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Monday, September 24, 2007

Is It Yote Yawezekana Bila Moi Or Is It Bila Mwai?


It is said that nothing can capture a heart like a melody can. The seasoned campaigners within ODM know this only too well. Remember the popular Unbwogable number that became the National rainbow Coalition theme song in 2002? Not to mention the corrupted Yote Yawezekana Bila Moi..

It is emerging that this time the Mapambano, Musilale ODM anthem is taking the country by storm and chances are high that Yote yawazekana Bila Moi is set to make a come back only that this time it will alternate with a new release, Yote Yawezekana Bila Mwai.

The massive crowd in Kericho yesterday seemed to thoroughly enjoy Mapambano, Musilale, of course they all got the right musical key from legislator Otieno Kajwang.

Meanwhile the PNU side seem to prefer...

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Anonymous said...


U aren't very intelligent if you can't figure out who the person posting the porn in this blog is.

1st of all, PKW, Jeff and Jeff Koiinange r the same guy. U talked about a S. Africa IP address for the porn posts the last time did u not? (If you know Jeffo like me u will spot him immediately.)

And the reason why he has emerged again is coz Ur Marianne Brinner friend has just gone an published the Distant Lovers email book and so this is his way of hitting back at you (who he must hate very much) an ur madame briner broad.

Just think about it an also read all the posts by PKW and Jeff and then check carefully the reduction of posts whenever the porn poster strikes.

Tumia akili kidogo.


Taabu said...

Well, I am not sure whether Benji is INSULTING Chris for being dim witted or he is a psycholgist capable of e-reading minds for free. Well whatever the case case PKW and Jeff are known here by what the cluster of letters they would prefer toidentify them. How JK becomes their respective names I have no idea. Characters just like cowards are assassinated numerous times before their real dead. You may not agree with wither PKW or Jeff but they have all the right say whatever they want provided it remains CIVIL. Or is anonymous baptismal name for JK?

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

The question read; is it yote yawezekana bila Moi or is it bila Mwai?

Phil said...

Just a minute Benji. You seem so certain. What do you say Chris?

PKW, I have to say, just like I told Kioko, you cant just brush this aside. Jitetee tafadhali. Tunataka hekima za Kumekucha ziwe za hali ya juu. As you are aware, the famous porn poster has been a constant irritant on this forum. And is based in RSA according to Chris. Jeff on the other hand strikes me as a level headed debator and a Kenyan patriot. PKW? Mature, straight shooting and very intelligent. However, I havent forgotten an interesting exchange PKW had with one MB, right here a few months ago. Can Chris replay it?

Chris, the ODM tune for this year is not out yet. It wont be yote yawezekana nor am not sober, by Awilo of Jamnazi either. But I can allude here that Jamnazi Africa Band, currently ridding hight with their Benga LP/CD (Riziki) with hit song of the same name (zuba zuba utapata mwana sio wako) have been cooking something lakini bado haija tolewa jikoni. Saturday might just be the day, going by the prospects of an early election. Genge rapstar JUA CALI, as well as TONY NYADUNDO of the Ohangla fame arent very far from Orange either - as are the majority of urban and rural youth. If you trully want to get a peek, come to Uhuru Park on Saturday, moto itawaka - high ranking delegations are expected from outside Kenya, and a couple of significant defections too.

Taabu said...


Phil said...

He he he Taabu, thats Toni Nyadundo's gem - applicable to those of us who thought that there would be another TOSHA declaration!! Kalembe Ndile knows and he has been belting it for those who care to hear.

Those officials who registered a political party in trust on behalf of the public and later claimed its ownership - while trying to force a marriage by imposing themselves head of house.

Its also fully applicable to those tribalist who think Luo's are born to vote for others and not to be voted for.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I think the online forensic experts can help resolve this identity crisis.
But hey Phil, you want to bring that back, I call the shots! 'Chris', flash back and play the debate between MB and me again right here. Come on, man, you could devote entire posts days, weeks or months to this.

My stand remains thus: Self confessed cabinet prostitutes are looters just like their mates. The results are just as devastating, whether you use your body, your tribe (fellow sons and daughters of Mumbi, listen up) or their money to get favours from the powers that be to make more money out of 'Africa'. If cabinet gains from cabinet prostitution aren’t blood money, tell me what is. Raila, when you become president please get this and all the profits thereof back as well!

Just because someone turns around after they've milked ‘Africa’ dry and reposition themselves as saviours doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be held accountable. All looters are equal, but some are more Kenyan than others, do I say.

kalamari said...

Phew!!! It�s a blessing I have never visited the southern most tip of Africa with a laptop. Just to splash some petrol to the fire, the venom between PKW and MB reminds me of a vicious feminine fight I once paid a few bucks to see�.. the boxing ring was filled, ankle high, with mud. Now if you were going to fight in a mud puddle, what you keep your clothes on?

Now if PKW is actually JK and Jeff is indeed PKW, what do you get if you divide MB by JK and then multiply the results with PKW to the power of Jeff?

Vikii said...

You get Marianne Brinney PKW.

Anonymous said...

crazy idea i know but how do u think credit cruch affected porn?


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