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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Unreleased Reports That Could Bring Down The Kibaki Government

More Leaks Coming Soon?


Hold your breadth.

Impeccable sources have informed me that the leaked Kroll Associates report is just a tip of the iceberg so to speak.

There are 3 more reports out there. Two of them, relevant government officials have and many of them have seen. However, the last one was way too sensitive and did not reach the Kenyan government.

The reports detail to sad story of Kenya where virtually everybody who matters in Kenyan politics is actually a criminal. They also include details on corrupt deals by some of the most powerful people in President Kibaki’s government (no wonder they were pushing so hard for the media bill and other stranger than fiction laws against media freedom).

It is anybody’s guess when those sensitive reports will be released or leaked out into the public domain. I am even informed that one of the reports touches on the highest authority in the land.

Brace yourself for more bombshells soon.

You can breath now, but I can’t tell for how long.

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Taabu said...

With all the charade gone this last weekend, I am back with a soar throat after cheering my true hero(ine)s in Osaka. At least they made me proud being a Kenya not promted Mutua style.

Back to our kitchen the furnace is really blazing. Only the strong willed will weather the storm. The faint hearted have no chance as our players give tempo to the game. And we don't disappoint, cheering them all the way.

Look at baba Gidi. When he was Orange during referendum he was a messaih and Lucifer depending on which side of the fence you fancy. Now that he confortable with a banana head, former enthusiast are baying for his blood while ecomic engineers who used to looth him become his protectors. How times change and take us with it?

The unpleasant truth however is that these chaps looted and continue to rape us. And we remain tethered at the other end on their leash. We dance to their tuneless clarion calls kama karagosi. Moi and his ilk OWN US. They will auction Kenya to the higheest bidder. We out here are only being shameless cheerleaders. They own the yam and the knife and al we do in their support is hope for crumbs.

My refrain remains that making political predictions in Kenya is utmost naivety. Swearing and sweating with politicians name is the most degrading job description a Kenyan can self-subcribe to. But hey, we are Kenyans who give a sheen political passion. In the meantime I don't feal lonily without a horse. I don't fancy the race and better being horseless rather than mounting a dead one. Na wakenya wapige siasa mpaka ilie.

Taabu said...

Poor Vikii! How can Villa do that to him. One would be explained but a double without reply. Jose and JT owes Vikii an apology in colours and block letters.

derek said...

Hapana Chris, Kibaki is clean in this Kroll thing. Very Clean. He or his children, apart from one associate company have not been mentioned.

Kibaki's only mistake is his usual hands-off approach to matters of such nature. I do blame him for that.

But there is also one thing that pundits should read in the report. Its timing. It was meant to curtain or decoy the ODM-K and the Odinga Dictatorial Movement nominations. Unfortunately, the newspapers had to let it go mapema.

Does any one remember the DP elections at the same venue in 2001? The same day that Kibaki won the party chairmanship, Daniel Moi named Matiba's son to take over Uhuru's KTB job. This one was however done a little bit early, since it came from a different source, but there is also talk that it has been around for some time.

The original one, presented to the AU meeting in 2004 did not include some of the names and I really wonder why Pattni’s name, Somaia, Sajjad, and ‘other Asians’ are not in this one. The AU one included the amount spent by NK Brothers for NSSF building and the KBC entrance. This one is a bit different.

Anonymous said...

Derek,how many kikuyus are heading parastatals? How many kikuyus are running every government kitchens? How many kikuyus are begging on the streets? How many kikuyus are walking on golden streets in Kenya and abroad? This is pure tribalism from Kibaki's end...I don't know how a sober mind like yours can support a deranged man like need to see a psychiatrist yourself...

butwaa said...

It is going to take the mother of all scandals - bigger that Anglo-leasing and Goldenberg put together - for the opposition to win the "Mother of all elections".

Unfortunately, it was not until 2002 that wananchi finally stood up to the Big Man - Moi - an said enough is enough! Before that, we allowed ourselves to be pushed around and robbed blind by our "dear" waheshimiwa!

So unless Kenyans are ready to speak out again and say no to corruption - we will continue to be used as doormats as the fat cats sing their way to five more years of plundering and looting!!

Vikii said...

Taabu you must have drunk those two damn bottles of wine all by yourself. Jose has been hanging up on me since yesterday and I am not surprised we lost. That coupled with your recent undercover operations convinces me you took his share. I gatta find out and I will be right back.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong if Kikuyus are holding top government positions? aren't they kenyans? You think Raila Odinga will come and correct the senario? stop being naive and probably foolish. That dictator would fill up the whole govt with his family and clan members. That is why many kenyans will refuse to vote for a luo.

Phil said...

Chris, with reference to your post; I think what the government is holding are its own commission of enquiry reports into 'this and that' scandal. But on grand corruption and other cock-ups, it may have gotten wind but it does not hold anything. In particular, I can tell you, the Anglo-Leasing scam is what will bring down this government. Hurriedly implemented pre-election pledges is another.

As the government prepares to start releasing its own propaganda against perceived enemies, it is also finding itself in a quagmire because some of its most ardent political and financial supporters are implicated in these reports.

The ODM is planning to consolidate itself through colourful grassroot campaigns. It also plans to creat more coalitions, but that is not a priority above its main focus which is the elections in 2007.

Scandal or no scandal, every man in this world has a price. And every 'hot-spot' in the world has its reasons. Be it Darfur, DRC, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.. there all have a common denominator.

Opposition figures will be put to test. Principles will be tried in next few weeks. I fear that these power brokers in Kenya may just have the power to infiltrate ODM and wreak havok just as they did before the break-up of the ODM-K.

Anonymous said...

It was indeed a good day to bury bad news!

The Mole

Anonymous said...


I notice that your posts are becoming shorter and shorter....hope you have not hit the campaign trail after the corronations and therefore less time on what we have 'employed' you to do. We have a right to know!

I will keep on insisting that we have no hope in the current political class, despite the promises, MOUs, etc. None of the aspirants from this class has the welfare of Kenyans at heart.

What we will witness in December will just be a culmination of power plays between different interest groups, each seeking to outplay the other, for the sake of power. The old corruption and tribal networks will be replaced by new ones....and the games will continue to unfold...same games, same faces...status quo!

I still believe that our solution lies outside this class.


Taabu said...

Anon keep tribe out of your posts and let your mind shine. Two wrongs never made a right. Argue please and stop shouting, won't you?

luke said...

Deputy Luke the ruiner reporting for duty with more powerful political amnesia than a Kroll reporting internationally!

Surely, whether or not more damaging corruption reports are released is immaterial; all these reports have substance, and Kroll associates are a reputable international investigation outfit who would not make accusatory claims which cannot be backed up or substantiated with their own detective work which we hope is thorough. The main issue is whether any good will come from leaking these reports to the Kenyan public; will the information they reveal be enough to change majority voter's perceptions about those named and in-turn influence the outcome of these and future elections, leading Kenyans to deny access or return into office of any public official even remotely suspected of corruption? As Chris has pointed out, the grand-standing has begun with Gideon Moi and Biwot denying the report's claims and threatening to pursue legal action. Now, we've seen legal action work for Biwott in the past before when he sued and won many a court-case before, including the Ouko libel case

But i am a pumbavu number 1, and to me its simple really; there's no smoke without fire. if you're not guilty why would your name even feature at all in any of the reports?for example, let no one accuse me of being guilty of enjoying 6.1% GDP-hiyo bado sija lamba; the only 6.1 felt by all kenyans in the last one and a half months was the earth tremors

(its rumoured that when the economy grows the earth tremors hence...)

luke said...

Chris kindly do the necessary please, thank you very much.

Taabu said...

Bw Anonymous you can't escape the censor. You have made it a habit to insult us collectively here with your juvenile escapades. They may excite you but thank you very much we are past such thin layers of thinking and fansacy. Seek help please, I repeat. If you are outside Africa your days are numbered and quite soon you will start rotting in HELL where you belong you OAFY NUMSKULL.

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