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Monday, October 29, 2007

Vijana Wagutuke na .....

Reddykulas celebrity John Kiarie aka KJ has joined ODM with eyes trained on dethroning Beth Mugo in Dagoreti. After being a major player in the countrywide Vijana Tugutuke campaign, he has finally decided to soil his hands and be part of the act.

KJ's entry into politics may just usher in fresh touch to our politics. Whether he is only fulfilling the adage of mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka by taking after his father Ngethe who was an also-run presidential candidate in 2002 or he is the epitome of a smart mass mood reader who knows when to translate comedy fame to REALPOLITIK only time will tell. All the same his plunge into politics is the REAL head on collision he has only been caricaturing in the Buzz magazine of Sunday Nation.

We can only wish him well together with other youth like Mdomo Baggy (Kamkunji) and Kajairo (Embakassi). They are our face whom we owe support to champion our course hijacked by scoundrels.

Kibaki's lawyer reappointed commissioner
Meanwhile Kibaki has defied all pleas and sent home 5 ECK commissioners. Even Habel Nyamu could not keep his job after penning flatery articles in praise of the present regime. Kibaki has retained his lawyer Kihara Muttu who was elected last week as the ECK chair.

And there starts the stench from the dead rat. With Kivuitu's term coming to an end on December 2, he is staring fire in the face and Muttu may be ace up Kibaki's sleeve to do the necessary as ECK boss. We are living in interesting time and only God can save Kenya.


Vikii said...

Go KJ, Go. In my opinion, KJ is tick. If I was a resident of Dagoretti i would vote for him any day.

Kajairo pia ni msee wa strength. Mkivotia huyo chalii wasee watakuwa wanasikiza hata doba kwa parliament. Hiyo itakuwa Parliament ingine tu poa sana. Kwa hivo wasee wa Dee, umo, Donii, Embaa na Komaa ni ajeni, si mdo hivo bana!

Anyway, it is pretty cool to see young people getting involved in politics, not because they will automatically translate to good leaders (I dont buy that one)but because its a reflection of an emerging political awareness among the youth. A politically aware people is a people well empowered to demand the leadership that they deserve.

Vee said...

Good on you KJ way to go, hope you win.

However, my concerns are that the Redykulass group never trained any successors, so who will make fun of our government!?? Who will balance the tiring boredom of politics with the funny side of satire!?

I'll also use this forum to declare that I am officially horseless. According to me may the best man (or most corrupt) win!

Taabu said...

Vee welcome to HORSELENESS club. You are not alone but in good company. Meanwhile we respect people's rights to pamper their respective horses the animal's smelly nose notwithstanding. May the best candidate win and God bless Kenya.

Anonymous said...

OH NO! why has John(if i may be so bold as to address him by his first name) cast his lot with devils?i have alot of time for the next generation of new up and coming future leaders for who have decided enough is enough unless we gutuka tuta lala umaskini-but quite perplexingly John has decided to surround himself with these past architects of political decay who are relics from the old regime of hobnobbing and grandstanding old school politics albeit disguised as pretend agents of change for the future good of Kenya-John, i know you are a God fearing man-i will never forget when you came to perform your one man solo act at my local church in Dagoretti constituency; you recited your poem "hands" in the early days while your star was just beginning to shine-for you i can declare myself temporarily horseless but ODM will be like a (D)LEAD weight around your neck, how i wish you would have run on an independent ticket!i am a pumbavu so i don't know whether what i'm suggesting is not practical politics but believe you me you and those old wineskins will not mix-your desire for change and all forms of progress for Kenya will SCARE the living daylights out of those protectors of conservatism and purveyors of confusion. Nevertheless, i wish you victory and once in the 10th parliament if you make it, i will be following your career keenly and rooting for you to change our constituency dagoretti. The so called market is a GREAT place to start, even with so-called CDF we've never so much as seen enough kilometres of tarmac we can be proud to call a road. And we are still thirsty for that commodity that God supplies ever so freely from his heavens known as water
Mungu akubariki
Incidentally your name matches another John that i was hoping would throw his hat into the ring as an independent. I wish all Johns were as rattle-free as you two

Phil said...

Thanks Vikii for officially defecting to ODM.

You may care to know that a lot of young aspirants have paid the fee and picked nomination forms ODM secretariat. Some of them are musicians, media personalities and even comedians. It is the party of choice for all Kenyans. Most of them however, are going for civic seats as opposed to parliamentary seats.

Taabu said...

Not so fast Phil. Vikii never defected to anywhere unless you are being cleverly CHEEKY by half or stroking fire. He only wished KJ well and never mentioned party. Don't you think sometimes personaties count more than the club? Or is the obsession with party clouds individual traits? Vijana wagutuke. Na bado.

Phil said...

Taabu, there's is nothing as being horseless. If you cannot vote, it means you are failing in one of the most important constitutional duties in your life. It is actually a contribution to bad governance and a betrayal of future generations.

Vikii is saying that if he could be allowed to change voting stations, he would vote for KJ on an ODM ticket. Thats as good as defecting - in Kenyan political terms.

About youngsters flocking to ODM, part of the reason is ODM has working chapters in all state universities and polytechnics. Student organisations of Moi, Maseno, Nairobi and Kenyatta Universities are indeed 'friends' of ODM. With the likes of Balala and Ruto in the ODM pentagon, it is not difficult to see why.

macs34 said...

Hey KJ, the smartest thing you have done since any kiuk was borne!

I bet you can even bet Uhuru in 2012! Kudos, for showing that ODM is not a tribal horse!
i wish u win and yo will!!

mogiyusuf said...

The ODM avalanche seems to have hit its anti climax after the goodwill that it enjoyed immediately after Ruto and Magara were regrettably manhandled in Kisii. This goodwill was later transferred to the Rift Valley during that massive rally before culminating into a crescendo at Uhuru park where Kenya witnessed a wave of humanity like no other.

Right now, the crest of the ODM wave seems to have reached a plateau and this couldn't have been made worse than by a gaffe from their leader regarding majimbo.

To begin with, majimbo is a subject that needs sober, detailed analysis and in my view, a referendum. Most people are opposed to it according to Steadman polls irrespective of their political leanings and this strikes a delicate chord of uncertainty for the so called pentagon.

Raila Odinga, an engineer by profession and an intelligent man I might add, is trying to confuse the masses by conflating two words or terms; Majimbo (federalism) and devolution.

Kalonzo, apparently the wiser of the two as far as this issue goes is being cautious and only advocates for economic majimbo whatever that means but it is Raila's attempt at pitting 41 against 1 or if you like, 38 against 3 (GEMA) that has led to his current stagnation.

Politicians thrive on the masses' ignorance or apathy. Raila's disciples, and this is a fact, don't have a lot of regard for facts and data. They don't seek the finer details. They care less about how certain programmes will be attained or funded. When Raila says that 60% (forgive me if I got the figure wrong) of the nation's revenue will go to CDF under majimbo instead of the current 2.5%, they don't ask what programmes will be traded off if we have to achieve this. WHere will we get other monies for other programmes? Is 40% of our revenue enough for education,, defence, salaries and all other recurrent as well as development expenditure?

If we (our MPs that is) don't even utilise the kshs. 30 million annual share of CDF per constituency which is always repartriated back to the treasury, how about 1 BILLION? (60% OF 400 BILLION IS 240 BILLION.) Each constituency under Raila would therefore get 1 Billion kshs. in terms of CDF. Correct me if I am wrong.

Raila shoots from the hip and that is his strength as well as his undoing. After arguing that the NSE was being fueled by drugs money, and after Minister Kimunya told him (regardless of whether this was true or not) that his callous, careless and uninformed utterances had led to the loss of Billions at the bourse, he rushed to the mart to try and plug the holes but that was too little too late. The Kenyan investor is with Kibaki lock, stock and barrel.

ODM, like someone so aptly put it in her vernacular here in Mashada is like a bonfire made out of chaff or husks. It glows abruptly and the sparks fly all over before dying out fast. We'll probably be seeing the embers of that fire in the next month. I DON'T SEE THE ODM WAVE COMING ANYWHERE CLOSE TO WHERE IT WAS 3 WEEKS AGO.

In the meantime, Kibaki's steady hand is guiding PNU. He's been criss crossing the RIft Valley with great success and kama ninavyosema mara kwa mara, Kibaki doesn't need to get a majority of the votes in the areas where ODM is excelling. Not that he doesn't need every vote, but mathematically, he needs to pilfer a sizeable chunk of votes from ODM and ODM-K to add to his votes and emerge with a majority of the popular vote. That is why the president is so confident and from his campaigns, he is on course.

Raila is someone who is prone to goofing. A few days ago, he went to of all places Othaya to urge the peasants there not to re-elect Kibaki. What fallacy! That was a waste of time and if he doesn't know it, he needs better advisers. His Meru trip, regrettably as things turned out, would be a better bet but even then, it was made more out of proving a point rather than value ( to be derived from such a visit).

The government also had its wits around it by ensuring that he (Raila) was able to spread his porojo by the government warding off hecklers failure to which he'd have tried to capitalise on the fact that PNU had prevented him from campaigning in Kibaki's stronghold. This would have been followed by a press conference from his party and the diplomats accredited to the country and doesn't Raila love this!

It didn't pan out as Raila would have loved and no wonder we didn't see him after Meru. He's still strategising on the best way to remain in the headlines.

As the majimbo debate rages, ODM has embarked on trashing the Cardinal. The pentagon fell short of saying that the Catholic church was supportin g Kibaki and PNU but they went as far as saying that their statement would be construed to mean that they were partisan.

Today, the PCEA and the Anglican churches have added their voices but at least they haven't signed any MOU with Kibaki. I wonder whether Raila signed any MOU with a certain religious organisation and if so, what his explanation of it would be.

Kibaki has stemmed the tide of defectors who see nothing but their stomachs with one stroke of a pen. ODM's great expectations of defecting ministers hit a political cul de sac because Kibaki caught them napping. All they wanted was for Kibaki to dissolve parliament in order for them to reap massively now that they were leading in the polls but the genius of Kibaki was too much for the Ordinary Docile Movement. Politicians will be agonising after the party nominations about their future and in my view, this is very healthy for our country.

I have said it here and I'll repeat; Kibaki is winning this election hands down. Someone remind me this on December 29th. I'll be in Kenya and I am going to vote for Kibaki.

WE need 5 more years of stability and growth with Kibaki.


Taabu said...

Mogiyuf that was a mouthful. Man you have your HORSE and why not flog it and all teh best. That is what is called loyalty. I wish your horse knew you because you deserve something small. Keep it up and you have all the right to pamper. At the end of the day and whioever wins, Kenya ni yetu.

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