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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mr Biwott Sir, Kroll Report Is Nonsense, So How Did You Make Your Money?


Money is a strange thing. When you have too much of it acquired too quickly through dubious means, it gives you a false self confidence and feeling of invincibility. Chances are that you will start making statements that don’t make any sense.

Keiyo South legislator Nicholas Biwott has dismissed the Kroll report and has gone further to deny any connection to the companies mentioned in the report. He says that he does not even have money abroad.

That’s fine sir. But can you tell Kenyans how you acquired your immense wealth so quickly? Is it a coincidence that you had to wait for Jomo Knyatta to die to start making money like there was no tomorrow.

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derek said...

Nicholas Kipyator Biwott, is simply a sly bloke. He used his closeness to power, the same way Njenga Karume did with Kenyatta or Kenneth Matiba did while PS in the Kenyatta government many years ago.

Using his closeness to power, one thing that a lecturer once described that ‘he was more powerful in the Moi government, than was Njoroge Mungai, Charles Njonjo, James Gichuru and the early Kenyatta coterie put together’. The man exercised immense power.

If people remember at the height of Nyayo ERROR, Biwott was energy minister and his is by far the only minister who has been in charge of a ministry’s vote in independent Kenya. When he left the ministry after the Ouko thing, the financial vote was transferred back to treasury and the PS. The incoming minister did not have the powers anymore.

Remember, there were millions lined for oil exploration in North Eastern Kenya, and there was even machinery purchased for the same and at one time geologists from KPC were stationed there.

Then, take the 4billion Turkwell Project (one firm tendered and won the supply of motor vehicles that were used in the project), throw in the road projects undertaken by the Yaya Construction company and the Kerio Valley Development Authority and the road projects that were selectively awarded to ‘connected’ firms and you are game. (In all government projects, one should read that Biwott’s firm was a sole supplier of the motor vehicles, tractors and even spares, and that is when money is). Then there is the Eldoret Airport Project and the Kenya Army base in the proximity.

In actual sense, the man invested in businesses where the money was spent. In a single day, every person living in the Rift Valley could buy or use something that was supplied, (at times as a monopoly by Biwott). Interesting, most of his businesses are run by qualified personnel. That is where he beats all.

Take another instance where Kenol and Kobil were sole suppliers of fuel and to most government ministries. If someone has access, it can be confirmed that in the early 1990s, Biwott’s Kenol and Kobil supplied fuel to Kenya Power, KP&TC, Kenya Pipeline and most parastatals in the country. (FACT) The two sold more fuel that some of the top brand names in the country (FACT)

Anonymous said...

Is it no wonder that the Investment Secretary who is heavily engaged in selling Telkom Kenya and the Safaricom IPO of which Mobitelea (owned by GM and NK) happens to be Biwott's daughter. Go figure...don't be suprised if NK is one of the Telkom Kenya bidders.

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