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Friday, September 14, 2007

Ringera Is Finally Smoked Out, Talks To The Press


It took the passing of an amendment of the law in parliament, clipping all the wings of the KACC for it’s boss Aaron Ringera to finally break his long silence to talk to the media.

He is now appealing President Kibaki not to sign the amendments into law. I am thinking to myself, what did Ringera do with the powers before they were snatched from him? And even if they are given back to him today, what can he do with them? Start dodging the press again and sit back and enjoy his fat salary and perks for mainly arresting and charging traffic policemen taking KShs 50 bribes.

I don’t think it makes a huge difference not being able to charge the traffic policemen who received 50 bob before 2003. There are probably plenty more committing the crime today. So there is really no difference, is there?

I am thinking that Baba Jimmy would...

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Taabu said...

Chris, here is a small lesson for free. We have motion and movement. The difference goes further than just their respective spelling and pronounciation. To engage in apparent movement clothed as motion is time-tested trcik for scoundrels to drum up emotions and creat false impression. The guys who gave Aaron his job are busy fighting for themselves and the good judge knows better when to stop going Shakesperian. On you counterfactual (what if) threat from youur SAINT, I amm not sure. The only constant however, is that we are all ropped in in this marvelous circular ride and the circumference in a constant=2piR.

luke said...

Remember this? "corruption will now cease to be a way of life in Kenya"
No,those strong words were not uttered by Daniel arap moi. try again.
What is the difference between Aaron Ringera and John Githongo?
For fighting corruption one was threatened for his life, from fighting corruption another has earned a living.
From the outset of fighting corruption one called a spade a spade not mincing words, at the twilight of fighting corruption another waited until a draconian amendment was passed before crying foul
One used unusual ways of gathering clear evidence against big fish involved in big scams, another has harassed and prosecuted many small fish for smaller amounts of cash
The mention of one's name immediately invokes either admiration or dislike among the kenyan public, the mention of the other's name immediately invokes at best indifference at worst pessimism
The appearance of one causes looters and the corrupt to draw quick sharp breaths in fear, the appearance of the other causes warm feelings of comfort and familiarity to arise
One is a loud barker, the other is a noiseless biter
the list is endless, but there is only one better option;uchaguzi ni lako


Anonymous said...

For weeks now ODM has been saying they represent change -what change do they represent

[url=]BBC NEWS | Africa | Kenyan MPs torpedo graft probes[/url]

Kenyan MPs have passed a law which may make it impossible to prosecute corrupt politicians implicated in big scandals.

The law limits Kenya's Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate alleged crimes committed only after 2003.Two notorious cases predate this - the Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing scams when huge sums were diverted from the Kenyan exchequer into officials' back pocketsPresident Mwai Kibaki won polls in 2002 on an anti-graft platform he has yet to fulfil. He faces re-election this year. Observers say the move may have been timed to ensure no politicians face damaging legal proceedings ahead of the polls.

After a heated debate, opposition MPs surprised the government by winning a vote on the controversial amendment, which deletes key sections of the 2003 Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act.Justice Minister Martha Karua argued against the change, saying the sections were the core of the Act and their deletion would strip the KACC of powers essential to carrying out its remit.Speaking in parliament she said: "Past economic crimes have not been successfully investigated and this amendment would give the KACC a deadly blow.

The head of the Kenya National Human Rights Commission, Maina Kiai, has described the law as an affront to the people of Kenya.

"The politicians are spitting in our faces," he said.

Mrs Karua told parliament that the architect of the amendment, Paul Muite had an interest in sabotaging the KACC investigation.

"Hon Muite's interest is obvious and this amendment is mischievous", she said.

Back in 2003 when the KACC was set up, Mr Muite told Kenya's Daily Nation he was looking forward to "defending himself against allegations that he received 20 million Kenyan shillings" from a businessman implicated in the Goldenberg scandal.

The big scams

Under former President Daniel arap Moi's administration, the government devised a scheme to persuade exporters to repatriate hard currency earnings, promising a 20% premium on foreign currency deposited in Kenya's Central Bank.

BBC vt gold ingots
Kenya lost an estimated $600 million in the Goldenberg export scam

It is alleged that a company called Goldenberg International colluded with government officials to make a claim for a 35% compensation for the export of minerals, in spite of Kenya having no diamond reserves and producing little gold of its own.

At least $80m was paid in export compensation, but some estimates suggest that Kenya's overall losses amounted to around $600m - the equivalent of more than 10% of the country's annual GDP.

Then under President Kibaki, officials sought to order a replacement for Kenya's passport printing system.

It involved buying sophisticated equipment - originally quoted at 6m euros ($8.3m) from Francois Charles Oberthur of Paris, a leading credit card supplier.

Without a proper competitive tender, the contract was instead awarded for five times the price to a company registered in the UK, the Anglo-Leasing and Finance Company Limited, whose plan was to sub-contract Oberthur to do the work.

It was subsequently revealed that Anglo Leasing's agent was a Liverpool-based firm, Saagar Associates.

The company records showed Saagar Associates was owned by Mrs Sudhan Ruparell, a daughter of Chamanlal Kamani, the 72-year-old multi-millionaire patriarch of a business family which enjoyed close links with senior officials in the Moi regime.

kalamari said...

Those of you who hurriedly joined Christian Union congregations in high school…… right before KCSE; must have known for a while now that we are living in the prophetic desperate times. Oh Raila help us!!! Kibaki and cohorts have decided to legalize corruption. Oh Raila have mercy us!!! If Kibaki signs this crap into law, what he will have done is set a precedent that will see corruption cases un-investigable after every five or so years. Oh Raila save our souls!!! Is this the price for Moi’s support? Oh Raila pray for us!!!

Vikii said...

Now this is what I call crappy-ass opportunism. The kind that is extremely 0ld fashioned and can only be associated with 'cotton wool brains'. Where in God's name does the name of mwai Kibaki come in here when otieno Kajwang and Kenneth MaKende proudly declare themselves the biggest proponents of this draconian and unacceptable amendment? The parliamentary representatives of Kibaki in matters constitutional are Martha Karua and Amos Wako, are they in support? If this childish ODM opportunism is what some of you call objectivity then English, which is currently my fourth language in terms of proficiency drops down the list. We simply do not speak the same language.

Aaron Ringera, like most other people who matter in the Mwai kibaki administration has totally failed in his 'fight' against corruption, there is no doubt about it. I am on record here saying in response to Phil's once-upon-a-time 'ten reasons we all should reject kibaki at the ballot' that I will not vote for Kibaki simply because he has literally let off the hook the people who have fleeced Kenya dry. Mwai kibaki's administration has made major forward strides but they have totally failed in this one most important aspect. Because of that they will get the majority votes in these coming elections but mine will not be among them.Confirmed thieves, both in his government and in the opposition continue to shamelessly lecture people on the dangers of corruption and how 'they are set to bring change in Kenya'. When Henry Kosgey promises you change and you applaud him then u need to go now and tell the police that i called you a FOOL and a big one for that matter. In short,Kibaki's government is not equal to the task of fighting corruption but I disagree with those who invoke his name in the happenings of Yesterday. That regrettable ammendment was done by members of parliament most of whom are in the opposition.

When I was in school, someone lied to me that only Nigeria and to a lesser extent Zimbabwe could match our 'education attainment' in Africa. That was a LIE and if it was not, our education quality is just crappy. How else would you attribute the blind faith Kenyans have in what they read or hear as opposed to what they see with their own eyes. We have been reduced to brainless characters who swallow hook, line and sinker what the sub-standard Kenyan press tells us. Why dont we for once engage our minds and make informed inferences out of situations? For example,why would we be a hundred percent behind Chris when he makes saints out of thugs and crooks out of saints? Even peolple I have tremendous respect for in this blog were behind that dehumanising Jeff Koinange rubbish. Why should Chris insinuate in this blog that Jimmy kibaki's rightful place is jail without substantiating his outbursts? Use any parameters accessible and user friendly to and they will all boil down to one adjective---cheap. I read here yesterday that Raila Odinga has involved himself in corruption less times than mwai kibaki and while I am not the person to make such judgements (All i can give is my opinion)I am still waiting for real examples from the individual who made that outrageous remark. I am not asking for too much, am I? Just a little bit of evidence to back your claims.

Let us make our own choices, free from politician's influences. For heavens sake we have our own brains! Kalonzo Musyoka, the man who has earned my unreserved and unshakable support is in the news saying he would not pursue old corruption if he became president. BUT I am not a dunderhead to support everything he says. I am not a religious follower of his, I can tell what is right without caring what Kalonzo thinks. I can even tell him to his face that I dont buy that kind of reasoning. People, right from the colonial times who committed political and economic crimes belong in jail. They should be taken to court and tried, so I disagree with him on this one. Let us not sheepishly back positions just because Otieno kajwang held a press conference yesterday and endorsed those decisions. Mere puppets on the string, dont you think?

In conclusion, my position is that Ringera and his boss have failed in this regard but that doesnt give our parliamentary committees any right to shield past fraudsters.

Anonymous said...


KACC has been a toothless bulldog all along, not coz of lack of legislation necessary to carry out 'big fish' prosecutions, but political considerations that prevent it from applying the law equitably. That is why the only persons prosecuted are those who are insignificant politically (touts, you and me) and those who become expendable along the way (Murungaru, et al). So KACC with Ringera or anyone else + political interests = no prosecutions, not now, not in the near future.

Now back to the choir master does ODM intend to handle the corruption issue with a now trully toothless KACC if they make it to government? At least we have ODM-K's stand on this.

I think it is about time we heared from Phil....the Hummer itinerary cannot be that tight, is it?


Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Vikii, this is what you said, “…..I read here yesterday that Raila Odinga has involved himself in corruption less times than mwai kibaki and while I am not the person to make such judgements (All i can give is my opinion)I am still waiting for real examples from the individual who made that outrageous remark. …”

I took myself to be the individual who made that outrageous remark. I defend my right to give my raw opinion, shaky as it is, exactly how I feel it, when I feel it. Even my brother Taabu knows I have a right to be wrong, do I say! Let’s rewind -this is exactly what I said, “ …We probably all agree that most of our leaders have stolen a thing or a million, directly or indirectly. Even we have bribed, directly or indirectly. So, there is none without sin, no, not one. Wouldn't the wisest thing, then, be to vote for the thief who has stolen the least of or kept fewest of the stolen donkeys? Or the one who has protected the fewest fellow thieves. With all honesty, I think Baba Fidel Castro is this thief….”

In comparing Baba Jimmy and Baba Fidel Castro, I must admit I don’t know who is the badder thief, since one may be gooder at covering their tracks that the other. It’s worth noting, though, that I don’t know what Baba Jimmy has stolen as an individual. At least nothing has hit the public domain. I do know for sure that Baba Fidel Castro has been accused of big time thievery in the case of the molasses plant. I hereby withdraw the unfortunate implication that Baba Fidel Castro is the better thief among the four in the ‘story’.

HOWEVA, Baba Jimmy has more than turned a blind eye on corruption, while Baba Fidel Castro, hungry for votes, may I add, has been very keen on ‘exposing’ it, albeit at opportune moments. At least on the surface, he does LOOK LIKE the less bad thief.

Much has been said, half in jest and half in truth about the fact that the economy has improved over the past five years, there is free primary education, community development funds, etc etc etc as Luke will agree. For that only, I’m casting my lot with Baba Jimmy. I still whole-headedly think he is the best thing that has happened to Kenya in the past 29 years, and probably is good for the next five. The politricks of kelele mingi, kuruka ruka hapa na pale is here to stay, I care about uongozi mwema and maendeleo. Mimi niko hapa hapa tu.

Anonymous said...

People are know by their names and not baba this or mama this. These taggs are used by market women and have been introduced into this blog by one stupid so called proud kikuyu woman kirigu. Her contributions are as shallow as that of mama mboga. She is just an idler taking useful space. I am sure this 8.4.4 knows nothing about communication skills. I wish she could remove her smelly kiino from this site so that men can discuss important issues.

Vikii said...

Why are you so much opposed to her bro? I think it's only fair to respect other people's contribution if you want yours to be respected. Tackle that bit of her comment that you dont agree with instead of calling her names. In my opinion she is one of the few people who make sense to me in this blog.

Once again , if you feel she is such a piss-off then learn to skip her comments. It has never been simpler than that.

Now ms PKW, thank you so very much for clarifying the issue. Once again we should not dwell on who is cleaner than who. Each one of us should make their own decisions coz enyewe tutaingia kwa hiyo booth ya kupiga kura kila msee akiwa solo. Chenye utado hapo ndani hakuna msee atajua, ni wewe tu. What really pisses me off is the propaganda that people level against Kibaki, someone I will not be voting for. People heap propaganda on him and a few other people with the intention of making someone else somewhere appear the better option. That in my opinion could work if we were dealing with high school teenagers.

Does anyone have Derek's email address or his phone number?

Taabu said...

Anonymous you are suffering from absolute dearth of substance. The lady you derage here makes more sense that your primitive tirades rolled over ten times. If you have nothing to write please don't write it here. You make all men smell cheap. What an aweful male soul?

luke said...

anonymous shutup, you must belong to NSIS otherwise you would understand and know that in this blog it is debate that settles arguments, not banal name calling which only proves you are familiar with the language of hate and tribalism now how does that make you better than your intended target? its people like you who set kenya back 1000+ years and i hope you never see the inside of a public office with that kind of vulgar cheap vitriol you just spewed forth. keep it to yourself in your home and i pity your wife if indeed you are married. junior e-cop has spoken

derek said...

Vikii, my ophone number is 00447751537385. The guy in the States, I have been trying to get on on the phone but you are unavailable.

chris said...


Habari! Where have you been my man!

Everybody is anxious about you.

I think people want to know that you are OK and maybe if possible to get an idea of why you are missing in action at this hour of great need when the official opposition has merged with government to shut out the people of Kenya.


vikii said...

Thanks derek. i will be calling later in the day.

Come on and chip in bro. Dont be so rigid, lets have a go at it. Give your opinions. So long as you dont insult anybody, then I guess those who dont like your kind of posts have an option to go somewhere---Hell would be ideal. Please contribute!

derek said...

Chris, I have been with you in spirits. Last weekend, I got enough of Taabu and Phil jibes (sic) and decided to call it quits.

Not yet done, watch Phandom Mudavadi. He is not out of it yet.

But just to remind you about what I wrote three months ago. UK, Moi and Kanu to decide the presidency and 2012. It is in the pipeline and as you can see, Mwai has emasculated the oppostion. In literal terms, there is no opposition at the moment.

Even the Kanu die-hards are in the therikari. Sasa, Kanu, the offocial opposition party is dead (in icy waters). Anyway, Uhuru was between a rock and a hard place, and instead of treading on crushed shells, he thought it wise to join the party that stands for development.

ODMs are standing on quick sand!! Mambo yatazombrateka karibuni

Anonymous said...

Derek. Why don't you learn to keep you word? You said you have quit this blog and please keep off. I wonder what brought you back. Or do you want to date vikii that kau slut? do you know how many dicks have rubbed her smelly kiino? nugu ino.

Vikii said...

I am a guy bro. I rub them sluts. Just a correction.

luke said...

There is no cure for someone as stupid as anonymous-leave vikii and derek alone,they don't need me to defend them but i would be just as happy to have you cease your stupidity and leave that to Kumekucha's other village halfwit Kioko

Anonymous said...

sorry vikii. After reading your shallow contributions, I thought the nut behind the keyboard must be feminine. Your reasoning is no higher than an old village woman. sorry vikii-- From your kiddish name, I thought you have a kiino.

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