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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Kumekucha Honeymoon That Will End On 28th December

Reading through Kumekucha and indeed most of the Kenyan press, you would quickly be convinced that the December 27th polls will be a very closely contested affair. If you have been following recent Steadmann polls then you should be convinced by now that by the tiom the polls come, incumbent President Kibaki will have surged forward in popularity and will easily get re-elected.

You really can’t blame the media or Kumekucha because the whole idea s to appear as balanced as possible, but in the process we are carrying the views of Kenyans who make up less than 5% of the voters and who are busy analyzing what the presidential candidates are doing and saying. This elite group hardly reflects what is rally going on on the ground.

In a way this saddens me because I spend a lot of time talking to ordinary Kenyans, and especially those who have no idea where their next meal is coming from. Hard working Kenyans struggling to keep “at least their noses, above the waters.” These guys who represent a vast majority of voters are telling a very different story. Mostly they are angry and are really looking forward to casting their angry “protest vote” against the current government and against the 9th parliament.

And as I have said here many times before, it is not that these ordinary folks think that Raila is such a great guy. It is really just raw emotion and human nature at work here because they are determined to teach some people a lesson. The whole situation reminds me of the jilted woman in a restaurant who on seeing her ex-husband from a distance walking in with a young attractive woman, grabs the nearest attractive stranger and starts kissing him passionately. The whole thing is “just to show him” and that’s human nature. This is exactly what the vast majority of Kenyan voters will do on December 27th.

Meanwhile we here at Kumekucha are on a “honeymoon” of “balanced” reporting (to some Kumekucha is an ODM blog whatever we try and say) and some of us are even convinced that the incumbent stands a fair chance of winning the December 27th polls in a free and fair contest. I am writing this post so that we can all refer back to it in early January and make judgment whether it is pure fiction that I move around a lot talking to Kenyans or what I am always saying is indeed true.

Meanwhile my concern is that an ODM government will not be much different from the current one and may be worse in some cases, judging from the characters that pollute this political party and who will be extremely powerful if Raila comes to power. I will be delighted to be proved wrong but I doubt whether that will happen.

But for the time being let’s enjoy the “honeymoon” shall we.

P.S. I predict that PNU supporters will all go underground after 28th Dec (especially Kioko). Please prove me wrong and be here to face the music. Just like I will be here to face the music if PNU wins.

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Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Kumekucha-PKW will be hapa hapa! She's rarely a sore loser, and kazi bado itaendela.
In the meantime, shall we lay the opinion polls debate to rest? I am on record for asking hapa hapaif its possible at all that the opinion poll results are doctored, intended to give Raila some fake confidence halafu kill his psyche as we edge closer to the elections. Maybe I'm a prophetess, after all. Happened to kalonzo once, but no one listened to me when 'Raila finally hummers Kibaki'. It is obvious that you (ODM) sympathizers will never agree with Steadman when they show that Raila is facing a possible (imminent?) loss in the general elections. I mean that's the only time that professional mathematicians come out in drones to render the numbers meaningless. I'm still amazed by what things escape your notice-like assuming that the effect of the Mou would be kidogo in a country where 80% of 'the people' profess to be Christians. But, since you have been talking to the real Kenyans, I mean those who matter, let's assume that what we shall see/hear on Dec 28 is a reflection of what 'the people' want. That includes a possible win by PNU, mark you.

On ODM doing the hate campaign, I must confess that I thought the same thing too. Your campaign gimmicks involve a lot of sympathy seeking, and I wouldn't be surprised if you stage-managed that campaign-again. remember when I thought Kioko was one of you? I had that exact same line of thinking. 'Feel sorry (and vote!)for us, some people really hate us'. Just my opinion.

Vikii said...

Good one Chris. Other than a supporting plea for the preservation of this post so we can know how real those Kenyans you have been talking to are, I have nothing else to say. I am neither PNU nor ODM but I predict (My two dear brothers call it mind/keyboard read) a huge PNU win. And it is no seccret I would fancy it any time if the alternative is ODM (God forbid). So will you be around in January? If yes, please tell me you will not be cooking excuses here.

Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to congratulate myself for correctly predicting MONTHS AGO right here in this blog that come December 28/29/30/31 2007/January 2008 Kenyans will wake up to the biggest disappointment they have ever known in their lives
Chris yes its true the 5% economic growth Kenyans are the ones who Steadman polls and are the same ones (some not all) who read and debate in Kumekucha-the problem with the other 95% ordinary Kenyans who even though they are hard-working and struggling are never the less OPIUM SMOKING voters who i GUARANTEE YOU before they leave the privacy of their bedroom that fateful morning of 27th December will take a puff of their favourite narcotic to numb the mind and emotions from the pain of vumiliaing kuwa mkenya by the time they step into that voters booth it will not only be a confusing experience of choice for them what with the A4size ballot papers appearing on just three columns with candidate names arranged alphabetically but with all the goodies the President has dished out lately the opium will be taking a hard-hitting effect than ever before-voting will be for tribe first then secondly for lack of a better candidate and third as a protest measure
Of course some of us will not vote at all

Anonymous said...

Well seeing as Raila is releasing his economic and social plans as per regions it is safe to say that there is some sort of structure for reform.

Im not going to pretend to be a Kibaki only has to look at how he has treated other Kenyans over the past 5 years to make their mind up.

If I change my mind maybe Kalonzo or one of the other 9.And I think that sentiment is repeated across the board.

kalamari said...

Even when ODM and Raila win, I will be here.

Taabu said...

Kenya will remain as all and sundry either celebrate or wail. Retreating can also be advancing in the OPPOSITE direction. This time next month we will be here to remind the new/renewed power that we want our country back pronto. Only players will change but the game remains the same.

Anonymous said...

I agree with this article many bloggers are in deep slumber!! Do you know prezo entourage was not only pelted with stones in Iten but in Kericho and other parts of RV?? So where is RV 47% as reported in some opinion polls? Do you know what pple in the rural areas think of these polls?? Even if 100% they are not sure whether RAO will deliver they'd rather try this new horse bcoz they have been let down badly. I beleive you are all in for a huge surprise or should i call it confirmation of what you suspected all along!

macs34 said...

I can only see illusions here! People wake up!!!!!! tuta kua hapa hapa! kwani tutaenda wapi?

One sad think i had yesterday from home, that in Central Kenya and parts of eastern priests are telling their flock not to Vote RAO in because, farmer's choice ita fungua (no sausages & smokies) na islamic religion shall be taught in primary schools! and that muslims shall be head over Xtians! THIS IS REALLY STUPID PROPAGANDA & very cheap from the pulpit!!

Anonymous said...

PKW. I can never be part of a kihii-led party. Please note that i feel insulted when you or anyone else associates me with toothless fish eaters. I have said it before and am going to say it again and again. If I was given the choice to have been born a jaluo or a dog, I kioko would have preferred to have come into this would as a dog! It is my democratic right to speak out my mind and I do not see why anyone should be offended. Kioko, BC, Canada. PNU juu!!

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