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Friday, September 07, 2007

Kroll Report Gives Clues On Why The Moi Empire Is About To Crumble


According to the Kroll Report, sometime between December 2003 and January 2004, Mukesh Gohil, Gideon Moi's main money man had dinner at an Asian restaurant in Ukay Centre Westlands. He was in the company of a relative, Kishan Behal and another man who deals with properties on their behalf.

Mukesh Gohil boasted that without him Gideon was a lost man because he would not be able to keep track of his own money. He gave examples of occasions when Gideon had called him to ask him about trivial details concerning monies that were already in his account in foreign banks.

But the main shocking revelation he made was of how Gideon feels increasingly insecure and vulnerable. The reason is that he has fallen out with too many of his former close aides, incidentally all of them from his own Kalenjin community. They include people like Ken Boit, Donald Kipkorir, Ken Kiplagat, Sirma and Kogo among others. This in sharp contrast to his aides of Asian origin who are standing by him.

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Taabu said...

Our motherland was auctioned long time ago and what we are witnessing is mere mop up operation. Baba Gidi will do anything for self preservation. All that hot air about NATIONALIST he can tell the birds so that they fly high in the sky.

Apologists will scream that the Kroll report is hearsay like Mutua did. But come to think of it, Kroll mustt be having very fertile sense of imagination to go into Kenya's nitty gritty even at VILLAGE level.

As my late grandma would tell me blood spilt never dries nor tires from haunting. We are remain a country of unrivalled hypocrites. We proclaim religion and abuse it in equal measure. The Sunday TV evening news ritual haunts my memory. Meanwhile those supping with the devil and unwittingly cutting deals on the blood on their kins lost during triabl clashes. We surely all have a price, don't we?

PS: PKW sorry for UPSETTING you for I always remind myself of the need not to make any enemies. Life is too short, I don't need any. Thanks alot for seeking fault where non existed - lokking in the wrong direction has never been a crime, ama? I will defend your right to cleverly protect people using abusive and retrogressive language. FYI the English language ilikuja na meli na mingi zilibaki.

Metarphors mean different things to different people and trying to explain them makes the whole import mute. Trivial example: by saying 'stop being mad at me' never implied you arre insane. Pole dada, and thanks for trying, it is your right and I will help you protect it. There is a very thin line between a critic and an irritant while the meaning are planets apart. The village market in Nairobi is not the same thing as the village for your kin as you tell me, ama? You get my drift, don't you?

Phil said...

Chris, you are wrong; the MOI and KENYATTA empires are there to stay. Government does not want anything to do with the Kroll Report yet they are the same ones who commisioned it.

KIBAKI empire is in the making no wonder parliament was recently coerced by the executive to pass an amendment to law giving amnesty to all economic crimes committed prior to 2003. Meaning no one will be persecuted for Kroll, Anglo Leasing or any other the mega deal committed before 2003. Worse still, that law makes it impossible for KACC to investigate and prosecute anyone for those crimes committed before 2003. Its gut renching to imagine all these and that KACC itself costs the exchequer Kshs.1 billion each year to maintain - yet it is not fdoing its job. Do you agree with me that KIBAKI empire is in the making?

The only solution is to vote in the ODM pentagone to facilitate reversal of thlaws and haul all economic criminals to court. Any forgiveness will come by way of confessions before a constitutional Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

I just dont know what good thing these people who support a second term for Kibaki see in him. Unless they are benefitiaries of these deals we are talking about!!!

PS. I will soon start a countdown to the corruption bombshells that are coming to haunt this regime. Kroll report will be child's play. The sooner parliament is dissolved, the sooner you will hear them.

luke said...

The picture that these corruption and looting revelations(or patronisingly Dr. Mutua hearsay) paints to the ordinary mwananchi may not have been altogether previously unfamiliar to them, but now strongly serve to confirm what before may only have been a growing suspicion, that ours is a country held hostage by its real owners; we're just "privileged" to be allowed to live our own little lives in their world!
I find myself reading this report with jaws wide open, and to hear both Bwana Phil&Chris say there's more to come, i can only imagine i will suffer permanent locked-jaw before this month is over
The thing that really annoys me is that there are some kenyans out there who will chose not to read this report for themselves and make up their own mind for themselves, choosing instead to go by what they hear others say about it or worse still choosing to admire the names of those who appear in the report,"hao sio wajinga, wamejisaidiana, hata mimi siku moja nitajitokea vile vile" and then rush to the internet to sweat and swear in the name of their preferred politician
I tell you,McCavity the cat must be purring and licking herself contentedly in her catnap with a big DO NOT DISTURB sign above her head
I'm sure anyone reading these reports know this is not a joke-the money these human-beings are accused of having stolen is more than enough to develop our country 10 times over in 1 years time(that's my own calculation), forget about any visions 2020 or 2030.
whatever the case, please, ask NOT what you're country can do for you (especially NOW when she can't do anything even if she ever could in the first place)

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