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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Generational Change Comment By Joe Nyagah


ODM presidential hopeful Joe Nyagah told delegates today that the two provinces that have remained behind are Central and Eastern. The reason is that those two provinces have NOT had a generational change like the rest of Kenya and are still being led by old people who according to Nyagah have no idea what a computer is.

Nyagah asked the rest of the provinces to pray for the two provinces being left behind by the rest of Kenya.

Indeed it seems that the generational issue is shaping up to be a major campaign...

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Vikii said...

Who is Joe Nyagah?

derek said...

Vikii, Joe Nyaga is that bloke, that confused son of Jeremiah, (yes, that one) whose brother is Norman and they are set to cut a piece of history cake this year, as the first siblings to be voted out of parliament in the same election.

Today is a sad day for Kenya. Five corrupt people, two sons of politicians, an overnight millionaire (not different from ones mentioned in the Kroll report) were refereed by a corrupt judge at National Stadium Kasarani to coronate a flag bearer to compete against Emilio Mwai Kibaki and Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka during General Elections.

So sad, that the Raila Odinga Project, as we have all along argued in this blog that it was a farce, it came to happen. It came to pass that Justice Richard Otieno Kwach (CORRPUT) led the Odinga Dictatorial Movement (as PWK calls it) through a process of selection to witness the most farcical process ever seen in the world.

Let anybody challenge this and I have been called a sycophant here several times, and I ask, through press reports that Otieno Kajwang is, if not a sycophant or a cheerleader. I called him a poodle here once, and some section of the readership nearly separated my limbs from the trunk. Tell me the difference from the old women who used to grace Daniel Moi’s public meetings, dancing their hearts out, only to be fed on bread and coke or Fanta.

When Did ODM register their members? Was it announced that they were going though such a process. If I am not wrong, all were handpicked by various candidates in their respective provinces. Surely, in less than one month, a political party cannot publicise its intentions to publicise a new political party and even prepare for an election that is why I call it farcical and let whoever feels bad about me calling it comical, fraudulent or any name challenge me. It stage-managed by Raila Odinga to make it look democratic.

A sad day in indeed that Najib Balala, side-stepped after choreographing for Raila across the country as his MC. Come the elections, after drawing some desperadoes form Mombasa, he stands down in favour of Raila, what a shame after wasting people’s time.

One of the candidates was Oginga Odinga’s son (Luo Thrift, Goldenberg, Molasses, Hummer etc) the other on Substone Budamba Mudavadi’s son (Goldenberg), Nyaga Jeremiah and finally William Ruto (how dare he test our patience).

Anyway, I will be active later in the day. I request for a pause as I digest the saddest day for democracy.

Vikii said...

Thanks Derek for helping me figure out who Joe is. He is the same guy who told us to vote for him because he was the most educated and the best looking of the ODM crowd.

Now let me dwell on his subject and mission, which is freeing my province Eastern and Central from the yokes of 'old leadership'. Who is the leader of Eastern province? Who is the leader of Central province? To be honest, I do not know the names of these PCs leave alone their ages. What I know is that people like Joe Nyagah dont have the slightest knowledge of not only what they saying but also what they need. Some of the leaders in those 'free' provinces are at least 60 years old, the kind of generation that Kenya badly needs,Extremely old people who 'kiwi-polish' their hair and then hit the road calling themselves "young turks".

Joseph Nyagah should be rewriting his resume in readiness for job-searching in January. He is an individual looking for sympathy yet he knowingly joined the forces of deceit, theft and darkness. He should stop his little antics of trying to tell us what kind of leadership is good for us and instead seek votes for his master. In doing so, he should tell us what they plan to do for Kenya or atleast for their provinces. Nobody in those two provinces can get carried away by those blatant lies they are spreading. Nobody is going to buy that bullcrap.

Joseph Nyagah and his friends need a liquidator in January. I will offer the service of counting the losses at a very competitive price.

Anonymous said...

You both are full of #$*&@???'s people like you who take Kenya to the days of the all need to examine yoursleves on this helped Chris bring Koinange down...and now a luo presidency scares the hell out of you...You tribalists need to grow up...

derek said...

Anon, you are more than a tribalist. You are a villager. Your argument cannot stand any tidal wave, if tribe is to be taken per se. For one, you are a Luo, supporting Raila. Two, you are against a wide-ranging argument that tends to look national. Three, you do not know what you are talking about, when you bring in me and Vikii helping Chris to bring down Jeff Koinange.

I would like to tell you that Jeff Koinange, whose relation served in the first corrupt cabinet of independent Kenya, was caught up in matters relating to the operations of CNN in Atlanta, USA. I don’t know who does what there.

Jeff is alleged to have bribed some news sources in Nigeria or some goons to pose for stories. I was not among the goons who posed for Jeff.

Jeff is alleged to have raped a woman. Whether true or not, I was not with Jeff and only the two of them know whether it was consensual or not. I personally have avoided much talk about the same and you can go back and check the archives and comments. I contributed nothing in that if not little.

Finally, it is brainwashed people like you who imagine a Luo presidency. Brainwashed to the extent that you have even started imagining how the roads in Nyanza and Kisumu will be, how State House Kisumu will be and how Nairobi will be.

Remember this day, remember this name and remember this post. RAILA ODINGA is UNELECTABLE. Before he embarks on the campaign trail, as a Kenyan, I would like to be told what came of the illegal IPO to buy Molasses in 1996 and how it turned out to be a family thing, and eventually what happened to the cash collected in the process, where it is banked and who are signatories of the account. Odeny Ngure and Engineer Olali. CONMEN. That is why people fear a Luo presidency!

Anonymous said...

The above Anon ... i wrote here before that Raila is a noise maker who would do best to serve as leader of official opposition and i still maintain the same.
And Derek is right Jeff gave a bribe to get a story and raped a woman readers of this blog know. So stop the lies of Chris, Derek & Vikii brought Jeff down ... could you be one of those people Raila has unleashed his juju to?

Anonymous said...

Hey all sound desperate and miserable...would you stand before a mirrow and view your emotional outbursts and still hold pride within?

I believe you want a Kalonzo presidency...or should I say Mudavadi...oh how could i forget the golden boy...and a Ruto presidency...And Raila to the curve...

Do you all love Kenya...? When you sing the national anthem, what's the feeling? Is it just for the sake of splashing words off your mouths? Do you consider a dwelling in Unity, Peace, and Liberty as the song writer envisioned it? Or you just blow the words to the winds...return to your cottage and swear...God luos are not worthy to be in land Our Land...Kenya?

And why do you all have a phobia for Luos?
Is it because they are the innovators in Kenya?
Is it because they are the brightest in Kenya?
I say again why do you fear a Luo Presidency?

The Kikuyus beginning with Jomo, stole our national prestige...they introduced corruption in the grabbing...political assasinations...and the list goes on and on...

You folk again have nothing to go corruption...we Kikuyus top the nepotism...we Kikuyus take tribal clashes...we kikuyus sprint to take a crown...

I should mention, I'm not a very proud Kikuyu....

My tribesmen, lets stop this business of a luo's elect a leader because of potential and not based on tribal outfits...

Taabu said...

Derek, youu are smarter than what you typed above. But either out of some spell or fit of anger you did fall for Anonymous' bait. Just re-read your post brother and see how Anon must be laughing his head off. As predicatble I take no sides and still shopping for a village horse. I don't miss the ride though.

Vikii said...

Did someone say I helped bring Jeff down? Now that is stupidity. I have been called names here for questioning what people stood to gain by tarnishing Jeff's name. I have never been given an answer coz there was none. Even one prominent commentator in this blog insinuated that we were backing Jeff coz he was kikuyu.At that point, I stopped any discussion on Jeff Koinange coz I felt offended being called a kikuyu by people who know I am not. I am a thinking kenyan who has neither the time nor the desire to engage in those little stupid kikuyu-Luo debates. Debates like those are for people in this blog with the sole exception of Derek, myself and one Jeff. Everybody else seems to think, live and eat TRIBE.

When someone says Luos have made 'innovations' and are the 'brightest kenyans', I say--Thank you for letting us know that. So What next now? You are free to extend your lease in Dreamland my friend, wish you luck.

derek said...

Sawa Taabu. I raise my hands. I goofed, but why should somebody even say that i connived with Chris and Vikii to bring Jeff down. I did not and for very personal reasons that connect me with Jeff, I avoided much of the talk.

Even when Charlo Njenga (Chris' schoolmate at Changes) from New Jersey took it personal with Chris, I veered off completely.

I do support Kibaki as Kenyan and will always do with love for my country. Why call me a tribalist?

Anyway, when you get me off-guard, you will notice that I go mute, but this one, was provoked, not considering that yesterday there was a massive abuse of Jack Daniels. It was a prompted response.

Pole Ndugu yangu, kwa hayo machache...leo nitaaovid kujibu post zote.

Vikii said...

Sorry I forgot to mention BB Mwalimu Taabu. How could I forget? Every body else is tribe asubuhi, tribe mchana na tribe usiku--Nipatieni break watu.

Taabu said...

Vikii pass Derek some drums of water. There is Gulf war in his head and I fear the chap has no blood stream leo na kesho instead he has (jijazie) flammable stream.
But poor Derek, how can Spurs be that careless and generous to give away victory so cheaply?

Well, sio wiki yenu by brodas. Vikii's Jose hhas just been hit 2-0 by Villa. And I have asked JT and Jose to apologize. Vikii let me know when the apology arrives.

derek said...

Spurs are going through an ODM-like civil war. I am really ashamed that the boys could not pull a win jana.

It is that bad that Fulham can draw with Spurs. It is unthinkable. Said in another way, we are in deep trouble at the moment. There is talk of munity in the dressing room.

Of the London teams, the only sure six-points are Fulham's, and I think we are that bad at the moment.

Anyway, Jose has been put where he belongs but they have an awesome record, that will take another 30 years to beat.

Anonymous said...

I watched with disbelief the verbal dirrhoea one Joe Nyaga emptied on Saturday.
Going ahead to claim that it is only Central and Eastern who are not partnering with the rest of the country (read ODM)is cheap talk. No wonder they did not even vote for him.
First, on what basis does he conclude that they are not partnering with other regions? Just becoz of ODM? If that is the case then he doesnt know what he's talking but he will learn that soon come January.
Second, he went ahead to say that it is the only region where has been no gerational change. If getting a change is to have people like him, better stay with the aged who will give direction to myopic followers like him. Further on, who said that the old have nothing to offer for this country. The likes of Joe Nyaga have no place for leadership in Central and Eastern and he should have realised that on Saturday when his own people rejected him.

Anonymous said...

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