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Monday, September 10, 2007

Late Extra: Who Broke Into ODM Offices And WHY?

Some person or persons broke into Raila Odinga's ODM offices last night and it is clear that this was no ordinary break-in.

What political analysts are now asking themselves is who broke in and why, since it seems pretty obvious that the motive was political. This is of course a very difficult question to answer, but there is growing suspicion amongst certain very informed sources that the reason for the break in was to search and retrieve the controversial top secret delegates list.

Naturally this is one list that would embarrass the ODM top brass, why else have they insisted on keeping it such a secret. However if this suspicion is true then it also becomes pretty obvious as to who broke in.

Tujenjoy, the season of political high drama is with us only that this time what we have ahead of us is the mother of all general elections. Time will of course prove if I am correct in dubbing the forthcoming polls so.


Phil said...

Now that the country has been treated to a spectacular show of conducting party primaries, it doesnt surprise me that ODM enemies are going as far as hiring goons to dismantle the party's computer networks.

Chris, this issue is much more serious than it seems. It is very very comparable to the Standard newspapers raid. You may recall standard newspaper computers were also dismantled and have not been returned to date. The big question is: WHAT INFORMATION ARE THE GoK SO DESPARATE TO BLOCK REACHING THE PUBLIC?

You have yourself told us of three major scandalous reports that have yet to be released. Does this raid at ODM secretariat give you a clue?

Last week, i remember telling my brother Taabu here that ODM campaign strategy shall remain a secret for now. I also remember telling him that the party manifesto will not be revealed until the appropriate time. Unfortunately, the GNU is not just having to grapple with grand coalition plans; it will also have to come up with a convincing manifesto - much better than ODM's if it is to persuade wananchi to vote Kibaki for a second term. Having stolen numerous ideas from the visions of ODM aspirants, those technocrats at state house, incidentally highly paid by the state using tax payers money, are unable to conceive any tangible proposal to take this country forward. Infact, Kibaki's manifesto will be based on date heavily borrowed from vision 2030 document. COULD THE NIGHT RAIDERS HAVE BEEN SENT TO 'SOURCE' FOR ODMs YET TO BE PUBLICIZED CAMPAIGN STRATEGY OR MANIFESTO THEY ARE LOOKING FOR?

Or perhaps they need to establish the exact amount of funding that is available to Raila and his team. We are aware banking staff in leading banks of Kenya have been reprinting bank statements of prominent personalities - a very handy propaganda tool, especially for fixing MPs by linking them to misappropriation of CDF funds - and delivery them to known offices in down town Nairobi.

We have news for the GNU. First, the ODM has fully fledged offices spanning the five continents of this globe. These offices employ full time staff, run bank accounts, establish future trade and commercial contacts as well as collect intelligence. In other words, ODM is running parallel diplomatic offices to GNU's Kenyan embassy's. So raiding Orange House achieves very little other than raise suspicion.

Secondly, Raila and his team know they are up against a much bigger adversary. And as a presidential candidate he has at least three 'known' campaign secretariats. Only political amateurs make kindergarten blunders by leaving strategic data saved in a party secretariat computer hard disk.

Thirdly Chris,and most importantly, the ODM pentagon spoke about threats to their lives and that of their presidential candidate. This is a very serious issue, one which should make Kenyans ask - just who is in charge of security in this country? Why for instance, should an opposition leader, establish three residences in the capital city - and sometimes have to spend nights in hotels - for fear of their lives???

Do you think people who have stolen billions of dollars in public money would stop at anything , including killing a human being, to continue enjoying their ill gotten wealth?

Chris, this not political drama to enjoy but a serious threat to the future prosperity of this nation. It could be the same characters who have been shamelessly trying to hack into Kumekucha website invain.

The TRAIN has departed the station, and the next stop is Uhuru Park at Raila Odinga's inauguration. See you Kenyans there.

Anonymous said...


Could this also have been an 'inside' job? The deadliest political weapon in politics remains...propaganda...the message being "they have done it before, they can do it again!".

JEFF (NSIS Agent 4)

Anonymous said...

its an inside job ask me!!!

Phil said...

Of course its an inside job instigated by known elements within the GNU. It is just the same way that the Standard Raid was also an inside job. Some journalists are known undercover NSIS agents while others are government informers. Obviously they were planning to stop the standard publishing a major story touching on the powers that be.

One cannot organise to rob themselves - unless they are after an insurance premium payoff. Its an open secret that government agents have infiltrated ODM since the referendum days. Gladly some remained in ODM-K. Not even all party plans are exhaustively discussed at National Executive Committee level because some members of these committees have been intentionally planted by the GNU. Even the vibrant Kenyan online community is infiltrated by government agents.

ODM is a mass movement - and as any mass movement in the world - one can expect to find both good and bad characters in its midst. We remember with regret, the propaganda about the leaked 'council of elders report' that put Kalonzo ahead of Raila! Tangu lini?

Its not easy running a successful opposition party in Kenya - something that has completely defeated the likes of KANU's Uhuru Kenyatta, to the point he is on the verge of handing over the independence party to Kibaki. Mind you, ODM has its people working within government. Majority of low and medium level civil servants are ODM supporters. The ODM has equally infiltrated GNU and government supportive political parties and thats why one still gets scoops like Goldenberg, Anglo-Leasing, Kroll Report, Artur Brothers, etc.

Lucas Mboya said...

There is really no difference between ODM and NARC Kenya and NARC and Kanu. The truth of the matter is that all these people 'eat' together, own companies together and so on. When will kenyans understand that all were being treated to is a game of musical chairs over and over again. Corruption will NOT end with the advent of an ODM government if its to come to pass. The Kroll report mentions among others, Sally Kosgei and Okemo as being directors of the so called company 'Government of Kenya' with Moi Biwott and others. Ntimama was heavily implicated in land clashes. raila himself was a major beneficiary of Mois warped generosity. When it was convenient for the then LDP they dissolved their own party and leaped into Kanu wholesale. Isnt that Njonjo i see lurking in the background. Where was Kosgey during seventies and eighties and nineties. Was he not one of Mois right hand men? Isnt that the time the country was being plundered dry? Is Ruto not the one who made light work of Kenya Pipeline? Read todays story in nation. I think by Gaitho or something (dont have it with me. He says and rightly so that there will be a dead SILENCE from ODM on implementing the reccomendations of the Kroll report. It will finish them too. Doesnt this speak volumes to us? This is frustrating. Come on guys. Im not looking to take sides but simply to point out that If ODM claim the Kibaki government is rotten. thats fine and the accusation stands, no doubt But look at who is making the accusation. It would be funny were it not so tragic. In fact i will not address this post to anybody because I think I would be missing the point. Mine is just to urge Kenyans and those posting here that we need to look far deeper to find the cure for Kenyas problems. far deeper than just a change of Government. Really. were talking of a new Government, in 2008 consisting of people who have been in politics from the seventies and we actually think there will be a difference!! Not the slightest chance. Our institutions are really what count. How we can strenghten them is of paramount concern. Im deliberately trying to be neutral here. I sit with politicians on both sides of the divide basically every week. I visit their houses. They visit mine. We soicialise. I hear them pick up phone and wheel and deal, across the divide. DAILY. How is it that Kenyans dont get this. The whole lot have got to go. I honestly believe that to get out of this quagmire we need to in one fell swoop get about 80% of sitting members out for us to have a fresh chance. Mark my words. thats what it will take. Kenyans have got to collectively say NO. Not to NARC, or ODM or KANU or whatever. They are all the same. Kenyans need to say no to TODAYS POLITICAL ELITE. ALL OF THEM. Anything short, I make you a solemn proomise, is a complete and utter waste of time. We need as kenyas to take a collective leap of faith. Faith in ourselves, to run our own affairs without the current political elite. Thats the only meaningful way forward for Kenya.

Chris said...

This is very true.

Taabu has been repeating it here like a nursery ryhme but nobody seems to get it?

That's how powerful propoganda for many years is.


luke said...

Lucas you're preaching to the choir. (not that you meant to of course, i know you were being neutral but i'm a highly excitable chap)i'm on record here as having stated before that i await the 2012 elections when i will finally cast my vote for new politicians with a different brand of politics in kenya. i believe they will only begin to emerge post december 2007 elections. In the meantime, i will concentrate and renew my efforts in my own little corner in my own little way on reintroducing kenyans to themselves and showing them that they are not as helpless against corruption&tribalism as they think they are. its not that i have a death wish hanging over my head, its just that i feel kenyans are tired of that old, recycled politics of yesterday and are ready
for a politics that is stupid-proof
I know this will see me end up in the company of the likes of Chris or yourself (just as examples)and anyone else for that matter who is like-minded such as himself and ready to work to change the shape of politics from formless shapeless ethnic joy-ride to a politics of ideas, principles and hope
i don't expect it will be easy, but where we have come from and where we are now is no picnic either

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Oh 'Chris', you never cease to amaze me. Going through earlier posts and comments,I just realized I'm an NSIS agent. What is NSIS, besides being the brand name of anyone who differs with you? Thanks for the honours and additionally, thanks for responding only to my silence. Now I know exactly what to do in order to get you responding to my 'comments'. I personally don't say anything about something I don't fully grasp, lest I jifunga in my ignorance.Its also difficult to keep track of kumekucha and tarmack at the same time. Any advice?

On the ODM office break-in, though, did you say it was an inside job? Who else would be implicated by the list of delegates? Are you saying, after all, that this saint of yours and Phil's is not what you've been implying all along, that he has rotting flesh in his closet? For clearly it couldn't have all wasted away and left only skeletons in six days. Man, aren't we in for a rough ride!
Phil duly agrees that it was an inside job, but blames the GoK or GNU whatever suits whoever. For Phil, the Standard Raid must be the gift that keeps on giving, why, you bring it up whenver there's anything to be said against the GoK/GNU! I've never stopped wondering how baba Fidel Castro knew all the fine details about the raid down to who was responsible, where they were from, and where they were staying at the time. He had nothing to do with it, besides blow the whistle. Tell me about an inside job. I've 'heard' there are lots to be said about his student days in Eastern Europe. But as Lucas explains that they (GoK/GNU and the opposition groupies) are one, 'eating', wheeling and dealing together in private. But breathing fire on camera.And I get to be their NSIS agent. Hope you've managed to build some pity and support on that too.Its like you and ODM have this DNA that dictates you to create a situation that'd somewhat get you some sympathy and hopefully votes. Spare ME.

'Chris' thanks too, for starting and attempting to keep the hype that this is gonna be the mother of all elections. Whats in it that was not in 1992 or 2002? For sure, some politicians who have died in between, and some political party names. Otherwise, same old geezers, hata Baba Gidi, but do I say! In my book, this is the great granddaughter of all general elections.Just consider the first multiparty elections, back when KANU was KANU with K standing for Kenua and A for African, and there was a real KADU. Its a free country, get excited, if its the excitement you are looking for, but not PKW. In case it is politrickal amnesia;everyone running for president has had decades of opportunities, in KANU or in the opposition parties too numeorus for me to keep up with, to bring change to Kenya.Yeah, mother of all elections??
While I'm at it, anyone from Kieni (I think East) here? Oust Christopher Ndarathi Murungaru and vote in Edwin Mwangi Macharia - a young, intelligent chap who has grew up around Kenya and can even speak fluent Dholuo. His by-line is;leadership, not politics.

Patriot said...


I felt that I had to drop a line on your blog to commend you for your incisive investigative reports! I believe that we should play a part in leaving our country a better place than we found it. You, sir, are doing a great deal in that regard!

Some of the scandals you have exposed here have been so shocking, that I have been tempted not to believe it. But it is your detailed facts, well thought out articles that have convinced me otherwise. Keep up with the great work in exposing the truth. Hopefully someday, all the innocent wananchi that have suffered at the hands of a political leaders will get their due justice.

Nation and EA Standard could learn a thing or two from you!

Taabu said...

Either somebody is being malicious in branding Vikii a NSIS agent or my bro is cleverly employing reverse logic. If Vikii was such an agent then I would know better. But I can SWEAR for once that HE IS NOT. We debate and argue only with the caveat of self-censorship to remain civil.

Vikii can say anything he wants and feels like but I will take offense on his behalf (my responsibility) if you dare accuse him falsely. The same applies to Derek and PKW, I will always defend their rights to say what they think no matter what. We cannot cheat ourselves to be jury and prosecuters at the same time, or can we?

vikii said...

No Taabu, everybody and not just Vikii, Derek and PKW is entitled to say what they want. I also have a hundred percent reply rights and I will do it at my own time.

Mother of all elections was 1992. Everything else has been and atleast in the forseeable future will be one sided. '97 was, 2002 was and 2007 will be. This is not official NSIS line of thinking, no. it is just my own very personal opinion.

Anonymous said...

It is the Mk mafia and they will stop at nothing to retain power!!!

Anonymous said...

The rogue is now so desperate for power he has to stage-manage a raid! So what was stolen from those so called party offices? Molasses or Road fund cash? Why should Kenyans listen to the cry of a fox in the jungle? Whom can he convince except "watu-wa-hood"? I understand some of his foot soldiers are busy sleeping with peoples wives. Yes Ochillo Oyako was caught red handed with another kihii's wife. Is this the party to lead Kenya? Never. That is why we shall continue to support HE President Mwai Kibaki. Long live the Party of National Unity! Long Live H.E. President Mwai Kibaki.
kioko. BC. Canada.

bloggeratti said...

One thing I know about ODM-ers is that they are exceptionally brilliant chappies.

Pray tell, how do these political geniuses make such a daft mistake as to leave such important information in such a vulnerable location?

Me-thinks this is a textbook PR gimmick by ODM-ers. But going by the word on the street, its worked its magic coz ODM looks like the underdog harrassed by Gova!

Alfie better stop sitting on his laurels and come up with some counters or this govt is history!

vikii said...

Loudmouth is what I call it. Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation offices, which house his campaign secretariat were broken into earlier this year and computers stolen. Is it the first time it is happening? What proof is there that the government was involved? In my opinion the more we act victims the more we become incredulous. That is me, i mean myself, sorry my own personal opinion

Anonymous said...

Proud Kikuyu Woman, Kirigu giki, maraya maya.Ruharo rwa nugu. Do you think speaking that dirty Dholuo is a measure of intelligence? Kiino giki.Shehura ino. Do you know that Dholuo is the human language closest to chimpanzee gibbish.

Anonymous said...

In response to the proud Kikuyu woman. Your comments truly prove your ignorance, clearly the corruption that leaderslike Kibaki have embraced has not led to improved education amongst his clansmen, hence your display of ignorance with your post.

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