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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shocker: PNU Proposing 44 Ministries Including Hilarious New Portfolios

High Drama: ODM Now Changes Its’ Mind About Safaricom IPO

Raila And Kibaki No Longer Smiling As Coalition Cabinet Remains In Limbo

Even before the celebrations of peace are over trouble is looming large in the horizon. Insiders had informed me that the grand coalition government would be announced as early as this last Easter weekend Saturday and catch everybody by surprise.

Those spreading this story had assumed that the principals President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister designate Raila Odinga would quickly agree. It was not to be.

Today After what reliable sources say was a stormy meeting that lasted from 11 am to about 2 pm Raila Odinga and Preasident Mwai Kibaki for the first time did not emerge together and neither were they smiling. It was clear that all was not well.

A further indicator of trouble was that some ODM people leaked some details of what had gone on inside Harambee house today. A clear sign that this coalition marriage is in trouble even before it has been consummated.

It is now dawning on Kenyans that the powers that be do not have a reform agenda government in mind. PNU wants no less than 44 cabinet ministers; 23 from PNU and 21 from ODM. ODM are suggesting 34 ministries which is not any better. Actually the grand coalition government should not have more than 20 cabinet portfolios.

One of the new ministries being suggested by PNU for ODMers is a ministry of Nairobi affairs. Amongst other extremely hilarious portfolios that will have the rest of the world laughing at Kenyans for weeks on end.

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Steve said...

The golf photo-ops were too good to be true. You can't drive a county to near civil war and expected the underlying differences to disappear overnight. Now that REAL power-sharing is beginning, let's see how much goodwill there is on the PNU side. I am inclined to believe that Kibaki is up to his usual reneging tricks.

Anonymous said...

Chris why are you laughing? PNU are right Nairobi needs its own ministry to manage the affairs-the mayors and city council have failed dismally to do so and now UK is messing up things with the whole botched city decongestion plan-let there also be a ministry for hawkers and juacali, a ministry for elections, a ministry for corruption and a ministry for tribalism-then i can guarantee Kenya will not have any problems

Anonymous said...

Kibaki and PNU are being and will continue to be forced to embrace change.

They are still hangover on their old ways.

The cabinet is just one issue. COMPREHENSIVE CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM is another.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous.

For the sake of peace I am tolerating PNU and its selfish lot for the next 5 years.

After that, we need to cleanse Kenya with a PNU-free govt. following the 2012 elections.

Taabu said...

We are at the APEX of Kenya towers. Let uss enjoy the beauty of every floor we pass on our way down. Damn the hard pavement waiting to kiss our skulls. The more things change the more look the same, mmmhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats hog wash ati ministry of NRB , what is the work of city council?, what they need to do is to empower the city council and clean it off corruption a ministry will not do any better for as long as the people in power are not willing to change, in any case they will just import people from city hall to the so called ministry of nairobi.Is that the best mr makerere would come up with.In 02 kibaki described a big government and compared it to a fat person why the turnaround, if a lean cabinet was good for us in 02 why in the hell would we want a big one now???

tnk said...

a number of things are a little confounding

lets assume that most of the content you've listed above is true

1st i find it unbelievable and very immature that two most prominent leaders in the country should behave like "staddy 1" kids, i.e if they agree they come out hugging and laughing, if they don't they go out separately each throwing tantrums. i hope this is not the case and am sure we will hear from PPS, parrot or any other sound making puppet from their respective offices to deny these assertions.

2nd are we to believe that we have stone headed idiots in leadership who simply cannot singly or collectively find a mutually agreeable path to move on and must forever be bogged down or bring down any feasible hope to move forward. those i'm tougher than you approaches are just so antiquated and its time we got the kenyan population to have a stronger card to play in political matters, this waiting 5 years IS NOT WORKING and neither is hanging onto every new pronouncement. these guys (team of negotiators and their principals) are not god and they should stop playing god, its time to make that clear to them.

kk, use your resources to expose all these guys. they didnt even pass motions to control the parliament calendar or how to conduct the house business and constitute the committees in view of having no opposition. what really is happening. in short pple kenya has been operating at less than normal efficiency for 3 months i.e 1/4 of the year, and at this rate it will be 3/4 of the year.

then on one hand someone is shopping for an exorbitant PM limo, and on the other, there is no such thing. why are senior people, leaders of the country behaving and treating each other like little children? is there anyone in control of anything in kenya?

Chicity said...


Anonymous said...


Sources say the Safaricom IPO saga is a simple matter to understand. The ODM mandarins simply want their "cut" banked abroad before the IPO can go ahead. Remember back in the days of KANU wooing NDP; it took very long before the union. It was not untill the sale price of NDP was safely delivered in Europe and banked did the merger go through. It is the same mondus operandi being used. My sources doubt whether it will succeed with the boys from the slopes as well as it did with those from the valley. Don't even believe the selected leaked news about the number of ministries. The problem is about "which eating chief gets which ministry and how much meat must the ministry have." There is nothing relevant to our needs being discussed!!!!

Stay tuned, our eating political pigs are lining up at the trough. And some are bringing along mouths that have been watering for decades.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris for raising a red flag two days ago about the ODM and Safaricom IPO issue. You caught them with pants down. Since you beat the drum, they have changed the tune and now they are against the IPO. I am not sure that theirs is a true conversion. But what I am sure of is that Kumekucha has become a truly influential tool of public advocacy. Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

Stupity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

How do you expect Kibaki and his crew to suddenly relinquish what they stole and were willing to do whatever it took to hold onto power regardless of whatever was going on outside state house?

Guys this is Africa. Presidents have been known to rule for years without ever appearing on tv or in public. Mobutu spent the better part of his last years holed up in Gbadolite in the north, writing poems and meditating while ruling through underlings and psychophants.

Hata kama the Gk is formed, nothing will get done. Everyone will immediately start jocking for a post Kibaki administration.

Anonymous said...

things must be hot in the corridors of power!!.....i saw anyang nyong was sent to do the job he does best!! i know i have been shouting myself hoarse here saying he should come and clarify the safaricom ipo but now....i wonder.....(sigh)

pnu wanted 44 ministries?! what for? just so that they can give kalooser some seats? aki bila shame?

well, even as i hope for the best......brace yourselves for another bout of shouting matches and name-calling!! kenyan politics is just comedy at its best, i just dont happen to agree that this is funny stuff!! the marriage is over before it even begins!! (britney spears style)

i have to agree with taabu here...the more things change the more they stay the same....peace deal or no peace deal, politicians are in it for themselves-kenyans must realise that....the bitter truth is that we are just vehicles (matatus) to take them where they want to reach wakifika washuke (sigh).

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Some ODM demands are just unreasonable and unrealistic. Why are they demanding Ministries like Finance, provincial adminstration and Local Govt. The Ministry of Finance is simply out of the question for ODM for obvious reasons. The provincial adminstration has security implications so how can ODM expect Kibaki to undermine his own power? ODM controls most councils in Kenya so it reasonable that Kibaki would want to keep an eye through a powerful Minister. Again he cannot undermine his own power. You can be sure there will no progress unless ODM drops its demands for these Ministries.

Kemmy Creations said...

44 Ministries, Na kweli Annan and Rice needs to come back and put some sense into these guys. I had expected something like 18 minitries Top (ODM-9, PNU-9) halafu kazi ianze na iendelee. Nani ako na Earth mover, we need to move these politicians away and get new faces.

Anonymous said...

kumekucha with due respect! don't post here innuendo's about what PNU has on Ruto! because it does not become you!! if so then i would like to see a post here on what PNU (your very good source) has on the Naivasha and Nakuru Genocide by the mungiki gangs and adding to that I would also like to know about the numbers beheaded i have a report of 23 confirm from the NGO's and independent journalists!! and confirm to me if indeed the cost per head was 7,600 because one of the beheaded was my cousin who was a teacher in Naivasha !! we never found her head!!
please do not insult me with the Ruto shit!! if they have Ruto lighting a fire on the church then let them show it to the public!! Kenyans would like to know!!!
what I want to know is who paid the mungiki's?? the BBC has Proof!! Maina Kaia I understand has proof!! ODM has proof which they took to the Hague!! but my family needs that proof in order to take this people to the court!! we will never rest until those people pay for what they did!! many families lost thier loved ones through such brutality!! how dare you even post here PNU rubbish!! how dare you!! you are abusing the innocent dead kenyans and you should be ashamed of yourself! what ever your name is owner of this blog! I could not keep quiet! by the way I'm a kisii i never thought of being tribalist until now!!

respect our dead!! all i know is PNU should not talk!! not after what they did!! please keep your PNU source to yourself- you have a decided to have a public forum "blog" for Kenyans to share and exchange views- not spread propaganda from either PNU or ODM!!

thank you!!sincerely i don't care if you post my post! maybe you do not want to annoy you PNU source - but please do pass them this message!! I will never sleep peacefully until I know who has my cousins head!! it needs to be laid to rest too!!my family is still in mourning!!!

Anonymous said...

44 ministries...sick! sick! sick! it's sickening as it is mind boggling! When everything seems to be sailing smooth, the photo ops, the hugs and cuddles, the signing of agreements, smoooth sailing of bills in parliament, it means only one thing...that you are walking right into an enemy's trap! Now look how ODM have been snared after being blinded by greed for power! 120 bodyguards? More like 120 land mines laid on road to peace and reconcilliation. When the deal is too good, think twice baybee!


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:01 PM

The managagement of Nairobi can be carried out effectively through ministry for local government,finance & planning,roads,health etc. We dont need a ministry for tribalism;it would be better checked by strengthened committees of parliament.After all, it is through the gvt's own deliberate policy that favours some and excludes others that tribalism has been fuelled(a recent example being all the key ministries and in a few days the PNU Deputy PM going to Central)

Spending an additional 100+ billion a year so that PNU can keep ODM away from real power is laughable.100 billion can solve the land problem in Kenya. Heck it can end poverty in at least 2 provinces.

Think about it

Anonymous said...

I understand Koffi Annan is on his way back!! the agreement was 50/50 proportional ministries- and concentration on the kenya constitution - but as you can see we are back to square one!! I also understand from relaible sources on ground that Koffi Annan was expecting this- from some remarks thrown at him by Martha Karua- the day she blew up!! she told him on his face that he can force them to sign a power-sharing agreement but that will not change the posts already given to MP in parliament and apparently koffi Annan said we shall see when it gets to that time!! so you see theirs is a power stand here!! from Madam Karua - as you can see she is still accusing the west for interfering!!

My gut feelings tell me at the end it will be 50/50 and 34/35 positions!!!
watch!!! what is being aired is not what is happening behind the scenes!!

Anonymous said...

The idea of sharing cabinet posts is to have an all inclusive goverment, regional and gender balance. This is complicated because PNU and ODM would try to appease their suporters.

ODM is reported to be having a big headache in deciding who among Henry and sally Kosgei should take a cabinet position.

Eastern province has the VP and one cabinet post. Kibaki has already exhausted his positions and the Meru, Embu and Kambas expect a few cabinet posts.

This is my suggestion of ditributing the cabinet position on all provices based population of registered voters or Mps per region:
RV - 6
Eastern - 5 + VP
Central - 4 + President
Coast - 4 + DPM
Weatern -5 + DPM
Nyanza - 5
NEP - 4
Nairobi -3 + PM

It seems to be a big headache to me too, any better suggestion?

tnk said...


lets have a 24/7 spotlight on these leaders and their proxies until 50/50 cabinet shared portfolio reflecting parliamentary strength is formed. these are old people and should know better than to waste peoples time. which part of that dont they understand. talk to journalists, your friends and their friends friends to hound these politicians every day, every hour till they start making coherent decisions for the future of our country. they were all rescued from very precarious situation through the efforts of the international mediators and should stop acting the goat and get serious to put all this behind us. RAO should already write his piece to Annan copy PNU on where the problem is, and if kibaki so wishes should do the same. we need to move on

Phil said...


Just a few days ago, isnt it YOU who accused Raila & ODM of approving (whatever that means!) the safaricom IPO? You actually published two posts with this outrageous claim and said there were people in ODM who are corruptly engaged with PNU in this IPO saga? it did not seem to get to your attention that Raila had never publicly commented on the issue of this IPO and it was Kimunya who was in real sense desperately 'marketing' his corrupt government using Raila's name. You also forgot it was ODM which went to curt in an attempt to stop this IPO. But now, after the ODM clarified its position on this mega rip-off, I can see you are conveniently acknowledging that Raila is no pushover. I think you owe ODM and Raila an apology Chris.

One thing I want to advise members and readers of this forum is: On any matter touching on public interest, please dont take what some people post here as the gospel truth. It is an open secret that PNU are in power illegitimately and ODM deserve a gold medal for making serious concessions at the expense of Kenyans when democracy was thrown out of the window in the last elections. As it isALL of ODM policies and pronouncements are guided by the party manifesto and the vision of its captain. Both of these documents are in the public domain.

The issue of a lean cabinet is indeed covered in the party manifesto. Infact, the ODM is so far the only party in Kenya to have had regional manifestos - which means the party appreciates and understands the unique diversity and regquirements of each region in this otherwise great country!

Many a Kenyan might look at ODM's proposal to establish a Ministry for NEP as a big joke, but the residents of what is known as the Northern Forentier District (NFD) covering NEP and parts of Northern Kenyan know what marginalisation and segregation is all about. And this has been perfected by successive governments since independence. Looking at this scenario, one begin's to understand where the fear for a parliamentary system of government (federalism) comes from!

Meanwhile, PNU continues to push its luck after stealing elections and prematurely appointing ministers to plum portfolios in total disregard to the peace accord. My take is that ODM shall never BACK-DOWN on the power sharing scheme and it will possibly take another Annan session to resolve this issue. In this case, Mt. Kenya power brokers are not just playing with the intelligence of Kenyans and the eminent persons, they have for far too long got away with playing games with the very livelihoods of Kenyans.

I dare challenge Kibaki and his duly erected PNU government to go ahead and make cabinet appointments without ODM's in-put. We shall see.

Anonymous said...


Reliable sources have indicated that these appointments will be made after the IPO. Today in the Nation newspapers,RO confirmed that he "doesn't know" when this will be done. The tone was telling.

The ruling elite are not sure/comfortable about RO with the immense powers bestowed in the PM position.
They fear that RO,who is known to be a darling of Kenyans in the diaspora, will yield to the much presure coming through blogs such as this in demanding exposure of the mysterious minority shareholders of Safaricom.

The arguement is that once RO is appointed the PM, he can go against any gentleman's agreement done as concerns the Safaricom IPO.That is why he must become PM after the Safaricom Issue is concluded!
Seems that the chicken has come home to roast!
Aluta continua.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:69, Anon 8:01, there was no day ODM supported Safaricom IPO, unless Amos Kimunya is a new member of ODM.....Kimunya said, Raila didn't say and yes even Phil reminded you that....


Anonymous said...

Phil, precisely....You for President....Come on tell them all...Na bado...It is not over until it is over


Anonymous said...

Dear Phil,

Don't let your blood pressure run high. One day you are all-over celebrating, the other day you are cursing to high heavens. Go slow bwana and don't swear what ODM will or will not accept. Don't you remember Raila saying he cannot negotiate with a thief and now he is busy calling the alleged thief, "His Excellency?" Don't you remember Raila telling BBC that he can never serve as a PM in a government headed by Kibaki, and now he is busy enjoying a motorcade? Don't swear or deny youself God's free air by holding your breath. ODM has its owners i.e., the pentagon members are the majority shareholders. Never forget that ODM is just a matatu to carry a few chosen pigs to join the PNU pigs at the trough. You and I are just for pushing the matatu if it gets stuck in the mud.

Anonymous said...

What? I sure hope that this is not true. It's these kind of games such as the PM can only be named after IPO for selfish interests that a majority of Kenyans are not willing to play.

It is this kind of underestimation of Kenyan's intelligence that got us into the dark hole in the first place. These stupid games have to stop.

antonio said...

I am disgusted at both Kibaki and Raila for being so ready to spend and waste my hard earned money on a big (34/44-equals same shit)cabinet which will do nothing!

Why cant we have 20 ministries and they share 10 each then both can steal to their hearts content????

Phil do not try to be holier than thou..lean cabinet=34?ama lean is relative?Both raila and kibaki are looking for the chance to rob us blind and both are looking for lucrative ministries.

Kumekucha u are the alleged watchdog...Parliament went for a 2 week break jana after being in session for only 2 weeks.Did you hear any ODM MP say they want to stay and work???

As for safaricom IPO,kwani anyang nyong only speaks when ODM interests are not served?if the cabinet was constituted as they wanted IPO inendelee?Phil,answer me that!

Wote ni wezi and we are all fools for believing old men can change!

Kumekucha ebu revive the new leadership campaign.We need it soooo badly!!!!!!!!!!

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

I said in a past article that even if ODM joins government, they will act as the opposition to the other half of government if there's some fishy deals going on. We need opposition because PNU did not have goodwill when signing the peace deal. PNU were just creating peace so that the Safaricom IPO could go smoothly. Somebody somewhere cant wait for this safaricom thing to go througu!! I hope ODM and the other groups asking questions about it will get to the bottom before Kenyans are mega-ripped off.

Anonymous said...

Why do you all scream now 'we knew it, it would never have worked anyway?'

So why all the jubilation when this 'deal' was signed?

All you saw were two politicians, each of them trying to get the better piece of the cake, i.e. Kenya.

But the one who had already secured his position was Kibaki - Raila was left aside waiting to know his fate by the grace of Annan and the Americans.

He knew it when signing this agreement. He knew he would end up being a 'looser' -

But he did it to end the bloodshed in Kenya, to save Kenya's future or at least that's what he hoped.

Now the reality is dawning - there is no 'partner' on the other side of the table. Only a Kibaki driven by securing his financial gains - just like he had learned it before by Moi and Kenyatta.

Raila should have known this. Was his father not cheated by Kenyatta before? Was he himself not cheated by Moi and then Kibaki before? What more lessons does he need to realize that he will be cheated again also this time?

It is a sad story we are witnessing right now - the sad story of a man who does not seem to learn of his own mistakes made in his past.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that every time you see ODM and PNU played side by side you are left with the intense impression that the wrong lot is in power? The PNU proposal reads like a matatu business proposal a.k.a "Kaa square!"

What is the matter with these people? For chrissake, we don't have to squeeze every Kianjuri and Nyambura into the cabinet! The 44 ministries are not only untenable in number and ridiculous in name; many are also redundant in function.

Anonymous said...

ODM lost the safaricom IPO case in court. I dont see anything they can do at this stage as it is not going to be apprroved by parliament where they have a slim majority.

The Goverment needs the funds from the IPO to meet its budgetary requirement.ODM is now part of the goverment. I dont see how they are going to run ministries unless they have a different source of funds.

We cannot have ODM in the goverment and at the same time bahaving like opposition. Let say if PNU gets frustrated by ODM, they have the option of withdrawing from the grand coalition as the signed deal stipulates coalition will die if one partner withdraws. In the event of coalition break up ODM will be the official opposition and PNU side will remain in the government.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha!This is interesting. According to you anon 2:23 the breaking of the coalition means PNU becoming (note: not going back to being, since it never was) government and ODM becoming opposition. You are ridicilous but i wish it was as simple as that.

Anyway, it seems things are tough since we are not even at teething problems yet. The grand coalition government has not even been formulated leave alone being launched and some people are already jumpy enough to want to test how far they can stretch Kenyans patience.


Anonymous said...

PNU will remain in govt....In your dreams....Anon 2:23 there is something called principle, Do you disown your mother just coz your father says so? You know some people have principles and just coz i agreed that Kibaki is the president doesn't mean i will also endorse his anglofleecing and thieving acts...Hiyo hata sisi like minded people tumekata. Me think ODM heard the cries of the peole, guys were asking what changed from December to March so that Raila approves the safaricom IPO.
As matters are right now, i think even the RV trip will have to be postponed, do you think the northrifters and other people will want to listen to Kibs with the stalemate...I dont think so (4.3 million together with their families accepted Kibs just coz they felt it was the right thing to do after signing the peace deal) PLEASE NOTE PNUISTS and dont ever confuse this one: RAO signing the deal was not to saying that Kibs won, he was just saying that enyewe Kenya is greater than me and considering the lives that have been lost, he was acknowledging that this struggle is not worth it....and Anon 2:23 what do you think will happen today if RAO releases a statement disowning the IPO's do you think they will go on, why do you think Kimunya was so quick to point out that even Raila is ready to buy the shares? He knew what stakes the man had and it was a good strategy to tell guys that all is well....Lakini bado mapambano....Once a fool not always!!!


Phil said...

Guys don’t take me wrong. My earlier comments aint a threat nor swear. Predictably and sadly, some of these comments have exposed those who voted - if at all - for Kibaki/PNU purely on grounds of ethnicity that they have forgotten what PNU’s manifesto promised or what the peace accord says.

In reality, Kibaki’s clandestinely initiated second term was intended to be a replay of his first term where by the NARC dream was trashed and the MOU disregarded barely a month into office. This time though; the athuri mafia have realized it is a different ball game and they continue to suffer painful political power withdrawal symptoms.

PNU and Kibaki are NOT (and I repeat NOT) doing Kenyans any favours in appointing Raila as PM and ODM MPs into cabinet. There is a peace accord in our statutes and it is very clear about sharing of these portfolios between PNU and ODM - not government and ODM. Once upon a time Kibaki tried to buy Kofi Annan’s time regarding the issue of power sharing. It took no less a person than President George Bush and other world leaders to talk some sense past the Athuri Mafia who have all along hyptonised Kibaki and assumed this country belongs to one community!

PNU are making a mockery of democracy – and even worse - attempting to brush aside the peace accord that came about after months of intense negotiations and after thousands of Kenyans lost their lives and homes when Kivuitu initiated the grand cock-up on 27th December. To understand where I am coming from, just attempt to answer this question/s; where/how does this National Accord & Reconcilliation Act ‘favour’ ODM-K’s Kalonzo Musyoka and his MPs, someone who Muthaura refers to President Kibaki's principal assistant? Or for that matter how does it place the imperial presidency that PNU are so fond of falling back on whenever they run out of ideas?

It is now turning out that even Moi’s KANU government, as bad as it was, was far much smarter and much more efficient at playing politics and pretending to good governance than the so called kazi iendelee dimwits.

Believe you me; Kenya shall never be the same ever again and no one single individual shall ever tower over the rest of the citizens in this country again. It is bitter pill to swallow athuri, but that’s just the way it is.

Anonymous said...

Eti ministry of implementation of vision 2030??
-Ministry of commuters?
-Ministry of hawkers?
-Ministry of Safaricom IPO??

Are these people serious??? Kwani they think Kenyans are dunders yet each of these useless ministries will cost over 1.5m to maintain??
We need to bring it down to max 25, Kibaki fires some of his buddies, RAO gets 2 qualified ODM from each province so work can start!
Otherwise how selfish, rude and arrogant can a person really be???????????

Anonymous said...

44 Ministers, 88 Ass. Ministers, 44Undersecretaries, 44 Permanent Secretaries, etc.

Who will pay these people? Is Porojo Na Ujinga (PNU) really interested in Welfare of Kenyans?

Ministry of Nairobi, Ministry of WHAT? Of Dogs? Of Mungiki? Of Koinange Street?

Has this old man lost his sense?

Kenyans, dont be fooled. We want a lean, clean gov.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Shocker? Who is shocked?

Is the Safcom thing still on? It's meant to be only two days away, but if Raila says no, then it won't be? Wonder how on earth we can put EMK and RAO in their rightful place in Kenya.
While I agree that the rigging by ODM and PNU was a grave injustice done to Kenyans, I think it's time we moved on, with a lean government (why does my brain tell me that 'leaning' would need to start at the top - P,VP,PM,DPM,and another DPM not to govern, but to share power).

The ethnicity thing is getting old and tired.In a democracy, you don't dictate to people who or what (colour,tribe, religion, gender, whatever) to vote for.

Anonymous said...

Can someone enlighten me on the new issues and public concerns sorounding the safaricom IPO.

All I can remember is that ODM went to court to stop the government from selling 25% of its 60% stake. The aurguement was the money was going to fund PNU campaign and proper procedures were not being followed.

The other issue was ownership 5% by Mobitelea. Kimunya argued that the public stake of 60% was intact and the deal was between vodafone and mobitelea.

ODM should point out what their new concerns are for the public not to see it as just politics. It seems more like political game.

Anonymous said...

Anon @3.49 AM said..

Eti ministry of implementation of vision 2030??
-Ministry of commuters?
-Ministry of hawkers?
-Ministry of Safaricom IPO??

Are these people serious??? Kwani they think Kenyans are dunders yet each of these useless ministries will cost over 1.5m to maintain??
We need to bring it down to max 25, Kibaki fires some of his buddies, RAO gets 2 qualified ODM from each province so work can start!
Otherwise how selfish, rude and arrogant can a person really be???????????

LMAO @Ministry of Hawkers

To that list add the following:
-Ministry of Throwing non-existent weight around?
-Ministry of Order of pecking?
-Ministry of Junior diplomats?

Anonymous said...

Kimunya is known to have colluded with the judges in the Safaricom case last year.So that lossis another joke.

Parliament is the supreme law making body.If it passes a statute it must be implemented.It is not within the powers of the judiciary to find that the passed Privatisation Act doesnt matter.

In fact since Kimunya has stalled the implementation of the law one wonders what set of regulations is governing this privatisation.

There is nothing to protect the public,nothing to protect investors and nothing to ensure transparency.Kenyans will only be protected by virtue of tribe.

If u a kikuyu count yourself lucky.

Anonymous said...

Dont you think it is high time that we!! Wenye nchi take our rightful place and send all these old senile men & women home? People who can't think beyond their tribe, people who say one thing and mean another should all go home....TUMECHOKA SANA, right now farmers are telling us that we might not have food if some things are not put into place...Yet the "leader of govt business" can have the audacity of telling us that we dont have a minister of agriculture....So? tulale njaa till the day Annan or Bush will come and hummer some common sense into some one's head? Enyewe i agree this is really a banana republic


Anonymous said...

Any wonder why the Nobel Laureate Dr. Watson alluded that people of African descent or black people are "intellectually/genetically inferior." The U.S with a whopping population of approximately 350 million people has only 15 executive departments. Kenya, a country of close to 35 million has presently 34, you do the math. I really feel sorry for the Kenyan tax payer.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe. Ministry of Nairobi. This is the funniest joke ever. I have been telling people that 1960's Economics is not relevant to us today and people just laughed at me. Now look! A few other suggestions would do I guess...
-Ministry of Power Sharing
-Ministry of Duly elected
-Ministry of Anti-Visa ban
-Ministry of NSE
-Ministry of Fish market

Anonymous said...

44 Ministers...OH MY GOD!!!!!!
This is totally bizzere never heard of this in my entire life.My fellow Kenyans lets get back what is ours and that is Kenya.
I am sure there are so many skeletons in the closet as we speak that is why Kibaki is holding firmly on ministries like finance,local govt and the rest.There are so many scums that will be revealed lets wait and see.

deroo said...

PKW, I said one thing here that Raila Odinga is NOT GOD. The simple reason that a section of society makes a resemblance of him to GOD makes me ill. To me, he is NOT GOD and any other scoundrel of a politician that they are all made of.

To them, the man is sacred and another Ayatollah, Dalai Lama or Swami, that if anything has to happen in the country, his input has to be there.

Take the hatred that some people have for Kalonzo Musyoka. Is the man not supposed to have his own opinion and vie for the presidency?

When he talked against the Safaricom IPO during the election campaigns, he said that the money was going to be used for campaigns by the PNU team. Now that the money is bound to end up in the government that he will be serving in a MONITOR capacity, looking after Kibaki’s ministries, it is good and three days ago, I questioned what Nyongo is howling over right now.

There is something very serious about the Safaricom thing. Very serious! But none of the ODM people thought about it, even that simple fact that the minister of finance was due to make a submission to cabinet, parliament before the perfunctory duties that accompany the sale of such an enterprise.

When Raila (I quote Kimunya) said that he was happy with the IPO….Oh my God, they all fell for it hook, line and sinker. In a very intelligent way, Raila is not speaking anything at all about the Safaricom deal, and I am very sure that he is behind the noise coming from the ODM side at the moment.

But the question is, should people follow a person blindly. Right now, ODM MPs are under oath not to accept Kibaki’s appointments. At the same time, they have bound themselves with a MASADA COMPLEX OATH that was witnessed during the opening day of parliament that none of them should support anything government unless they have a collective deal. So who loses in this case, the people, the MPs or Raila.

Does it mean that all the Kipkembois, Onyangos, Maitsis, Khaniris will miss out of the IPO because the party they voted for are against it. Then, you will here another chorus castigating the same like the KENGEN one.


Anonymous said...

anon 8:41

hehehehe, thats just hilarious

you forgot

ministry of kubafu
Ministry of "m*" kuku
ministry of kujienjoy

Anonymous said...

Who ever equated Raila with God? and if they did...So? Let everybody carry his cross...If you want Safaricom shares that much...Go and buy what is stopping you si pesa ni yako!!!! Argh

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