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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Conflict Of Interest Minister Who Says Kroll Report Is Lies


Nicholas Biwott used to be the cabinet Minister whose docket was energy and today he controls over 17% of the private oil industry in Kenya, according to the Kroll Associates reports. This in itself is more than a text book example of what conflict of interest is all about, long before you have gotten round to proving the other corruption allegations.

The idea of joining the hitherto low profile Energy Ministry may have no doubt been inspired by the stupendous amounts of money made from the Turkwell Gorge which gave the money launderers placed with the responsibility of transferring the funds overseas, a nightmare.

But apart from energy Biwott owns colossal interests in tourism, air transport, mining, real estate, telecommunications, construction and agriculture.

It is apparent that one of the main informants for the Kroll report was...

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Taabu said...

Rot cannot and will never be safely covered. The Kroll report has hit a very raw nerve amongst Kenyans and those who were old enough to experience the Nyayo ERROR must be sheathing with rage. But alas, EXPEDIENCY washes all tears and the hroses must go down hill at speed of light.

True to my refrain MB is so many things to so many people. But some of the titbits she offers are INVALUABLE and can only be trashed with vendetta. We are lying down in at the hill of econolic landfill because of RAPE by a few chaps. It is unfortunate the report cannot see the light of the day but onle day it will.

Gidi is one spoilt boy swimming in our blood and money. He must be the most unsettled person given his age. Moi ni twiga and he knows he is soon meeting his maker. So he is doing what every dad would do a son, protect his interests. But behind this rot smacks off the uncleanliness of all our politicians. We only make fools of ourseleves to SWEAR and SWEAT in their names defending them. Poor Kenyans, we are mvoing in neat circles and the circumference remains the same. Na tuendelee.

Anonymous said...

Iam tired reading all these mind boggling figures ill take a nap and comment later

Phil said...

MB, a quick one, according to records at the KENGEN website, Kiambere is part of the 7 (seven) forks dam hydogen stations along Tana River. Turwell was commisioned in 1991, three years after Kiambere in 1988, could you be mixing up this with Turkwell? Chris, it also beats me why seven national strategic hydro dams were built on one river in one region as if that is the only river in Kenya. No wonder we had power rationing in this country.

Chris, during the time KPLC was in charge of both generation and distribution of power, two men who made a killing were Hon Biwott and one Sam Gichuru. These two individuals remain one of the richest in Kenya to date. The salaries of a DO, DC, Assitant Minister and Cabinet Minister - which Biwott has been in a career spaning more than 40 years is certainly not comensurate with his current wealth. I would say the same for Sam Gichuru....typical village boy who found himself in Nyayo's good books and suddenly a multi-billionaire. Like I said here before Chris, fraud of this magnitude is something that is very difficult to nail these guys on, especially after lapse of time and after the trail of documentary evidence found their way to paper shredders and incinerators...

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