Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Campaign Trail and Dishing Goodies

A post is a post is a post hata kama ni ya siku mbili. Dr Wilfred Machage has finally landed the 'coveted' ministerial flag in the EA community docket. And in true Nyayo tradition of replacing one with a similar species, Bureti MP Paul Sang is the brand new minister for Healtth. What a marvellous way to crown their parliamentary stint?

Poor Jebii Kilimo, she has been snubbed for more weighty stuff. There must be more political premium attached to South Rift than Othaya ndogo (Marakwet). And the forth coming polls is neither a Sunday school nor a nursery for breast feeding. And what a leap for Sang, from back bench to FULL minister. But trust the political liver juggling to leave nasty tastes in many mouths in its wake, more grumbling albeit silent.

Who is that fool assaulting our ears with the promise of no more roadside announcements? Make no mistake there are ‘primitive’ Nyayo roadside announcements and educated one from Makerere. Kisii is now not only one of the most heavily congested but indivisibly partitioned into miniature districts. Na hiyo ni maendeleo na kazi iendelee.


kalamari said...

Taabu, suffice it to mean lack of ideas… and a continuation of Moism. We recall similar goodies dished out immediately before the referendum. It didn't work then and all indications point to it not working this time around. What has changed? There's only two things; either Kenyan voters have evolved into a bunch of ingrates or they have acquired the uncanny ability to see through the insincerity that defines the Kibaki administration and campaign. Can you imagine how many boreholes Kibaki will commission when he visits Kitui? I say about three thousand. Can you conceptualize how many chickens (ingokho, to be precise) he will deliver the next time he lands in Kakamega? When he gathers the courage to visit Luo Nyanza, I've been told his intention will be to elevate Rarieda into a city. Notwithstanding his promise to transform Northeastern province into the country's bread basket.

Chris, lets play the game, "Guess Baba Jimmy's Goodies". This is how it goes; Prior to each weekend before the elections, you will use your Kumekucha investigative skills to unveil Kibakis' itinerary for the following week. You will then ask readers of your blog, to guess what type of goodies Kibaki has in store for each constituency he makes a stop. Answers must be in by Sunday night. The chap with the more correct guesses emerges the winner…...we'll figure prizes as we go. You said you wanted an interactive blog, right?

Anonymous said...

I think when he visits his home province of Central, he should elevate it into a country with its own military in form of Mungiki with Michuki as the head of state.

He should also convert Bungoma into a full province, and should declare all municipalities as cities.

Further, he should appoint Mr. Kimunya as minister of propaganda and misinformation with Livondo being declared Army Commander and Government Chief Chemist.

It is also time that the appointment of Arturs brothers as Deputy Police Commissioners be formalised to be followed by promotions to Police Commissioner and Head of Media Police Units respectively.

Moi should be appointed head of KACC to replace Mr. Ringera while Pattni should be made the Governor of Central Bank to speed up the accumulation of gold bullions in a new Gold Bullion Accumulation Project.

Vikii said...

President Kibaki is losing it if he aint careful. I least expected him to fire John Koech. Why on earth was Koech fired? Mwai Kibaki is beginning to appear to me as getting a little bit frustrated. He should fire who deserve the sack not individuals exercising their democratic right and doing their job well. That was very unfortunate. The Mois of this world are well past their sale-by-dates and they are misleading Kibaki.

Anonymous said...

I said here that this is turning out to be a replica of 2002 elections. MK will fire untill he fires himself. But Chris, what is Koech doing in ODM anyway? From your sources, do you see the guy in parliament come 2008? There are 42 candidates lined up against him in ODM alone. So he's the 43rd candidate.

And Chris, please confirm whether Mukhisa Kituyi has picked his nomination forms at Orange house! I can't wait for him and Kipruto Kirwa to join the train.

And Kudos Bw. Phil. I cant wait to read your posts every morning. Keep the Orange Torch alive!

Always Chief Dr. Al Hajj M.A. Nanga, MP.

Anonymous said...

so should koech have been elevated to VP? Vikii, please stop reasoning like a villager? idiot.

macs34 said...

What do expect, him to do? He does that in hope of getting the right person yet getting the wrong ones in his bag..

For goodness sake, what happened to the one lady who was supposed to give her tits to be sucked again? Mrs. Kilimo any comments now that you have been by passed again?

And on the same, i can now count how many women are in the cabinate yet the PNU team tlks of gender!

Anonymous said...

Why do you allow the likes of Kalamari to use foul language in this blog? Please delete his stupid postings. These are the kind of fools who need to face the knife so that they can stop their kihii mentality.

Mkenya Damu said...

What is the point of trying to unify EA when the govt is busy turning every village into a district just to win votes.

Anonymous said...

Vikii that was a silly line, ati Koech should have been treated otherwise!??? Are you sick? This is politics, and whoever is not for you is against you. Now, do you sleep in the same bed with your enemy? You kill them like yesterday! It is the way to make war, welcome to the art of war. Think if it were Raila in Kibaki's shoes, he would have retained Koech? You odm goons need to stop behaving like there is 'change' in your camp but rather wake up and think soberly!

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