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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Gideon's Trip With His Father To Banks In Luxembourg


Kroll Report on Kenyan Corruption, Digest

Mukesh Gohil reveals that by 2002 Gideon Moi's cash in foreign banks amounted to a staggering 550 million British pounds. This is only the money that Gideon had involved him in to transact. It is reported that all Gideon's cash left the country through Citibank.

Mukesh insists that a huge amount of this money is in London.

The Kroll report details a fascinating trip that took place towards the end of former president Moi's last term as president where he visited several banks in Luxembourg in an unmarked ordinary car and without any security or escort. Only one State house aide (who was chief of protocal at the time) accompanied them. And even he was left in waiting rooms as father and son had meetings with their bankers behind closed doors. But it was very clear that the purpose of this trip was to introduce the younger Moi to his bankers.

It is believed that during this trip administration of the Moi fortunes was transferred to...

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Taabu said...

Gideon's story is an apt example of all that is wrong with our leaders and families. While we sheepishly swear and sweat in their name they confortably skim off our blood to fatten their accounts oversees.

The Kroll report is just the tip of a deadly iceberg. But tru to Kenyan political fashion we would rather scream in defense of looters securely perched on their horses huku tukikula huu na hasara juu.

Picture this. A son under 40 years of age with an account that can pay his country's civil service salary for a year. He even has the termerity to speak at Kenyans comparing his fellow theives (Ruto) to Sanderland winning the Premier League. That is how disconnect we are guys as we shout ouursleves horses backing the horses.

We owe JG all this Krol stuff. It was his recommendation but he never leaved to tell the story, figuratively that is. But the honesty and thoroughness of Kroll indicates JG's belief in the good got his country. Kroll has international reputation they won't trade for anything to soil. Maybe Emilio's regime didn't know what hit them. Speak of the body willing but the resolve (political) being weak.

The scoundrels can run but they won't hide forever. True Kenyans will definitely one day rule the shhow and engage Kroll to tell us the truth. They can only hibernate but a season comes when they will have to come and face the furnace.

Biwott is the devil face of past error but he has his replacement who we are shamelessly parading as clean. Poor Alnoor Kassam. He may have stood up to Bikini (BIwott KIpyator NIcholas) but the short chaps never rests till his enemies are liquadated. Calgary is no heaven and I don't envy him.

Biwott was just being a smart student of the chaps in our first republic hheaded by Kamau. He ropped in real scoundrels in the name of Indians who rape us and flee to Australia and Canada after fanthom supermarkets used as conduits. Look around you and see the supermarket chains. Add to that the Israeli mercenaries and you will see the link to Kikambala hotel and bombing. We are suffering grass as the elephants wrestle and bleed Kenya

luke said...

No witty one-liner's from me today; its truly a sad sad sad day for Kenya. If what the Kroll report says is true, then anyone who has read the report now knows that endemic corruption is a network far more sophisticated than anything the ordinary Kenyan has ever dreamt of or even conceived of as being possible. To all the past, current and future looters of Kenya's economies out there; i am astounded. Even Hoodini himself were he alive would be.
By the way, even if any of this report is based on hearsay or conjecture, what a fertile stretch of the imagination one must possess to dream up such grand schemes of mega extortion.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that politicians have stolen development funds that were meant to uplift the standard of living for every citizen. I keep on wondering how much the kihii stole from the roads fund! The fool has used the money to buy a huge hammer motor vehicle while his Kavirondo goatherds go without toilets. I think action need to be taken on this thief as he is also using money to confuse peace loving wananchi. Kioko, BC Canada.

Taabu said...

Well, because we cannot stop going to the market we must be ready to entertain all its madmen. Kioko has proved his consistency in being an unparalleled FOOL and he earns it. Let us crown him as Kumekucha's face of STUPIDITY. Welcome brother and continue spicing your village mind with all the rubbish you mastered during your formative years which have unfortunately refused to desert you. What a disgrace for a Kenyan?

Anonymous said...

Kioko the lunatic is back, spilling stinking vomit from his filthy mouth. Kenya does not need liars like you. You confuse peace-loving Kenyans more than any politician in this country. Why don’t you come to Kenya and tell us what you can offer instead of your filthy vomit.

How much is a Hummer? You are so thick like political thieves here who claim Raila's Hummer is 40 million. For your information GM is now stocking them in Kenya, the H3s go for 6m. What about those fuel guzzlers used by govt officials? Don’t you think their constituents also need toilets and other facilities?

Go get a life you dirty moron.

luke said...

Had you remained silent kioko, i would have still thought you a smaller fool but with the benefit of doubt- however, now you have left everyone with no doubts at all whatsoever about your infinite stupidity everytime you open your mouth. just what do you justify your stupidity on behalf of?your ethnicity? Even if you were to suddenly cease being stupid i would still have my suspicions; but anyway its not in vain that i will continue to let you know you are wrong mr.stupid, in the hope that one day you will think of something stuipid to say yet again but say the opposite instead

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

There we go again, attacking individuals instead of issues and opinions and taking this entirely off-track. Round-table referee, where art thou?

I suggest we let the two (persons and issues) be as far apart as the east is from the west. Individual should be answerable to their evils, though.
But Kioko, till when shall we impose our standards of what makes a (wo)man in different Kenyan cultures? Raila would be a kihii had he been born in any tribe that recognizes circumcision as initiation into adulthood, but its a non-issue where he comes from, Why should it bother you, like he asked while back, if 'their wives' are not complaining? If anything, my Kao friend said that you guys are circumcised at very young ages, like before they even go to nursery school? Circumcising toddlers does not make men out of them, at least not in my book.

Taabu, your generalizations bwana. Not only are we all biological accidents......what exactly is wrong with being a villager,and why do you insist everyone who writes ignorant things is a villager or has a village mentality? Why the village mentality connotation in everything 'disgusting' (sometimes just different!)? Is being a villager something to be ashamed of? I take this to be very insulting as I grew up in a village and my mother lives in the oh-so-backward one in all of Gikuyuland. My family is almost entirely composed of villagers, and I've found more wisdom, trust, confidence, and support from them than all my citified folks combined.It may be that the villagers from the village you or your family come from or that you know are like 'stupid Kioko' and 'kala-pornposter-mali', but your generalization is getting pretty old and tired.Reconsider your assumptions.

Anonymous said...


Your post should have ended at the second para....notice that after that you jump into self contradiction.....


Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

That's my a ha! moment there-another cliche. What are we doing?!

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

On the other hand, generalization and the imposition of one's tribal ideologies and stereotypes are BIG issues on this blog.What to do, look the other way? I'm sure you read my comment jana that implied 'jaruos' are the most intelligent of Kenyans. Its gotta start here.

peter said...

never mind kioko,he doesn't even know the meaning of anonymous.he's kioko at the same time anonymous.let him not at all be a reflection of the kao's.we feel sorry 4 him.

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