Monday, December 31, 2007

A question for Lucy and Mwai Kibaki: 'Can you sleep at night?'

STOP PRESS: International community retracts support for Kibaki win

Can you sleep peacefully in your comfortable State House bed(s) knowing that innocent people have died because of you?

Numerours people have died - husbands have lost their wives - wives have lost their husbands - and children have lost their mothers or fathers ......

So I am asking you as a mother and a father: Can you sleep at night? Can you really take this on your conscious? Can you?

Is it really worth it? Is it worth that people loose their lives because you have compromized to 'protect' the former President Daniel arap Moi? What did he promise (or pay) you to do this?

I think that nothing is justifying to have people killed - no money in the world can be enough to pay for their lives.

So I am asking you again Mr. President: CAN YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT ???????????

Marianne Briner


Ombati said...

In this tense period, we should learn something from the experience of the United States and handle our electoral tension and final outcome with dignity. Granted there have been differences. The exit polls predicted President Kibaki would win and so did Gallup pollsters. Other pollsters predicted a tight race with Mr Raila Odinga ahead. The race was hard and tight and the tension is understandable.

During the 2000 US Presidential elections, the suspense was even greater than what we are witnessing. However, Americans did not riot, throw stones, break windows, burn houses or challenge policemen. They did not congregate in their capital and town squares. They waited patiently for the counting to be done. Eventually, the final tally was declared and it was a very close election. George W Bush got 50,460,110 votes and Al Gore got 51,003,926, with Bush carrying the Electoral College votes.

There were no killings and threats of evictions. Americans patiently waited for the courts to determine the case and declare a winner. Once declared, the entire country closed ranks and moved on. Why? Because Americans value political stability more than they value precision democracy.

Our behaviour at this time will show not only how patriotic we are, but also how democratic we are. In a democracy, protagonists don’t resort to violence to resolve their differences.

Anonymous said...

Dear honourable leaders,
It Is my honour to address you as the eminent citizens of our country who represent its aspirations and face in the international community. As in all democracies, Kenyans were given an opportunity to elect a leader of their choice. Kenyans in their numbers did so on the 27th of December 2007. However the will of the Kenyan people have been subverted by people who do not represent the aspirations of the majority of Kenyans, As a result our honourable president , Mwai Kibaki has been sworn in as president. However this new presidency is suffering form a legitimacy image. We are not sure if the case would still be the same or different if the will of the people had not been subverted. As such and in the interest of the country. I would like to humbly request him to subject the electoral tallying process to full international inquiry to unearth any irregularities that may have been committed. If those irregularities are confirmed then he should do the honourable thing and respect the will of the people. As a senior politician, he was in politics ten years before I was born, he must know that Kenya is greater than his ambition for power and increased wealth. He must exercise leadership and not resort to strong arm tactic of using the apparatus of the state to quell the legitimate concerns of the citizens.
To Honourable Raila, As much as the Orange Democratic Movement says it does not have faith in the courts, I do believe the court system in Kenya is not completely failed. As such and in all struggles for democracy and social justice, we must not focus on one weapon but must use all the weapons at our disposal. Those include peaceful demonstrations, taking the case to the law courts, for we must use every thread of the system to see if there may be per chance some residual justice still remaining, as well as mounting a challenge in parliament to the government if indeed it is set up on a pack of dominoes. I know it may be bitter to Honourable Raila to have to fight against the system for what he may believe is truly his, but he MUST show leadership at this critical juncture of our nation.

To the first citizens of my beloved country Kenya, It is time to show leadership and stop the destruction of property and life as well as the maiming not only of innocent lives but also the very nation Kenya for which both of you are convinced you are trying to serve both through military precision heavy handedness as well as mounting civil disobedience campaigns that are likely to lead to more loss of life and property.
A hundred lives lost is too much, to loose honour Kenya and do what is right for Kenya, let us indeed in word and action deal with the legitimacy of the election results and let the voice of the people indeed be heard. Remember the voice of the people is the voice of God. Vox populi, vox dei, you defy it at your own detriment.

Robert Magotsi
Quality Manager, POrt ELizabeth
South Africa
Coega Development Corporation
Tel : +27 (0) 41 403 0483
Fax : +27 (0) 41 403 0401

Anonymous said...

As with Ombati, Can Raila please act rensposibly? can he show some leadership? I hope so.otherwise, a walk in the park we do kenyans more harm than good.

urbankenyan said...

I do not advocate for any violent demostrations, but unleashing the army on the people is unacceptable, ordering "shoot to kill" is unacceptable. The will of the people must be respected. Case study:

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Omabti, I'm following you everywhere, bwana you are so elusive. Say something!

Ombati, you raise an important point n got me wondering about whats (more?) important; democracy, political stability or a good economy?

Its definitely possible to have all three together, in fact conventional wisdom suggests that the democracy be there before the others can be present. But Newton 'didn't make it back to parliament' Kulundu raised that most important question of how America harps on and on about democracy and human rights when they are torturing humans in Guantanamo. You remember that time when the US ambassador to Kenya even (undiplomatically?) refused to shake Kulundu's hand afterwards?

China on the other hand is politically stable, and their economy has grown in figures we can only dream about given where they are coming from. But they have poor PR when it comes to democracy and human rights. When China looks like they are more welcome to do business with Africa, the West rushes do demonize them on talking about their poor democracy and human rights record, and how they are the new colonizers of Africa.

What do you say, Ombati?

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Chris, why are you so generous with MB as to re-post her all and only comments as main post here? Ushacheki vile wasee mob hawacheki na yeye na wewe unaendelea unamuonyesha meno yako tu. Hata kama mind yako ishakuwa colonized, please don't let it spill over to the blog. That's doable, right?

Anonymous said...

My fellow Kenyans, I am sorry and sad to disappoint you but Kibaki and Lucy are sleeping well because:

a) Dictator Kibaki is almost senile and can barely stay awake during his own incoherent speeches.

b) The two are surrounded by a bevy of sycophants who protect them from reality.

Anonymous said...

The question to really ask is...does Kibaki really know what happened or he was in slumberland and woken up to be told he won the election? If he does and continues to hold onto illegitimate power...then he is as cold hearted as a dictator can get!! He must be telling himself ..."hawa ni wapumbavu watachoka na kukimbia kimbiakimbia huko huko..." He needs to ask himself whose president he is.

Anonymous said...

Now that Rais Mwizi Kibaki and his Cruella DeVille of a wife are in state house, I hope that they are comfortable in taking us back to the 80's - 90's. On a wheel chair Mwizi Kibaki was overwhelmingly seen as a saviour to change - but guess what he did? stomped on the rights of the same people.

Its nothing to do with tribe - a flawed process is the question kuna wezi kabila zote - the one person pple least hope to be a thug is a president.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Another 5 years of Lucy Kibaki; somebody call the medics, my tummy is turning!

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a blog where I can engage in intelligent discussion with other Kenyans. Kumekuchans, do you know of any??

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Anon, try Its pro-ODM b4 the elections but what matters anymore?

Hellen Okello said...

PKW, where's Chris and Phil? I miss them. They were good at breaking us news? Chris and Phil, can we start another blog? Looks like Briner has taken over this one.

Youn said...

Please read the whole article before you label me anything other than a Kenyan who wants KENYA to succeed. Not John or Jane, but the both of them and the 36+ million other Kenyans. Why? Because they deserve better.

I find it really surprising that so many people are clamoring for Raila. Ok, Kibaki rigged himself back in, no doubts there. Ok, ODM was also involved in some sort of rigging during the voting process, no doubt. Both parties spent close to KShs 15 billion if not more during the elections. Yes that is billion with a B. How many of our fellow Kenyans could we have helped with all that capital, alot.

Let's face it, Kibaki and Raila both come from the top 10 richest families in Kenya. The elitist in Kenya are going to be our leaders for the next 5 years, unfortunately. If anyone clamoring so hard for either Raila or Kibaki had read their manifestos, then it is plain and simple, no one of them offers anything superior. It is the same nonsense of enrich a few while selling a lie.

How can you Kibaki or Raila say that you won the people's mandate. From the 35+ millions Kenyans, less than 30% voted. If you take the 18 and under out (estimating them at 40%) of the population, out of the remaining 21 million voters, not even half voted. So whose mandate do you have?

Politicians lie, steal and decimate the freedom of us the people. They reduce us to mere slaves and peasants, while enriching themselves. This is the trend in the world right now, and Kenya is a part of the world.


That is all it is. Kibaki and Raila are just power hungry so that they can expand their business and political empires. The sad thing I find is that these worshippers of power and money want to dupe us into thinking they represent us, the people of Kenya. WANANCHI WALI JENGA KENYA. KIBAKI AND RAILA, please leave the people of Kenya in peace and don't incite us into killing each other. Your fairytale ideologies are leading to the killing of innocent Kenyans. Go back to your forts and come up with a better plan to succeed or stay in power, not by using bullets, machets, rungus and guns on Kenyans (ALL KENYAN'S SHOULD STAND UNITED AND SAY NO TO GREED, HATE AND VIOLENCE). One day Kenya will have a true leader, for the people have woken up.

kalamari said...

Now that Kibaki has been caught with his pants down while sowing the seeds of discord, I wonder what Kimunya, Karua and Michuki are advising him to do…..especially now that his chief campaigner (Moi) has already fled to Germany.

Anonymous said...

check lick

Election trick was right before our noses

Wednesday November 21, 2007

Ngunyi trick won’t work

Encrypted in Mr Mutahi Ngunyi’s ‘letter’ to Mr Raila Odinga, which was published in The Sunday Standard, was a message to one Rift Valley community.

Ngunyi was informing them, in his fuzzy math, that they hold half of all the potential ODM votes. As such they are very important to Raila as a stepping stone to power.

"President Kibaki may not necessarily be your enemy," Ngunyi wrote, adding: "Raila may not necessarily be your friend." The message he was sending to the community is that they cannot trust Raila and should vote for Kibaki. He argues it is not realistic of them to expect Mr William Ruto to become president in 2027.

It seems Ngunyi and the likes of him will do anything to chip at Raila. I regret to inform you that your message, disguised as political consultancy, did not sell.

Loboko Kabiru,
Houston, Texas

anaweza said...

Has Kibaki made any public comment since Thursday - other than that 'interesting' speech made during the secret swearing-in ceremony?

If he accepted the leadership of the country on Sunday, I presume he accepted leadership of all including those who were opposed to him so where is he now? Why has he disappeared when he should be taking the lead in trying to lead the country out of the abyss that is facing us?

I have never believed that there are any politicians that are 100% saint or 100% devil. I always thought Kibaki was one of the middle of the road inoffensive technocrats, but I have to say that so far he is working very hard to disabuse me of that notion.

Anonymous said...

Hellen Okello: Chris and Phil are probably having a hard time getting news updates particularly in the face of the government's dictatorial suppression of the media.

It has also become difficult for people in Kenya to buy cellphone airtime.

mike said...

Kibaki(PNU)has support in two regions (central and eastern). Raila(ODM) has support in six regions (nyanza,north eastern,nairobi, western,coast,rift valley). To aviod all the problems,lets divide the country into two so that one becomes the president of his region.

Anonymous said...

A walk by ODM will just lead to more chaos...Its the citizens who are getting killed..

Sim said...

A walk by ODMers will basically lead to injury and/or death to more of our Kenyan brothers and sisters - the citizens.

mike said...

If a WALK can't help then lets divide the country into two so that one becomes the president of his region. Kibaki(PNU)has support in two regions (central and eastern). Raila(ODM) has support in six regions (nyanza,north eastern,nairobi, western,coast,rift valley).

Vikii said...

Fine! Let's do it. I will be glad to be under Mwai Kibaki. If there are only two options, then I choose to be under Kibaki.

Anonymous said...

YOU CAN SAVE KENYA peacefully by boycotting BANKS, MATATUS, FOODS, DRINKS, HOTELS, etc of the people from CENTRAL KENYA.

The Kenyan majority has been cheated by Kikuyus (in MOLO, EMBU, MERU,etc). Kenyans should punish them peacefully and eject them from all provinces.

They will force Kibaki to resign after a week. THAT IS THE SOLUTION.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Anon, really? Is it practical? Its starting to sound like people like you guys might have to find 'the final solution' as happened during the holocaust in Germany.

Anonymous said...

PKW, It seems to me that you know very little about the topic on holocaust. What we have here is the contrary. A small clique of people from a region wants to apply unjust methods to cling to power, but forgets that their tribal men are active and genuine traders in other regions of the country. I am a proud Kikuyu man, but I can see further into the future than you. If Kenyans victimize us today, our children will have problems tomorrow. Open your mind and forecast. That is what an educated person should have.

Joe said...

It is the same question that I would ask Kibaki and his henchmen doubt!! Moi fears that Raila will send him to prison for all the evil deeds that were committed under his tenure as president e.g Ouko etc etc Raila is a practical guy and his approach to many is viewed as 'radical' . is time Kenya had radical changes to address corruption, poverty and unemployment. MB, hats off!!!

Anonymous said...

The day Kenyan people will wake up one morning and think they are Kenyans, will be the day they will start thinking what neo-colonialsm is doing in Kenya at the moment.
As my friend from the Caribbean told me, black people suffers from the effects of slavery, colonialism and its the high time "21st century" that we address this issue and stop thinking Jaluo, Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Kamba, Kisii the list goes on to Ibo`s and Zulus etc.
Election only took a day, and the stupidness of uneducated in Kenya sorry to say and Intelectuals abroad have been compromised by two people, Kibaki and Raila "millionaires". They are now spilling poor people’s blood for their own selfishness, greed and power hunger. What do you think they want to accomplish? Protect their ill gotten wealth some of which have been stashed in foreign banks (safe deposits) while poor Kibera voters slaughter one another and others in Eldoret and Nyanza burn their loved neighbours houses, because they are from different tribes. And as we speak, Kibaki and Raila are tossing champagne and shouting loud "cheers". Probably with UK, US and Canadian Ambassadors. They all go to bed together. These guys are crooks, I quote John Kerry when Bush was declared the USA President the second time. After rigging Florida votes where his brother was Governor.

KENYANS, I PLEAD WITH YOU. LET US WORK, STUDY AND GO BACK TO KENYA AND DEVELOP OUR NATION. KIBAKI IS 76 YRS come on, RAILA 62 YEARS hihi getting there, PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK. These people have never experienced poverty and the people dying are hardly 30 years old. ARE WE BUILDING OR DESTROYING OUR FUTURE?
These guys are senile, and the reason i`m saying that is because of the lifestyle they have. Ordinary Kenyans should come together as brothers and sisters and oust these guys out of office and out of our way and take charge of our country.

They have so much money; they can live wherever they want in this world without working until they die.

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