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The “Sina Makosa” Grand Coalition And The Mouth-Watering Safaricom IPO

We are going to discuss some very serious business in this post. The problem is that it is bound to upset many of you see-no-evil-hear-no-evil-on-the-coalition faithful dear readers of Kumekucha. Kindly bear with me, my brothers and sisters. It is all nothing but the truth. I have checked and cross-checked my facts and I have confirmed all the sensitive information.

But fortunately, I am not some heartless brute, so to make “the medicine” a little less bitter and unpleasant to take, I have tied this article to African music. I am sure most of you folks out there in the Diaspora love African/Kenyan music and many folks back home too. So do I. My all-time favourite is a Les Wanyika song called Nimaru.

I have a fascinating tale to tell you today about how a hit song destroyed a soul and I was there to witness some of the destruction as it was happening, so I can tell this story first hand.

In my view the late Omar Shaban, of Les Wanyika better known as Prof Omari is the best rhythm guitarist to have ever walked the shores of Eastern Africa and beyond. But many people do not know the story behind the smash hit Les Wanyika song, Sina Makosa.

Actually Prof Omari and bassist Tom Malanga (both Tanzanians playing their music in Kenya then) left Simba Wanyika to form the legendary Les Wanyika together. They were joined by two other fellow Tanzanians namely, John Ngereza and Issa Juma.

To launch the group, they needed to head straight to the recording studios and release a hit. And the song had to be a hit if the new group was to survive. There was hardly time to come up with something new, so Prof Omari dug out an old song that he had composed together with George Kinyonga of Simba Wanyika before he left. The reason why they did not record the song was because it was too similar to another Simba Wanyika song that had been recorded called Diana. That song was Sina Makosa.

Sina Makosa released in 1979, became the smash hit that Les Wanyika and Prof Omari are best remembered for. I watched as the flood of money that poured in from the song completely destroyed Prof Omari. He womanized excessively and he took to drinking more and more potent whisky. Eventually it slowed down his fingers on the guitar.

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chris said...

I forgot to say that the guitar playing genius of the late Prof. Omari comes out very clearly in the hit song Sina Makosa. Pure magic.

Secondly ODM need to release a statement fast to tell Kenyans why they have changed their minds about the Safaricom IPO.

I am not trying to spoil any party for anybody, guys. I, like most weary Kenyans, just want truth to prevail with all politicians irrespective of what party they come from.


Anonymous said...

Bwana editor,
In my opinion there was very little that ODM could do about the Saaricom IPO. Yes they took the issue to court up to the Appeals court and lost. That was the court of last resort and they still lost. Did you want them to resort to mass action. Remember even Albert Gore beat George Bush in the 2000 election disputed election and the saga ended up in the Supreme court. After the Supreme court verdict, what was the choice left for Al Gore and his supporters? I hope you get my drift. Please do no look for fault even where there isn't. I know it makes for good and sensational reading but it may eventually consume you. I believe you need to give kenyans more credit than that.

Anonymous said...

The rigging of the 2007 elections was ALL ABOUT the Safaricom IPO

The biggest scandal in the history of Kenya by the ruling elite who mysteriously own the 12.5% of the company.
If RO cares for Kenyans,let the now powerful post of the PM prove us wrong or he goes down as just any other of the thieves,actively or passively.

Thats Kenya for you

Anonymous said...

They are the same now - they ar ehappy and joyous in their own tribe - The tribe of the rich. We the tribe of the peasants and the poor can rant here till the cows come home and nothing will happen. Am sad that Kenyans will buy the IPO and make records. Am sure Anyang nyongo and the guy from taita will also buy just like anyone will do.My fear is that the fundamentals remain - who is mobitelea? Its the tribe of the rich. Do you know even during the chaos some protagonists in the two political divides met for some board meetings at night for companies that they own together? yet during the day, they were enemies # 1. I hate myself for all what has happened.

On the other hand, i feel sorry for Prof omari and his les wanyika and womanising and money. Its sad. All the same, the stories do not seem to relate. What are you telling us kwa mafumbo.


Taabu said...

Kenyans haven't seen anything yet. When sworn political enemies forget the hatchet instead of burrying it we will surely find out soon. Something FISHY is a foot and we don't have to be apologists to anybody.

We don't need hide under defeat in court. No court is as powerful as that of the PUBLIC OPINION. ODM opposed safaricom IPO on principle and they OWE Kenyans a credible explanation on change of heart. Silence only succeeds in offering fertile ground for destructive speculation. Why the silnce after all the NOISE? We are not psychic not angeles to imagine the reasons without being told.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

anonymous 1.25, i dont believe its all about sensational reading as you say, is it not better for ODM to come out and tell us why the safaricom ipo is okay now....when it wasn't a few months ago yet nothing has changed? i agree with taabu that keeping silent here is definitely not the way to go for odm they need to tell us whether they have found out who mobitelea is, now that they are 'okaying' it?

at the very least we need someone to dispel our doubts, ama people want things to be done in darkness, pnu style? why shouldn't we lump them with 'adui' if they agree to work in cahoots with them concerning this? as honourable taxpayers i think all kenyans are entitled to get answers for this. (where is anyang nyon'go when you need him? he's so good at clarifying things for me!)

and chris.... what a coincidence, it just so happens that i also love the song 'nimaru' myself....very much!! good old days those were.....good old days!however, on your 'sina makosa' one i am really hoping you are wrong and that my odm 'hawana makosa' yoyote...let anyang nyon'go come and clarify first!

finally guys..... allow me to digress from this topic a little i really need to ask this.... when is agwambo being 'crowned' prime minister surely?.....aki i have waited so long mpaka my psyche to go to uhuru park is over!! my orange kitenge is also getting old kwa wardrobe!! somebody tell them to speed things up!

Anonymous said...

Another classic example of unwarranted sensationalism. I may have my biases but I ain’t no PNU sympathizer, yet I feel inclined to point out some obvious things here. See, you may have your opinions on this IPO thingy but you sure are not entitled to your own set of facts however stubborn at times those facts may be. Case in point, where in the world did you come up with 12.5% ownership while all available evidence points to a 5% one? And if we are to go by your assertion then the value would be Ksh 25B not the stated Ksh 10B.

As for the change of tune by ODM – and I agree with numerous of their positions, has it not occurred to anyone that may be they were just b*tching about the IPO if only to score some much needed political points at the time and now that they in the Govt there’s nothing to whine about. My take about the whole thing is that we got more urgent issues about the capitalistic systems that are currently in place. Right and center of this is the lack of or unwillingness to regulate the capital markets. Exhibit A: stockbrokers using clients’ money to speculate on stock and nothing happens to them once they are busted.

Anonymous said...

There have been indications that the prince we all have been hailing as the present day Nelson Mandela might actually turn out to be the very opposite, but only time will tell. I still remember the article that RO praised MK as a true democrat and that he will help him solidify his legacy and that left very bitter taste in my mouth. I even wondered here on Kumekucha, what is it that RO and MK had agreed on? When I read that RO has endorsed the Safaricom IPO, I wondered aloud then why did they oppose this sale in Dec, just before the election? I was debating this issue with my fellow Kenyans here in the US, and while I was for the opinion that possibly RO and the ODm thought this deal was meant to raise money for PNU campaigns others thought it was mere politiking. But we were all of the opinion that in a couple of days ODM will release a statement to this effect. Weeks later they haven't. I totally agree with Kumekucha, something fishy os going on here!! But now he question is, it seems this IPO will go on no matter what. Only a genuine court can ID the owners of mobitlea. I as many as other people also would like to invest in this IPO, in the interest of the country but if this also leads to feeding fat cats, what options do we have? Leave it alone and your neighbour will surely subscribe, and when the shares have doubled in two months, he makes 100% capital gain, you remain where you were as before? We're torn here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris for being brave and comimg out to alert the world what is going on being closed doors between the tribal principals. Other fellow ODMers would have kept quiet and pretend to be looking for their orange kitenge to wear to Aguambo coronation. Recently, when I said that it appears that the famed ODM revolution is turning into a mongrel, I was called names. I said that because I was surprised to learn that when the top ODM brass was telling us to boycott Equity Bank, one of them went on to negotiate a huge loan from the bank to go into a business with an Indian. It is on record. So, watch out, our ODM politicians have forked tongues like those of PNU and serpents.

I don't care where or how or when Raila is sworn in as PM. All I want is that he does not sell us short. If these deals they are making without our knowledge go wrong, these leaders will come out to us crying that they have been short-changed. And we will not be worn over easily this time.

The other time you saw Raila taking Fidel to meet Kibaki's son at Pentagon. What message was he telegraphing us - big families dynasties or what? We are watching and wiser this time. We did not die in the streets for this kind of stuff!

This concept about portfolio balance is very noble if it were to work the way Annan envisioned it. But some ODM leaders are arguing that they want this and that ministry because it has many parastatals to fit many of our supporters and donors. Just imagine that logic. I thought they would be thinking of how to deliver on their promises to the masses. These so called "supporters and donors" are the those with high-flying resumes and deep pockets. What about us who contributed sweat and blood??? Chris what do we do?

I suggest we soon form a Name & Shame Squad to target any ODM leader who might think of betraying our dreams.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Some of you people are just incredible. When we told you that there was nothing fundamentally different between PNU and ODM you called us all sorts of names.
We told you over and over again it was all about eating, eating, eating and more eating and that ODM was simply a vehicle to get to the Kitchen where the goat was being roasted and the Ugali was being cooked.
Now if you knock at the Statehouse, Raila himself will open the door wearing a Chef's uniform complete with top hat, ask you what you want before slamming the door in your face, and then you are surprised? Just amazing!
Marende has already said there is no way they will reduce MPs salaries because they have to be paid like other prominent Kenyans, because, in his own words, "even other Kenyans like the Barclays Bank CEO earns over Kshs 2million per month". So now the idiot, who is already earning 1.2million per month, thinks MPs should be paid BY TAXPAYERS like Private sector employees even though they only work for two days a week and despite the fact that politicians ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS??!!
You, the dunderhead who REFUSED TO LISTEN, put them there. What do you have to say now? Are you proud?

Anonymous said...

kimi raikkonen, i have to agree with you ...i was really shocked myself to hear marende saying they would not reduce mps salaries-bila shame!!

everyone knows they dont work at all for those obscene salaries they are taking home-when njoki ndung'u was a member of parliament she said it she thought their salaries were too much....i also remember reading in a newspaper article before or just after the 2002 elections that raila said he was gonna move a motion to have the salaries of mps reduced, sasa things have changed?

seriously....what is wrong with those people? it seems that everyone is just going to there 'eat' and nothing else! the concept of servant leadership has really not caught on here- and that is why they are foolish enough to equate themselves to 'chief executives' eish!! they really try my patience!!

why the hell did we vote again?!! nothing is ever gonna change with these idiots!! am pissed!

Anonymous said...

This is great stuff! Eggs smashed on us.... the faces of tribalistic Kenyans! Raila had the audacity to even say he will be buying the Safaricom shares. For the sake of all those who died in Kibera, Kisumu etc RAO, should condemn this sale especially Mobitelea's faceless ghosts. Then again, politicians are birds of a feather, always flocking together. With their snouts deep in the trough, no one will be listening to voices of Reason like Kumekucha's. This is soooo sad, never mind, it was all in the script. When will Kenyans wake up from deep slumber and realise that politicians don't give a damn about them? It's all bout fattening their wallets! Meanwhile, all decent leaders like Tuju, Wangri Maathai, Kalembe, Mwandawiro, Muriuki Karue (CDF), Koigi etc are kicked out. The joke is clearly on us! Kajwang? Kalonzo? Kimunya?.....Don't make me laugh!


deroo said...

Well thought Chris, well argued Kimi and Mrembo and obviously, well countered ODMers who have made a 360-degree change on heart in astonishing 3 weeks since the 'principals' put pen to paper.

Well, ODMers have now changed from UGLY KIBAKI, MWIZI KIBAKI, ILLEGAL ADMINISTRATION and EVEN STOLEN VOTE. I heard the other day, Raila Odinga say His Excellency, a word he refused to say more than a month ago.

If the Safaricom IPO could be floated unchallenged, even with the economic policy brains in ODM, then this world is a made of wonders. I think the Mara migration wonder should be replaced by the Kenyan parliament. Honestly, a constitution altering bill passed in record time without a single voice offering to call for it to be debated. Not the mitigation Karua, Orengo, Kibaki and Raila opera on the floor of the house. Honestly, a constitution amendment needs debate. As it stands, the amendment has one or two loop holes, but it has hurriedly been accented by the president.

That is the reason why Daniel Moi allowed Section 2A to be repealed without any discussions before the whole country realised that nothing was changed. It has just been platitudes, sycophantic comments and ‘god-praise’ in the last three weeks and as Chris says ‘chuki ya nini kati yangu na wewe. Mimi ninawangu ODM, wewe unawako PNU’.

So much so that directors of companies targeted by the ODM Economic Boycott (Safaricom included) have been hosting parties to the country’s politicians. George Thuo treated MPs to a sumptuous booze and dinner generosity (I wish people saw them tucking in), while Safaricom were at it last week with a retirement bash for Moody Awori (what for?) Just watch Citti Hoppa getting the shuttle business between Muthurwa and City Centre!

For the price of Sukuma Wiki or Orbit chewing gum, you can own a piece of the country’s biggest company, for the price of a match-box, you can own a piece of a company that is currently being investigated by the British Serious Fraud Office in London. For the price, less than matatu fare from Kangemi to Safaricom headquarters on Waiyaki way, you can own a piece in a company that ODM bashed, left right and centre during the general election campaigns.

Anyway, that is politics for you and for there to be a halcyon eating moment, for there to easy ‘eating’ people have to praise, boot-lick and even lose personal credibility. As Kimi says, one should not be surprised to see Raila Odinga travelling round the country (and in Nyanza) praising Mwai Kibaki as a visionary leader. The best (to me he is) and above all, one who has made the Kenyan economy grow to what it is, even after saying that the growth figures had been fiddled.


Anonymous said...

Finaly the chikens are coming home to roost.
Sorry to all ODMers who have been used and dumped.
The peoples president my foot or he didn't clarify the people are not the poor fools in kibera,kisumu,eldorer who rampage in his name and now they are all forgotten.
The things ODM are letin slide include IPO,the muthurwa disaster,the MPs salary,a lean cabinet etc etc.
Well to all ODMers u fought gallantly and the door was opened for raila to join the eating class.
Where are you now?Sufuria ngapi za ugali zimeongezwa in your house?Used and dumped!But in our theatre of the absurd we still have railamaniacs defending him!!!
Our leaders are crap but what does it say about us who vote them in???

Anonymous said...

The sale of Safaricom in 2007 was to be used to corrupt the outcome of the elections. People of Porojo Na Ujinga were not sure whether they would win. Eventually they would have used the money as their pensions.

We know that the results were corrupted anyway.

Now the PM and ODM will keenly watch how the money will be spent.

Maybe in youth projects, gender projects, FMG wars and compensating the bereaved of post-election violence.

Kenyans (as the only opposition) should should be vigilant.


Anonymous said...



Let me brief you on this issue. The land on where the molasses plant stands belonged to the people of Kanyawegi and Kanyakwar.

One morning, someone in the gov of Kenyatta woke up in early 70s and decided that these people had to vacate the land for possible extension of Kisumu.

The people were given a maximum of 3000/=Sh in the late 70s and were kicked out. The land stretching from Bandani, past the airport, to Otonglo remained vacant for sometime.

In the early 80s the Asians discovered a speculation object. They bought chunks of land. Then came the hyaenas in the Moi's gov. They were allocated (they never bought it) big pieces of land.

Kisumu was hit badly by Moi's decision to liberalize textile importation. KICOMI went into recievership. The Breweries remained as the only employer. Some months later they closed. Kisumu remained a town with the highest joblesness in Kenya.

Moi came in and "sympathized". The molasess plant was started to create jobs. The Asians and some ministers (Kalenjins and Kikuyus) sold their land to the gov with a large profit margin. Before the contruction was completed politicians with ill intentions stopped the project. One minister was murdered partly due to this project.

After the formation of NEW KANU between Moi and Raila, Raila vowed to create jobs for Kisumu people.

He was forced not only to buy the already rusting plant, but also to purchase the government land at a normal land price at that time, BUT lower than the inflated price the gov bought it from the speculators. NDUGU COMMISSION revealed this fact(that the gov sold the land with a loss). Who gained? Asians and the ministers.

If the people of Kanyawegi and Kanyakwar were not forced out of this land, these people could have DONATED this land to RAILA free of charge to set up a plant to create jobs for Kisumu people.

IF YOU THINK NDUNGU REPORT should be implemented, then the gov should give the original owners their land back and ofcourse Raila should be refunded his money (plus interest).

I'm sure the people of Kanyawegi and Kanyakwar would be willing to sell their land to Raila, the land the gov took from them forcefully.

By the way the Moi gov robbed more lands and islands in Luo Nyanza and refused compensation. WE SHALL REVEAL ALL THESE to show how cruel Kenyatta, Moi, Kibai have been cruel to Luo Nyanza.

Anonymous said...

who is better? The one who says let's robbing and raping continue (Kazi iendelee) or someone who mentions the sins of a community and wants to find a solution (change)?

If the robber has more powers than a reformer, then it is a pity.

The reformer must have power to implement. That is why Raila should take presidency in 2 years, Ruto PM and Mudavadi Vice-Prisidency and later to continue with the work RAO (Hippo) will have started.

Phil said...

Trully amazing Chris, where was Raila or ODM for that matter quoted approving Safaricom IPO or even saying he would be buying shares from Safaricom?

I wonder whether Raila's other name is Amos Kimunya or that he is the duly elected government of Kenya that is driving this IPO?

In case you have forgotten, it took Kofi Annan several months to get Raila/Kibaki (ODM/PNU) sign a peace deal, which has just been made into law by parliament.

Lets learn to aim our guns at the right target, this IPO has nothing to do with ODM.

While some of you were enjoying golden oldies at Bombax Club along ngong road, Raila's was in solitary confinement at the Manyani/Shimo-La-tewa/Naivasha Maximum GK prisons for standing up to Moi, Kibaki and KANU.

The same man who was in detention without trial while YOU guys were in toboaring minipacks in Bombax, Tumbos, Hallians and Stardust in the 1980s, is being villified here today for something he has no hand-in or any power over.

As for the ODM, they have repeatedly said: This (peace) agreement is not an end in itself, but a means by which Kenya shall achieve the third and final liberation.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:45 - although some part of your post is true (namely the one that the real owners of the land have never been compensated and still aren't), the rest regarding the 'buying' of the plant by Spectre Ltd. (Odinga-family-owned company) is total fabrication.

Moi needed Raila to be re-elected in 1998 and both knew that promising the revival of the Molasses Plant would give Raila the support of the Luos. So the deal was done between the two.

Moi (Kenya Government) paid the debts owed to the Swiss Banks (more than 100 Million $) and Spectre got the plant for a lumpsum price which in fact they never paid up. It only exists on the paper.

But the deal helped Moi to secure his fifth term and Raila the admiration of the Luos.

What nobody knew was the fact that Moi (with Kulei as proxy) even entered into the new Molasses Company since only like that the Swiss Banks were willing to accept the repayment deal of Kenya Government debts with them.

Here I should add that the original Plant was owned 49 % by the Madhvani Family (originally from Uganda) and 51 % by the Kenyan Government. And most interestingly, this joint-venture company was even registered in Switzerland - the Madhvani's promised the finance the project and the Kenyan Government gave the guarantees to the Swiss Banks.

The problem was from the beginning the land issue and that was also the reason why the plant was never connected to the high-voltage electricity line (to be quite frank: there was no electricity at all - only the socalled office - a room for the watchmen - had a line to give a dim light with one single bulb).

After Moi had secured the help of Raila, he did not need him anymore - and soon also forgot that he had promised him to become Presidential Candidate in 2002. The Uhuru-Project started instead because Moi was convinced that he could not trust the Luos since there was still the unsolved question of the Ouko-killing, Goldenberg etc. etc.

Immediately after the 1998-Elections, Moi's shares in the Molasses Plant (proxy Kulei) were then sold to some South Africans who entered even as majority partners. Their money (by the way given as a loan and not as direct investment according to their annual business reports) was the only money put at the disposal to revive the plant. They own right now not only 51 % of the Molasses Plant but also 51 % of Spectre Ltd.
According to their last annual report 'the repayment of the loan is on schedule after having hit some problems in the year before').

That's the real story of the Molasses Plant - leaving out all the well-known details how and why Robert Ouko was killed.

Anonymous said...

Let's wait and see and hope for the best. In the meantime, don't let us close our eyes and mainly, don't think that Raila and friends have become 'Saints' all of the sudden. They are and will be only human beings including also sometimes weaknesses. So let's be on guard and see what the next years bring - hopefully some change for the better.

And just in case somebody has forgotten in all this jubilation about the new PM: there are people out there who are still suffering and starving.

I found it quite offensive to all of them to read how mainly women admired Raila's expensive outfit. I made the calculation that it has costed more than the average Kenyan is earning in one whole year. Did this once come to your mind. I doubt it did.

deroo said...

Majamaa, are you losing the gist of the matter? Why are you bringing barmy Robert Ouko murder issue here?

Tell me any day during the campaigns that an ODM or PNU leader spoke about the murder most foul? No leader wanted to fray the nerves of the Kalenjins (BEHIND IT, IN IT and EXECUTORS) of the death of Ouko. No leader dared mention the murder.

In real sense, any single body involved in the planning, from the policemen/commissioners/CID director/DCs/PCs/PSs/ State House Comptroller/DOs are all in ODM and were then campaigning for election. Please stop talking about the Ouko thing.

I think people shouting here should remember that only five weeks ago, the same politicians were calling on the tribesmen and women to join the stone-throwing contests in the streets of Nairobi and calling for CIVIL DISOBEDINCE.

Right now, the same people who were starting dummy companies to fleece the country of its hard-earned cash during the Daniel Moi years (I mean powerful posts like Sally Kosgey’s Foreign Affairs, Zakayo Cheruyiot’s OP, the Anglo Leasing Architects; the land grabbers, sellers and buyers) are now waiting to be appointed to serve as cabinet members.

Dalmas Otieno, a name that is associated with the powerful Hezekiah Oyugi’s reign that started failing banks in the country, Yes, Henry Kosgey with the Kenya National Assurance and All Africa Games scandal.

Musalia Mudavadi of Goldenberg and the failing banks of the 1990s, Chris Okemo, he of the Japan Odino Miriu project (why did they threaten to withdraw), Central Bank and sugar buying cartels, George Saitoti and the Nol Turesh water project that snaked from Mt Kilimanjaro through dry Masailand without a tap protruding for a cup of clean water for the Masai.

Yes, the dummy road companies that were paid and never appeared on the road project site. They are many and history is very rich.

No leader had a stone cast at him. Only the loyal policeman serving under amorphous orders were stoned by the poor of Mathare, Manyatta, Kondele, Kibera and Eldoret. Ask them why they were burning property and you will be shocked that none of them knew the plot.


Anonymous said...

we continue to speculate to our hearts desire. but the best and collective medicine for our current breed of politicians must be served by us the voter.

over the next several months, we should start a campaign to purge our parliament (MPs) of anybody that has done more than 3 consecutive terms. It does not matter whether they were productive or not, its about time to distribute leadership within communities and have change of style. Since there is no way MPs can ever reduce their salaries, or even pass legislation limiting and setting a ceiling for the terms they can serve, then we the electorate can informally and across the board enforce limits.

Let them go for the presidency if they wish but as mere MPs, term limit should be 3 consecutive or 4 maximum (and that is still being generous - a whole 15 to 20 years)

I would personally recommend only 2 terms per MP but we need to transition gracefully, If we could call it that

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your review. That's also how I know it.

But you failed to tell us who owned the land after the gov chased the Kanyakuar people away.

Infact your review confirms mine above. Moi needed Raila at that time. The plant was given to share holders who now own 51% of the plant and 51% of Spectre.

Who is now to blame? Spectre can not be held responsible. It is Moi who was accountable. You said the money was never paid. Brother/Sister, do you think this can happen in Kenya. Not paying? Tell it to the mountains. This is a man eat man country. Moi and Biwott cashed the money.

I suggest the land to be returned to the real owners first, who should sell it a fresh to share-holders of Spectre.

At the same time Uhuru should return all the assests his father looted. The Njoro research farm, land in East Prov, RV, Coast and Central Province. Kenyatta paid no single penny for the land larger than Nyanza Province.

Truth, transparency and justice must reign.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you a secret: most of the Kenyatta farms and this includes his wider family too, have in the meantime changed ownership - quietly without making any fuss about it. This started in the mid-90's. The new owners are mainly South Africans and also some Israeli.

I have it from an impeccable source (actually one of the leading members of the clan).

But not only the Kenyattas sold their properties. Others did the same.

Would be interesting to check on the Registrar Office although it will be difficult since all these properties were put first in the name of companies and then their shares sold. So the title deed continues in the name of the company with the same proxies as before.

That's why implementing the Ndungu-Report is practically impossible and will remain what it is: a piece of paper - nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:52 - the price paid was the support given by Raila to Moi (and Biwott) - yes, Kenya is a 'man-eat-country - and there is nobody better than Raila who has gone through that experience: first with Moi, then with Kibaki (twice) - then ?????????

As I said, let's wait and see - and watch the drama unfold. Because a drama it will be - mark my words here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...



PNU OPERATIVES like you should post facts here just like the ones which we can all POST here on exactly what kibaki, uhuru, Saitoti, michuki, own and back accounts off shore that we are aware OFF!! SO PLEASE POST HERE EXACTLY THE FACTS THAT RAILA STOLE THE FACTORY OR ELSE STOP USING KIMEKUCHA FOR CHEAP PROPAGANDA ATTACKS!!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your review. That's also how I know it.

But you failed to tell us who owned the land after the gov chased the Kanyakuar people away.



Mwai Kibaki acquired 20,000 acres in Nanyuki, Former MP Munene Kairu has 32,000 acres at Rumuruti. Mr Isaiah Mathenge, the former powerful Provincial Commissioner under Kenyatta and an MP under Moi, is arguably the largest land owner in Nyeri municipality.
He owns Seremwai Estate, which is 10,000 acres. Kibaki's friend, Kim Ngatende, a former government engineer, has 500 acres too.Mathenge also owns—jointly with former Provincial Commissioner Lukas Daudi Galgalo—the 10, 000-acre Manyagalo Ranch in MerU

for instance, Munyeki Farm—which stands for Murang'a, Nyeri, Kiambu – (4,000 acres), Wamuini Farm (6,000 acres), Amuka Farm (2,000 acres), Gituaraba Farm and Githatha Farm (1,000 acres each) and GEMA Holdings 12,000 acres. A few of them are being utilized, today with the owners growing various crops ranging from coffee, tea, maize and dairy keeping.
The family of the late Peter Kinyanjui, who was a close friend of President Mwai Kibaki and a former DP Chairman in Trans Nzoia between 1998 and 1999 owns 1,800 acres.
lawyer Mutula Kilonzo, who owns an 800-acre farm for dairy farming. The immediate former Auditor General, D S Njoroge, owns 500 acres, while Biwott's Canadian son-in-law & co-owner of Safaricom (Mobitelea) a Mr. Charles, boasts a 100-acre piece where he is growing roses.



Anonymous said...

(I quoted in the reports 3.45;4.41 and 9.52)has proved beyond no doubt that RAO is innocent.

It is Moi's hyaenas who enjoyed the money from the land of Kanyakwar people.

I am not a PNU nor an ODM fan, just a Kenyan. However I am convinced that many PNU people have misinterpreted the NDUNGU REPORT to suit their ill-motives they have on RAO.

Moi's gov chased the people of SEME from various islands on Lake Victoria. No MP from Kisumu Rural has been brave enough to face the gov on this. NDUNGU never mentioned anything on this, proving how one-sided the report was. But we shall not leave any stone unturned until justice is done.

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