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Sunday, December 16, 2007

ODM is Calling on Patriotic Volunteers


Dear members and supporters of ODM,

You are requested to kindly provide ODM with the following support:

1. Material, logistical and financial resources to monitor the General Elections; and
2. Volunteer Monitoring at the polling station where you will be voting, and real-time relaying of intelligence and vote tallying results to ODM’s main Call Centre.


• There are 23,000 polling stations countrywide;
• Each polling station has upto 5 voting streams, thus up to 115,000 ballot boxes;
• ODM requires 2 Agents per ballot box, so upto 230,000 Agents countrywide;
• Each Agent requires the following so as to operate efficiently:
- A cellular phone loaded with sufficient airtime to liaise real-time;
- Food, water and refreshments during their 48-hr stay at on the job; and
- Intelligence on relevant election activity that they should look out for.
• ODM requires back-up Agents to fill in vacancies that may arise between 26-28th Dec.
• The ODM Call Centre requires an alternative channel of both verifying and receiving election intelligence and vote tallying results so as to reduce the risk of sabotage.


You can participate in providing Election Monitoring Support as follows:

1. Volunteer and also recruit others volunteers to be ODM’s Agents and Support Monitors countrywide. The criteria being:
a. You must have both an ID card and a voters card;
b. You must be registered as a voter in the particular polling station that you intend to volunteer as an agent or a monitor; and
c. You should preferably have a cellphone.

To volunteer email or sms of your Names (or names of those you have recruited), Constituency and the Polling Station at which you will be voting, and your cellphone numbers to or to Donald (0722-834194), Eric (0722-262738), Chris (0729-761973) or the OPN Secretariat PREFERABLY BY MON 17TH DEC & LATEST BY WED 19TH DEC.

2. Donate financial, material and logistical resources. And the following are required by ODM:
a. Safaricom and Celtel Airtime in millions of shillings. ‘Sambaza’ or ‘Me2You’ airtime to the following mobile numbers 0711 649817 and 0736-978149;
b. M-Pesa or Sokotele donations to 0711-64 98 17 and Contact James Mwanjau (0736-978149) or Paul Mekubo (0722-861214) or email
c. Professional services to the Call Centre, motor vehicles, cellphones, computers/laptops, printers, stationery and many more;
d. Food (preferably packed), water and refreshments;

As ODM’s Support Monitor, you will play the following roles:
a. Act as alternative liaison persons between ODM’s Agents at the polling station and ODM’s Call Centre;
b. Gather and relay intelligence (to both ODM’s Agents and our Monitoring Centre) on the activities outside and around the polling stations that may negatively impact on ODM’s chances of success in the polls;
c. Distributing/offering food, water, refreshments, cellphone airtime and other relevant assistance to ODM’s Agents at the polling stations;
d. As permissible by the respective ECK Returning Officers relieve any ODM Agent who being overwhelmed by the task must take a break; and
e. Reminding constituents and the supporters of ODM, to GET OUT AND VOTE, and this may depending on circumstances and resources include assisting the infirm, the weak and the old to go and vote.

For More Information Contact:
ODM Professionals Network (OPN)
C/o M&O Advocates
20th Floor, View Park Towers
Utalii Lane/ Monrovia Street
P.O. Box 13724-00800
Nairobi, Kenya
Landline: 24 87 31 / 2
Wireless: (020) 201 64 92
Cellphones: 0722 83 41 94
0721 66 66 70
0736 97 81 49
Fax: + (254) (20) 24 87 33

ODM Professionals Network (OPN) is an integrated volunteer network of professionals and industry players who desire real change in the political, economic and social arena of the Republic of Kenya as perpetrated in the ODM Manifesto, and intend to pursue the same both before and well beyond the 27th December 2007 elections. Email to join the Network and support real change.


Sue said...

I will see how I can help and I forward this to other supporters.

Taabu said...

Phil you have done it again. Have you paid Chris for advertizing ODM here? If not then you have done exactly what you condemn. You should have sumarized the message of your post and given a link to the site. Otherwise you are providing cannon fodder to your critics who may rightly think this is an ODM platform which I doubt. Meanwhile 10 days and counting.

Phil said...

Taabu, please dont you dare go there. Why hasnt Vikii (ODM-K) and Derek (PNU) posted articles in favour of their parties?

Part of Chris' self-declared mandate is to improve governance and democratization in what he calls his 'beloved motherland'.

If you have been reading whats posted here, the threat posed by election malpractices will definitely deprive Kenyans of a government of their choice. Government has already shown signs that it does not intend to level the playing field and it will do just about anything to turn the election results in its favour even if the people vote against it. For instance, I remind you, appointment of ECK commissioners went against the IPPG, using state instruments to campaign, using the provincial administration to campaign, dishing our universities, roads, districts and what have yous! turning national holidays into PNU campaign rallies, buying votes and double voter registrations - all aimed at influencing the voter to their side at this last minute to the elections.

We all have a civic duty to guard our democracy - and this applies to both PNU and ODM. The PNU has shown signs that it is not ready for that. The above request by ODM professionals shoud be seen in that light. It is NOT a commercial venture and the issue of paying advertising rates should not arise. PNU ODM-K, RAP Kenya and Sisi Kwa Sisi agents reading this blog are free to e-mail Chris with their own party proposals.

Chris has provided a political forum for all sides to publicize themselves (as opposed to advertising), and Taabu, I intend to take full advantage of it.

Taabu said...

.....PNU ODM-K, RAP Kenya and Sisi Kwa Sisi agents reading this blog are free to e-mail Chris with their own party proposals....

So why didn't you email Chris to decide if the post fell within the realm of Kumekucha objective/s. Or he delegated that to you? I have no problem with what you post brother except just probing to avoid ABUSE of privilage. Mark you those other parties may not have their Phil with Kumekucha privilage. Still waiting for response brother, ama? Vikii and Deroo have their respective rights and opinons and your take amounts to reasoning with a eye-over-your-shouklders. It is called displacement tact that is bereft of substance-running on empty. Over to you again.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I don't understand the beef guys.For the umpteenth time, its a free country, (as in a democracy) and anyone can advertise their wares on any forum esp when its free (not free as in democratic, but free as in you don't pay money).

Vikii said...

Taabu, with all due respect I dont understand your fears here. This has all along been an ODM/Raila Odinga blog --It is not new, we are very much used to it. We have in fact come to accept it as such.

Now about the "Financial and Logistical" assistance, that is conmanship, plain and simple. Raila Odinga, Musalia Mudavadi, William Ruto, William Ntimama, Fred Gumo, Otieno Kwach, Sally Kosgei, Henry Kosgey,Chris Okemo and Chris Obure LOOTED billions of shillings from the Kenyan tax payer. Why not spend the loot in facilitating the said vigilance? Each of these thieves can individually finance a general election in Kenya leave alone the vigilance. Begging from the very same Kenyan they fleeced their billions from is an insult.

deroo said...

Campaign never seen in this part of the world! Does it mean you were not serious. It is not molasses plant that was going to be given on a silver plate. It is all about logistics. Ngoja wiki hii ndugu. Tumeamka!

Phil, I post articles that are read in the mainstream. Articles that dont come near Raila/ODM/Molasses.


deroo said...

Phil, I wish to inform you that after spernding time with the family on Xmas Day along Ngong Road, I will drive back to my place in Langata, sleep as sober as a judge, then wait to put somewhere where he belongs - the opposition. That is at Catholic Parochial and I hope Vikii will also be doing that on Kitui. Best wishes in your Molasses Plant-kind of borrowing that left thousands of peasants from the lake region dead broke in the mid-90s. They never saw the plant and will still donate and never see presidency.

Anyway, this has been an ODM platform and I have no regrets being part of it. It has changed in the recent past that the difference between this and is the same.

Majitu said...

Look at this this way guys...if ODM, PNU and ODM K and the other frigne parties, all had agents making sure no party gets involved in mischief isn't it of benefit to ALL KENYANS? Just because it's ODM's idea doesn't mean it's a bad one. That's teh problem with Kenya, too much chest thumping...PNU guys should do the same then whichever party wins, the country will have won by having a truly fair election and nobody can complain. And this will helKenya learn to have and deal with fair elections...

Anonymous said...

Jeez! Quit whining. Each party has a right to reach its audience on this forum if they so choose. The fact that ODM has done just that should not incur choking fits amongst some readers. Were you drafted to participate in this exercise? If not, what are you pissing in your pants for???? FYI, political parties all over the world accept funds and volunteer efforts from their supporters AND they use the most practical media to do so just as those at issue have used this blog...ODM would be foolish not to take advantage of this option.

To those who always complain about this being an ODM/Raila blog, why keep reading? Since he has "no chance" of ever winning an election, why are you so threatened or incensed by the party's efforts to mobilize it's supporters?? Is this the only blog in the entire blogosphere? I see the same names flapping jaws or should I say fingers regularly posting rants on this issue. Can we all just agree that opinions differ and that people aren't clueless just because they want change (regardless of your opinion on the possibility) come 12/27??? Some of you really take the fuata nyayo way of thinking/nonsense literally..sheeish!

Anonymous said...


I don't see how you forgot about the Anglo Leasing scandal effectuated by "anonymous, faceless, crooks", accomplished by the current administration within 2 years of taking office. Or how about those in PNU who are also named in the Goldenberg scandal. Talk about selective criticism!

And, the ODM Professionals is a network of supporters doing what they can to support their party. How you draw a nexxus between this organization and begging by the names you listed above baffles me. A very "simplistic view" of this otherwise, non-issue...For someone who squeals about democracy you don't seem to understand or respect that concept much. Democracy and freedom of choice go hand in hand so give it a rest please, getting very old.

Yvonne said...

Deroo si u get a life mean yow will keep on hammering us with Molases.. till when it has grown stale. Trust me i will also wake up the same way i did in 2002 to go and vote which means it will be a minus 1 vote for Kibaki. Vikii what do you and Kimunya know that other Kenyans don't know. How would they loot billions right under the nose of Kimunya, Kibaki and your buddy Moi without them raising a finger.( I elected Kibaki and not Raila, nor Obure) By the way not in a bad way but do you think Kimunya with his big mouth would have shut up if he had the evidence. As such the way ODM treated Kimunya ..Deserved no reply, the same way i will treat your sentiments no need to argue with you. By the way in this same forum i have read your comments and i am like i dont even know why guys like Taabu and Sue keep on arguing with you. Deroo and your friends this elections will be about trust and i dont trust Kibaki he can't take me for a ride then think i will still stoop low. As one fellow puts it don't vomit on a hand that feeds you and still expect to be fed!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Indeed. This election is about trust, and I dont trust Raila. So on 27th I will wake up and go voting, and it will be +1 for Kibaki. Raila is not an clean, period. Let him come clean on mollases, so yvonne, Bado! Vikii did it well to NAME names in ODM which is mascarading as Mr Cleans. Fact is, they are all looters, led by Raila himself.
So Ynonne, this election is about REVENGE, for a damn MOU which was not kept by Narc after 2002 elections. So was the Referendum. It is the silly MOU that was never kept, much less than it is an issue of performance from Kibaki himself. Raila is mascarading with Majimbo, or is it Majitu. This is part of why I will have none of him.

Yvonne said...

Kenyans do these words ring a bell in your ears even as Martha Karua comes out with all her arrogance: "We want every Kenyan who is trustworthy and patriotic to decide that we will fight corruption in all ways and that we will have no sympathy for anyone who will try to loot public property." This was a quote by Emilio Mwai Kibaki and when Githongo tried to expose corrupt men in his govt he is branded as Mjaruo so if this domo is noise personally i will not stop making noise untill we all get our rights as Kenyans

Taabu said...

Yvonne one of your former classmates tells me you school nickname was Thatcher. Please deny or confirm, won't you?

Vikii said...

Miss Yvonne lemmie tell you one thing coz it appears to me you are very new. Kaa chini usikize ama uishie.

First of all, you do not qualify to ARGUE with me, u just dont. You tell me that you will not respond to my comments as if I solicited for your response. I didnt, u just find yourself addressing Vikii. Tell Taabu and Sue to stop "arguing" with me coz honestly I dont fancy their argumets.

You talk as if you are the only one who pays taxes. I am taxed and so are many other members of my family. I have every right to name and shame those people who looted government money, where amos Kimunya comes in I dont know. I do not belong to the same political party with Amos Kimunya and even if I were, can I tell you that Amos Kimunya is CLEANER than that rogue you support for the presidency? Amos Kimunya is not there to tickle your fancies and so is Vikii. There are corrupt people in the PNU and the moment they post that begging crap here I will tell them the exact same thing.

I promise to hurt you, so the best you can is to skip my comments lady.

Taabu said...

Yvonne that is Vikii for you. Like him hate him, the chap never shies away from any gaunlet thrown at him. Just ask me I should know better. Welcome to the HEAT in Kumekucha's kitchen.

Now Vikii you know as well as I know that you are above the first paragraph. It is well below you bro and I can swear in that when you chose to address the messenger and clouding the message. Para 2 would have done your take plenty of justice, ama? Maybe you had to baptize Yvonne with warm ashes!

Majitu said...

Nothing is above Vikii...I read his comments and remind myself that sometimes ignorance is bliss...he just likes being blissful!

Vikii said...

Knowledge is sweetness and Majitu likes feeling sweet.

Yvonne said...

Gush, Vikii you are too emotional for a man, I expect that from Sue not you. It is simple if the heat is too hot, simply get out of the kitchen!! And by the way everybody in this blog including their families are paying taxes if not to the govt then to mungiki. Kimunya is cleaner give me another one and to Taabu no i have never been called Thatcher so that one was definately not my classmate.

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