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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Open Letter To Raila From Regular Kumekucha Reader



I don’t really care if you publish this or not; I don’t also really care if Raila Odinga reads it or not; most likely he will: I am very respectful to him, no doubt about this.

I have a few Luo friends and I am also very respectful to them, but there is one trait I notice, and perhaps this will help them, and Raila too, I am not convinced, though, but they should look at this with an open mind.

Those my Luo friends have one dominant characteristic; they do not accept to lose in a discussion, albeit grudgingly. Most people have this trait though, but it is very dominant in my Luo friends. Look at our football in those days of Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards, look at politicians when they go to Kisumu and they are not approved those days by Odinga and now his son.

Why has it to happen only when Luos are involved? Every adult Kenyan of over 50 years and above can...

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Taabu said...

Nice comment that one. It is timely to advice somebody aspiring to lead to be accomodative. However, on close scritiny one cannot fail to see through the thinly-veiled street talk (to avoid the obvious apt word) clothed as objective observation.

I know of for a fact that each Kenyan community (politically correct word) have unique social and cultural traits. These characteristics manifest themselves often inadvertently when socializing or conversing. Singling out one and making outlandish blancket accusations about it cannot escape the stereotype (cannot hide it any more!) tag.

In a nutshel, we all owe it to each other as Kenyans to understand and appreciate each other uniquely as they. But that respect comes with the CAVEAT that we must reciprocate and tamper our indulgence with responsibility. This is one thing that must be preached and practiced across the board. No sweetening of any sms can wash. While others MUST tone their apparent abrassiveness, others must learn to engage them and interact and not appear as fault seekers standing on the pseudo table of moral high ground. Simply puut WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER as Kenyans, don't we?

Anonymous said...

To Raila Odinga the molasses thief: My name is Kioko. I wish to tell you that many Kenyans hate you because you are the manifestation of all that is evil in Kenyan Politics! You are an empty headed power hungry and power thirsty Kihii who can sell Kenya for a bottle of stale wine. That is why we shall never give you a chance to be anything higher than the MP of a slum area. All that is dirty and filthy in Kibera slums is a replica of your childish political talk.
What is your agenda except senseless MOUs and new constitutions? Is MOU ugali or Omena? Do you understand the ABC of business? it is more that repairing gas cylinders or sending jaluo kids to sell groundnuts around the city estates! Pumbavuu wewe!! No wonder President Mwai Kibaki referred to you and your stupid Kavirondo subjects as mavi-ya-kuku!! Kioko. BC. Canada.

Anonymous said...

Kioko,It is childish of you to call opt to cheap politicking. Be an intellectual. You don't have to to name call when you disagree with someone. You need to get some education and be aware that disagreement on issues is the heart of democracy. Name calling is the art of dictatorship! This is what's wrong with Kambas and Kikuyus.

Anonymous said...

Kioko is a peanut brained imbecile, absolutely no intellectual content in he's head. Im sure he's working a car wash or cleaning laundry in CA. Raila is one of Kenya's prominent sons. Have you ever given a though on where Kenya would be without the likes of Raila to keep the administration on check? Kikuyu sons like Githongo had to run away in fear of the wrath of this administration. Have you ever given a though of what those idiot mamluki's where doing running amok in our country with impunity? the inexcusable security breaches? Thanks to Raila it the charade was exposed and we redeemed some national pride.And who was just behind that? Kibakis basterdised daughter? Who played a pivotal role in placing Kibaki in the Hill? and who's getting him out? You are simply a useless, indecisive, narrow minded bigot. Best you grow up, open your mind and appreciate the fact that, all Kenyans who will back Raila uproot Kibaki, should be a ee opener to you.
Mboch wewe.

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