing? It is what every poor Kenyan youth faces, and they apparently care ONLY about their youths. They firmly believe they are superior. Unless we have a reason to believe they have undergone a miraculous metamorphosis, I fear the words in their oaths are too frightening to be overlooked.

Anonymous said...

I second you on that one- why not ask mungiki first who there oath is to kibaki or kenya?? if it is to Kibaki then forget!!

kibaki means -thai central

Anonymous said...

anon4:07 PM

superior to who? even the Germans Hitler thought that they were superior blue eyed blond pure breed and look where they are - mixed breed!! no pureness there!!

it is not only the mungiki problem it is a problem with all central lesotho- but i think 2007 December they work up in shock to the realization that they were actually not:):) but guess what the rest of the other tribes in Kenya knew all along what kikuyu's thought of them:) so who are the enlightened peoples of kenya? the other tribes so that makes them more superior if we were to judge on that scale!!

Anonymous said...



the Government of kenya last year spent Sh4.2 billion in paying up loans which coffee farmers had acquired when the World Bank co-financed rehabilitation of the coffee small holder sector through the Small-holder Coffee Improvement Project SCIP.

The money had been channelled through the Cooperative Development Bank.

jinga kibaki sana!!

Anonymous said...

I'll put this matter to rest on my side, but the questions being asked above, what kind of oaths they take, why they look for flimsy excuses to go on gruesome murderous sprees as well as horrendous torture of their victims, repulsive and uncouth behaviour towards other cultures or beliefs, etc which was happening long before the elections as well as after the elections and many others clearly indicate some form of dialogue will better serve this purpose.

as abbass points out, RAO and everyone else must be very careful, but if you think about it, mungiki religiously come out with their pangas at 3:00am and their business is clear while there are some who come with miracle bibles in the air but with swords hidden in the back.

if maina njenga is serious then he should be given a chance to talk some real sense to his troops to follow their beliefs for those that want to but leave those that do not alone as well as leave room for others who may have inadvertently joined but need out.

i would be living a falsehood and pretentious life if i am abused by ECK again and again but becuase of no choice or opportunity still go back for more (by-elections) and yet when tables are reversed amd there is opportunity where i have slightly more credible chances i resort to the same strong arm tactics we've seen karua, mungatana et al exhibit. kind of begs the question that fave alluded to, are we on the same side or more like mungiki (the average undervalued kenyan) or are we more like the hard nosed karuas, mungatana et al, seriously?

i repeat, mungiki must stop their gruesome murderous activities, extortion rings, torture, abuse/humiliation of women and other negative values, but at the same time i think the PMs office RAO should attempt to hear them out. Can you imagine what would happen if the deputy PM (Uhuru Kenyatta) would be the one to meet them, instead?

anyhow i feel totally out of place playing devils advocate

nuff said


Anonymous said...

For those asking why Mungiki went killing people in Nakuru and Naivasha. I'll give you an answer. That wasn't Mungiki. That was a bunch of kikuyu youth who were paid by politicians from that part of the country to cause that trouble. Paid in cash, drugs and alcohol.

But, wait............a bunch of kikuyu men? Really......then they must be Mungiki! duh!!

So lets go to Dandora and round up a bunch of kikuyu men and shoot them point blank.

I'll say it again, just because a guy is kikuyu, between the age of 18 and 30 and not from the right pedigree and doesn't have a runda or muthaiga address doesn't make him mungiki.

But if you and I, those who are supposedly educated and informed, take the police word for it because it absolves us of the responsibility for demanding for accountability from our police, then yes, its much easier if we just call all of them mungiki and have the police shoot at will.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:17 PM

I still don't understand as much as i have scratched my head and tried to!!
I have not heard even one comment from kibaki or uhuru on this mungiki issue?? why?? they are from central province this mungiki members??

that is Kibaki's province where he was elected from?? so why the silence?? kenyans would like to know his stand??
does he agree with the dialog that has been suggested?? or is he going to continue with executions?
remember it is him who is directing the executions??

(Njenga the mungiki leader from jail said the police took documents from the bullet ridden car but they were only copies!!that statement had an underscore!!

Anonymous said...

now back to the less important matter of the safi-con (cleanest con of all, yeah you've had that line before)

like i had suspected earlier, the bank (political goon/thug) lends (from the right hand) the victim (Kenyan) cash to buy goods from the shop (banks left hand) pockets loan interest, and sales tax and gets the money back. then proceeds to viciously recover the loan from the victim

but then am not well versed in these hard worker tactics


Anonymous said...

anon5:27 PM

i beg to differ on that- the nakuru and naivasha genocide was the mungiki gang- we even have them admitting on tape which weas given to the BBC and maina Kiai(scared to release it) and the police offers who was at the road block that let all those buses and vans pass through from nairobi!

do not think we too don't have information and this was not from the police but members who had meetings with Kibaki and his PNU cronies before and after the 27th December elections!!!

the police are killing them for this same facts and the orders are from above!!kibaki just like he gave the shoot to kill order to them on after he swore himself in illegally- sorry try other propaganda but kenyans now know far more than you can ever imagine- i
i sincerely pity you if that is what you want to believe!
by the way karume and the group that was in the news today -calling for the release of njenga are scared!! there is a full dossier by the same mungiki on them and the crimes they ask them to do!!be knowing!!

Anonymous said...

5:27 PM anon

But if you and I, those who are supposedly educated and informed, take the police word for it because it absolves us of the responsibility for demanding for accountability from our police, then yes, its much easier if we just call all of them mungiki and have the police shoot at will.




Anonymous said...

and finally

two names in the PIC committee hit me

Ephraim Maina (cowboy road contractor numero uno), Cyrus Jirongo (sololo outlets, yk, nssf scams) working alongside the finance ministry PIC esther understand daughter to total man

now who was it who said, the more things change the more they remain the same.

na bado


Anonymous said...

a blog of idiots, by idiots for idiots.
*%$#@!?! i stumbled on it.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:51pm

welcome home

Anonymous said...

Why aren't kikuyu leaders protesting? Because they use kikuyu youth to achieve their own ends. But who among those Kikuyu youth is mungiki and who is not? Before and during elections, you collect a lot of young people who help you with the campaign. Once you are elected, you want as much distance as possible between you and "these people". Except of course, for Njenga Karume and his like. And we proceed to label him Mungiki because after being elected, he chooses to stay close to his people and advocates for dialog.

Mt. Elgon is a totally different scenario. How much do you and I know about that region? That even during "peaceful times", people were still being killed. How many of the Mt. Elgon youth are in Dandora? What is their population? It is a lot easier to talk about a distant problem. The killers in Mt. Elgon hardly extend their killing to Nairobi or Nakuru or where "we live" So the MPs can sit in Nairobi and talk about police brutality there. If central MPs talk for Mungiki in central or Nairobi, we instantly label them as mungiki funders and supporters. Why? Because we have seen what kikuyu criminals can do and we can relate. They are not an abstract far away villian in some multicolor outfit and some bows and arrows and a heard of cattle.

Bottom line, politicians use youth to their own ends. They then leave them to fend for themselves without helping develop jobs and business opportunities. Some youth end up as bandits, others find gainful employment. All are pooled under the mungiki umbrella and therefore fair game for any trigger happy policeman.

FYI: Mungiki means "a gathering". So those dossiers by Njenga could refer to a gathering of youth who are helping a politician campaign, have formed a youth group, rented a 50 acre farm and are growing potatoes to earn a living, or are way laying passengers, stripping and killing them.

I suggest we try and understand the situation before we take some "guy's" word for it and make the wrong assumptions.

It infuriates me that we are comfortable condoning the wholesale killing of young people because they fit a certain profile.

That puts us in the same pool as Germans believing hitler's message that all jews are bad for them and should therefore be exterminated.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:12 you probably have valid argument, but these references to holocausts/genocide in Germany, Rwanda etc, are in bad taste. They are not events that any of us experienced to understand their full magnitude, we have our own horrendous experiences to deal with.
Years from now, who knows, folks in some country Pashkaluva will be going, the mayhem in Kenya 2007/2008, bla bla..those idiots .. bla bla.. but if they are not solving their problems, or worse still, if we are still stuck in that gear (where we are now) it will be of no use. Lets leave all those other guys out and deal with the Kenyan problem, au vipi?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:25. I really appreciate your reconciliatory tone and your willingness to look at both sides of the argument.

But I would like to reference the holocaust because there are parallels to be drawn. Not at the same magnitude in numbers, but the same magnitude in attitude. And for every mother who has raise a kid, given them love, education, and everything else through really rough times and have them executed at gun point for no reason, to that mother, the mungiki examination is a holocaust. Lets put ourselves in our neighbors shoes.

I felt very strongly about New York times using the most gruesome picture they could find on their articles about Kenya during the violence. But someone mentioned to me that while it may not be representative of the country, it creates an urgency that helps prevent the violence from achieving national prevalence. So I chose to apply that thought process to this argument and hope you will bare with me.

So, lets learn from history but apply it context. How does that sound?

Anonymous said...

anon 6:53

am with you on that, well said


Anonymous said...

I think Raila is one step ahead of everyone. I truly believe that Mungiki have documents that will implicate some PNU Ministers and other powerful politicians. They were willing to share that information with Raila and this does not sit well with the PNU guys. The recent deaths of some Mungiki leaders was ochestrated by the PNU opereatives and was meant to scare the Mungiki into not sharing the info they have with Raila. The call for the release of Maina Njenga is only a smokescreen. He will not agree to deal with them.
Let's wait for the drama to unfold.

Anonymous said...


Moody is right. There are too many useless commissions and really the problems facing the warders are perfectly documentated.

Why does this ignorant VP tribal chief want to waste tax payers money?

He wants to use the same methods Thief Kibaki does: investigate, shelve, wait and see.

Mwarang'ethe said...

As concerns Kalonzo, it is evident that he seeks not to destroy, but merely to retain the imperial presidency. Thus, he is not scheming to drive away the tyrant, but to retain tyranny.

That being the way we see it, we see no reason to wish him to prosper, for we hold the view that the sacred name of liberty must never be used to cover false enterprises.

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