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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kalonzo Musyoka’s Strange Presidential Campaign


For most of last week and into this week Hoo Ndi Emm presidential hopeful Kalonzo Musyoka has been campaigning in Ukambani spending considerable time in his own backyard and the neighboring constituencies, including that of Health Minister Charity Kaluki Ngilu.

This is rather strange for a national presidential candidate. Imagine President Kibaki spending a whole week campaigning in Central province with most of his time spent in Nyeri and Othaya? Or Raila Odinga spending a week in Luo Nyanza campaigning? It just doesn’t work like that.

For our count down to elections in this site we have taken the latest possible date for the election which will be 27th and 28th December 2007. There have been strong indications that the president is eager to have the elections done before Christmas so that Kenyans can enjoy their holidays without pending polls hanging over their heads. However this seems more unlikely by the day, as a result of several emerging factors including the delay in printing of ballot papers caused by an ongoing court case filed by a company that lost the lucrative tender. A high court judge has ordered the Electoral commission to halt all work on the ballot papers. Still there is the possibility, albeit remote, that elections could still come earlier than the 27th/28th date (the extra day is usually to allow for an extension of voting if necessary.)

My understanding is that where your bedrock of support is, is the place to send representatives while you the presidential candidate concentrates on gaining votes in other difficult provinces.

It has been widely reported in the media that Hon Kalonzo has had difficulties campaigning in areas of Rift Valley where charged crowds have accused him of being a traitor. The presidential hopeful has also met with hostile reception in one or two other areas in the country. So it would seem that Kalonzo prefers to campaign closer to home as a result...

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kalamari said...

Kalonzo is in a fix and a very bad one at that. For days I’ve been wondering why this chap is seriously campaigning and spending huge amounts of money in constituencies where he’s bound to receive 100% of the presidential vote…..even if he drops out of the race. Eureka!!! There are two reasons, one major and one minor.

The major reason is as follows. What we see presented by ODM-K as presidential campaigns in Ukambani are really proxy parliamentary campaigns for the ‘already chosen’ nominees. You see, most of the chaps around Kalonzo have come to the realization that they have indeed backed a thirsty and emaciated horse as far as the presidential elections are concerned. These people, previously with so much confidence and admiration for Kalonzo, had put their careers and national appeal on the line (Mutula). They dug deep into their pockets and sacrificed a lot of time to ensure man like Kalosh reaches the top. Hata wengine waliuza shamba.
Without making a loud announcement, these jamaas are now extremely pissed off. They are quite mad at the foolish way Kalonzo has handled himself politically. “How can mwana wa Musyoka embarrass a whole retinue of Kamba leaders!!! How??” they’ve been heard asking……in high pitched low tones.
However, even as their mouths froth in anger, they have decided that the limping horse that personifies Kalonzo must be whipped and thrashed until it delivers some dividends. In short, the investment must pay up. It is no longer about a Kalonzo presidency, going forward, it’s solely about the Ukambani parliamentary elections…..and Kalonzo has the heavy debt of campaigning for them. As a matter of fact, Kalonzo must appear hand in hand with some of these very pissed off candidates in all the villages in some constituencies. He must be seen smiling alongside all the ODM-K favorites in all the nooks and crannies of Ukambani land. The leash on Kalonzos’ neck will only be loosened up, if and only when he completes these campaigns in a satisfactory manner.

The minor reason is as follows. The guy simply believed the hype… the witchdoctor he consulted has been heard saying that Kalonzo will die if he does not become president in 2008. Under those circumstances, hata kama ni wewe, ungefanya aje?

That said, ODM-K is currently heavily reliant on the impending fall-out after the ODM/ PNU nominations. If no big fish are netted then, then it would be the final blow and realization that ODM-K cannot win anywhere outside of Ukambani….. thereafter and in short order, the house of cards that Kalonzo built will begin to crumble. Followed by Ojiambo crossing to join ODM…. and Ngilu, who has so far refused Railas’ advances, replacing her as ODM-K VP candidate.

Phil said...

Kalonzo has repeatedly said he will 'whitewash' both Raila and Kibaki in the polls. Personally, I am finding this very hard to believe.

When I reported here that Kalonzo told off hecklers in Khadija Grounds in Mombasa during a ODM-K rally, I was informed I did not know what I was saying because those were hired goons. The same fellow has now been heckled several times, including in the constituency of his own running mate Julia Ojiambo. How can Raila hire goons to heckle Kalonzo Moi and Kibaki as I am aware they have all been heckled? How come Raila was not heckled in machakkos after the Orange fall-out?

I also told an unbelieving Vikii that ODM was eyeing several consituencies in Kambaland where it will be easier for ODM to capture parliamentary seats in Eastern province than in the upper Meru and Embu arrears. Its a strategy I cant reveal, but watch this space Vikii.

When Raila told us that steadman does not vote, and that the presidency is not a beauty nor a good looks contest, few paid any attention to what the fellow as saying.

Let Kalonzo be taught a lesson. We have had the likes of Nyachae, Orengo, Mukaru Nganga, Prof. Tsuma Wa Tsibule, Wangari Maathai, etc, etc. all go for the big seat. They have all returned from election defeat very humbled. I wish Kalonzo all the luck. He is otherwise welcome to ODM.

Vikii said...

How I wish Phil would first try to master some little understanding about what he is saying! Raila has NEVER gone to Machackos 'after the Orange break-up'. If he has, please furnish me with the details, as in the date and time he went. Even if he were to go, u can be sure he would never be heckled. That doesnt mean he has any support there. Heckling is just a manifestation of primitivity. Raila would not even be heckled in Central province. So, will he get many votes over there?No, in my opinion that's just civilization.

I have said it here and I am repeating it. If Samuel Kivuitu were to announce a Raila Odinga victory (which is ofcourse a wild imagination), then count me a foreigner to Kenya from that very minute and I mean it. Mr. Phil, I would give you the directions to my place so you could collect any posessions I may have over there. Before I do that, my passport would be in ashes.

Go now to African press in Norway and copy-paste a response from there (As usual). You have very interesting 'sources', Phil, yes u do.

Phil said...

Just a minute Vikii, this post is about Kalonzo campaigning in Kambaland, and not nationally as a presidential candidate. I expect you to give this a wide berth, just as those Kibaki tena supporters have given Kumekucha a wide berth since the Kroll report leakage. Now you want to make it as if Phil doesnt have a mind of his own and his job is to copy paste. I know of many 'credible' sites that copy paste comments, ideas and posts here at Kumekucha.

If you want me to go as far as quoting to you times and dates, utangoja sana....If you spend time shooting pool in tao dont expect to be reminded everything that happens in Machakos. At least I am aware those traders who closed their shops and farmers who locked their goats so as to cheer and listen to revolutionary speech from Raila. A very welcome change from the incredibly boring one man show speeches of Kamba MPs supporting ODM-K.

Pole sana ndugu, I cannot mention my sources but I can tell you I have insider information.

PS. I remember you and Derek challenging me on information about the death of Thomas Oduor who was Raila's constituency assistant - killed by a hit & run motorist after a drinking spree. None of you believed me then, but have you heard any further information about the suspects that were arrested then? Or the fact that ODM top guns attended Oduor's funeral and left quietly without uttering political threats as they usually do? Ask me what happened and I will keep you in the loop.

I am right here in Kibera Nairobi and does not need to go to Norway to qualify to comment on anything. We shall welcome the likes of Waruinge and Livondo to come and breath hot hair, but we shall also vote very wisely. We shall not accept to be insulted or 'sat upon our heads'. Meanwhile Raila has been mandated, by Langata residents, to go out and seek votes while we hold forte on his behalf.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Vikii, drop me a line at

Anonymous said...

Vikii if Raila winning the elections would truly make you renounce your citizenship, then do all Kenyans a favour now and leave. That has to be one of the most foolish comments I have heard on this post. It's amazing how much fear the possibility of a Raila presidency is generating, especially when that fear is based on ethnic hatred. Such people truly make Kenyans look foolish. As for Kalonzo who this specific article was about, I wish he would see the light and stop wasting his and his supporters money and pick a side amongst the two genuine candidates. Heckling is not primitive it is form of a expression entitled to all with a voice. In all truly democratic countries unpopular politicians get booed or heckled, those with backbones fight back through strategic campaigning generally supported by substance. Uhuru not yet, but it is coming.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, drop me an email or

Vikii said...

Phil I know what this post is about. I decided 'to give it a wide berth' as you say. But then again you introduced the name of Raila and Vikii in your comment. U LIED that Raila went to Machackos (Where I play pool 24/7)after the orange break up. Raila went to Machackos before the break up and he was accompanied by Magara, Ayiecho Olweny, Kipkalia kones and Reuben Ndolo. All Machackos Mps were at the garden hotel pinting as Raila addressed the people. He asked the people to vote for him but promised to support the winner incase he lost. I can tell you all this from Macha's POOL TIME.

I never doubted that you knew Oduor. For heavens sake he was just an aide like so many that I know. (Even derek has claimed here to have known him personally). I hate Bragadoccio and so I am not the type to start telling you that even Kalonzo (Not his aide) knows me by my first name. So what? What difference does it make? That doesnt improve his stature, nor does it improve mine. I am just the little Vikii working so hard to pay his bills. I have known him for about five years now and found him to be highly principled. That's the ONLY reason I will vote for him. It has nothing to do with any imagination I have that he can actually win or any favour I hope to get from his presidency. That's the difference between me and you Phil.

And you know what, Kalonzo doesnt have to do what Raila does. When Raila was his age, he also tried to contest the presidency and I can tell you his radius was Bondo district. Perhaps when Kalonzo approaches 70 like Raila is today, we will hold forte for him in Mwingi North as he goes around the country. Should his opponents then not be happy that he is not campaigning nationally? That should make you smile Phil.

derek said...

Phil, for your infomation, I knew Oduor at a personal level, for so many reasons. I have had close relationships with most Kenya MPs on matters that go back to mid-90s, through the NCEC and Mageuzi. I speak of things I know and I believe that I even know Lavenda, the girl at the centre of the death. The girl who works in Otieno Kajwang's office. Dont challenge me on that. Dont challenge me and Vikii on facts. IT was a LOVE TRIANGLE and Raila walked away with his tail between his legs after he noticed that he had goofed.

What about the Midiwo accident?

If Oduor was killed, why did Raila go mute after he came to realise the truth. I never challenged you on the death of Oduor, I only challenge the rumour you were trying to coin that it was a political assasination. I even got word from top boys about his death, two days after it happened. In any case, the lady currently working at the ODM offices, happens to be Lavenda's cousin and I am privy to such info.

Taabu said...

Derek, my condolence albeit in arrears but as the adage goes better late than never.

Now you have to tell Jol to RAISE his tail and not hold it. What is spurs doing at the bottom? Or you went to Kenya with all the luck. I hope not and if that be the case then please reinstate it, the situation is so bad.

I know you know Vikii is ORPHANED since last Wed and his goose was chased, cooked, eaten, digested and ....And that is after the good work by one Jose for close to 1000 days. And who said people don't lose their teeth for a job well done (asante ya punda!). Just ask Fabio Capello after winning the league.

One lesson from all these: MONEY CANNOT BUT LEGACY/HISTORY. Point #2: Success prmised on greed without foundation is not sustainable.

Any parallel? If only Kenya had instituion, we wouldn't care whether Lucifer sits in state house. But alas, I am dreaming without a horse. Na bado.

Taabu said...

So Bw Kioko is asking Chris for moderation job? And he points an accusing finger at Derek being rude, Well, that reminds me of Moi's visit to the facility next to Muthaga when the clients there reversed rolls. Kioko has done just that albeit from BC.

Pole Kioko but you cannot moderate porn because that is what you speak albeit clothed in hatred. You are so obsessed with the FORESKIN so much so that I fear you brains was tossed away with the cut. But we need you with your singular agenda, may be that is why you find diversity RUDE, ama?

chris said...


A guy who is obsessed with foreskins wants to moderate comments. How the hell will he be able to tell which comments are written by people with foreskins and which ones are not?

N.B. Even I do not have the answer to this one yet. Any ideas out there?

derek said...

Did I say that someone's brains went with the umbilicol cord. Then in this case, I rest my case and wish to continue being rude. I would love to be very rude in life but respect people from communities I have grown up loving, talking to and end sahring the little things that life has offered. Kioko, I am not rude. I only hate the way you act like a cretin, if you are not one. I am Kenyan, blood, bone and marrow.

Blessed are those with their foreskins!!!

To Chris, let them start a foreskin blog. Iliiwe funzo kwa wengine weny tabia kama hiyo, MODERATION is a must

Phil said...

Derek, I remember you casting aspersions when I told you Thomas was double dealing two women at two adjacent bars. And that the car that allegedly hit him is well known. I remember Vikii doubting my closeness to those 'Raila people'. I remember recounting to you the violent history of Thomas and his apparent womanising habit. I personally wrote a letter to Raila to complain about his wayward aides including Thomas and councillor opete opete of sarangombe ward - BUT YOU CAST A LOT OF DOUBTS. Am not surprised, you have done your enquiries and established what I was telling you was factual.

Raila never accused anyone of murdering his aide. He only said let the police do their work. He therefore 'did not go mute' as you claim.

Early this year when I told you Raila is more popular than Kibaki, you told me to forget it and stop dreaming. Now the same opinion polls you used to quote so often on this forum are showing Vikii's candidate and Derek's candidate ratings nose diving by each passing day. Fortunately, during your absence, the Kroll report was leaked and a lot of questions remain unanswered by your favourite working-nation regime.

Today, as I type these lines, it is emerging that the Artur brothers were indeed state guests (confirmining what Raila told us and what was suspected on this blog all along) and that confidential NSIS documents actually found them to be international fugitives/drug dealers/mercenaries, holding Kenyan passports, police inspector badges and having an authorised armoury at their Runda residence. One of the fugitives is actually engaged to marry one Ms. Winnie Wangui whose father is well known to all Kenyans.

Meanwhile as Luke admires a growing economy it saddens me to report that Reckitt Benckiser (formerly Reckitt Colemann) famous for JIK brand is closing down o relocate to RSA and other countries. Not forgetting Unilever (formerly EAI) also scaled down and sold brands like Kimbo and Cowbow because the economy was not conducive to their operations. Old time favourite brands like tree top and rexona (which were top brands before Vikii was born) were done away with all together. All these means loss of jobs and a reduction of the GDP.

If I may dunga musumari moto kwenye kidonda ya Kibaki's regime (ie. add salt to injury) , there are a more scandals coming and they will be publicised as soon as Kibaki launches his campaign. Capital flight during Kibaki's time (5 years) is shockingly rivaling capital flight during Moi's time (24 years - estimated 700 billion) that Raila has confirmed having details of where this money is stashed and who the culprits are. The list reads the names of who-is-who in Kibaki's cabinet (kitchen and govt). As if that is not enough, Githongo is soon unleashing another of his recordings that will wash away any hope that disillusioned supporters may have had.

Watch this space!

derek said...

Phil, Oduor's story was well known by the time I was telling you that you advise Raila on his sidekicks. I did not cast a shred of doubt. I have in the past been at a pub along Ngong Road when Oduor, a man from Ugenya drove with two ladies, (driving in one of Raila's expensive cars - I mean this one was) and he was in the comapny of various women, and he wanted to be known to be close the the nerve centre of power! I only castigated an idea floated that he was murdered on political grounds.

With that, can we be at least moral and let his soul REST IN PEACE. Let us not interfere with his spirits

derek said...

Phil, how many Britsih firms are relocating to mainland Europe? If you do not have that info, very many are actually doing so. Does it mean that one of the world's most vibrant economy is in its deathbed, no. Ther are leaving to find conducive environment which includes cheap labour and accesibility to raw material. Kenya is not special and they are not doing so because of Mwai Kibaki or the GNU. They are capitalistic set-ups that thrive of maximising profits and the only way is to make such moves.

The Kenyan economy is sawa. It can allow raila Odinga to ride on a Hummer toy. It is good!!!

derek said...

Rumours Phil!!!!
700billion? Even the American economy cannot survive if all Africans repatriated such cash. No banks in this world can handle such cash. It will cause a big probelm to any economy. Inflation in any country that takes half that money will take a direct hit. No country in the world has reported that. and for that money to leave Kenya, then there could be turmoil, similar to the one that followed Kenya after the Ochuka, Okumu, and associates coup detat in 1982.

As for Githongo, he can continue singing. Kilio cha chura hakizuii ngombe kunywa maji. As for the Kroll report, I read its original version in 2004 complete with pictures of ranches in New Zealand, a mansion in Tel Aviv, a hotel in Lugano (Switzeland) and even a multi storey building in Johanessburg, currently rented by a leading bank.

I also read about the registration number of a jet used by Somaia, Krishan Behal and title deed numbers for the lands and plots owned by the Oyugi family in London, and SA. I also read cash wired to a former politician from Federici Imperesti for the construction of the Nakuru-Nairobi road in the early '90s, but it never went past Limuru, or was diverted to Mai Mahiu and the World Bank complaaint about the single layer laid on the road, as opposed to 6-one inch layers as per the international standards.

So, I read a little bit more, before it was diluted.

Anonymous said...

Chris. Please give Kioko a chance. I honestly believe he can be a voice of moderation in this blog. Just look at the insults from Derek and taabu. They are worse that Kioko's and it is time they are restrained from abusing other contributors. Chris, unless you stamp your authority, taabu and derek will turn this blog into a nasty name calling forum. You also need to restrain vikii. He seems to be using the blog to hunt for girls!! Sue

Phil said...

Derek, a ramshackle subaru legacy (KAM series) is not an expensive car by any standards. That is what Oduor used to drive in the last 3 years of his life. I am the one who personally inspired him to invest in a subaru.

Kshs. 700b, please note - this is shillings not dollars or euros. You obviously have very little idea on the deals Moi and cronies pulled during their time. You rely on newspaper to reports like goldenberg, et al. Before we cast our ballots this year, I will personally post details for you to assess.

If I were to count for you how many trans-nationals have relocated - you may commit suicide because you will be thoroughly ashamed of being a Kenyan. Lets let it rest.

Derek said...

Phil, Oduor drove in one of Raila's cars, and on his arm, was a famous girl within LDP/NDP/KANU and now ODM circles. He was in one of Raila's 4x4 wherever they were coming from Naivasha, or another strategising meetings.

700billion shillings? and Kenya is still alive? The country cannot raise that money in one year. Where was it coming from. Does it mean that when the country spends 4 billion to buy a presidential plane and pays Boeing they have stolen it?

Phil, bwana, nilikuambia uwache porojo za kinyozi. Wewe umesoma. At times, it is difficult to asses why you reason like a sychophant.

Multinational have been moving from Zimbabwe because Mugabe is against Wazungus. Where is the next stop on the African soil? South Africa why? the ecomony is vibrant and there is a chance of making a quick buck in the next three years. The multinationals can go but the economy invites Virgin Atlantic and soon Delta will camp in Nairobi. Kwa hivyo, a multinational will not make a big difference to me and you. Will Raila stop them from going away? No. They will only go away because a militant president is alected.

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