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Saturday, September 08, 2007

ODM Presidential Nominations: This Is The Shocking Thing That Happened Behind The Scenes

Is This Democratic Choreography?



During the ODM presidential nominations exercise at Kasarani last week, Raila Odinga could be seen consulting with various officials on the floor from time to time.

Today we can reveal what really went on behind the scenes during those so-called elections, which many critics of ODM and the Langata MP have described as choreographed.

The first strange thing in the "election results" was the fact that Musali Mudavadi beat Ruto. Simple arithmetic will tell you that this would have been virtually impossible considering the number of delegates representing Kalenjin, Rift Valley. Impeccable sources have informed me that Ruto actually beat Mudavadi but their results were switched round at the last minute to have Mudavadi beating Ruto so as to justify Raila selecting him as running mate and the VP should he form the next government.

It was felt by the ODM presidential candidates, who had a lengthy meeting at Safari Park hotel on the morning of that big day, that Ruto...

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Phil said...

There you go again Chris. Its your usual favourite target Raila and ODM (You have joined the Vikki and derek club) How sad. Always throwing punches below the belt. When will you post an analysis to tell us why your development conscious president will be running on a flower party ticket or Uhuru Kenyatta has now officially joined the GNU?

Instead of tabling proof of election malpractices - you only choose to make an example of ODM officials consulting Raila. How about those who were consulting Nyagah, Mudavadi and Ruto, were they also making rigging arrangements? It still saddens me that you have refused to applaud ODM for being the first to conduct party primaries in this country since the advent of multi party, actually since independence. Leading by example - I call it.

Anyway, I dont blame you - you are a Kenyan and Kenyans are notorious for crying foul whenever things do not go their way. Thats why Ethiopians are turning out to be better distance runners than Kenya.

Why are you, Chris, refusing to accept that unlike you older citizens - the younger generation Kenyan, in this case less than 30 years old, is not concerned about ethnicity and is looking for the best credentials before they vote?

Like others before you, it doesnt surprise me that you are ranking Ruto Samoiye before Mudavadi, just because Rift Valley where Ruto originates from 'has more registered voters' than Western where Mudavadi comes from. No wonder you are 'shocked' Raila is the ODM presidential ticket winner!

What you are conveniently forgetting is that Raila was endorsed by leading lights in Rift Valley a couple of months ago during Raila's vision launch. The likes of Ntimama, Kosgeis, Sirmas, Sallys, etc exercised their democratic right and endorsed Raila although their own home boy was in the same race and had laucnhed his vision much earlier than Raila! For the umpteenth time Chris, tribe is no longer an issue in Kenyan politics. Thats why you see Muslims, youth, professionals, diplomatic community and even our brothers and sisters in the diaspora want a piece of Raila...he represents change and signifies hope.

This is an influential blog - and I hope you will be able to backup your outrageous claims when challenged.

Wenye azma ya mabadiliko wanaelekea jumba la taifa - bila shida yoyote.

Wakenya wazalendo, kueni na usiki mwanana. Asante.

derek said...

Phil, Ndugu yangu, umepotea. The thing that happened in Kisirani, was to hoodwink the general public that there was an election within the Odinga Dictatorial Monopoly. There was no democracy on that day, and I really wonder where are how more than 2400 Kenyans could be wrong to attend such a function for a paltry Sh 5000 (Moi once said something about that amount). By now, some of them have nothing in their pockets after changing from the usual drinks to beer. They are dead skint!

In the name of witnessing Raila Odinga being selected to be a presidential candidate. He has been there before and lost to Mwai Kibaki. In real fact, this time, he will finish third behind Kibaki, Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and might be worse, if another person declares. 2400 Kenyans goofed big time. He has been endorsed in an election that was won even before it started. And how do I love the ‘kicker’ in the post. Hiyo ni bao Chris.

Chris, you are very right the canvassing before the polls in itself was a move in futility, that was only meant to delude Kenyans and the watchful eytes trained on the candidates of the biggest lie they were about to witness. True again, Ruto’s results coulf have been changed in the fear of a backlash that awaits him in the Rift Valley, if DTM hits the trail. Already GM, the tycoon has his eyes on the dad’s supremacy in the region. With Ruto in the Veep position, the campaign could have been littered with everything dirty, and DTM being what he is known for, could have span a yarn around the ODM feet in the name of disrespect to elders.

Then the other decoy comes in the form of the Western Front, the ever generous bloc that spreads its voter count across the board. That is another important reason why Raila dreams that Mudavadi can deleiver Western. Ole wako Phil! He could not do it for KANU even as a sitting Veep and now, Maji, imezidi unga.

And just to back the another of Phil’s comments here, all those in the branch positions across the country (if any branches do exist), have been driven from their Nyanza base by economic reasons and that is why the Oduoris (shoemakers) in Eldoret, Thika, farm hand workers in Limuru (Oloo), Naivasha flowers cutters, pyrethrum tillers in Solai, tea pickers in Kericho were all nominated as officials and were involved in the ‘nomination’ of Raila as ODM presidential candidate.

And finally…, I might be wrong but I read that some former minister Joseph Kalweo, and others from Eastern Province have joined the party of choice and are backing the right candidate to be president of Kenya.

The party (GNU) that in its own good deeds have silenced Uhuru, enticed Moi, Nicholas Biwott, has brought changes in the country. Good economy, Phil, I diont think you are the only one who does not feel the changes that Kibaki and NARC have done. Apart from a few things that Kenya like other countries in the world share, KIBAKI HAS DONE BETTER IN FIVE YEARS THAN MOI DID (WITH HELP OF RAILA IN 2001-02) IN 24 YEARS.

What about the dancing choreographed by one lawyer Otieno Kajwang. Raila amekule huu, na hasara juu!!!

derek said...

Sorry, in the second para, I meant how 2400 Kenyans could be wrong. I hope this one is understood on a day that rugby, soccer and cricket have taken most of my time. Phil, kazi kwako

Phil said...

Derek, just when did Chris appoint you his lawyer? Why are you also conveniently forgetting, like Chris, that Prof. Nyongo was the brainchild of drafting the economic recovery strategy paper for the NARC regime in 2002 and that him and others in ODM/ODM-K were part of the NARC government for two years before the great betrayal of Kenyan voters took place? Prof. Nyongo, as minister for planning, was the one individual behind nearly ideas by the NARC regime to increase the tax bracket that you see Kimunya thumping his chest about today, including reforming the TLB and bringing in matatu owners and crew to start paying income tax (PAYE). So let your GNU enjoy the glory, and let us see them sustain those economic gains.

Derek, you also forget that Mwai Kibaki and George Saitoti were both Vice Presidents for more than two decades in the 24 year Nyayo regime. Incidentally, Kibaki who still holds a KANU life membership certificate, was also a Minister for Finance in Kenyatta's regime - and we as tax payers are now being asked to foot a debt repayment running into billions of shillings in a humongous white elephant project that was a brainchild of Kibaki in the name of KENREN fertilizer factory? This must surely rank as among the biggest white elephants in the history of this contry because not even the foundations of the plant were dug up!! I know its not important for you to remember all that; whats important is the to shout here about the one and a half years NDP MPs served in the same government. How hypocritical can we get?

Just as LDP were duped with the MOU, recent by-elections show that voters were duped with development projects that have all turned out to be mirages. Magarini and the electricity poles that were taken away after the elections is the most recent example. Boreholes dug halfway in marsabit is another. Do you think voters will remain fools forever?

When we cast an eye across the government benches - we see a disorganised team. No wonder Moi and Biwott opted to join the fray. We see a President who is completely afraid to galvanize his troops into action. One whose 12 political parties he draws support from - only react to what ODM is doing. It seems obvious ODM and its pentagon are the catalysts in the Kenya political landscape. No wonder Chris cannot post anything else but ODM and Raila - so you can keep the likes of Derek and Kioko busy trying to justify a second term that will not happen.

In anycase, I havent seen any democratic party elections, akin to those of ODM, to elect Kibaki as an aspirant in the next elections. Why not?

We can argue here without trying to demonise one tribe Derek. That hatred you have for Luos is in bad taste. It borders on racism and is worse than apartheid. Dont all tribes have a right to contest for political power in this country? Why must you always invoke negative ethnicity whenever you run out of ideas in a debate?

derek said...

Phil, please and please again. Dont lump me in the same genre as a scatterbrain like Kioko. I will get back to you in the next few minutes. I want to digest the post. But remember, we are not enemies. I am not a tribalist or a racist. Not once and never will it happen.

derek said...

Kalamari UPO? Read EA Standard and remember my words on Masinde wa Msambwa two weeks ago. Was I wrong? Sawa sawa!!! That leadership will come from the Lake. Hapana.

derek said...

Phil, now I have charged my batteries, and shaken off the tribalism tag that you branded me, while associating and aligning me to a numbskull called Kioko, who only knows two words ‘Kavirondo’ and ‘kihii’. I wish tell you that I am not in that level. I play in the Premiership.

Then to your post. You say that Peter Nyongo is behind the economic recovery. Which one? You have shouted your voice hoarse on umpteenth times here saying that the figures are cooked and there is nothing that has been achieved. If you are feeling the change then, Mwai Kibaki has done a great job and he has even made you realise that there is economic recovery, albeit your decision to turn a blind eye.

For your information, there are mandarins who run the job at the planning ministry and one Oburu Odinga once served in the Moi government in a senior position in the same ministry. Have you blamed him for the troubles that were there during the Moi and Kenyatta governments? NO. in short, the mandarins who push paper at the planning ministry. Have you known that other people contribute to a government’s success? This is a massive rope that that is weaved with fabric from different textures to make a strong end, and thus, Kibaki’s choice of a great team. Said and a bitter pill to swallow, Kenya is bigger than Nyongo. Has the ministry not been running while he runs after Raila at the ODM rallies?

Why the change of heart now. In 1997 when he was rejected by the Raila wave, similar to the current one for supporting Charity Ngilu in SDP, did people say that there are many other profs from the lakeside, then now, because he is secretary general of a party that was bought by 30 pieces of silver, he is good and a brain behind the great recovery.

Okay, Kanu membership. Was Raila Amolo Odinga not a Kanu secretary general? Was Oginga Odinga not a Kanu member, was Musalia Mudavadi not a Kanu member, is William Ruto not a Kanu secretary? Was Fred Gumo not one, was Joseph Nyaga not one. Phil, kindly furnish me with the dates that these people relinquished their Kanu posts and I will show you a liar! Mwai Kibaki publicly, in Mombasa in December 1991 left Kanu and started a nationalistic party called DP which draws its membership from the 42 tribes of Kenya.

My argument about the IMF/World Bank/British Overseas Dev/ French Government/USA government loans is and has always been that the country should pay back the loans. Whether they were used to water a flower farm on Mombasa Road (Nol Turesh project that has no outlet through the ASAL Masailand), open Ostrich Farm in Kitengela, tarmac an unused road in Eldama Ravine, construct Turkwell Hydro-electric project or finance the seven dams on a seasonal river in a semi-arid region, they should be paid back. That is when you will learn to elect responsible leaders!

Are you trying to cook a white elephant? It is not there my brother. Hapo, umenoa! Did Kenya Railways exist after the NDP-Kanu relationship? No. Was there any cry from the members of the same government? No. Was Siginon Freight not the same company that brought KR to its feet at the height of Philip Okundi at Ports Authority? If you want that bitter story, I will give it to you in a different post. How Okundi at KPA helped Gideon Moi’s Siginon Freight rise after the ‘rail crashes’ of the late 80 and early 90s.

A white elephant, Thabiti Finance, the Dalmas Otieno bank, that had the monopoly of running the pension schemes for Kenya Railways, Kenya Airways, Kenya Ports Authority and the Kenya Posts and Telecommunications. Dalmas was minister for Transport and telecommunication and all the mentioned companies were instructed to open up an account with Thabiti Finance. What happened, millions of shillings were channelled from KCB and NBK to ‘promote local investments’. Billions were lost when it went under. History is rich my friend. Dalmas Otieno is now with Raila Odinga.

Magarini? Poles are laying by the roadside. I was in my local centre five months ago, and there were more than 80 poles by the local chief’s office and I was told, and I am lucky that I can bear witness that Kibaki government has brought electricity to my rural home. Magarini is part of Kenya and are in the scope for the rural electrification programme. The argument here is KMC is working; KCB is making millions, NBK making millions, Kenya-Re sawa, KCC sure, KPA kibao, KPLC supplying electricity, Nairobi inangala ng’ala na mengineo.

Pentagon is a bunch of tribal shysters. I tell you, they are losers from day one, and the democracy that is commissioned, midwifed by one man, amounts hoodwink and deceiving the electorate. And Phil, if I may just ask you, why people campaigning for the same seat should be following each other across the country to speak on the same podium and only after, the crowds proclaims that one is the best. ODM was a total farce; the campaigns to the elections were all trumped up.

Mwisho, I do NOT HATE LUOS. I am proud of them and there is nothing wrong in this world for one being a shoe-cobbler, cane-cutter (obanda), fisherman (jarimba) or even a herdsman (jakwath). I simply said, that people driven out of Nyanza to be big towns are officials of ODM and none of them has ever been elected, and it has not been said that they are interim officials.

Narc is not disorganised, Moi is not and Biwott is not. When DTM was in the NO camp in 2005, he was a good man and organised, now that he supports someone who has shown him by example, precise leadership qualities he is wrong. And…sadly said, I HAVE NOT RUN OUT OF IDEAS.

derek said...

Beth Ochwada from UK in another comment on this post, please know that there is something called sources. Publishing someone's full name does not let him or her say that Raila's electiuon was in the contrary. I can be Moses Maina from Kakamega, Kisii, Kendu Bay, Muranga or Meru or even Embu. Chris owes you no apology and how lucky are you to get one.

And talking of Justice Kwach, like every soul that hovers around Raila, they are all corrupt and part of the ills that afflict this great nation. A nation that loses billions in corrupt deals and rises like a desert sphinx to see another day. Kwach, despite his qualities and profession, is one of the people behind that mess. Why should Chris as Justice Kwach?

Anonymous said...

What kind of elections did the rogue hold at Kasarani? Did you have a close look at the delegates from eastern and Mt. Kenya? Most of them had the lower teeth missing and dark charcoal black baboon-like faces. These creatures were not from the region. They looked more like fish eating savages from the kavirondo gulf. I am proud to be a Bantu and cannot accept to be ruled by fish eating idiots! kioko. BC. Canada.

Anonymous said...

remember chris reported that Raila suffered a blow when Kilimo Linah defected only for him to apologise. I believe he will apologise again on this because he is misled.

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