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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

You Cannot Judge A Politician By His Cover

With the type of politics we have in Kenya today and the politicians whose names feature prominently in playing that game, every Kenyan needs to become a bargain hunter of sorts, with that rare and special talent to be able to spot a rough diamond from just any odd rhombus-shaped stone or object lodged in the political landscape. Come December 2007, voters in our country must show that they have stopped taking comedians seriously and politicians as a joke
A true politician is one who will always be there when you need them and not vice versa. Colourful oratory or charismatic appeal is no substitute for lacking in substance and principles(especially integrity). We as voters know that every 5 years during election campaigns it is necessary for our politicians to fool us, and to be honest sometimes it tastes great to swallow morsels of well told lies like a new constitution in 100 days or 1 term presidency. But Kenya is not yet Utopia
However, what we can no longer live by are the worst lies which we make ourselves believe. "my MP does not represent my hopes, dreams and aspirations for my life, and his role is not an example i'm proud for my kids to model lakini nani hana makosa? " I hope the first 100 children who can say "mavi ya kuku" answers your question
You reading this. Yes you. do you know the price of that voter's card you have in your hand right now? Its value is not equivalent to nothing!Use it wisely! The true value of every Kenyan depends entirely on the quality of Bunge we will compare ourselves to when we wake up on the morning of January 1st 2008
We must never tire of walking down that weather-beaten and well-trodden path of reasoning, logic and sense As we approach December,
keep the ruling faculty of your mind sound and do not let your vote degenerate into the equivalent of ethnic voting in the false name of kupiga kura kiasi.

vote PANU, vote ODM, vote ODM K, vote Kenya!


Anonymous said...


One issue that we need to address seriously is voter turnout. Yes we have the voters cards but for one reason or another, we don't vote! That is why voter turnout has always been low, even during the 2002 elections.

My observation is that the people who actually vote are the rural folk and the normal maize cobbler and mama boga, while the 'urbanites' will advance all sorts of reasons such as "we know who will win" or "i won't make a difference" or "i can't travel" or "the elections will not be free and fair", or "our horse has already won" or other reason. Notice that people who can actually analyse election outcomes and hence are capable of making a difference belong in this class. They never seek to make the difference. Hence same voters, same candidates. And yet they are the first ones to complaign if their desired candidates do not win. These are also the people (including yours truly) who would rather watch a political activity on TV rather than attend! Too many inconveniences! Is there a correlation?

But i may be wrong. Can Chris contact some sort of 'poll' that can give an indication as to how many voters in the diaspora will be travelling home to vote? We can begin here.


Sue said...

Luke true you cannot judge a politician by his cover especially when they are dressed in very expensive suits but from the way they talk. Sample this by Kalembe Ndile, mimi sijui Kivuitu was Amerika wala Kivuitu was Uingereza. Just becasue envoys requested for extension of ECK Chairman's term, doesnt mean a whole MP should call a press conference to bash envoys with childish talk. It reminds me of how naive kids are and refer to Kenya Bus ya Uganda, Kenya Bus ya Tanzania or Kenya Railways ya Uganda.

By giving an example of Kalembe I don't mean that its because of someone's level of education that makes someone a wise leader. We know our prezo is well educated but how can we differentiate him with Kalembe and many other Mps who talk things one cannot imagine coming from them in public.

I hope we will get a quality bunge in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Bwana Jeff
Poor voter turn-out is traditionally associated with low motivation on the part of the electorate, especially if they believe that the stakes are not high enough or worth rolling the dice for. But as Chris is wont to reminds us time and again(albeit in the gender format) this is the mother of all general elections, and i hope voter apathy shall not reign supreme in the heart of self-deceived Kenyans who think they are content when what they really are is docile. No more allowing our politicians to play russian roulette with the future of our country

Madame Sue,I fully understand your example about Kalembe and even Nyachae and Mwakwere-how crass and low brow can one get?
When we look at potential candidates this time, let us dig deeper than promises and look for character and not just reputation, whether good or bad. Popularity, promises and image mean nothing to me(in fact i have all 3 going for me but do i say)


Anonymous said...

I agree, you cannot judge a politician by his cover! especially if he is hiding under a hood. Kioko. BC, Canada. na kazi iendeleeeeee!!

Derek said...

Luke, what are we looking at? Already, the campaigns are not about issues and agendas. It is about Kibaki OUT of Raila IN. Tell me any day that you have walked into a converastion and heard the contrary. It is all about. Kibaki has to go. Raila is the best and so on.

I tell you, all MPs who will be voted in, will have done nothing and told the constituents nothing at all. They will either be elected on ODM or PNU tickets. That is the painful bit of it. It is very true, considering that Omingo Magara will have a rough time campaighning for Raila and Joseph Kamotho will only tell people to re-elect Kibaki.

What is Uhuru Kenyatta's reason to support Kibaki? Hakuna! He just feels that Kibaki should be re-elected and the says nothing about his own Ichaweri home. There is totally nothing that the electorate will listen that is different from what we have heard or seen in the last two years.

Has Kenya not been running without a constitution. So what difference will a new constitution make to their lives. There have been no good roads and they are not complaining, infact, Kibaki slapped them on the face when he rode on the dilapidated Eastleigh roads. So, there is nothing that they will offer.

Anonymous said...

we can not have a kihii president in Kenya. The country would be cursed forever. anon

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