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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Where Kalonzo Musyoka Is Today


Today ODM-Kenya are on a 2-day retreat at Lukenya, on the outskirts of Nairobi as you travel towards Machakos. The discussions are centered on getting the most appropriate method of nominating their presidential candidate and also on a strategy for the upcoming general elections. In attendance is everybody from the top brass of the party including Kalonzo Musyoka, lawyer Mutula Kilonzo and Labour Party Of Kenya owner Julia Ojiambo.

As things stand, ODM-Kenya is going to be the party ticket to get anywhere in Ukambani for somebody seeking elective office. But then as Taabu said here yesterday the situation now and leading upto the polls is so fluid that you would be a fool to swear on it or anything else.

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Anonymous said...

I think kalonzo has won a feather in his cap by sticking with the women and not sticking it to the women.Remember they have majority vote and only recently their aspirations were shot down by a male dominated house.

Phil said...

While I support ODM-Ks right to seek their own democratic path,it is ill advised and does not take the interest of the entire country first. The move is driven mainly by the insecure Kamba MPs! Ojiambo and Nazlin themselves have a very dim chance of being elected MPs, let alone president. Women are their own worst enemies, as they do not vote for each other despite their national majority.

I maintain that the reasons for ODM-K losing majority of its members and supporters to ODM still stand. They are the same reasons Moi defeated a majority opposition in two occassions (1992 and 1997) with a minority government.

The Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki families, together with known 'god fathers' of this country appear hell bent on stopping the ODM train at whatever cost. Therefore the 2007 election is not about having Kibaki re-elected but rather about stopping the ODM from taking over. ODM is so far the only party keen on reforming this country.

Kalonzo's antics are god-sent for Kibaki and Moi. Kenyatta has all but withdrawn his KANU faction from ODM. Uhuru Kenyatta as a strong runner up in 2002 could have capitalised on NARC's failures to put up a strong candidature in 2007. But for reasons known by himself, he is slowly but surely backing the re-election of Kibaki for political protection and expediency. Moi would rather die than have ODM (read Raila) be elected as Kenya's president. Kalonzo still harbours dreams of negotiating a pact with ODM/KANU or even NARC-K if only he is declared the coalition's sole candidate. The VPs post can no longer be used as carrot & stick for getting votes anywhere.

It will suprise many that voters of this country can see beyond Kalonzo, Moi, Kenyatta and Kibaki smokescreen. Word on the ground is; campaign money will be eaten but votes will be used wisely. And they will surely confirm that in December 2007 by voting out Kibaki's government whether ODM-K strategizes in Lukenya for three months or not.

Vikii said...

Phil lemmie ask you one question. Does reform according to you mean Raila Odinga? It appears to me that you think all people owe Raila political support. Dont you think other ppolitical players have the same stake in the governance of the country just like your beloved Raila?

When you say Kalonzo doesnt put the interest of Kenya first before his candidature you are wrong. What he doesnt put first is the interest of Raila and his supporters and he is not obligated to do that. If Raila cannot support Kalonzo then I dont see why Kalonzo should support him. And another question bro: U talk of "Kalonzo's antics". Which are these ones brother? Running for the presidency? He has a democratic right to do that just as much as raila has his. It is Raila who defected from ODMK and I totally dont understand what you guys expected Kalonzo to do. Did you want hiom to sheepishly follow Raila into ODM? Did you want him to kneel down before Raila and beg him not to leave? Raila exercised his democratic right in storming out of ODMK and he should live by that decision. Period.

I cant dispute the unelectability of Umar and Ojiambo in the coming polls. Phil can you dispute that of Balala and Nyagah? Double standards is the name of the game, at least that's what it loooks like to me.

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