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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Big News Everybody Missed

Kumekucha Exclusive: Why Has ODM's Salim Lone Fled Kenya?

Some very strange events took place yesterday in Nairobi.

Kofi Anan went into a meeting with Mwai Kibaki at the president’s office at Harambee house. When they emerged from the meeting it was announced that President Kibaki had completely rejected the power sharing idea floated by the International community to end the political crisis in Kenya.

Everybody seems to have missed that very significant development. Except the razor sharp alert KTN and Standard group folks. Daily Nation which has been carrying some disturbingly bizarre headlines, packaged the news differently and the headline is about Kibaki’s proposals to end the polls crisis. More on why the Nation are behaving the way they are, later in this post.

The significance of this news is that Mwai Kibaki has trashed what the entire International community is saying. The Americans are rich guys but one wonders what was the point of Condi Rice, burning jet fuel all the way to Nairobi to deliver a message that has been totally rejected.

But even stranger was the reaction of ODM. The silence of the party was deafening. In fact over the last few days ODM has said very little. Why?

One theory is that the party...

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Anonymous said...


its time to cut to the chase. avoid rumors and lets deal only with facts. if you have facts table them, if not avoid gossip. we do not need to read into diplomacy, we need to hear statements from either Kibaki, Raila, Annan, PNU or ODM negotiation team or handlers. if you have such statements that are not already in the public domain , then please air them otherwise lets be real. lets not play with peoples hopes, ambitions, efforts and ultimately lives and property. we need to respect each other.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Well said- I think Kumekucha we like your blog becuase you don't do rumors- you have been double checking your stories before posting them on here- That is why people have respected this blog!! let you not turn into another Mashada where Rumors rule!! very disappointed in this post!! I wonder why you want to play with Kenyans peoples mind???

Anonymous said...

who was reading lips when Kibaki and Annan were talking?? to hear what Kibaki said or did Martha Karua inform you on what was discussed??

As for the nation Read the yesterdays paper!!didn't they just blast PNU to get into power-sharing and not to be hardliners?? so where does Agakan play in this ati low key on Kibaki??

As for ODM?? since they come in from the first discussions at the retreat have you had them talk much even on the media??
As for military presence in the Rift- Valley - sorry to disappoint you all those foot soldiers from mile nane base near Kitale and Nakuru base are full of Luhya's Kalejins and Luo's I have some cousins in those battalions and I know for sure they would never kill their own!! first shot would go to any Kikuyu in the Army who tries to kill innocent Kenyan - sorry this is not the mixer of police and mungiki!! wait and see!!

Please avoid rumors!

chris said...

Anon @ 11:38 PM

I have no idea what you are talking about but I have a pretty good idea as to what your motive is.

Kibaki's rejection of the power sharing idea is a rumour? KTN reported it. Read the article carefully.

The fact that ODM is so quiet is heresay?

The fact that Nation packaged bad news as good news is also a rumour?

I suggest that you stop visiting this site and try other news sites like or even better the State House site.

Thanking you in advance for promptly following my advice.


Anonymous said...


This is what was being discussed in the nation blog the other day,

By Linus Gitahi
Chief Executive Officer, Nation Media Group
Posted On: 27/01/2008 20:45:08 Comments: 122

The Nation Media Group’s attention has been drawn to Short Text Messages (SMS) and e-mails linking the group and its executives to the political violence going on in Rift Valley Province and other parts of the country.

We would like to inform Kenyans that there is no truth whatsoever in the messages, which are being circulated through mobile phones and the

Nation Media Group is a law-abiding and responsible corporate citizen with a commitment to serving the public. We share the agony and distress of our fellow Kenyans in this difficult period and support every effort being made to resolve the national crisis.

By the way who is fooling who? why did them nation have to stoop so low as to discuss such matters on their blog, once they realised that people were not buying their crap paper they decided to package it differently, those people who think that we are fine as a nation i am telling you people sorry, look at what is happening in this country dont just dwell on Nairobi, the same headline that the tabloid Nairobi Star has today is what was in the headline in one of the UK paper and RV guys also commented, the other day when i was listening to BBC a gentleman confessed that they are just waiting for Annan to leave and we will see......Something needs to be done fast na tuwache kujidanganya at tuko sawa...Kiai say let us not confuse calm with peace......Chris let me ask you today what will happen today if ODM says they are withdrawing from the Annan led talks, it took a bunch of few people to almost paralyze this nation and the police couldn't contain and protect wananchi...What if it is true that 10,000 kale men have been recruited in this...Just what if it is true, i am not saying it is true....How long has it taken this govt to control the sabaots, are they still terrorising people in Mt. Elgon, and other parts of RV, what about the pokot raiders and yet someone says it was them who were fighting in Sotik/Boarbu border, what if today we have the taliban, and mungiki rise again...What part of the govt will the moron Mungatana and his ilk still have to hold on to?
At times it calls for one to be sober, Wekesa says let us have a transistional govt, coz he knows what is happening on the ground....Wacha wale wanaendelea kufunga macho waendelee...See no evil, hear no evil....And you will find yourself holding on to a piece of bread which you cannot even eat.


Anonymous said...

ODM leaders should start consulting at the grassroots whether their should be declared cessation in the provinces where they won.

Then a legal army can be created to protect this new state.

Anonymous said...


odmdamu said...

This is terrible. Very terrible Xris. The Kibs are willing to stay in power no matter what the cost. They dont care. and i think what is giving them this hardline is the fact that it is the common mwananchi that is suffering. so they do not feel the pain themselves. it is like describing to a woman who has never given birth how painful labour is. She wil not understand but wil only remember the day she goes to labour herself. How i long for the time of Pharaoh, those days when God used to talk to people with signs! I wish he can send just one to Kibaki and let His people go. We can not continue being captives in our own country. If the americans and britans and the swiss think that freezing the bank acs would help why not that? waiting for disaster to happen so as to act? It might be too late!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki, if you were thinking it's simple to steal democracy and stay comfortable, you were thinking wrong.

Wouldn't it be curious to see an immediate swearing in, with the MC actually compelling others to hurry because the cover of darkness is around the corner. Oh, before I forget, it is on a Sunday and the guy swearing in the president is the one the aggrieved are supposed to go to for justice. I appeal to your head and not heart.

Anonymous said...

Kalenjin warriors will be beaten like kids by Mungiki women's wing. Only when Mungiki men start fighting shall this country be no more, gone kabisa to the dogs, Somali style.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:53 Are you sure, When Kalenjines beat up kuyos, the kuyos dont revenge with kalenjines the kissi style, they revenged with the luos and luhyas that is a fact...why? Look at it this way when Eldoret lipukad, the kuyos went looking for luos/luhyas in Nakuru and Naivasha they didn't fight back the kisii way

deroo said...

To all, for all the arguments on this blog, I feel that a sober way of looking at things needs to be devised.

While the CONSTITUTION of the SOVEREIGN state of Kenya remains supreme up to this moment, I have a feeling that much more thought should be given to the whole scenario and any unfolding events devoid the emotions that are regularly poured here.

That Kibaki, Karua and Mutula Kilonzo are insisting on following the constitution to the letter, we should also take a long shot back and think about 2005 when the REFERENDUM was won by the opoosition.

Right now, the ODM argument is that there can be a quick-fix solution to the constitution to allow for a powerful PM working alongside the elected president who will in the long run be rendered toothless. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

That the international community is supporting it is wayward, and that it happened previoulsy in the country is misplaced.

Everything about the NO camp, could have been quick-fixed in parliament the same way that the creation of another centre of power is being flouted by ODM. So, in case ODM feel that they can have their way by armtwisting the government to have the PM post created in the glare of international community, it will be a lie.

That Section 2A was repealed in the early 1990s, serves no reasoon to believe that a new centre of power can be created. If and if ODM feel they were cheated of the presidency, why is there a quick rush to the PM's post, and other imaginary rules.

Another thing, the appoinment of ministers remains the prerogative of the president. ODM say and they want it to remain that they will forward names to the president with certain people attached to them and the president will end up being a newsreader for ODm.

Then the SATIRE about it all, is that the president should sign the agreement that he will not have powers to sack any of the ministers. That is hogwash and will never happen. WAIT for the age as long as NOAH's to see that.

The president will only appoint ministers from ODM in his cabinet and will have the powers to cull his cabinet as he likes and replace deadwoods when he deems fit.

TO many people, Kibaki was even ready yesterday to have ODM in his cabinet, but not with the conditions flagged in the agreement.

Condolezza Rice can come and go, John Kuffour can come and go, the EU can send as many representatives as Ramaphosa can camo and catch the FIRST plane home, but the thing is and it should not set a precedent, the CONSTITUTION OF KENYA should not be ABDICATED to satiate a certain groups vested interests.

IN 2012 when Kalonzo Musyoka beats Raila Odinga, should Ngethe Waweru ask to be included in the government lest his GEMA tribe stages an uprising. Hapana.



deroo said...

Second from last para--It is Ramaphosa can come and go and catch the first plane home. Sorry.

To support another post by Chris, please all people contributing should give their best. Or visit, read the posts like me and leave.

Instead of impersonating people and taking advantage of people's domez to stir an hornet's nest, please remain civil.

STOP POSTING ENTIRE ARTICLES ON THE BLOG. Why should you do that and say nothing about it. CIVIL.


Anonymous said...

Where does this Derek guy live. Not in Kenya I hope. You need to be in Kenya to understand what is going on.

deroo said...

But KAZI INAENDELEA, whether in Kenya or not. Is there not a governemnt in place? Should Raila be the PM. What if Mwai decides to appoint Pogishio of ODM-K (that is a coalition already) PM and Raila the Minister for FISHERIES or make it sound better WATER to look after Lake Victoria, considering that the Odinga family runs a big water compny in Kisumu. Not bad like when he was made Minister for Energy with double interests in Sondu Miriu and Spectre, an interested party in the sector.


Anonymous said...

Derek you win. My comments were not meant to irk you into violent language. You and PNU 'win' yet again.

Mombasa-free-from-PANUA/Kibaki-dirt said...


You can spend sleepless nights into concocting cheap shots and editing your paragraphs and engaging in edifying jokes and fantasy, but there is one exit out for the world's oldest notorious thief and the ugliest physically too: he will have to wipe out ODM tribes for him to dictate to them and lord it over them. If you think otherwise, the hour is certain and tomorrow is nigh. So hold your horses. People can write 10 pages like you and vomit here, but few words are enough for the discerning. And there are many of them here.

Sam Okello said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,
What we have here is yet another lame but spirited attempt by PNU to derail the wheels of democracy in Kenya. Circa 2002, Kenyan democracy has slowly been coming of age. To adumbrate that ODM is behind the current stalemate is to expose lack of political acumen and insight.

It is thus that Derek, here at Kumekucha, wants to show that it is business as usual and should as a matter of fact be business as usual. That premise, Ladies and Gentlemen, is not only not feasible but is actually an insult to the collective kenyan imagination and intelligence.

It is yet to be seen where Hon. Raila and Mr.Kibaki want to take this country. Again, Mr.Kibaki has proven to be inept and is beholden to the interests of Mt.Kenya only, on the other hand, The Hon. Raila is showing his true colors, those of a statesman, with the interest of the whole country, even central, at heart.

--Sam Okello (Again, I am the real Sam Okello, and I am posting this before I go to work. Anyone else posting as me here will be an impersonator and should be treated as such!)

NB: For those asking whether I went back to Kenya to be the nominated mayor of Kisumu, that is just a mere coincedence that the mayor of Kisumu is going to be one Sam Okello. Still have not made my forays in that arena...not yet!.

Anonymous said...

Wazungus call Kenyans stupid:
(Caution, insulting comments and racist stuff!)

Anonymous said...

what are kenyans if not stupid? they are animals!!people who kill others with machetes?

esh!! hata mimi mnicount kwa kutukanana

Anonymous said...

Kibaki needs to think seriously about his legacy. Paramount question to him should be whether Kenyans constition was made for Kenyans or whether Kenyans were made for the constitution. Insisting that solutions must be within narrow confines of discredited constittion is cheap politics. Besides, Kibaki is on record as one of those who supported the amendment of the constition to stiffle democracy. He should seize opportunity to correct that legacy.

My comment on Mungatana's proposal is that the best referundum would be fresh elections. Mungatana is only offering Kenyans half a loaf.

Why is ODM still seated at the mediation table. It is clear that Kibaki is treating the mediation as a circus to entertain his PNU clowns. I think it is time for ODM to bite the bullet and tell their supporters and the world that the mediation is a waste of time. They must pull out immediately and only rejoin when Kibaki has something of substance to offer

deroo said...

Above, I think the ODM team, apart from Ruto, are the best thinkers a man can have. Take James Orengo and his vast knowledge of constitutional affairs and a diplomat in Sally Kosgey, if they thought that something was amiss, I think they should have made their thoughts known and annunced to the whole world.

It is not easy buddy. It is not telling Mugambi Imanyara to bring the ODM cetrificate to Orange House, it is something that charts the future of Kenya.

Mvumilivu hula mbivu na haraka haraka haina ya dhiki faraja.


Anonymous said...

The truth is that ODM are seeking what can not be. Executive Prime Minister. This is arm twisting and Govt will not accept it. We should have a presidential system like the US.

Anonymous said...

Deroo- I feel sorry for you and other pple that think that Kazi inaendelea.

Anonymous said...

If the so called International COmmunity knows what we should do (Rice, Adam wood UK etc), what was the point of negotiations? We should have just asked them what to do. In short, they should leave the mediation talks to bring about a kenyan solution to a kenyan problem.

deroo said...

Anon, to me Kilonzo is not follish to be among the top lawyers in the country and Mungatana is equally not foolish to have enrolled as a lawyer. They are right and if interpreting the constitution as it is makes them foolish, then friend, discussion, debating and agreeing has lost a meaning. When Kilonzo was in ODM before the BIG BANG or the Mombasa Nyundo Circus, he was a clever man!


Anonymous said...

All we do is PRAY for our BELOVED COUNTRY KENYA. Never in a mile years did I ever think that Kenya would be held hostage by a clique of very arrogant, selfish people.

Anonymous said...

Who are this people who keep saying a Kenyan solution. That means bloodbath and mass suffering. Kibaki and his cohorts are preparing themselves for an armed struggle. They know what lies ahead, and they seem to think that they will get away with shooting most Kenyans. Unlike the uprisings that came about after the unconstitutional swearing in, the international community will not have sympathy for the govt. this time. What type of idiot cries to the international community for help when his/her country is burning, and then turns around and refuses to enact justice when peace prevails. Going to the extent of burning their own bridges with the same intl. community that they rely on to stash their ill gotten wealth.
If you want to know the full might of the US, look no further than Condis visit to Kenya. Even Kibakis own security was sidelined to nearby buildings when the might of secret service cleared Harambee House. The Presidential Press was even frisked at their own house and veted by the SS.
Unfortunately people we are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to global muscle. Terrorism is the number fear of the US govt., and we have plenty around Kenya. All they care about is a stable, peaceful Kenya so that they don't have to worry about Sudan, Djibouti and Somalia.If it is Raila that stands in the way of peace, and not that illusion of peace that the govt talks about but real tangible peace , then he will be hammered hard by anti terroristic CIA. if it is Kibaki who stands in the way of peace by touting the same Constitution that HE flouted, then he will be shown the way out by the powers that be. The CIA is in everything that is of their interest to the world. They brought in and took out such people as Mobutu and Saddam. Also Kibakis close ties to China may be his undoing. No problem dealing with China, but to use them as a reason to belittle the US is playing a game you can't win. Kenyan power can only be achieved with a strong economic base. Our trade deficit with the EU, UK, Canada, and US is too big for them to pay any attention to the yapping for Party of Nyeri Unity. What next, will the Kenyan govt seek sympathy from Al Qaeda since they are running out of options in the global arena to have their voice heard.
The govt of Kenya is making some serious blunders diplomatically.
No wonder ODM is laying low. Let them fry in their own stinking fat. Whereas before they were only fighting the people they were supposed to lead, now they are fighting the west too. Is this another calm before a storm? History repeats itself.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.35.

If you are opposed to Kenya adopting a system with executive prime minister, then I highly doubt that you and PNU supporters would accept the "US Presidential" system that you propose here. The US political system is akin to the majimbo that is being proposed by ODM. Political and economic power is dispersed to the lowest level possible. The US president has more clout on foreign than domestic policies.

Each state, city county has its won government and passes its own laws and levies its own taxes.

I think this would be the best system for Kenya. Each province, city, district would control its own affairs.

Anonymous said...

What surprises me with my fellow Kenyans, is the way we copy others with lightining speed, and forget Countries like USA, Britain have been independent since July 4,1776 in the case of US.

That`s about 232 years to-date.

Our economy is nothing compared to US and Britain, but if we can manage it right, without thieves taking Kenyans for a ride and hiding billions of dollars in Switzerland and elsewhere, we can live happily like in Libya.

Kenya is a sovereign state and Kenyans should sort their own difference, NOT BY ATTACKING NEIGHBOURS AND STEALING THEIR HOUSEHOLDS, BUT BY COMING TOGETHER TO FIGHT THE ENEMY.

Kenyans know who the ENEMY IS.
Politicians are the enemies.
Kibaki and Raila and their liutenants, are the enemies of Kenyans NOT Luo`s, Kikuyu`s Or Maasai etc.


K E N Y A N S !

Anonymous said...

Anon @9.02 above.

Why would you be surprised. Kenyans are entitled to hold different opinion just as you are.

If you took your arguement to full conclusion-re Kenyans should provide own solution, then you would agree that a proper devolution is the same thing as Kenyans at each level charting their own destiny. This is the federalism practiced in many countries. Federalism has nothing to do with stage of economic development. Rather it is a desire by man to chart the destiny. If you live in Mombasa, why should a guy in Nairobi be directing your affairs.

I hope this is the last time we will hear the crap about Kenya being a sovereign state. Is it reasonable for the world to watch Kenya burn while invoking "sovereign" state crap. Must 1 million people die in Kenya, Darfur before international community lift the veil of sovereignity.

Kenya had its chance since 1997 to politically and internally sort out its problems. In case you dont know, no problem was ever sorted, and that is in 10 years. Are the Kenyan people willing to wait for another 10 for nothing to happen? If we cant agree on our own in 10 years, should we be surprised that international community is applying pressure?

Anonymous said...

DECEMBER 10, 1988

One thing must also be said about the management and staff of the Nation: They are patriotic Kenyans, proud of their profession, proud of their country, and determined to promote its unity and its welfare. This pride, this patriotism has always been, and hopefully always will be, reflected in the pages of Taifa and the Nation. But, it cannot translate into the suppression of unpleasing news. And this is the essence of the quandary in which every journalist, in every publication, here and elsewhere must exercise JUDGEMENT: so often the truth if published can cause damage, not publishing it, however, will do likewise

In many developing countries, journalists are an underprivileged class, under paid, sometimes victimised and who are, as a result often poor ambassadors for their profession. It is one of my deepest hopes for the future that here in Kenya, the Government and all newspapers, including of course the Nation Group, will continue to enhance the journalists' profession, for it is only by harnessing to it the intelligentsia of the country, the well educated, the articulate and
best analytical minds, that the communications and printed media will improve the quality of their service to the country, and to readers outside it.

The next step, and most decisive step of ensuring actual MAJORITY OWNERSHIP of the Nation Group by KENYANS has just been achieved this week. The sale, through a Public issue, of a further two and a half million shares was substantially oversubscribed, adding no less than 7,500 new shareholders. Today, with a total of over 10,000 shareholders, the Group must surely be in a unique position on the African continent.
The fact that the vast majority of these shareholders will own portfolios averaging between 100-200 shares is a resounding confirmation of the interest and belief of ordinary Kenyans in the future of a free, independent and financially sound press in this country.

The attainment of this objective, in this Kenya's 25th year of independence, gives me particular cause for satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

aNON 6:35 That was in 1998, by then nation was anti-status quo ..Times have changed

Anonymous said...

all you ODMites....

please start using your brains, I know it's been long since you started using them.

Raila would do xceptionally well as the fisheries Minister, who knows, he may make kenya reknown worldwide for high quality Mbuta exports , just the way we're known for high quality Rose Exports.

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