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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kumekucha's Strange Behavior

Have you noticed that Kumekucha has been making very few posts lately? This strange and unusual trait has culminated in today where he has not posted anything except this strange brief articles asking lots of questions. He’s even failed to publish the Kenya Betrayed serialization (he says it will continue tomorrow).

That busy, huh?

Has he been bought or is he just busy? And if he’s busy what story is he working on? Could it be something very big that will soon be published here? Well, the guy has a track record of sorts. He’s broken some pretty big stories here before.

Could tomorrow be the day when we start to find out what Kumekucha has been up to?

To be honest I can’t wait to find out, can you?


Anonymous said...

Wastaajabu ya Musa kabla hujaona ya Pharaoni? (yeah that's swahili)

Anonymous said...

Why is it wrong for Livondo's wife to be called Ida? is Ida a protected name in the new constitution? I know a barmaid at huruma estate with a similar name. Of course she has many bed-customers as people associate her with the wife of a well known jaluo conman. anon

Anonymous said...

I think i just saw Bwana Phil on NTV saying "the short name for Raila is Rais"
I hold no brief for either Phil or RO ;all i'm saying is I think I saw Phil -do you wear dark glasses and loud Hawaiian shirts from time to time?

Anonymous said...

Whatever it is that you are up to just know that even my 2nd grade son can handle it. Its a disgrace to go hiding coz you've lost material to publish and seek active audience to help you out while you sweat the small stuff.

Ama you are in the Odinga Dictatorship Movement steering committee? Thus very busy? But I do understand hata Livondo is busy too and will always make time for press briefing whenever the need arises.... (ah.. it arose with a hefty bribe.. LOL)

(Mr. Steel pulse)

Anonymous said...


I also saw Phil on NTV Jioni. Bwana Phil are you the one?


Of course the big day for Kumekucha is tomorrow (sato). As i have always suspected (s)he is a crucial cog in the ODM wheel, plus (s)he has to capture all the juicy and all...from preparation to the actual event. Busy week, huh?


Phil said...

Relax guys. I will upload photos and clips on this forum very soon.

Mr. Steel Pulse, because you are more intelligent than others, we need answers to todays posts. Is anglo leasing dead and buried? What did the president say/do/not do when Gtithongo was advising him of the scam going on right under his nose? Perhaps a recording will answer all these questions?

Anonymous said...

@ Phil, first... let me thank you for realising and acknowledging my intellect (but do I say).

Secondly, is to put across a few sentiments on the Anglo fleasing. I would like to make my stand be known that I am Kibaki damu! So much has been said that I dont want to repeat here about the scam. Just because am pro-Kibaki doesnt mean that I will turn a blind-eye or let it pass below the table... no! I will call a spade a spade, The buck stops with the mzee on the hot-seat. He has condoned corruption to embarassing levels with reluctance to arrest the situations and bring sanity back to our bleeding economy. Kibaki has his ills and this one is mighty.

But, before we take it to the streets, let ask ourselves which among the two evils can we live with. Because for sure there can never be a perfect system. (Hata wewe Phil, you've got some demons in your head and somehow they sway you off track).

Do we want a leader who is reluctant (and may be abets corruption) or one whose past has proven to us that through dictatorship we might never be able to enjoy our peace, blood shed and economic slump might be the order of the day.

As for me I'd rather live, sleep, eat KIBAKI. He has taken us from step to strength - it might not be the huge leap we expected but he has cultivated a fertile ground for economic growth. KIBAKI is as human as he can be and shuttered expectations do not mean that dream is dead. Slowly but surely we will march on... with or without Anglo fleasing and other ills.

(mr. steel pulse)

Anonymous said...

What about the Molasses scandal? is it dead? What about wife inheritance? what about eating and drinking and eating to the full in funerals? Kioko. BC, Canada.

Anonymous said...

Phil you are a jaluo and do not deny it. I wish you could stop hiding in your thick hood!! as a jaluo, isn't it just natural to support Raila? Let us see your photo. I am sure your thick negro lips and charcoal black face shall betray you. Kioko. BC, Canada.

Anonymous said...

the biggest mistake that the Kibaki camp make is to assume that Raila's only supporters are luos.

He would not be the political force he is today if that where true.

Actually the opposite is true of Kibaki.Most of his supporters are Kikuyu or GEMA.The election results will prove that.

Insults against Raila and Luos have now become stale.


Think about that.Its the main reason why the Kibaki campaign has and will continue to flop.

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