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Friday, September 14, 2007

Why The Mantra, That Kanu Must Be Part Of The Next Government?


In trying to justify his reasons for supporting President Kibaki for re-election, leader of the official opposition Uhuru Kenyatta says that there is no point in standing in an election if one knows that they will lose.

What a lame excuse coming from the mouth of somebody who has seen the inside of a university lecture hall.

Uhuru must know that the essence of a democracy is having a strong viable opposition. Oppositions NEVER fold up to support the government just because they think they can’t win. That has never been heard of in the history of democracy in the world.

Come to think of it, there are numerous other firsts on our local political scene.

Only in Kenya are coalitions formed, deals sealed and MOU’s signed before an election. Only in Kenya was it decided in 1988 that secret ballot voting has no reason for existence and thus was born the notorious queue-voting system.

So now we have a new first; opposition folds up to support the incumbent.

I will tell you what is really going on. Actually I mentioned it here yesterday. The truth is that the Kenyattas, Mois...

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luke said...

Now that UK is in the Guinness Book of World Records, every political opposition in the world should emulate what he has done;be opposition in name only.UK's brand of politics opposition is to enflame our senses with anxiety for an alternative but fail to ever deliver the same. A hands off eyes off ears off Govt.of the day needs a hands off eyes off ears off opposition to round off the equation to equal Kenya-the land of the almosts. we're almost liberated, look out for bidii#3 coming soon December 20....

Taabu said...

Did somebody say that we have scoundrels for politicians? Few days ago UK petitioned Kaparo to reprimand Emilio for poaching his MPs. And now the father has sold his homesatead. Was he just crying foul for attenton or throwing tantrams for being overlooked?

Not that he has done anythng evil by Kenyan standards. But before we shout SAINT, a critical look will diasbuse us of the dent in growth of institutions for check and balances. Well, I better stop there because UK has been declared Kenya's 4th president. And Luka thinks 1012 will be the corronatio of his SAINT in HELL? Mmmhh..

Vikii said...

This post in my opinion smacks more of despair and frustration than anything else. If that's not so, please tell me how a party formed a couple days ago can be associated with Anglo-leasing. Dont quote the principal players expected to grace it because I will point to the other side and show you scammers that will make the "PNUA" ones look like amateurs.

I was chatting with sammo ma buddies and they appeared to believe wholesomely the intepretation advanced by 'The Standard' of the uhuru situation. They have actually christened it the modern-day 'Unholy Alliance'. Well, there may be some validity in their argument, but it is not lost to anybody who doesnt drag his emotions in there that there is a deliberate attempt to extract negative reaction to the alliance. This is what i mean:

Why is it that the same media houses, the same bloggers and the same analysts who advanced the theory that a Uhuru candidature would be a non-starter are the same ones crying foul today? These people argued that Uhuru's prospects lied in being Raila's running mate. Would that not have amounted to abdicating his role as the opposition chief still or are there people with divine rights to be supported by all and sundry? Everybody who doesnt do 'the necessary' is branded a devil. I guess that explains why Mudavadi, who was a villain a few days ago has become an overnight hero. I think it's kinda funny but may be it's me.

I disagree with the allegation that Uhuru has done what he has done to protect himself and Jimmy. Protect himself from what? This imagination some people have that there is a messiah out there who is coming to prosecute people is misplaced. Unless Kenya will be converted to a Uganda of the seventies then that messiah should actually find himself on the receiving end. If whoever becomes president in december has the remotest respect for democracy and the rule of law, then we better start familiarising ourselves with the fact that the best decisions about virtually everything can only be made by institutions that are allowed to function indepedently, free from day-to-day political pressures.

I saw Anyang nyong'o on TV telling Uhuru kenyatta to resign and I said, wait a minute. Resign from what? Uhuru is not employed to be opposition boss and so there is nothing to resign from. You can only become official oppositon leader by being the leader of the party that has the second largest number of votes in parliament. That technically means that only KANU members can decide who becomes that leader. Anyang Nyong'o should know better and keep his mouth shut since the same KANU membership sanctioned the cooperation. We can do nothing about it just the same way we did nothing when Oginga Odinga who had become official opposition leader a couple months after the '92 elections, decided to share in Kamlesh Pattni's Goldenberg loot. It was a disgrace to have a leader like that but then again it was upto the Ford Kenya membership to decide otherwise.

When uhuru says that he doesnt think KANU should run for the sake of it, he doesnt rule that the opposition should not field a presidential candidate. The opposition already has two nominated flag-bearers. Uhuru is not the opposition and the opposition is not Uhuru. Let those best placed to win go ahead and do it. Seriously you dont need university education to grasp that and so the question of uhuru having seen or having not seen the inside of a university lecture hall does not arise.

Uhuru is only leader of opposition in parliament which will be dissolved within the next few days. Outside parliament, he is just an opposition element in a crowded field of such. The same way some opposition leaders before him have wound up their parties and joined government he is free to do it. In fact he is better because he has sought a guarantee about the continued existence of his party through terms and conditions that he has set. Better still, Uhuru is negotiating his deal before elections unlike those who choose to join government after being rejected in the polls. Now kenyans have 'insight' information beforehand and they will choose to vote for or reject Mwai Kibaki with that knowledge.

Finally, there is a difference between what Uhuru is engaging in today and what Kibaki did when he poached Karume, nyachae and Obwocha. Anyang Nyong'o and his followers should have first sought to understand Hon uhuru's argument when he took Kibaki to court. The disclaimer was 'without written permission from the party leadership'. Leadership may mean different things to different people but in my opinion the leaders of KANU when these characters joined government were Daniel moi and Julius sunkuli. Common courtesy demanded they be consulted after which they would call the party organs that make decisions that would then mandate them to endorse such an arrangement. That was never done and was in fact the bone of contention. Today the leaders of KANU are Uhuru and Madoka after the defection of the other fellows. They are the ones spearheading the talks.

luke said...

Mwalimu, am i then to postpone the coronation of my horse indefinitely? As Chris Kirubi said when he found out Uchumi had collapsed "OH NO"!
Has Bwana Phil travelled abroad with the saint to preach the message?Bwana Phil must be someone really high up in the "hoo ndee em" command
Bwana Derek Amuka; Usiku imeiva

Anonymous said...

Uhuru is a tribalist. He is supporting Kibaki because it is his fellow Kikuyu.

Phil said...

Obviously Vikii has got no clue what it means to be a multi-party democracy. He also has got no idea what the title official leader of opposition is all about, and what it means to have a shadow cabinet. Kindly do the constitutional research, then come back and review your comments bwana Vikii. Its my bet you will send an e-mail to Chris to delete them.

I have always said here, one of the biggest culprits out to kill multi-party democracy in Kenya is Kibaki himself. And this afternoon, he is going to hit another nail on the coffin of democracy when he launches his campaign and names his party of choice - that which they are desparately trying to call a coalition - which unfortunately does not exist anywhere in the constitution of this country.

The second biggest culprit is none other than the speaker of the national assembly. Speaker Kaparo has monopolised the speaker's seat for more than 15 years and has completely failed to put his foot down in favour of democracy. He is unable to make a distinction between government and opposition. He has been dancing to the whims of the executive since the Moi days and now the next parliament ought to get rid of this dinasour and bring in a young qualified Kenyan who will not be afraid to bring sanity into this national assembly. Even when the president and MPs break the law - he sits there and does absolutely nothing. Following Uhuru's massive cock-up lets wait and see if he will - for once - indeed wield his enormous powers and restore the integrity of parliament.

Anonymous said...

Anyang nyongo, Ochillo oyako, Kajwang are tribalists. They support the idiot because he is a fellow Kavirondo kihii. kioko. BC. Canada.

Anonymous said...

Am another Anonymous...Nyong'o, Ayako (check ur spelling) & Kajwang are not tribalist....they would easily vie for anyone Raila supports..which means the luo's have to fight for their rights and needs, that does not mean they are tribalist...but as for the really have to eat humble pie
I would Love to see how the Kibaki debe fairs on in the cooked up results that will emerge from George Waititu and Tom Wolf (that American CIA agent).

Please disburse this to Steadman and all the networks to ensure that we pre-empt Stead man this time round

2. Those who have been doubting that Kibaki is presiding over Kikuyu-supremacy tribal agenda now have the following at last to reckon with; What shocks me is the arrogance of this gang even when they are seeking the vote from other people;

The Presidential advisory Board

Nick Barage Wanjui- Chairman – Kikuyu ( the chancellor of University of Nairobi )!

Nat Kangethe- Member – Kikuyu

Solomon Karanja- Kikuyu

Peter Kanyago- Kikuyu

George Muhoho- Kikuyu

Titus Mbathi – ( Ed Njoroge’s Chairman)

Ed Njoroge- Secretary – Kikuyu

The Presidential elections Board

Eddy Njoroge- Chairman – Kikuyu (KenGen)

John Waweru – Kikuyu (CCK)

Michael Waweru – Kikuyu (KRA)

William Kirwa- Nandi ( ADC)- Kirwa’s point man

Lee Karuri- Secretary – Kikuyu

How come our parastatals chiefs can now get to this level?

The Kibaki Tena Secretariat

Lee Karuri – Director- Kikuyu

Mr. Wang’ombe- Kikuyu

Ms. Mary Mukindia- Kikuyu

Prof. Macharia Munene – Kikuyu

Ngatia Patrick – Kikuyu - Vijana

Owino Magana- IT Luo

Why is this, the case?

I am getting very worried of what then Kibaki will do if won through rigging this election! That will be a total disaster!

Supporting Party Leaders

Nyachae- Ford P Wife Kikuyu

Kirwa- NARC Kenya Wife Kikuyu

Uhuru Kenyatta- KANU Kikuyu

Wangari Maathai- Mazingira Kikuyu

Rose Waruhiu- DP Kikuyu

Tuju NARC Kenya Kikuyu Party

Kombo FORD K killed the party for not seeing a head

at the referendum

Muite Kibugi Paul Safina Kikuyu

So they thought we could not see through the Kikuyu agenda even after Uhuru crossed over? In 1997 Orengo remained in Ford K and won his Ugenya seat with Joe Donde and Raila was running for Presidency.

We want certain Kikuyus to stand up for Kenya .

3. As Okemo said in Busia yesterday (Sunday), Kikuyus must now explain why they can never vote for any other man or woman except for a fellow Kikuyu.

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