Thursday, September 27, 2007

Aborted ODM Uhuru Park Rally: Can Violence Still Erupt?

Kenyans need to be especially alert this Saturday. I have just received word that the planned ODM rally has been put off—this time by the ODM high command as well (I hope word gets to all ODM supporters on time).

So far ODM rallies have been peaceful but the circumstances have dramatically changed now. Apart from the political temperatures rising considerably in recent days, one cannot rule out the other side triggering violence so as to win propaganda points against ODM who appear to be on a roll.

The really fascinating thing about all these developments is how history seems to repeat itself. It seems like only yesterday when Moi and his Kanu government were giving the opposition a hard time whenever they wanted to hold meetings. Now under Kibaki (although there are those who say that Moi is back in State House when you consider the power he wields)

My apologies, all my posts for today were accidentally deleted and I will have to redo them and probably post them very early tomorrow morning. Poleni sana


Taabu said...

Kiengereza kweli ilikuja na meli na mingi zinkabaki majini. Would somebody decipher this statement for me "IMPINGE ON THE PERSON OF THE PRESIDENT". The Artus must be laughing their heads off for the fools our leaders make out of themselves.

Meanwhile the 5 reasons why I won't swear nor sweat
1. Am horseless and don't fancy any
2. I have no other country except Kenya
3. Plastic objectivity melts into subjectivity at the sight of political heat
4. Never trust and swear on behalf of politician - see Ochuodho and Orengo - you are stuck and they are swimming, where and on what I have no idea.
5. Where you come from and any missing flabs on your anatomy has no correlation to the quality of your persona.

Need I say more? I gues not lest I spoil the broth, na bado.

Vikii said...

OK. Anybody else with his reasons why they wont swear and sweat?

My reaspons why I will keep doing just that:
1. I am horseful and my horse is called Kalonzo Musyoka
2.I've got a couple of contries on my belt
3.I believe there is nothing like objectivity especially if those you are dealing with have no idea what that is. I would rather be called utterly subjective.
4. I am a politician myself and I see nothing wrong with 'swearing and sweating' for those of my genre. Omingo Magara has after all said he will die for Raila Odinga----I wont question the sexuality of these two chaps.
5.I believe people should not judge me from where i come from but who i am. I have some flabs of my anatomy missing though. I cant lie about it.

For now, u guys have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Bwana Vikii, i see you are amassing a varied pot-pourri of women's e-mail addresses albeit using a non-ethnical vetting system; well done. Warning:-although you are NSIS, please look out for and Those one's will be fakes i guarantee
PS: -Ndugu Derek, pole sana na karibu tena

Chris, i wish i could call a press-conference and address the thousands of ODM and PNU foot-soldiers who are hired goons with muscular upper torsos often disproportionate to the lower part of their bodies. They walk around carrying serious looking black briefcases containing nothing but a single burnt fire-stone tyre and a jerrican of mafuta, and they are almost always men(women are always smarter, except women owners of hotels) who are no doubt already frothing saliva at the sides of their mouth at the prospect of campaign violence this coming Saturday in the green city. SHAME ON YOU!now that you were hired by Simeon Nyachae to cause grievous bodily harm has he won the election yet?you are being used the common mwananchi often ends up caught in the middle of the fray, paying the penalty sometimes with their lives but i forget that i'm talking to hired goons, you're paid to do this and you do it for a living
My advice to sincere ODM and PNU supporters; say NO to violence! it's just an election, and please please don't get caught in the middle for any reason. uchaguzi ni siku moja tuu lakini maisha ni ya milele. Kwa nini unaharakisha kifo?

Kioko in my opinion the only thing you can moderate is that thing you like to talk about so much, meaning you would be out of commission for at least two months in my guesstimate

kalamari said...

You are all very wrong about Kioko from BC. The chap cannot moderate that thing he talks so much about simply because he does not have it. I will explain. You see, Kioko has a very big and bad problem. Usually, boys are advised not to sneeze during that delicate operation. In fact, many are told to hold their breath and keep still. Well, unfortunately, Kioko coughed as if he had tuberculosis or something like it.

My reasons to continue swearing and bathing in my own sweat
1. What you call my horse is actually a unicorn… complete with wings and that forehead horn.
2. My country’s capital city, beginning in 2008, will be next to a lake.
3. When I mention subjectivity, it is to emphasize the fact that Michuki, Karua and the incumbents’ second wife must be SUBJECTED to the rule of law. When I say objectivity, I really mean, Kenyans must OBJECT anything ending in ANU especially those that begin with P and K.
4. I’m not a politician but I know a good one when I see one. I can also spot a ridiculous one from about 1000 kilometers. I saw Kalonzo with my eyes tightly shut.
5. I am what I am, I am, I am, I am (Peter Tosh).

Have a great day. And for those of you who don’t mind voting for a candidate whose second wife is a drug dealer, whose security minister is a peddler and raider, whose daughter (step or otherwise) is a crack whore, whose friends are international fugitives, whose biggest supporter brought your country to its knees economically then instigated many land clashes, whose ministers anglo-leased us, whose supporters beat Rutos’ knee until it bled, whose etc etc.. yes you, you know yourselves…please have a bad day.

Anonymous said...

Chris, Are we being told that circumcision is not important? why is WHO advocating circumcision as a shield against AIDs? why do some people become jittery every time circumcision is mentioned? Is it an insult to call a hood wearer a Kihii? Why do you allow shallow 8-4-4 contributions from Derek and taabu? When was Derek allowed back? I thought he had been suspended due to his rude and cheap postings. Kioko. BC. Canada.

Anonymous said...

who is responsible for the violence in Kenya?

Anonymous said...

Is it true Tanzanian President could have misled the incubent to do what he did since it is romoured he was sited in the Country?

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