Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kenya’s Forgotten Tribe

Next to the Luo you will not believe the other Kenyan tribe that has suffered the most neglect in terms of development assistance from the central government. It is of course the Kikuyu.

Most people reading this would be incredulous at my assertion, but let me explain.

Contrary to what most Kenyans think many areas in Central province are the most underdeveloped in the country and things would have been much worse was it not for the enterprising and creative spirit that most of our Kikuyu brothers seem to possess naturally. The community has also been greatly aided by their proximity to Nairobi.

Under the Kenyatta regime, the president was very careful to be seen as a national figure and was uncomfortable about taking development projects to his Gatundu constituency. The result is there for all to see even today as this is one of the most backward areas in the entire Central province.

During the Moi era, the president did everything to sabotage the revenue generating activities that were perceived to give the Kikuyu economic might. Even at the expense of national interests. Just ask a few farmers...

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Vikii said...

But the kikuyus aren't the most 'misused' by their leaders, are they? As far as I am concerned, kikuyus are among some few tribes who have elected leaders for what they have to offer, not for how loud they shout.

And if they have been neglected by successive governments, how come they dont cry all over about it?

In my opinion, this neglect thing is all rubbish. At the end of the day YOU have to put your own food on the table, neither the government nor your tribal chief will do it for you. Beba msalaba chali yangu.

Taabu said...

Nice one but expect twisted interpretation. We are collectively suffering from an overdose of HATE. This vice blinds even the brightest of all minds. A small self-test for hatred: just remove your obsession about somebody/tribe and ask yourself if you can write a complete sentence live alone a paragraph.

That said our politicians remain scoundrels and will always ride on our back provided we avail that part of our body to them. The eating chiefs are very few and they are so smart to an extend that while they order five course meal we yawn hungrily in their defense. Simple we get the leaders that we derserve.

Anonymous said...

I wish these jaluos could listen to vikii. He seems to be writing well thought articles unlike the tribal stuff from Taabu and Phil Othieno and insults from the toothless jaluo jinga called Kalamari. kioko. BC, Canada. Kazi iendelee na tutamaliza upumbavuu.

Anonymous said...

how vulnerable the hate of tribalism has made 2 of the largest tribes in Kenya!the ugliness of ethnic prejudice inside of us was only seeking to be exposed for its own self-destructive purposes. we thought that by shouting "adui" our built up defence-mechanism would ward off the other tribe that came to hurt us- little did we realise that the Kikuyu was really looking at himself dressed up as a luo clothing and vice versa. now we are hostages, and this cancer second only to corruption is inside us, eating us out and leaving us more confused than ever about our identity as kenyans and brothers.if only our indifference stopped with the ideological political divide wouldn't we be a beacon of hope to the rest of sub-saharan africa. sadly that is only where it begins with who knows where it ends

kalamari said...

Kioko. I think your mother dropped you on your head when you were about 2 years old. It's debatable whether she did it intentionaly or by mistake. Whicever way, she definatley did not love you too much.

Njoroge-mzee wa kijiji said...

This is very true. In central the highest bidder gets the parliamentary seat. The fact that you would not want to embarass one of your own ensures you forever remain silent. Apart from the issue of KCC that has really benefitted the farmers and rift valley has gained more on this. The common people of central have nothing special to talk about the man. There is this feeling that with a president in your community all is systems go. Its a fallacy and a big lie that we are ahead of the rest as a community - we sleeping hungry, jiggers infestation, thika rd is big problem, some constituencies have no tarmac even here in kiambu. I bet the community can even do better without one of their own in the house on the hill. The common man is realising this. Its better when you are shouting that you dont have, rather than suffer in silence because you have one of your own.

bloggeratti said...

Riddle me this!

How is it that the Kikuyu prosper the most especially when the odds are against them?

In my view, they are the most enterprising and level-headed community. Materialistic yes, uncouth sometimes (especially in their reference to "andu a rûgûrû" or "people from far yonder", a general term for people from Western Kenya.

It's unfortunate that the fruits of their labour are mis-represented as "favours" from the government.

Like some lame-brain rumour going round that Family Finance was handing out unsecured loans to Kikuyus only.
The perpetrators of that rumour should take into consideration the fact that Kikuyus, especially women are meticulous savers, the kind that a bank would easily lend to.

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