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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What Raila's Choice Of Mudavadi As Running Mate Says


It is increasingly clear that Western province will be a major battleground for the presidency and also parliamentary seats between the major political parties, in the forthcoming mother of all general elections.

On accepting the ODM presidential nomination, Raila Odinga immediately chose Musalia Mudavadi as his running mate, meaning that chances are high that the former VP will end up as Raila's VP should he be elected.

It is no accident that President Kibaki chose the late Wamalwa Kijana as his vice president in the elaborate power sharing structure that was set up prior to the 2002 general elections. The advantage President Kibaki had then was the fact that the Bukusus have a very large voting bloc, probably the largest amongst the entire Luhya community. And they are also very influential.

Not only that, the Bukusu had...

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Taabu said...

Chris you have been ropped in the wild goose chase of predictions. Well, you have all the rights but I fear for your face caressing eggs and tomatoes before the end of teh year.

As for Luhya votes they are merely doing what has become fashionably Kenyan. Who are they not to want one of their own on the ballot paper? The lake chaps have their hammer, the Central chaps are backing their incumbent horse and the 'Eastern' have their tested saint. Come on give it to the Ingo guys they have the numbers and they know how to HORSE TRADE. Stop ruining the party wacha indelee.

Anonymous said...


I don't think the coming elections fit the description 'mother of all elections'. I say this coz there will be no significant difference between what we are experiencing now and the situation after the election. After the euphoria cools down Kenyans will realise that everything is still the same. The only elections that i can ascribe that description are 1992, 2002 and 2012.

1992 coz for the first time Kenya became a true multiparty democracy, albeit with some shortcomings, and a sitting president who had adamantly tried to stop the wave of change found himself facing competition for the top seat, something most of us had not seen in Kenya.

2002 coz for the first time in Kenya, all opposition party presidential hopefuls held back their ambitions and supported one of them, therefore forging a rare sense of unity among Kenyans of all walks of life. Kenyans did not dissappoint and voted overwhemingly for this candidate.

And then there will be 2012. As a result of lack of meaningful change as envisaged by Kenyans in the next 5 years, there will an increase in apathy and intolerance as they realise the many promises given will take longer to materialise. Nothing the sitting regime will do to soothe them. A new wave will emerge composed of outsiders from the current political class. For the first time in Kenya, a political minion from outside the current political class will receive overwheming support from Kenyans to occupy the house in the hill. Tribe, race, wealth will not matter.


Phil said...

Chris, you are politicising a very important event in our fledgling democracy.

First, right from the beginning, ODM has been about teamwork as opposed to individuals. This is the same spirit that will be carried forward to the form the government before a new devolved constitution is enacted in a referendum.
Second, ODM does not rank or segregate its members on the basis of their tribes or religions. Any of those aspirants had an equal chance of being Raila’s running mate.
Third, ODM’s campaign strategy will be on the basis of a unveiling a new beginning for this country whose potential has been wasted through ethnic based politics. An all participatory governance system will be put in place through comprehensive constitutional reforms.
Fouth, a Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be established for purposes of healing very very deep wounds. ODM does not harbour any hatred or desire for vengeance against any Kenyan. This country has wasted more than 40 years in pointless differences and a few individuals taking advantage of that to enrich themselves.

For purposes of illustrating to you how things will be under an ODM government, a twelve point program was released during our days as ODM-K. The program clearly spells out the agenda of the party. If your argument holds any water, Raila could have chosen a person from Rift Valley or Central province as his running mate – they are numerically much more than Luhyas.

For the benefit of your readers and in order to educate all of us, I am reproducing the ODM 12 POINT PROGRAM, that was released in advance of the party’s manifesto which the party is intentionally delaying to make public as there are a myriad of so called pro-Kibaki political parties who have a tendency to replicate whatever the ODM does or says. This is what Kenyans will enjoy within 5 years from today:-

1. To institutionalize, democratic governance in our nation through a new constitution acceptable to Kenyans;
2. To improve popular participation in government and a fair use and distribution of national resources through developed government;
3. To eradicate widespread poverty and raise the standard of living of our people by good planning, investment and prudent management of our resources and reduction of gross income disparities among our people;
4. To guarantee basic needs for our people through investment in affordable and accessible health care, access to quality education and training, access to affordable housing, available and secure public transport and clean drinking water;
5. To create jobs for our unemployed youths by heavily investing in public works and infrastructure development while making sure that our economy grows at a much faster pace than at the moment;
6. To empower out youth and women to participate filly in the economic, social and cultural life of our nation;
7. To increase investments in agriculture and livestock, modernize agricultural and livestock production arid expand markets for both agricultural and livestock produce;
8. To establish a healthy and competitive environment for domestic and foreign investment in the productive sectors of the economy by removing red tape and policy bottlenecks and enhancing entrepreneurship among our people;
9. To create a secure and peaceful environment for all Kenya and everywhere in the Republic and to deal effectively with crime;
10. To promote the Rule of Law and Social Equity and Justice for all Kenyans;
11. To stop the shameful’ process of environmental degradation that comes as a result of a non-caring and greedy government and to promote a sustainable management and use of our environment and natural resources;
12. To guarantee our people the freedom of worship under the constitution.

ODM does not wish to provide fodder for a clueless regime. ODM manifesto and campaign strategy has received endorsement and support from within, from afar and all over the world. Howver, it will remain secret for now.

Mambo bado, tulizeni kidogo mtapata utaratibu wa jinsi siasa ya pangwa inchini bunge iki fungwa muhula.

Taabu said...

Phil HOLD. You talk with such authority to an extent that I stop and wonder whether there is more for us that we are reading. That said I have one question and I need a VERY ANSWER from you bro.

In you mind does GNU=FACE OF KENYA=TEAM WORK=TRIBAL GROUPING with kingpins. The way you answer will determine my subsequent interpretation of all your takes. And that is no threat nor condition, be free to enlighten me. Over to oyu brother Phil.

Phil said...

Taabu, my opinion of the GNU has been very low because I take it to be a fradulent arrangement that betrayed the NARC dream. Its not what the majority vote Kibaki got wanted.

Further analysis and experience shows its dangerous for some cabinet ministers to be left to operate independently. Certainly no teamwork.

I cant judge its composition based on tribe. but its constituent parties, are more inclined to ethnic bases than nationalistic ideologies. Even attempts to dress DP in flowers will not change its regional scope in Kenya.

derek said...

Phil, Raila can take Mudavadi (VP1), Khaniri (VP2); Gumo (VP3), Jirongo (VP4) Ligale (VP5) and every subtribe of the larger Luhya and PAs to the VP, and as day follows night or the inverse of it, he will lose. Wait for the Big Bang! The dice is cast. NDP-New Kanu was more fraudulent. NDP betrayed and sold the Luo to Kanu and Raila was awarded bribed by Moi. The largese included, a cabinet post, Kanu secretary General post and Mollasses Plant to boot.

Taabu said...

Derek sometimes you baffle me and I accept I may occassionally be dimwitted to match you. But I find your BILE, SWEAR and SWEAT for whoever you hate so intense that it sometimes masks your marvelous posts. I stand to be corrected but does smearing an opponent add more clolour to your horse? not that I hold any brief to any of the scoundrels. Just being the horseless me.

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