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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Names Mention In The Leaked Kroll Report On Kenyan Corruption


Focus on Kroll Associates Report

There are a number of Kenyans who have been looking for a list of the names (individuals and companies) mention in the Kroll report. So today I've decided to produce it as I continue to help Kenyans and those interested to digest this report on corruption in high places. I have listed hem in order of appearance so that somebody reading through the report will be able to find more details on the names they are interested in quickly (some of the names will surprise you);

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Taabu said...

With #47 included then we are not safe from ourselves. But #48 smears some candidate and so do #50 who is personal lawyer and aide to another candidate. Who will save us from ourselves?

Anonymous said...

chris i have not seen the name of john michuki and the saga of the kenya ports authority through his sons companies!!! WHATS HAPPENING?? ARE YOU AFRAID OF EXPOSING BABA JIMMYS FRIENDS???? THEY ARE ALSO MENTIONED IN THE KROLL REPORT?? DO YOUR HOMEWORK CHRIS!!!


Phil said...

Chris, to list down names of people mentioned in project KTM tells us nothing. It also doesnt mean that all names mentioned are smeared - to quote Taabu.

For instance, Paul Muite is mentioned as a lawyer to one of the witnesses initially interviewed by Kroll investigators and this witness is reportedly ready to spill more beans if the government initiates proper investigations. Such a witness, in my opinion, needs to be officially protected because their testimony may be crucial in the conviction of these high flying thieves and murderers.

It is obvious to me that the government has hastily dismissed the report because those who are ADVERSELY mentioned in the report (the so called Targets 1 to 7) are close business associates to senior figures in the apex of the current regime, and they do not wish to hurt their re-election chances by dwelling on this report or handing it over to the AG (who confessed that he has never read it) for further action.

One wonders who made the decision that the report is 'hearsay, incomplete and inaccurate' if the Government's Chief Legal Advisor, Amos Wako, is saying he has never seen the report. It is either the minister or the president, because those are the only other government officers holding senior positions than the AG at Sheria House.

Sometimes, I really sympathise with Dr. Alfred Mutua, as he doesnt seem to understand the implications of his utterances!!!!

Therefore Chris, if you have read the report, it gives solid leads to who the culprits are ie....Target 1, 2, 3 up to 7.... Lets see you name them instead of engaging propaganda gear.

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