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Thursday, October 04, 2007

What are chances of Charity Ngilu defecting to ODM?

Mrs.Charity Ngilu is one of the best women politicians in Kenya; she has been in the forefront of fighting for democracy in Kenya and was part of the team that removed Kanu from power after 24 years. She is regarded as a role model for upcoming women politicians in Kenya being the first woman presidential candidate in Kenyan history.

She is the Chairperson of Narc the party that removed Kanu from power in 2002 and refused to give it up to Dr. Noah Wekesa’s group, who wanted to take it from her, revive it probably to be used by the president again. It was said she is walking around with Narc in her handbag, they gave up decided to leave it with her and moved on to PNU.

Mama Rainbow, may be she should now be referred to as Mama Machungwa (orange), has openly supported ODM presidential candidate Mr. Raila Odinga and urged people to vote for Mr. Raila, she has tried to convince ODM-K presidential candidate Mr. Kalonzo to mend ways with Raila but it is not working.

Her defection to ODM to join Mr. Raila Odinga has been anticipated but it seems not forthcoming. I think its because of the dilemma she is in, being an MP from her home constituency in Eastern Province which is Mr. Kalonzo Musyoka’s strong hold, she has no choice but to support ODM-K to capture her seat back. Her people will hear nothing about Mr. Raila Odinga being better than their son Mr. Kalonzo Musyoka.

The political alignments and tribalism have put people like Mrs. Charity Ngilu with no option but so support people they do not want. On the other hand there is still time for her to make a choice. I read in the news this week that she has been promised a top post by ODM. She may decide to join ODM but will loose her MP seat to an opponent of ODM-K. Alternatively she can defect, loose her seat but get nominated by ODM next year.


Phil said...

There's every chance she has already defected to ODM, if information emanating from orange house is anything to go by. She has already picked up nomination forms by proxy. Besides, team captain himself said - atapewa namba.

Once the corruption bombshells start dropping on PNU, she will safely be in the ODM bunker.

Just to add, Ngilu was moulded into presidential material by Prof. Apollo Njonjo and Prof. P. Ayang Nyongo in SDP. That was way back in 1996/97. Unfortunately, she has only herself to blame because on the basis of her experience, she ought to be the one heading a third force - and not that turncoat weakling that we all know about. She also retreated to her tribal enclave after the referendum and now only ODM can make her rise from the ashes!!!

Anonymous said...

Please mama rainbow dont let us down. Comeback to the lime light we need a strong woman

Anonymous said...

While I don't envy Ngilu's position, I sympathise with the good lady from Ukambani. She finds herself between the rock and dark blue sea. She knows what Kenyans want and what she must do but is enslaved by local politics. in short Ngilu epitomizes all that is wrong with Kenyan politics: ETHNICITY.

Plus you really must be a terrible apoligist for the Mt kenya govt to even think of supporting it. Thank God their waking nightmare will come to pass in Dec, when RO is elected president.

How gullible can Kenyans be? See Kioko with his pea-sized brain hurling insults and collective branding a whole community as stupid. I have never heard a human being look and behave like a DOG with bone stuck to the throat only capable of one mourning (kihii) sound. Comeon jackass Kioko get a life and retrieve your foreskin plus the brain your lost with it.

The simple maths to all Kenyans is KENYA - MT KENYA = KENYA

Anonymous said...

Ngilu? Who is that? She doesnt even have a name in her own home. Disowned by her in-laws and close buddies maybe it's time she ran to cry her heart out on Gachoka's shoulders..or is it pants?!!

Anonymous said...

All of you guys who are thinking of these elections as a chance to root out MT KENYA are hell of a pple. So you think you are real Kenyans by being hateful and abusive to Mt Kenya? What happens if Kibaki wins again, coz the reality is that he has a chance? You will have to live with it. Better learn to respect all, dont hate Mt Kenya coz they are in power(which is a misguided look of things coz govt is not made of mt Kenya, but pple from all ethnic groups). The look you guys are habouring is terrible, and if that what RO has been planting in your minds, then I certify that he is not the right person to be president of Kenya in coming general election.

Anonymous said...

Now Now Now, We are at it again Tribal Issues and votes. I remember in 2002 when we voted out Moi we did it as Kenyans and for a moment there I thought wallah! This tribal thing is over why is it that now when we want to vote out bad governance just as we did with president Moi is it becoming tribal or was it because we were choosing one of the "Nyumba Ya Mumbi" then its not tribal.

When our president (Kifaki) got into power made sure that all the best ministerial posts and top jobs in parastatals and chairmanships,goverment contracts,concessions (look at the latest Safaricom concessions all given to Kikuyu lawyers yet the best firms in the city were overlooked) in various organizations went to Mount Kenya mafia.Its the same game they are playing in the stock exchange. look at Kenya Re for example from top to bottom all Kikuyus ask yourselves why? Are people from other tribes not qualified?

Then all of a sudden the rest of Kenyans are against Kikuyus because we are conscious of how the national cake is shared???

Can you imagine if we gave him another five years???? We shall see the full wrath of tribalism. We are not voting out Kikuyus its BAD GOVERNANCE if he worked without being tribal and trying to propergate his own at the national expense. He would have my vote.

There are those who ate the whole national cake.....the rest were left with the crumbs.

Those crumbs are what u are being told is the wonderful development.

What is economic growth if we dont have equitable distribution of wealth?

What is economic growth if we dont have equal opportunity?

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by equal oppurtunity? How many turkana kids have been denied university education because they are turkana? what do you mean by equal distribution of wealth? does this mean that indians should withdraw money from their bank accounts and give to the lazy jaluos? What about Kenya-Re? You make it sound criminal that Kenya-Re should have a kikuyu head. That is called tribalism. Please tell us who is incharge in Kenya Airways, KCB, Kenya Railways, Kenya Pipeline, Telkom Kenya, Kenya Tourist Board, Kenya Meat Commission, University of Nairobi, Kenya Police, Armed forces, etc. anon, please stop spreading hatred against the kikuyus. We have many other tribes heading important organisations in Kenya today. What is this national cake you are talking about? is life all about eating national cakes? You sound very very cheap. Who, except your own laziness and ineptude, has stopped you from getting a loan from a bank and doing business! Do you think the government will bring you a sack of money as you sleep in your mother's hut? stupid and lazy jaluo! I hope this is not what Raila is promising you!! anon, please live in the real world. Kioko. BC, Canada. kazi iendeleeeee.....

Anonymous said...

See Kioko with his pea-sized brain hurling insults and collective branding a whole community as stupid. I have never heard a human being look and behave like a DOG with bone stuck to the throat only capable of one mourning (kihii) sound. Comeon jackass Kioko get a life and retrieve your foreskin plus the brain your lost with it.

The simple maths to all Kenyans is KENYA - MT KENYA = KENYA

Anonymous said...

root out MT KENYA MAFIA!!

Anonymous said...

What are you doing in British Columbia, Canada? Why do Kenya's ruling elites travel abroad for simple medical procedure? Why are few young Kenya getting out Kenya's Universities unable to find jobs? Who created the massive slum towns in Kenya? Who are the people feeding of the poor slum dwellers by begging for foreign handouts which end up in the ruling elites pockets?

Why is Kenya's vast wealth leaving the country free of charge?
BUILD HOSPITALS OR INFRASTRUCTURES, EDUCATE ITS FUTURE LEADERS MUST HAVE LOST ITS SOVEREIGNITY TO FOREIGNERS LONG TIME AGO. In Kenya, foreigners are calling the shorts while the well funded armed forces guns are pointed towards the poor citizens because they are protecting the ruling elites and their foreign backers.
If you can call Luos stupid, what would stop you from calling the poor Kenyans living in the slums of Kibera and Mathare stupid. By the way, I do not believe you are Kioko.

Anonymous said...

His Excellency (Honourable, Mheshimiwa, Beloved, etc.),Mr. Mwai Kibaki is the best president Kenya has ever had. He will win this election (2007), because our intelligent voters are going to bring him. Let those confused and uninformed voters learn something this again this time. We ,the Kenyans have seen enough bad government in Kenya. If you are still interested in confused, unsteady, erratic and useless politics, I am sure you will find a fool to vote for in this elections. If you cannot tell gold from trash, how are you going to see anything good in the current government? You and your likes are the reason why we have suffered so much in Kenya under bad leadership. You can help by being smart this time and vote for the right person, Mr. Mwai Kibaki. At least, if you are mature and grown you can look at Mr. Kibaki's performance (if you are able to see it), his dignity, consistency, experience and education, peacefulness, intergrity, etc., etc. and know why you should bring him back, so we can enjoy another 5 years of prosperity before hell breaks loose again in Kenya, with a fanatical dictator, and ego-driven politician in office after 2012, because you may get that kind of person in our state house in 2012, if you are still asleep at that time. Wake up and smell the Roses.

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