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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Why Corruption Money Is Blood Money


The revelations of the Kroll report were truly out of this world. But what Kenyans must now focus on are the effects of this massive looting and what it has done to ordinary Kenyans.

The thing that brought tears to my eyes was the fact that when Moi and Biwott were looting the country through the Turkwell Gorge project (according to the Kroll report) there were scarce foreign exchange reserves in the country. Meaning that forex was being allocated to transfer foreign currency to personal accounts abroad while Kenyans were dying in hospitals for lack of medicine that could not be imported because there was no forex. Imagine that?

Then the flooding of the country with these looted funds in 1992 caused unprecedented...

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Phil said...

Thanks for this Chris. I agree with you entirely. This is certainly a serious issue.

For those who want to continue defending TARGET 1 to 7, blood money means;
1 - money paid for murdering someone
2 - money paid to the family of someone who has been murdered.

I am aware the Oukos of this world will someday get their payback, and the bible tells us in the book of Daniel 12 (the last chapter) about what will happen in the last days and how people will be called to account for their names by the (real) high and mighty. Like Moi used to say; Malipo ni hapa hapa duniani tu.

Wapi heshima kwa wazee? Recently I talked about elders, their installation of Raila and Ruto, their involvement in ODM pre-election pacts, their curse when you dupe them, etc etc. I remember being told off right here in this forum. I dont want to preempt anything, but all of us know the curses will persist and tragic events will continue to visit us for as long as these liars continue to rule us against our will. Watch this space.

Marianne Briner said...

Since you mention Dr. Ouko: The sad thing is that thanks to his international reputation and clean image, Kenya was still able to get financial and political support . and in certain way this has even facilitated the corruption.

And that's the real tragedy: Dr. Ouko was dedicated to serve his country for the best of its people - no matter who was its President. He did this under Kenyatta and he did this under Moi ....... his only reason was the welfare of the people .........

So in a certain way, he was 'like an innocent child ......' that's what I called him once ...... because he was dealing with crooks and even devils ......

But he had a dream and he did not want to give up on it.

He was a very honest and decent man and he believed that by staying like that, he could change things .... no matter if it would endanger him and his life .....

His wife knew this as she once told me and she was afraid for him - but she was also proud of him ..... and so was I.

I have seen him conducting meetings and conferences in and outside Kenya - by mainly outside where all his capabilities were at its finest ..... he was a very respected man wherewever he went .... and he always remained at the same time the most 'dedicated Son of Kenya' ......

I thought, I should say this especially now when everybody talks about the 'dark sides' of the Moi Regime - there were also some Shining Stars - but the brightest of them all was Dr. Robert Ouko.

Marianne Briner

Anonymous said...

You were proud of Ouko in your capacity as who?, Stop scandalizing the dead.

Vikii said...

You people are one interesting bunch of opportunists and I mean all of you!

Anonymous said...

I wish we could spend more time discussing important issues. Why waste time discussing a dead fish eating jaluo kihii like the self-styled "DR" Ouko? We should focus more on the threat our beautiful country is facing from the politics of one kihii idiot by the name of Raila Odinga. The rogue has mentally enslaved his kavirondo subjects. Yes! in the year 2007. Remember that slavery was abolished throughout the commonwealth in 1807. This makes the kavirondo savages 200 years behind civilisation. The empty-headed clown thinks he can rule Kenya after organising some mickey-mouse elections at Kasarani!! kioko, BC, Canada.

Chris said...

Have you noticed how all the NSIS-types are so quiet that the silence is deafening? I am carefully monitoring all of them and not a word.

My friends, this is NOT a good sign...

But what to do for the love of the motherland.

P.S. Only one undercover NSIS chap has been commenting in all the posts since this topic came up.

Phil said...

I hear you loud and clear Kumekucha. Even NSIS is a public body - its supposed to be answerable to the people and not a few thieving and murderous individuals.

It is as if political and economic power is the preserve of a select few in this country.

If one considers that power brokers are ready to maim and kill other citizens who dares to challenge their dominance, anyone who does not agree with their thinking is an enemy of development and an enemy of the people. This is why the likes of Githongo would rather live in exile than be liquidated.

Vikii said...

Am I now an NSIS agent? I have deliberately chosen to ignore anything kroll because honestly I will be lying if I claimed knowledge on the Kroll report. I dont comment on things I dont know. I am BUSY and I will research on some of these things from next weekend. The other NSIS agent PKW could be busy as well. The only NSIS agent with ample time for this has been Derek but I am told he was kicked out. Technically, we will hit back at the most opportune time. As for now, u guys indulge.

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