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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Vote For Kibaki Is A Vote For Corruption


There are many good things which President Kibaki's many supporters point to as achievements of the president and I do not intend to argue or debate about those achievements.

The only thing that really worries me and should worry any Kenyan who loves his country more than his tribe is the corruption. The president has done nothing to act against looters in the past regime let alone those in his own administration.

The result is that even as you read this, crime in Kenya pays because many who attempted to get rich through genuine business have been frustrated every inch of the way while the corrupt ones have had very smooth sailing.

So why should our war against crime be justified? After all we have seen from the Kroll report that these looters are fond of threatening others with violence. Meaning that when you really think about it, there is no difference between the two different type of thugs, only that one is protected by the government while the other is shot on sight without the benefit of a trial. So which of the two thugs is more damaging to the country?

It is therefore very clear to me that...

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Anonymous said...

De La Rue men in town to clinch sale of mint

At issue is the fact that the government is committing the country to a multi-million deal without having conducted a due diligence on the company. A STAFF WRITER reports.

Top executives of British currency printing firm De La Rue Currency & Security Print Ltd have arrived in Nairobi to negotiate the sale of a 25 per cent stake in the local subsidiary of the currency-printing conglomerate to the Kenya government.

The EastAfrican has learnt that the government has assembled a team of top officials from the Treasury and the Central Bank of Kenya to represent it in the negotiations.

The British firm is represented in the negotiations by director of sales, Jonathan Garside, area sales director John Lucas, director of finance Keith Robinson and group task manager John Mitchell.

The government is acquiring a 25 per cent stake in the Ruaraka-based De La Rue Currency & Security Print Ltd at an estimated cost of Ksh612 million ($9.13 million).

The deal was quietly approved by the Cabinet in May this year without any public discussion. It has turned out to be a controversial one, with critics wondering why the government had rushed to buy shares in a firm with which it has an existing contract — having only recently awarded it a $51 million currency printing contract.

Also at issue is the fact that the government is committing the country to this multi-million deal without having conducted a due diligence on the company.

In May last year, De La Rue beat competitors from Austria, South Africa, France, Canada and the Netherlands to win a three-year contract to print 1.71 billion new look bank notes at a cost of $51 million.

The price was almost three times lower than the price at which the company supplied notes to the government under the previous contract signed in 2003.

According to the plan, the new currency was to be issued beginning July this year. However, eight months later, the project is yet to roll out, with the result that De La Rue has been enjoying huge margins between the old contract and the competitively procured one — supplying currency notes on the old terms of the single-sourced contract through short-term contracts.

Between 1966 and 1985, Kenyan banknotes were printed by Bradbury & Wilkinson of the UK, which was later acquired by Thomas De La Rue & Company Ltd in 1986.

Since then, De La Rue International UK, which was renamed Thomas De La Rue & Co Ltd, has provided currency printing services to the Central Bank of Kenya.

De La Rue International of the UK is one of the oldest companies involved in the production of currencies for around 100 countries and a wide range of security printing services.

In 1992, the company established De La Rue Currency & Security Print in Nairobi as a subsidiary to operate currency and security printing business in Kenya.

The Nairobi subsidiary, which is 100 per cent owned by De La Rue International, operates a modern factory complex based in Ruaraka.

It says its initial investment in the Kenyan operation was Ksh1.54 billion ($23 million) and that following an additional injection of Ksh910 million ($13.5 million) over the years, the total investment now stands at Ksh2.45 billion ($36.5 million)

It estimates the value of fixed assets at Ksh732 million ($10.9 million).

In January 1993, the company signed a 10-year contract to provide current printing services to the government of Kenya. The minimum order under the contract was to be for the supply of 170 million banknotes each year.

In 2002, following the expiry of the initial 10-year contract, the Central Bank of Kenya entered into a new 10-year contract with De La Rue.

But on coming to power, the Kibaki administration cancelled the contract to allow international competitive bidding.

Subsequently, the company was allowed temporary extensions to provide currency printing services to the Central Bank of Kenya on short-term contracts.

It is not clear which of the parties — the government or De La Rue — made the first move.

But the official position is that the government had to move to acquire the 25 per cent stake in the company to pre-empt plans by De La Rue to close its Kenya operation.

Apparently, De La Rue had informed the government that in order to win the competitive bid for the $51 million contract, it had to quote on the basis of costs of its plants in the rest of the world, which produce bank notes at much lower prices.

And, with the printing business to have been moved elsewhere, and given that currency printing accounts for well over 90 per cent of the Kenya business, said De La Rue, it had no option but to close the Nairobi operation.

On its part, the government felt that the closure of the factory was not in the best interests of the country as it would lead to the loss of 300 jobs. A joint venture with De La Rue, it was also argued, would create a long-term strategic relationship that would ensure sustainability in currency printing.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Yeah, Right!But forgive my cliches

Vikii said...

Mwai Kibaki is not running alone in these elections. He has competitors and I think it is fair for those kenyans "who love their country more than their tribe" to table the corruption-free record of his competitors, yes those darlings of yours. My opinion is that Mwai Kibaki doesnt have the worst record when compared with those he is running against. Let us once and for all separate men from boys and do it honestly.

One,Chris you will have to forget that tired, self betraying line of you being a Kamba. Chris you know how well I can read you like a book and you are probably fooling only yourself and your grand son. If there is anybody who will vote solely on the basis of tribe, then it is you. How else can you justfy those mercy-begging luo articles you write. If I need someone to teach me something against tribalism, that person is not you. In my opinion, which is right and personal, you are a LUO. Stop denying your tribe, it is not a crime to be luo. In my opinion Chris you are a coward who not only is ashamed of identifying with his people but one who doesnt even have the guts to say the person he will vote for even when it is obvious to all.

Mwai Kibaki is not blameless, only a fool would think he is. Fine, how about Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka? These are the two other major candidates today. Why dont you table their record as far as integrity goes. Or a more brave move, why dont you tell us the person you will vote for and compare him with Mwai Kibaki corruption-wise. I will vote for Kalonzo Musyoka and I can HONESTLY and confidently say that his corruption record speaks for itself. The press, especially the alternative one, can choose to write what they want but you will never change facts. I will not vote for Mwai Kibaki but I cannot accuse him of corruption at least when compared to some thieves in the running. Again Kibaki, just like Kalonzo is not BLAMELESS (In fact nobody is, not even me)but he is a SAINT when compared to those people you adore here day in day out. Those are criminals some of whome have cases pending in court. Evil will never triumph over good and this will continue being proven to u always. On that note, I once again challenge you to tell us the person you will vote for and how he compares with his competitors. As usual you wont do that and If you choose to, you will only engage in the non issues. I CHALLENGE you, for the sake of setting the record straight, to tell us who between Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga is the face of corruption, deceit and dictatorship. Tell us and please do.

In my opinion, it is fair for people to give tangible reasons for the beliefs they hold. I am not rebuking anybody for supporting the candidate they support, far from it. In fact I encourage you to vote for them now, 2012, 2017 and 2022 if that makes you happy. Go ahead and choose whomever you please but please dont insult my intelligencve with those little half-truths. Some of us may not be as "knowledgeable" as you guys but some of these things are not very hard to decipher. Someone is out to mislead people into darkness but he will plunge there alone.

I am waiting.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, I beg to differ...Chris is not a Luo...Chris is Marianne Briner. This person has several personalities. Marianne has duped us all who write on this blog. A friend of mine told me about Chris bieng Briner and I was like...hell no! She was like...I'll prove this to you...

Stay tuned!

Phil said...

If I may ask Vikii, Raila is an opposition MP and a democratically elected presidential aspirant. According to you he doesnt deserve to be where he is because of many ills. Kibaki, on the other hand, is the sitting president and an imposed partyless leader. He is also the holder of executive power in this country. I wonder why he has not deemed it fit to facilitate prosecution of Raila or those individuals you allege are corrupt? Doesnt his KACC, Police and Attorney General have to justify their mega salaries by merely just doing the jobs they are paid to do??? A picture is now clearly emerging that even the Kroll report was not released or acted upon because Kibaki and his people were busy making a kill themselves. Anglo Leasing Ghosts are just that - ghosts, and very expensive ones at that! Why bother to compare these two individuals? Kibaki and Raila are miles apart - and voters will confirm that to you come December 2007.

You do not have to be sarcastic in telling readers here to vote for their preferred candidates many times over "if it will make them happy". It also serves no purpose to try and force your opinion on others in trying to drum up support for your preferred candidate. I'd rather you articulated your points across with 'facts and figures' so as to convince those you can to agree with you and possibly vote for Kalonzo.

I may also ask, why are millions of Kenyans supporting Raila and not seeing him as a corrupt, deceitful and dictatorial leader as you always accuse him to be?

I said it here before, and I will repeat it, Vikii, just like Arap Moi, are secret admirers of Raila Odinga...but they do not have means or capacity of bringing Raila to their side. Because of that, they thrive on bashing Raila with imagined sins. In my opinion, the only option they have is to JOIN Raila's side ODM - where all Kenyans are treated equally regardless of your ethnic origins or social class. Put simply, the time of change is dawning on Kenya.

Anonymous said...

When one says that is a "democratically elected" presidential aspirant, are they fooling themseves or whom do they intend to fool? Those delegates at Kasarani were handpicked to coranate Raila. Thats democracy or democrazy guys? Come on, we all grown ups and wide awake.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

As usual the Raila Campaign Team will hit the 'Mute' button if things like this are asked, but anyone care to enlighten me on the Molasses Plant deal? The '82 attempted coup? Both sound like clean, heroic and democratic endeavours, right?
Talking of tribalism, or I guess majimboism this time; in the event that Kibaki chooses a Gikuyu, Embu, Meru or Muikamba running mate, 'you' guys will be crying regionalism and hurling terms like Mt Kenya Mafia at 'us'. But when Raila chooses Mudavadi, its an oh so well calculated strategic decision.Its a Western Alliance.
I guess we need the Chrises (sounds like crises) in parliament-half Luhya, half Kamba, married to Kikuyu....yeah, right.UKWELI SASA!

Taabu said...

PKW, hakuna ukweli hata kidogo. Politicians and their supporters know very well they are lying and are only smart at packaging half truths paraded as facts. To me opposition is the other side of the governing coin. I won't sweat to own any and if the ride is headed to heaven, then I will be confortable without a horse to an alternative destination.

luke said...

Luke the Deputy ruiner speaking;powerful political amnesia? i'm full of nothing else. die hard support? i offer nothing but the same. endemic corruption? i 'm in good company,afterall aren't all kenyans corrupt?

Surely don't tell me that any politician either in the current opposition or sitting GNU can dare meet the challenge of let him/her who is without sin cast the first stone? not only would 216 stones be gathering dust for a million years but also 216 hypocrites would be glaring mean nasty looks at each other justifying the adage if only looks could kill(trouble is in Kenyan politics, looks are the last thing anyone should worry about killing them; if someone wants you dead start measuring the coffin)

The Public Officers Ethics act was a good idea, maybe the first policy of its kind in multi-party Kenya that made a demand of some sort on MPs, civil servants and other govt employees to be directly accountable to a parliament for their wealth accumulated during their time in office. KACC was then not supposed to be a toothless bulldog with a Ksh 2 million bark, and the result of these two working together was supposed to be the end of looting the likes of which Kroll report is now revealing. However, the engine that was supposed to drive that KACC/Ethics Act double-edged sword was meant to be political will on the war on corruption. Therefore, the current Govt failed! not that Moi's Govt did or would ever have done better.
Neither will any difference be made by whoever wins the elections in december;whoever wins will still be the face of corruption. its not the number of reports you leak or the number of whistle-blowers you force into exile(although John Githongo did his utmost best) its the political will thats lacking, which is why no politician today will dare ever campaign for election on an anti-corruption platform again after the farce that was NARC-never. None of them are brave enough to try and really pursue true justice

Therefore i join Mwalimu in refusing to sweat and swear to the sainthood of KANU, ODM(K), NARC(K) and even Parliament. All rotten apples. I'm waiting for 2012

luke said...

By the way, did someone say Chris is Marianne Brinner?ha ha!what's that got to do with anything?
Anonymous you must be a Kenyan; that mentality of always looking for a scapegoat to lay the blame on instead of accepting that we're the one's who got ourselves into our own mess is a very unique kenyan trait. I'm so tired of hearing "its the kikuyu's fault,no its the luos, no its KAMATUSA..."
shutup, its all our faults,we're the one's with the voters cards voting dumb&dumber tribal chieftains back into parliament year in year out then we cry and say Marianne Briner. I wish i could see who you anonymous will be voting for in December

leave Marianne Briner out of this please
(e-cop alert)

Taabu said...

Bw Ananymous you cannot succeeed in painting a red flag already seen by a Spanish bull. Stop posting decoys by falsely accusing Chris and MB. I am hold no brief to either of them but I will defend their respective right to be wrong, perceived or real. One you are insulting Chris that he has no brain of his own, two you are character assasinating MB. You must have been the same shameless and faceless Anonymous posting fake breaking news on MB above. STOP IT NOW.

Anonymous said...

who doesnt know that chris shags marianne brinner. the woman has amassed enough wealth by sucking cocks of kenyas corrupt & powerfull men. she has been bank rolling this blog!! period and chris has been fucking her old cunt with loose lips. get a life idiot instead of drinking that cunt juice

Phil said...

Taabu, you can now see the attitude problem I talked about recently, cant you?

One doesnt have to insult Chris to disagree with him. Its just a neanderthal behavior. Its what some Kenyan go through daily in the street, schools, work places, etc.

On the other hand, I think it smells of vendetta. The typing style, tone, language and selection of posts to comment or post porn, shows me the culprit is well known to Chris and/or has a bone to pick. The idiot has gone as far as developing a uniform timing of doing these things.

Wakenya wana shida mingi. Na mimi nawa sihi, chagueni serikali ya ODM iwa tatulie shida ya ubaguzi na matusi.

And Chris publish these IP addresses so we can help you zero in on the idiot!!!

derek said...

Anonymous, you are a twit. You are a true fool and there is no other description in my vocabulary that can fit you. I am sorry about you. Kindly remember thius guy in your prayers tonight. He needs them.

Phil, can you publish the IP addresses. URGENT!

derek said...

Okay, all said. I am going to vote CORRUPTION if that is Kibaki's name. Let me absorb my candidate's insults and foul painting. Kibaki is clean. He has my vote and let Molasses be resolved first.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Its humourous to see you guys get worked up like that and start arguing about non-issues.I wonder what'd be so popular for me to say do,write -a book perhaps-or who to sleep with that'd take this blog off the track completely, so that we stop politricks and start attacking each other's persons instead. In the meantime, I'm content drawing medical analogies to Kumekuchan and Kenyan politircks.I'll have to think up a new reference to politricks besides political amnesia.Luke you are welcome to pick that up and include it in your every comment.

That aside, lets see how expensive corruption is and how we can handle it. I'm ashamed to say that I've bribed (indirectly) twice. First time was at the Nakuru General Hospital where I needed a medical exam to show at my college for admission. My cousin-brother was talking to the Dr. who is a distant relative (by marriage as he is Luhya and we Gikuyu) of his wife -outside the office, of course- and turned and said, 'Wina icoya?'-'uko na soo moja?', at which point I gave him Ksh 100, part of what my dad had given me. He in turn handed it to the Dr. My papers were signed, I was in good health, and went on to college for my admission. However, the health officials at colle were not fools. I had to bring a chest x-ray, and 'good' was not good enough for my urine tests. Had to spend more money going to a private practitioner who asked for a hefty amount of money (in my opinion-I didn't have so much!) to get these things exactly as colle officials wanted them. Wished I'd gone there in the first place, woulda saved time, and money.
Second time, I was going to Mombasa at night. Bus was not leaving till 10pm, so there was no way I was gonna stay at Nyamakima the whole day and part of the night. Went to Ungwaro instead to wait for my little bro to close shop and take me back to Mombasa Raha buses. He asked a friend to accompany him, and this friend did not carry kitambulsiho. We made it to tao sawa but were running late. Like a few metres away from the Mombasa Raha buses, we came across the karao-guess its only in Nai where you freak out when you see them boys in their long kabutis at night, instead of the other way round.Maybe only if you don't have kitambulisho.Boy in kabuti saw we were nervous so 'wapi gitambulisho?'. Baby brother and I have ours, and start lying that the other guy is our other baby brother .Boy in blue sees through the lies, or is persistently seeking kitu kidogo, at which point I've to go otherwise Ill miss the Raha in Mombasa. Run off and leave them to jitetea. Get to Mombasa Raha bus, tell one of the touts my experience and he agrees to accompany me to look for my 'brothers'. Funny, I felt safe with the tout and not the other boy-my dad was a matatu driver though, so maybe its a trust I developed back in the day. We don't find them, and go back, only to find them looking for me in the bus because they gave the other boy everything they had, now they are stranded and can't go back home. I give them Ksh 200 and wish them luck-from the karao and thugs alike- on their way back. I get a text msg later on my way that they fikad salama, though it was a game of cat and mouse, maybe cats-and-mice game?
Third time lucky! I urgently need a passport. I look into all my networks. Local travel agency claims they are a passport agent, so if I give them Ksh 12,000, will have it in three days from Kisumu, where its apparently easier than Nairobi. I say, are you recognized by the govt,no we are not, but we are known. I don't have more than the Ksh2,040 plus transport costs that it takes to get the passport, so forget it. Oh, and the guy telling me this is from my local church where we sing and have fun together in the youth group. Next, the local chief. This is ridiculous, but he asks for Ksh 30,000 for it to be processed fast. Asante bwana chief lakini sina hiyo pesa. So I go off to Nairofi. I start the paperwork and explain that I need it ASAP. Guy says it takes 31 working days -and that's exactly what the papers clearly state (minus public holidays and weekends in between)- to have it processed. I must have it before I can even apply for a visa, and will never make it in time. I'm desperate.Mine is not an emergency because no one is sick, so no emergency processing. BUT, if you have Ksh 3,000, says guy at the front desk, you can have it in 3 days. Is this official? No. Sina pesa.
I go ahead and apply and tell my friends who hook me up with a connected Kenyan who in turn tells me who to see at the same Nyayo Hse. Who to see says kama ulitaka usaidizi, hungeachilia iende (as in ningeongea na yeye first), sasa siwezi saidia.Oh well, I talk to my dad who comes to Nai talks to some pretty girl whom I later see. She makes me come to Nyayo hse and wait till close of business several days. But one long day after close of business and what feels like a litre of tears from my eyes, my passport comes 'from huko juu'. I really don't know if my dad gave 'anything' but this time I did not bribe, and got things in good time. I could have parted with Ksh 12,000 to the travel agency or Ksh 30,000 to the local chief or Ksh 3,000 at the door.
Next time someone blames the the past,current, or future govt for corruption, ask them who gave the bribes. Being steadfast/mean/stickyhanded-you know how hard you work to just come across an opportunity to earn the Ksh- can help fight corruption in Kenya.I blame me, not the govt. I expect me, not some some govt to fight corruption.Because everyone running for president has been involved in corrupt deals. I am Kenya, and will save me from corruption.

PS:'Chris',don't comment. Just take that, post something along the same lines, and give no credit.

Taabu said...

Poor gal PKW. What you have documented is what average Kenyans live as normal. And you are spot on ni sisi na sio wao to blame. We are worst enemies, shame on us all. Lakini my dear sis, why the friendly threat to bro Chris? I hope I am not spoling the party nor being PROTECTIVE of bro Xris, ama?

Anonymous said...

When people under you (your guidence) are corrupt, you are corrupt. It is that simple! NEXT

Vikii said...

Ok Phil, lemmie try to respond to your very interesting analysis of the "Vikii---arap Moi" syndrome. I know this response is coming rather late in the day but please accept it. I have been going through hell the last couple of weeks and time is hard to come by. I have heavy engagements till the 17th when I will all be here to counter your littlre fantasies:

One, I dont know what makes you think that I want anybody here to vote for Kalonzo Musyoka,my preferred presidential candidate. I am saying here for the umpteenth time that it doesnt bother me at all whom you vote for. Phil you are just being a typical Raila-Maniac who 'triggere-happy' at the adverse mention of the name Raila. If this description doesnt fit you tell me who ought to be attacked here, Vikii or Chris. Just to freshen your memory, it was Chris who said a vote for Kibaki is a vote for corruption. If my urge to y'all to vote for your preferred crooks is "sarcastic" and unacceptable why did you not say something about the main post which seems designed to dictate our voting patterns? Why in God's name?

Then you go on with your little corollary that just because Raila Odinga has millions of supporters, he cannot be corrupt. Just to let you know Kbaki, the victim of this hate-post has many times over the number of supporters Raila has. If having political supporters is a sure indicator that these people cannot be wrong then I am waiting for your response to this post in defence of Kibaki. It is curiously missing just in case that escaped your 'intelligent' mind. And did I forget? Daniel Moi, the father of corruption, got more than 400% of the supporters Raila Odinga had the only time the two ran against each other (How else do you ascertain the number of supporters one has?). It then follows that, according to Phil's theorem of 1801, Raila is more corrupt than Moi.

The absolute stunner Mr. Phil must be your allegation that Vikii is an admirer of Raila Odinga. That without doubt qualifies as the wildest of imaginations by anybody alive this whole year. I watched "The last king of Scottland" once and I am not ready for "The Next king of Russia".No, thanks.

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