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Monday, August 20, 2007

Who Is Behind the Emails And Rumors Against Equity Bank?


It is not too difficult to figure out who is behind the nasty anti-Equity emails because the bank's enemies are well known.

In the days of TradeBank several big banks spread many nasty runours against TradeBank and the fact that the bank ended up being closed laid credence to a lot of the rubbish they were talking under the table.

There have even been cases where fights have almost broken out in the field between employees of banks like Barclays and Equity.

The truth is that the big foreign banks in Kenya believe that Equity have taken away their clients (whom they consider their birth right). The reality is a little different. Once upon a time big banks in Kenya were getting pretty fat on high interest government treasury bills that were at one point paying out close to 80 per cent interest that they decided they did not want to bother with small accounts. This was around 1992 the year when Equity missed receivership by a whisker. It was quickly decided that the then building society change its focus from mortgages to banking services to meet the needs of many Kenyans who had resorted to putting their cash under pillows after all the big banks went on a campaign to close small accounts. What followed is the staff of legend at the bank. It is said that many customers came to Equity with their paltry cash while crying after the harsh words arrogant managers at banks like Barclays and Standard had shouted at them. The rest as they is history.

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Anonymous said...

Please don’t worry Equity Bank is strong and will go stronger and stronger.

The thing is that the “Big” banks you think cares a lot for you are the ones paying for this kind of rubbish to tarnish the name of Equity Bank and the rest of small Banks.

It’s just some kind of Trade wars.

Equity Bank and Family Bank are banks for poor Kenyans who are the majority.

Lets not take the shit from some of our useless Mps who were paid to go and claim in parliament that there is a problem with Equity Bank!!!!!!!!!!!.

They are fools who are selling out to Kenyans to Multinationals and foreigners because of small ugali they have eaten!!!!!!!!!!!

Be a Kenyan and love your country Pls.and love Kenyan Bank for Kenyans and by Kenyans.

This is what I replied back to the fellow who forwaded me the nasty email about Equity bank some two months ago AND i TOO AGREE THAT ITS ADIRTY WAR FROM THE FOREIGN OWNED BANKS

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how any debate in Kenya takes on tribal connotations? From politics, to business and now even sports. Bet you that 90% of those arguing in support of Equity bank are kiuks and 90% of those arguing against it are non kiuks!

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