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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nothing Left To Analyze In Kenyan Politics


The official opposition has joined the government side and the three so-called front runners are all too similar.

All 3 have been in Kanu (need you ask what the motive was?)

Of the three, President Kibaki is the most tolerant as a personality although the tolerance includes tolerance to a vice that is suffocating life out of the country—namely corruption. And tolerance to bad advisors who have some very selfish motives.

To be honest the word tolerance can hardly be used to describe ODM Kingpin Raila Odinga or the boss of the Ho Ndii Em, Kalonzo Musyoka. Did you know for example that Raila Odinga went out of his way and made every effort to have the presidential appointment of Shem Ochudho to the Kenya Pipeline parastatal in 2003 rescinded? Apparently the two had fallen out politically. But tell me what does such venom tell you about this character whom many believe is a front runner to be the chief occupant of State House, come January 2008?

Then in terms of greed for money there is no distinction between the so called GNU and the so-called opposition. In fact this is best portrayed by...

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watu wote said...

Yes Chris, alternative-less lifestyles is indeed the 'only way' to go! I am so happy about this new 'only way' of life in Kenya right now, and I for one highly commend all our politicians for indeed showing us the 'only way' in this matter. The truth is who wants to live in a Kenya where there are alternative politics?in an alternative-less political Kenya, there is no need for democracy in any-more. Kenyans are at their best when mtu moja tuu ni baba na mama,that person alone represents us enough, and to listen to them warms the cockles of our hearts and we feel safer in bed at night
Equally on the other side, the alternative is also complimenting the original exactly, word for word, and we know we are a united Kenya
sample these excerpts from speeches made by UK and Emilio over the past almost 48 months:

"mimi na sema ya kwamba tuko hapa hapa"
"I am saying that we are in ODM as KANU"

"sisi ni serikali, wewe siyo serikali"
"we are the bonafide officials of KANU, there is no other KANU"

"mambo ya siasa kila saa tuwache, tufanye kazi ndio maana tulichaguliwa"
"my goal is to rebuild KANU from the ashes of the crushing defeat"

By the way Chris, I am
quite happily thirstless. I am satisfied that Kenya is where it should be and we don't need 3rd liberation.Life is sweet

Anonymous said...

ochuodho was fired because he did no anything bout oil and pipelines. and made some questionable decisions like using company money to tarmac some road in nyanza - check the facts or ask somebody

Vikii said...

Of course Ochuodho was not fired coz of Raila but it is an open secret that Raila was against his his appointment. He was appointed so Raila could get a small test of who's boss.

Anonymous said...

taste i mean

mkenya kamili said...

can anyone really trust raila to be the leader who will liberate us from tribalism, or continue with development, or deliver a new constitution? kibwana made a good point when he said that any man who sends rowdy supporters to disrupt a peaceful meeting cannot be trusted to maintain a peaceful kenya. if anyone votes for the man then they shall be fully responsible for all the related negative outcome. lets be wise this election we could end up putting a man worse than moi in the chair and end up suffering greater losses than those 24 years

Anonymous said...

of course only a jaluo or a fool can trust Raila Odinga. Only two parties LDP (Luo and Dogs Party) and the ODM (Odinga Dictatorship Movement) have been left out as they have nothing but a tribal agenda. All others have now combined for the sake of National Unity. Kenyans have said no to tribalism and hence we now have the Party of National Unity. Let the birodos knows that Kenya is a Bantu nation and there is no room for kihii leadership. kioko. BC. Canada.

Phil said...

Insults aside, I think it wasnt a bad circus when the prezzo announced his political party preference....It was disorganised and was not match for any of the vision launches by ODM luminaries. I fail to understand what civil servants like Muthaura and Dr. Mutua were doing at KICC, it is my opinion that this was purely a political party affair and had nothing to do with government. Is this a sign to tell us that PNU will use state instruments to campaign for a second term? My own assessment of the political CV's of the president's 'generals' tells me they are not those one can rely on to hold sustained and substantive nationwide campaigns for the president. They themselves have got no guaranteed political constituencies of their own - and are not assured of winning their own parliamentary seats. Chris, there's alot to analyse. One thing is for sure - your Mutahi Ngunyi predictions have all been proven wrong.

Taabu said...

No safety nor joy rivals horselessness. Kenya's fluid political state becomes murkier and no prediction will be left standing come Dec 2007. All we do here is rant and rave premising all on events of the previous day.

As we highten the tempo of swearing and sweating a lesson in time is apt. If we ever thought that your equates political refresness then we all have eggs and tomatoes kissing our faces. The Mungatanas of this world came, shouted, danced and now...??? Well, the less said the better. Kenya iko na wenyewe and we must pay rent lest...

Anonymous said...

Very sad to see a BOY being fighting for a MAN's job. This only happens in LUO land where UN-CIRCUMSISED boys have the audocity to plunge their filthy hands into WAZEE's food. Go face the blade first and fast then come post your idiotic nonsense about (Luo and Dogs Party) and (Odinga Dictatorship Movement). In the meantime stop eyeing my gal like that... she also dislikes BOYS!!!!

marianne briner said...

Í am very sad right now - not because I saw it all all coming (yes, I did) - but because it would not ...........

So for now we have to hope for 2012 and 2017 (utmost) ........

and then you will have to face people like Uhuru Kenyatta (yes he will compete again as his 'uncle' Dr. Njoroge Mungai has just confirmed to me ........ and then there is also my 'special friend' Jeff Koinange ..... former CNN Africa Correspondent and relative of one of the most notorious 'killers' in the Kenyatta-Cabinet ,,,,,,,,,).

So please think twice ............
in electing Kalonzo you may have the possibility to 'relax' for 10 years ......... (twice 5 years) - but in voting Kibaki .......... ?????????????????????????????????????????????

I wish you luck.


watu wote said...

anonymous and Kioko, you seem to have your own thing going on there, settle it outside this is not a debate about circumcision or the lack thereof. Watu wote is as thirstless as mwalimu is horseless and the joy?unparalleled. Kenya is doing fine as it is, no changes needed. i love you all,looters and pumbavu alike

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I personally don't get what the noise is all about now that UK (don't know jina ya mtoto wake wa kwanza)has joined hands with Baba Jimmy. Post 1991 when multi-party politics was re-introduced in Kenya, only Baba Jimmy, of the three major presidential contestants, was totally free of KANU ties. But alas, that was made history last week! I am surprised that you are oh so (cliche) surprised. Its not like you didn't know all along that these guys are only in it for themselves! The power is in the your hands, men and women. This is Moi's line and stands true-siasa mbaya, maisha mabaya.

The whole point of democrazy is that the common mwenye nchi is free to take their politrickal and tribal loyalties wherever they wish,and for the common mwana nchi like you and me, a right to free and fair elections.BUT, it's the mwana nchi who suffers for the mistakes made in the voting booth.
Mimi niko hapa hapa tu, seeing with my mouth.

kalamari said...

I wonder why everybody is surprised about the latest political developments. Will you be titillated when Kalonzo officially joins the unholy alliance? Let me explain. ODM-K is clearly not in the business of presidential elections. This is purely an Ukambani parliamentary ticket party (and Ngilu now knows it). I don’t care how much honey one swallows, even the very bee-keepers know Kalonzo has no chance. Within those realities, ODM-K has no option but to consolidate all Ukambani seats for the purposes of clout in preparation for the formation on the next government. With the inaccurate thinking that Kibaki may make it (esp. with the show of financial might) it’s a no-brainer whom Kalonzo will be forced to endorse at the last minute i.e. if his passion, like UKs, lies in being in the next government.

My question to Phil is this, what is Raila doing in the US at this time of urgent need? We all know his chances heavily depend of euphoria. Without him in the country, ODM looses propulsion. Please give him a call or send him a text message asking him to come back and remain grounded until this is over. With much less money than Kibaki, it seems wise to lie low until the final one month campaign blitz, however, people are thirsty for the fanatical campaigns that are his forte. The time for raising money is over; it’s now time to spend. Sasa ni masaa ya siasa.

Taabu said...

You only get surprised after swearing and seeing your goose going headless or let loose. And it has not even started yet. The so-called Wahengas knew a thing or two we don't: NO SITUATION IS PERMANENT. That is why you can confidently mouth two contradicting misemo in one minute e.g hara haraka .... then ngoja ngoja ...

With that cue anytime you want to paint untruths with a brush of credibility invoke some number - stats or years etc. We are busy comparing who is a lesser devil obvilous of the baseline fact that they are ALL tainted, no exceptions. But instead of seeking saints, we offer token coats of paint to scoundrels and present them as angels. Mmmhhh. Na bado, we haven't anything yet.

PS: PKW, UK's son anaitwa Jomo. He is in upper primary grade .. in London.

Phil said...

Kalamari those a great comments, especially about ODM-K, you hit the nail on the head.

Raila's trip in USA was to amongst others talk to investors, government officials and business leaders. Any government worth its salt must have a sound foreign affairs policy. I hope you read / heard Raila's speech that he delivered in Denver last week about tribalism in Kenya. Superb! I

Meanwhile, I would urge you and ODM supporters not to panic. The campaign will start next week as reported in the standard - and also as confirmed by Raila himself in a KASS FM interview as follows:

22nd Sept Kakamega rally,
23rd Sept Kericho rally
29th Sept Uhuru Park, the mother of all rallies, the official ODM launch

The standard report was by Dennis Onyango as follows:

Orange Democratic Movement presidential candidate, Mr Raila Odinga, arrives from the US later this week to join his team in navigating the most treacherous part of the road to State House.

Raila told The Sunday Standard that his party hits the trail for a three-day non-stop tour of the western circuit that will take its Pentagon members to Kisii, Kericho and Kakamega between September 22 and 24.

During the tour, Raila and his deputy Musalia Mudavadi will recieve blessings from elders in Kericho, Kisii and Kakamega.

Then the party will launch its national campaign in a big rally at Uhuru Park in Nairobi on September 29.

Therefore, as you can see from above, mambo bado. Am only worried that the prezzo announced the PNU will also be launching their campaign the same day as ODM rally at Uhuru Park. it is obvious the provincial administration will not allow two political functions to take place on the same day - and it is my guess ODM will be asked to cancel theres - something that will be resisted very strongly because ODM announced their programme first - only for Kibaki to hijack that date with this coalition that is obviouslty another big (unsuccesful) fraud in the making. Watch this space for future ODM updates and indepth assessment of NARC/GNU performance in the last 5 years in comparison to what they actually promised to do! Bure kabisa.

PS. Have you noticed - no one is no longer a shenzi, mavi ya kuku or pumbavu. Even West Pokot and Mt Elgon residents deserve a presidential visit and they can now be called 'fellow' kenyans; after counting hundreds of themselves dead and thousands more displaced. Upuuzi mtupu hii.

Vikii said...

In my opinion there is every reason to celebrate Kibaki's formal entry into the fray. He is at least gonna ensure cntinuity, sobriety and most importantly maturity in Kenya's leadereship. He is just unbeatable and had I been in politics already I, just like UK would join the winning team. There used to be a time when Kenya's opposition was credible. We had Jimmy Orengo, wanyiri Kihoro, Mukhisa Kituyi, Kaluki Ngilu and even Raila Odinga at that time. I would not have minded being part of that group. but look at what is happening now. Raila Odinga is a pale shadow of the upright politician he used to be. He has stolen public money and worse still made outrageously suspicious statements on top of cobbling together a group of fleecers. It makes you more credible to be seen on the government side rather than be seen with these thugs. There is nothing like principles in kenyan politics today.

When did the rain start beating us? Are we not the once formidable opposition that handed the Mwai Kibaki gang a resounding defeat during the referendum? In my opinion, the problem was the choice of candidate. Raila Odinga is not electable and that is why the likes of Kalonzo, Uhuru, Kilimo and many others bolted out. We will lose the elections with a very loud bang. That's just an opinion like the many others aove it folks.

And BB Mwalimu Taabu, the city police are looking for you. i gave them your addres and instructions on what exactly I need them to do.

And by the way Phil and your colleagues in the dirty movement, you gotta learn to accept the fact that you lost Kalonzo. Now that it is certain you cant beat Kibaki, it is time to ask your idol whether he has seen sense to step down for a more acceptable candidate or wait for the big Defeat. these whinning articles you post here will not change Kalonzo's mind. He rarely doest it bro.

kalamari said...

Taabu, In these times of great trials and tribulations, to survive one must be counted. Whereas fence sitting in preparation to roast and feast on the torsos of beheaded geese is the safest modus operandi, I urge you saddle a horse….even a tainted one that is really a donkey with a goats tail and a pigs feet. Failure to do so confines you to the permanent “I told you so’ position….whichever which way. The pope does not need any help…. and his position is permanent.

While you ponder, Kalonzo ni baba ya nani?

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Sometime ago, I copied and pasted an article from the daily nation that was against tribalism, and was hailed as the hero of anti-tribalism. Then I copied and pasted another one from the same Daily Nation that went against the grain and was heavily chastised for my lack of creativity. No one complains Phil when copies and pastes an article and reports from the ODM-yawa friendly Standard newspapers. Jo,the road to State House does not start in the U.S.You could use KTN's opinion on that.

Thaks, Taabu, for telling me about UK's first born (official first-born??)

watu wote(formerly luke) said...

As happy as horseless Mwalimu Taabu is, i am equally just as happy thirstless, having consigned myself to whatever fate lies in store waiting for all Kenyans beyond December 2007. I am so happy to go without quenching my thirst because i believe UK has shown us the way, which is that there is NO NEED to swim against the tide if you will drown, if you can't beat them join them and die together whilst collectively killing the political hope of Kenyans, because now we've learnt that you should not be in politics to offer an alternative, but you should be in politics to be in the next govt-be like mike

So come on Kenyans, hop to it now, dont be shy! Hotel proprietors should join hands with tribalists, the corrupt should intermarry the looters, police should unite with carjackers and wipe us all out with one single deadly blow(although the police are already.....never mind)
what of KACC? no problem there either!it was toothless before, now render it gumless, babu mkubwa huyo,and appoint Aaron head of transparency international-he is the face that stamps approval that Kenya is corruption free.
No complaints from me people, we have the leaders we deserve. to the left-crooks the right crooks almost united. in the middle Kenyans with voters cards. this is how things should be.damned if we vote and damned if we don't vote. let nothing change
i love you all pumbavus and non-pumbavus alike

kalamari said...

Vikii, It is because of some of those outrageously suspicious statements that some of us have no fear of stopping bullets at JKIA. Now with all the scientific evidence of the effects of alcoholism in later life, why would you put sobriety and Kibaki in one sentence? As far as continuity, what specific aspects of the past five years would you want to see completed? Free low quality primary education, insider trading IPOs, beheadings, economic growth on paper, Anglo fleecing, Moi (because that’s exactly what’s happening)? As far as maturity, does this have any resemblance to the impeccable antics and service providers in his administration i.e. Murungi, Mwiraria and of course Murungaru? Are these the types of fellows you long to see (and hear) for another five years? Now that sending wives in pajamas to news outlets in the wee hours of the morning cannot be considered to be a mature way of handling things, what is? What about the childish behavior of calling meager earning govt. drivers pumbavus in public? How about unintelligibly completing sentences with hao hao, pale pale and huko huko? Hiyo ni maendeleo kweli?

Is there anything less selfless than joining a ‘winning team’ just to be in government? How about the fight for a new constitution (wherein lies all our answers)?

Credibility; now that’s a tough cookie. Kibaki said it but didn’t do it. Why not give a chance to Raila who has also said it, and with all intents and purposes, seems more likely to do it.

Vikii said...

Kalamari did you ask me to give it to raila? I am not the giver, The kenyan people are. I have only one vote which would be better burning in the charcoal jiko than being cast for an extremely opportunistic old fashioned thug like Raila.

kalamari said...

Phil, not only has the official language been sanitized but the guy actually wears suits that fit. No more running around in unbuttoned sport coats and short neck ties. Image is some of it but it is not everything. For politics as it is, it’s great that the two rallies are at the same joint on the 29th. I’m sure Kibaki just coughed up that date without realizing. It would behoove the devil himself if Raila does not capitalize on the fact that ODM has been ‘denied’ (again just politics). This could actually be the starting point that ODM needs.
One thing I’m not privy to, how’s big and creative is Railas’ war chest? And for those in love with PNU, who is going to be Kibakis running mate? Pertinent questions my brothers and sisters, pertinent questions.

kalamari said...

Vikii, isn’t voting the most jealously guarded patriotic right of every citizen? Hasn’t blood been shed so that you (and Derek) can queue on that line and hide behind a curtain to cast your vote? Are you sure you want the chap who hoisted the Kenyan flag on Mt. Kenya on that cold night to perform a Kamba jig in his grave (like Ngilu on earth) when you marry your vote to the burning embers/charcoal?

Taabu said...

The song READY or NOT aptly captures it all. The head is raging and the faint hearted won't stand the furnace. I am busy refurbishing the kitchen to allow me witness all the actions as the kiln boils.

PS1: Vikii, sorry I changed address jana na your cops won't sniff me, not by any chance - Infact I have rellocated to outer space. Poor you!/ Sorry bro for letting your schemes's face kiss the floor. But still watching over you lest the vultures think you are left vulrenable, dare them?

PS2: Kalamari please give bro Steve bwana wa Pauline Kathini some breathing space. He needs it and you are chocking him. As for his 3 boys and one supuu, I am not spoiling the broth.

Otherwise it is summer 365/24/7 in horseless land. anybody want to join me? Any takers out there who want vintage view of all actions ableit from without?

Phil said...

PKW, copy paste relevant articles and add value to them by commenting further or doing your own analysis. Thats what Ive done up there. As for Bw. Vikii, please note the real ODM does not need kalonzo or Ngilu to join its ranks whatsoever. For us, it was good riddance to that dictatorial s-o-b who to me is an exact replica of the Moi of late 1970 by deed, behavior and character. Heri nimpigie kura Pastor Pius Muiru kama sio Raila. As a mass movement, ODM is expecting an avalanche of defections from GNU and ODM-K. That does not change the party philosophy nor does it alter the party ideology. The ODm remains attrractive to right-thinking citizens because it is non-tribal, democractic and is your government in waiting. It has within its ranks, the most qualified presidential aspirant with the most solid credentials, the most qualified secretary general heading the party secretariat (He is a professor of political science and a one-time Kenya nominee to the UN S.G. seat may even be you future president of kenya). Our Pentagon is the face of the republic and has better qualified luminaries than tribal chiefs that graced Kibaki's kitchen cabinet and so called PNU generals like Kombo (master ethnic chief), Mwakwere (who-is-that?) and Nyachae (spent force).

And once Raila is elected president, you will see the presidents and statesmen of the world who will grace his inauguration to know just who the hell was behind the ODM. Just to give you a hint, Raila has received an unequivocal endorsement from none other than Nelson Mandela himself. Believe it or not, we have that support from the foundation he heads.

Anonymous said...

Can a kihii who has stolen sugar cane remains (molasses) be entrusted with the country's leadership which includes the keys to the Central Bank of Kenya? any answers from the raila kondoo herd? Kioko. BC. Canada.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks the likes of Kioko.BC are scared bcoz the so called ''Boys'' have taken away all their women. Them ''Boys'' are more men than the freaks who boast of a small cut to the fore skin?? No wonder Kenya has the suffered for 40 years if this is what giudes the leadership???

Anonymous said...

The problem with Raila is that he does not cut out as a manager of state affairs. He perfomed dismally as a cabinet minister in his short stint and he is a hawker of politics at best. We also require someone who listens and dialogues with everyone. We have 42+ tribes all with a stake in the national cake.

By the way, this 'Kihii' talk is killing an otherwise good debate. Please cut it off

Anonymous said...

Hi. Could anyone tell me what is a Kihii? It seems to be a big issue on most kenyan blogs. As an Ugandan my swahili is not that good.

Anonymous said...

Problem with Kenyans they are unable to separate Propaganda from real facts. Pls can u explain to me what Raila did not do during his stint as Minister? Also how can u judge results on management of state when the guy has never been given the chance.
Kenyans prefer selective truth, if something is said favoring me I'm happy and u r my best buddy if I critise then I'm a bad person.
Please can people get their facts right and avoid bringing the rally ideas in actual discussions.
My fellow Kenyans do we need to celebrate moving from bottom of class to second last position or can we dare dream to get to the top our class??

Anonymous said...

As a minister, Raila failed to construct even one inch of a tarmac road.It is only after the fool was sacked and Nyachae took over than we have started to see new roads all over the country.

Anonymous said...

Sasa barabara kama imechimbwa hiyo ni bara bara gani imetengenezwa?? What abt the saga of the roads in Mombasa kwani mnafikiri wakenya ni second hand mnatutengenezea second hand roads. We need quality not services to blind the people. By the way sasa Wakenya wame wake up hatu lali kwa class vile wasee wengine wanafikiria. We can smell propaganda even b4 the gava dreams it au siyo?

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