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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Defection Watch: Sambu Dumps Narc-K for ODM

To expose the spirit of scoundrels who snap all our breath in sweat as they perfect expediency, we introduce a defection watch column to update readers of Kumekucha on the fluidity of Kenyan politics. And gracing the inaugural post is Alfred Sambu decamping from the party of flowers to squeeze the Orange juice.

For the records Sambu has been a Kibaki’s man since the DP on which he used to whip his Tachoni folks in attempt to dethrone Muskari Kombo. But that is not enough. Sambu’s move to ODM is a ripple on top deep running currents of realignment in the land of Ingo. With Kombo competing to outshine Uncle Moody he is poised to clinch PNU nomination bila sweat. Sambu knows better and as the late Whispers wont to say he is neither na├»ve nor stupid.

Over the gender fence, madame Orie Rogo-Manduli and Prof. Kamar (Biwott's other wife) have also trouped into ODM. But not so fast. These two maybe more of liabilities than assets. Their value to ODM may not be evaluated outright. Mark you politicians are scoundrels and they don't sleep easy while the 'enemey' is on a roll.

So are these sign of things to come in the next 70+ days? I don’t know but I have the luxury and patience to watch keenly.


Anonymous said...

it's "dump" not "damp". totaly different meaning but i'm sure you know that. nice article though.

Anonymous said...

I'ts "dump" not "damp". Totaly different meaning.I'm sure you already know that. Nice article though.

Anonymous said...

Taabu uko na taabu... if your still clinging on hopes that the coalition will disintegrate and fall like a house of cards then, I do believe you are such a disgrace even to your parents.

Hata wakitawanyika, and leave Kibaki's camp I shall still vote for him.

FYI... we are taking the hot seat - whether you like it or not!!! Kwa kweli uko na taabu.

(Mr. Steel pulse)

Anonymous said...

The idiot has offered Livondo Sh100m to defect to ODM. In turn, Livondo has offered the idiot and his so called Pentagon a total of Sh2B to defect to PNU. Let's wait and see how the greedy ODM conmen are going to behave. Kioko. BC, Canada.

Anonymous said...

The money Livondo is brandishing in the streets is drugs money. As the Chief Distributor of the Arturs African Drugs Empire, he must be making hell of it. Only that he will be castrated when ODM comes to power in December, make no mistake about it and the hour is certain.

For your information, no one is interested in the ilk of Livondo because he has no locus standi, neither does he a following save for few drug peddlers. ODM is on course to win and Mama Ngilu supports the revolution even if she vies on an ODM-Kamba. The one who waits for tomorrow, tomorrow is nigh!

Phil said...

Defections into ODM?

- Orie Rogo Manduli (former Ms. Kenya and 1st woman safari rally finisher)
- Prof. Margaret Kamar (also known as Mrs. Nicholas Biwott)

I tell you it seems the women gender have just had enough of this PNU circus.

Meanwhile, could you please ask your little-god Livondo to table his academic, public service and political CV's for scrutiny by prospective voters.

Anonymous said...

Livondo should watch out for being used. Where is akasha today, atur's will not be there for him.

Anonymous said...

Livondo's CV? The same should be asked of the idiot. Where has he even worked apart from repairing gas cylinders in his father's firm? Of course the idiot has an 'excellent' political CV. He has been in 14 political parties!!! He also served as a page boy in Moi's court. He was also sacked by HE President Mwai Kibaki due to incomptence and replaced with Simeon Nyachae. Orie Rogo Manduli best fits in ODM marketplace. By the way Phil, is she your mum. You seem to have similar mentality. Kioko. BC, Canada. kasi iendeleeeee...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bravo Kioko! Let us get Raila's CV and compare that to Kibaki's. This time Kioko is talking facts.

Anonymous said...

In 1971 Raila co-founded the engineering firm Franz Schieneis and Partners.

He founded the company Standard Processing Equipment Construction and Erection known as Spectre later East African Spectre.

He was appointed standards manager in 1974 at the Kenya Bureau of Standards

His performance in the above post was exceptional and culminated in him getting certifications from the British Standards institute and the US National Bureau of Standards

He has also served as the deputy director at the Kenya bureau of Standards a post he held until his detention

He was also a lecturer in the department of mechanical engineering in the University of Nairobi.

Thats just as far as I know


Anonymous said...

Kioko has always been talking facts

Anonymous said...

Check your facts!! Raila was never a university lecturer! He was a tutorial fellow in the department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nairobi. There is a world of a difference between a tutorial fellow and a lecturer. He was sacked by the university when students complained that he was incomptent. He could not be able to lecture due to his fake qualifications from an East German College. Please please tell us. What did Raila Odinga get in his 'A' levels? tell us! I dare you! let me safe you the embarassment: HE WENT TO STUDY IN EAST GERMANY BECAUSE HE HAD FAILED HIS 'O' LEVEL EXAMINATIONS. HE WAS NOT ELIGIBLE TO STUDY IN THE UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI AND HENCE COULD NOT EVEN LECTURE.

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