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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Football Horses that Never Run

The English Premier league is popular the world over thanks to the media blizz. That English football is more talked about than any of its competitor cannot be gainsaid. But a closer look at the game’s dynamics reveals a cleverly-crafted scheme to create heat and media hyperbole from a mute showcase.

Nothing could be further from the truth. British's (read English) appetite to dominate the world in anyway possible remains insatiable. Picture this: Rooney scores a goal from sheer luck and what you read from the headlines next day is no reflection of what you watched either on the pitch or TV. All English footballers are celebrities fulltime. Beckham is threatening his ex-singer wife Victoria and the so-called WAGs (wives and girlfriends) of players even shamelessly apportion themselves fame by association (read sleeping).

Meanwhile the real pitch heroes who 'unfortunately' happen not to be English fade in the limelight of western press. How somebody classifies Rooney together with Gattusso as the world’s most lethal strikers is a dry joke than should be exclusively told by Lucifer welcoming his clients to hell.

Granted, England is home to clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United which are institutions in themselves and no amount of money can buy either history or legacy. But that does not take away the fact that Real Madrid is the world oldest and established club. Kenyans must have watched Brits keenly in backing their respective (political) horses despite all the nauseating warts.

The difference is that the British media hype at least operates within the parameters of civility unlike our naked hatred for fellow countrymen. Unlike football, our politics remains a bloody battle that spares no guns.


Anonymous said...

Kenya is today awash with tribalism coming from the ODM. Do they have any agenda except kikuyu bashing and abusing ex-President Daniel Arap Moi? Does Raila have any vision beyond the much talked about MOUs and useless constitutions. He was a total failure as minister. He has stolen kibera CDF cash. He conned jaluos millions of shilling in the molasses saga, yet these jingas continue to follow him. I am happy the kihii has lost the safaricom case. The IPO will go on as scheduled. Kioko. BC, Canada.kazi iendeleeeee.
PS. Who killed maitha? watch this column.

Anonymous said...

Kioko you are sick from waking up in the middle of the night everyday after dreaming about Raila being the next president.
Your daily rants and raves about Raila will not change anything. For your info and that of your PANUA friends of koinange street. The rumors were that maitha married a 3rd young wife, he went with her to Germany. In order to please her he took viagra which is not good for people with heart problem.Go back to sleep or you are in Canada washing dishes in a restaurant or baby sitting so you take some time to post some nonsense before baby wakes up.

Kazi iendeleee lakini siku zao zimeisha.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, Kioko you are a true comediene, (oops i forgot you're proudly circumsied) i meant comedian

Mwalimu said "The difference is that the British media hype at least operates within the parameters of civility unlike our naked hatred for fellow countrymen. Unlike football, our politics remains a bloody battle that spares no guns"

My question to you Kioko (and other naked tribalists such as yourself out there in readers' land) what will you do if the next president of Kenya were to be a woman? Call for her to be undergo FGM?

For your sake i hope you answer correctly

Anonymous said...

Kioko derives his fame from his pea-sized brain. Otherwise how would you classify a numskull hurling insults and collective branding a whole community as stupid?

The dead DOG he exhumed and ate must be mutating in his brain. I have never heard a human being look and behave like a DOG with bone stuck to the throat only capable of one mourning (kihii) sound. What jackass Kioko is? Please get a life and retrieve your foreskin plus the brain your lost with it.

Anonymous said...

Am so proud of you one mister KIOKO. Keep the facts flowing... these jingas think they can but anything they want just because they think they'll be in the hot seat next year.... bure kabisa... pumbavu... mavi ya kuku!!!

Kudos Kioko!!!

(mr. steel pulse)

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