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Monday, September 03, 2007

Top 100 Wealthiest Kenyans Are All Crooks


Today we start a series of articles focusing on the controversial Kroll Associates report leaked on the Web. It makes for some fascinating reading and I feel that it is appropriate that we digest the contents here so that as many Kenyans as possible understand the issues involved here.

We will digest the report on a daily basis until we have gone through the entire thick document. So do not forget to read today's posts.

Meanwhile it is worth noting that the top 100 list of the wealthiest people in Kenya is made up of only crooks or the children of such corrupt persons who used their positions to accumulate wealth. It is now widely believed that the wealthiest Kenyans are the Moi's, Daniel and his favorite son Gideon in that order.

The Kenyatta family also features...

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Taabu said...

First Chris YOU MUST SAVE US FROM THE SERIAL PORN POSTER who has taken to polluting and inculting us here. Please stop him even if it we have to pay the price of censorship and having our posts vetted by you first.

Now back to Gidi na babake. A look at the political landscape disabuses you of any percieved (not real) movement. These chaps have auctioned our souls and we continue enslaving ourselves to them. Look at the swears and sweats in their names. They are no different and to claim that X is clean comparec to Y is to miss the boat by a river.

We are in a roller coaster and enjoying the ride as we get spinned off any wit. The scoundrels know what to do. Run back to the cheerleaders and invoke the word WE ARE BEING PERSECUTED. From there your guess is as good as mine.

But don't blame the villagers for falling head over heels in protecting one of their own. Just look at the informed and abstracted psychophancy often posted here with people swearing with death and their grand parents on behalf of scoundrels. Well, as for me and my soul I remain happily lonely without a horse. Ride yours down the slope and you will soon kiss the hard surface awaiting you downhill.

chris said...


Pole ndungu and all you others out there. Luckily I have a system that helps me identify the posts quickly. I believe I have deleted all of them now. Today they were over 10.

Will soon revert to approving comments before publication as it seems that somebody may be getting nervous as elections rapidly approach and this team continues to be influential to many voters whom by extension will also influeunce many more votes.

Niko chonjo sana.


derek said...

Leo, the man might have had a booster. He scored more than a hat-trick. The man/woman/imbecile has been on an overdrive.

I think it deserves a hearty apologies to all who visit us here.

luke said...

Deputy Luke the ruiner speaking!

thank you for responding and taking swift action on the anonymous porn-poster Chris. may i request that you please continue to delete his/her pornographic comments whenever and wherever they are found in this blog
Kumekucha is a respectable blog with standards and i personally appreciate the work Chris& regular commentors do here in expressing their views
Anonymous i know you are reading this; in-case you just happen to be a foreigner living outside of Kenya which i doubt, let me tell you we Kenyans will not stand for such balderdash! you MAY NOT leave your filthy trashy pornography here it blights this blog. However, IF (BIG IF) are a Kenyan, SHAME ON YOU!that is too low a perch for any kenyan to stoop to! In a country of 34 million wananchi you're the odd one out, unable to use your brains to think you use your loins to try and sully our memory!
Listen, even the poorest kenyan living in the poorest district in the poorest contituency will never be as bankrupt as you are!because what you're doing only serves to draw more attention to the popularity of this blog.
ok, enough time wasted on you pumbavu pornster,moving on to Chris' post...

If the top 100 wealthiest kenyans are all crooks, then that means the top 100 wealthiest kenyans must also be politicians or linked to the same somehow. This is the fallacy of public officers ethic act of 2003 because suspicious declarations of wealth were supposed to lead to investigation for corruption but then the wealth declarations were not made public, so who is supposed to be the watchman that opens and reviews our public officials assets if not the we the voting public? we sent the dog to guard the meat and are now acting surprised when there dog lies asleep on its belly licking its lips
Former Governance and ethics PS John Githongo (and many others out there like him) represented our real chance to fearlessly tackle corruption.see what happened to him. After his departure, the GNU never attempted to correct the mistake they made of losing a whole department of governance and ethics, swallowing it up instead with the ministry of justice&constitutional affairs meaning it lost its jurisdiction.

The main reason why the corrupt rich will continue to grow rich and we will continue to read their names in lists such as these is because there is no one to take them on; every kenyan would and ought to take them on but....not if they are from my tribe please(sic)

chris said...


You have a habit of hitting the nail on the head. But once again you are spot on.

Who will take on on these greedy dinosaurs (as Taabu aptly calls them)? When will Kenyans realize that it must be done NOW otherwise there is no future?

God have mercy on Kenya.

P.S. The reason why so many people want to go to parliament is because it is the proven fastest way for a Kenyan to say goodbye to poverty. Voters should look for Kenyans whose first order of business in the 10th parliament will be to abolish the unacceptable renumeration MPs enjoy. Kumekucha is looking for these kind of candidates to support and campaign for.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Thanks a lot for this new information. I don't totally doubt what you say, but shall we go beyond what is widely believed? What's to prevent anyone with a claim to state it and say its widely believed, therefore its the truth? I was curious to know where one of my heroes Manu Chandaria ranked on your top 100 list.He's clearly up there somewhere.Some people simply don't brag.

Vikii said...

Vikii is here mr. Kumekucha waiting for your support.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

'Chris', my curioity seems to be aroused by just about anything. Now I'm curious about your responding to comments only by your die-hard supporters. Open up, dude, stand out from the dinosaurs. That's what 'some' and 'others' call dialogue.
Want change? Be it.

Taabu said...

Chris stop being discriminative (an insensitive) you RUINER. PKW has a right to reply and you owe her one don't you?

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Yeah, right, Mwalimu Problem/Poverty/Issue/Baggage/Whatever-else -you-were-given/chose-your-name-for! Nothing personal.

Raving Bull said...

Where's the list or are you using this to keep the traffic high on yur blog?

Anonymous said...

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