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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kibaki’s Surprise Appearance At The Ford People’s Delegates Conference

All indications are pointing at Kenyans going to the polls earlier than our countdown by as much as a whole month (30 days). However we will stick to our latest possible date countdown and will only change when the election date is formerly announced.

One of the clear indicators of this is the president’s increased activity. Yesterday he turned up unexpectedly at the Ford People’s delegates’ conference. Terrible PR if you ask me because the implication was that the president is fully behind his cabinet minister Simeon Nyachae. Somebody that he should have fired from his cabinet over the political violence incident in Kisii recently where William Ruto and Omingo Magara were chased by armed youths and got slight injuries as a result. But the issue was not the so much the severity of the injuries as the ugly head of political violence rearing its’ head.

Just as I was making this post, I received word that President Kibaki has also turned up at the Kanu National Delegates Conference today where he again addressed the Kanu delegates and appealed for their votes. I will analyze this in more detail tomorrow.

Addressing the delegates the president appealed for votes because his government "imefanya kazi" (has worked hard for the people).

Just before the president arrived...

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derek said...

Aah Chris, takings sides. Nyachae has the influence. His violent past goes back decades, but his influence remains among the Abagusii.

I schooled in Kisii and for sure, this man is indomitable and undisputed in that piece of land that he controls. I mean, those days (I dont know now), the son of Senior Chief Nyandusi used to supply everythings, from bread, to nails to Coca Cola and was involved in any business that can attract cash, and at one time was rumoured to be behind evey succesful Kisii living on land.

Inviting Kibaki to address the NDC was one way of showing the rest of the country that he is actually supporting the president and nothing will stop him from having it done. It simply underlined, in bold terms, what they have said in the past that they are supporting a Kibaki presidency. It look funny from the outset that a ruling president can attend an opposition party convention and even get the rare chance of addressing from the podium, and worse still that he even attends to main opposition's (KANU) and make pronouncements.

This simply shows the political immaturity that is in our nation. Again, it shows what levels Kibaki will go to get his votes. Afterall, it has been said that he is laid back, or is not incharge!

Still on Nyachae, his influence sprawls the land. Not supporting violence as a substitute to reason, but we have to contend with the influence of this soul.

Do you remember when he was at Treasury and how he rubbished the WB and IMF? Moi said nothing then.

And if you were to ask Chris Obure and Sam Ongeri what hit them politically, then you will know what metal he is made of.

You have experience in the field and you know that papers dont attack the man directly. Having got the opportunity last weekend, they made mince meat of him and thus his war-like rebuttal. If you can remember, he is one man whose son Charles buys a full-page in all the three papers to reply to a mere accusation of the dad.

Finally...Kibaki cannot sack Nyachae at this particular moment...If Mwiraria and Murungi are cabinet ministers, and Karua and Wako are still serving after the catastrophic performace at the Referendum, then, Nyachae parading goons to 'disciplne' Magara is normal.

What happened to the guys who whip-lashed Dr Richard Leakey under Moi in full glare of intertaional publicity?

derek said...

Chris, right again. We have to check on the people interviewed for these polls. Many people in Nairobi are reluctant about answeing questions.

I do not dispute one fact tha Raila Odinga is POPULAR at the moment. I do not oppose that either that if elections are called at this time, he will win in Mathare and Kibera, but not the NCBD. I personally talked people and from the ground, he has a chance. Nothing persoanl either.

But Chris, opinion polls in this case of Kenya are simply used for certain aims. In this case, conducting the poll in Kawangware, Kibera and Mathare will only give you one answer. I also got the answer 'NAIROBI NI ODM', Raila will be president and Kibaki cannot win. But we keep on forgetting a fact that most people who are accesible to the interviewers are a particular breed.

Why conduct that survey in Kibera, why Mathare and why Nyayo National stadium during a Gor Mahia match?

when one looks at the population of the survey, you will note that there was no well-placed strategy and design for the same.

Most of these are leading questions. and why not, some newspapers in Kenya that are sponsoring the polls have already made their stand known.

Kenya's 'democracy' is just 15 years old and opinion polls just mean that the Nyeri farmers and those who shun elections will get a wake-up call that 'it is going' and in the process, come out in large numbers.

Meanwhile, for those who imagine being in State House, they should start by counting Uhuru Kenyatta's votes, Simeon Nyachae's and Mwai kibaki's in the PNU/NARC/KIBAKI debe.

Then, accept that Reuban Ndolo will lose to Dick Wathika, Raila Odinga will win, Beth Mugo will win, Fred Gummo will lose to Betty Tett, Kamanda or whoever the Starehe man will win and a there will be titanic battle in Kasarani, just to let people know that opinion polls are not the underlying factors here.

Phil said...

RICH, BILA IDEAS and DESPERATE. I believe I have summarised the sad disaster that is Kibaki's regime. Siku za mwizi ni gapi wakenya wazalendo?

I have seen Kibaki wave KANU's one finger salute, FORD-K's two finger salute, DP's clenched fist, FORD-P's war cry, and NARC-K's flower - all in one day, actually a few hours. Pleading with bought 'delegates' to attend his campaign launch at Nyayo Stadium on sunday.

All delegates were specifically pleaded upon - on camera - that they will 'paid' in cash and hosted in hotels with hot-showers - as opposed to cold water karayi lodgings, like New Rwathia on Ronald Ngala street. Pesa ya anglo (fleecing)leasing ina fanya kazi.

Livondo is hell bent on making sure several slum dwellers in Kibera die so he can apportion blame on Raila and ODM. He is now a spanner boy, muto wa mkono. We have seen these tricks happen before with the likes of Philip Leakey, Fred Amayo, Prof. Olembo and Kimani Rugendo in the same Langate constituency. Let me build my CV, like Chris, Derek and Vikii, by merely opposing Raila in Langata. I will be recognized.

Taabu said...

Phil leave Emilio alone. He has the right to show one or all finger. If anything he never renounced baba na mama. And by the way he is only doing what others are doing by another means.

Meanwhile the heat is soaring and may the true Kenyan politician please stand up. After swearing on PRINCIPLES the lords (Kituyi, Ochuodho, Orengo et al) have orphaned their apologists. Lesson: you never tire from horselessness. Na bado.

Phil said...

The guy went as far as belting old time favourite "ooo O Kanu ya Jenga Nchi" tune at kasarani. The word 'tafadhalini' was uttered about 1000 times at all these stage managed NDC's.If that is not desparation - what is it? I know Derek and Vikii will call it grass roots campaigning. Oh please!

Meanwhile for those who care to listen, one of the best brains in KANU and the August House for that matter - Billow Kerrow - was not at Kasarani. He will instead be defending his Mandera seat on, you guessed it, an ODM ticket.

derek said...

Phil, I dont not merely oppose Raila. I only hate opportunists, mobcrats, noise-makers and USERS. Raila is the most unprincipled politician Kenya has seen in its history and his strongest point, or valued asset - his followers, are at his beck and call to any dungeon.

When Kibaki subjects him to a bloody nose fight this December, he will join PNU. That is how fluid and wavering Amolo.

You talk of Rwathia, is it true that all LDP legislators lodge in the same River Road shebeens you are referring to?

On the subject matter, I commented about it earlier, Chris will be relaesing it soon, and for heaven's sake, can you stick to your party and stop interferring with other people's business. Concentrate on the opinion polls.

In 2002, did Raila not sing Kanu ya jenga nchi. Did Ruto and Kosgey not sing the same? Did Jirongo not print t-shirts and money in the name of kanu ya jenga nchi. Wacha cheap propaganda.

Kibaki will win!!!

Vikii said...

"Livondo is hell bent on making sure several slum dwellers in Kibera die so he can apportion blame on Raila and ODM. He is now a spanner boy, muto wa mkono. We have seen these tricks happen before with the likes of Philip Leakey, Fred Amayo, Prof. Olembo and Kimani Rugendo in the same Langate constituency"----------------------------------What exactly do you mean Phil? Are you implying that Stanley Livondo has committed a crime by expressing interest in Lang'ata? According to you and most other Agwambonistas, the Lang'ata constituency seat should be left to Raila Odinga! Dont you people understand that even bigger politicians than Raila like Daniel Moi and mwai Kibaki have always had opponents in their constituencies? Those stupid idlers in Langata led by Phil are throwing stones at Livondo for exercising his democratic right. surely, even by Raila Odinga's standards this cannot be democracy, it is certainly something else.

Now Phil, predictably according to you the best brains in KANU are Billow Kerrow, Henry kosgei, William ruto, Joseph Nkaissery and Chris Okemo. The worst according to you are those of Uhuru Kenyatta, Mutula Kilonzo, Marsden Madoka, Taib Ali taib, Justin Muturi and Maoka Maore.
On the same reasoning , the brightest people of all those who had declared their interest in the presidency are Raila Odinga, Musalia Mudavadi, William Ruto, Joe Nyaga, Najib Balala and Cyrus Jirongo. The dullest/dumbest, using the same parameters, are Mwai Kibaki, Kalonzo Musyoka, Uhuru Kenyatta, Julia Ojiambo, Pius Muiru, koigi wamwere and Nazlin Umar. I cannot help but draw the conclusion that in kumekucha, the most intelligent people are, in order, Phil, Kalamari, Chris, Taabu and Sue and the stupidest are, in order of stupidity, Vikii, Derek, PKW and Kioko. I will agree with you on this very 'advanced' kind of reasoning.

Kitu moja tu chali yangu: If Raila Odinga becomes president either in this world or the next, the first thing pigs will be doing the following morning is flying.

derek said...


Livondo is not the first one. A nondescript like WAruinge was nearly killed and other have faced the wrath of the stone throwers, idlers, gossipers and associates.

Did that man who stood against Daneil Moi ever go through what Raila's opponents go through. Phil, HISTORY IS RICH...EVERY ELECTION YEAR, A MAN IS KILLED IN LANGATA, knifed, stonned or set upon by the people around Raila or his supporters. Challenge that and I will give you data that go back to 1992 when a man was stabbed to death. WHY ONLY LANGATA?

It is also said that all those offering support are ex-82 Air Force Guys. Does Moi's sentiments get any support from that. VIOLENCE!

Phil said...

I was in Uhuru Park yester Vikii. First of, the youth that were hired specifically to escort Stanley Livondo to Langata are NOT langata residents. I say hired because there was no intention of the Vijana Tugutuke na Kibaki organisers to go to Kibera whatsoever. Livondo, whose pockets am told are bottomless, took advantage of few youth to pay them to take him to Langata - and they were armed as if they were going for war. You remember i reported here that one Mr. Kuria (an agent of Livondo) was going round Kibera promising cash payments for youth to don kibaki tena t-shirts and attend the concert at Uhuru Park and todays campaign rally at Uhuru Park. The same thing replayed itself at all the NDC's Kibaki attended. Why did delegates have to cheer so widly when they were told nice hot shower accomodation had been arranged for them? They are used to being used as door mats.

Secondly, their approach was full of madharau. That is, they were coming with the intention of a clean-up exercise, which they called fagia mavi ya watu wa kibera - Thats very deragatory if you ask me. No one chooses to be born poor Yes Vikii, those people you call idlers are poor souls. Not everyone has access to state resources. Iwas in Kibera and even mama mboga at Toi Market has "had enough of Livondo" even before he addresses a single campaign rally in Kibera.

Third, every other aspirant is welcome to langata to campaign. However, if one comes to Langata with threats, insults and arrogance that is so common place with Kibaki supporters, one must be prepared to reckon with residents there. Problem with Livondo is that his campaign is based on mudslinging Raila. Why cant he put his cards on the table like previous opponents of Raila instead of name calling and madharau? Not everyone rides a chopper like him. FYI, Langata is not just Kibera. Why cant he also go and campaign in Nairobi West, Southlands, Karen and Hardy Estates. Why Kibera only?

Fourth Vikii, please dont put word into my mouth. My comments are up there for everyone to see. I back-up everything I say with facts. Even you must appreciate that Billow Kerrow is not your average MP. I have never doubted your intelligence nor that of the people you mention in you comments. Actually, I see you attempting to incite these good people against me, merely because I have been a Raila supporter and they are on the other side.

Opinion Poll or not, elections or not, life will not stop because Vikii is opposed to ODM and refuses to acknowledge the good side of Raila Odinga. Like it or not, this man will probably be your fourth president.

In conclusion; what is your opinion with regard to the President attending up to four stage managed NDCs in one day? Impressive, isnt it?

derek said...

Phil, the brain in Kanu was Adi Bonaya Godana and please flash-back and see what happened to that party after he died, similar to Mirugi Kariuki in Narc and the government of the day. It was fateful that the two brains perished in one crash. Kerrow is any other Kajwang or Odhiambo Omamba in Kenya politics.

He cannot measure to Uhuru Kenyatta or Kalonzo Musyoka. Please stop platitudes where they are not deserved. Sorry, he has joined the losers camp.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of EXPRESSION is the one major development we had had in Kibaki's tenure. You may as well start kissing that goodbye with an ODM gava. Shut up!

Anonymous said...

Freedom of expression?????

is that why the Kibaki government where so determined to kill freedom of the press????

And where only embarassed into stalling their plans.

Is that why the gvt officers raided the standard and burnt newspapers?

This so called major development is a farce and a mirage .In fact today it is being reported that the media will face major hurdles covering the elections bcoz of the "revised" media bill Kibaki assented to.

Anonymous said...

Phil. Why can't you compress your rubbish into one sentence so that you release space for serious deliberations? anon.

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