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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Untold Story Of Mrs Weru And The Karatina Tourist Lodge


What was Mumbi Ngaru, a well-known ODM activist really up to at the now famous Karatina Tourist Lodge when she led the Raila Odinga entourage there? What was she seeking to achieve. Should presidential hopeful Raila Odinga trust people like her in future?

Those are the questions that analysts who know the facts behind the ugly incident are asking.

Investigations by Kumekucha have unearthed a set-up that was engineered by Mumbi Ngaru at the now famous hotel. Or was it just political naivety at work?

The whole idea was to get a newspaper headline reading; "Kibaki In-Law Welcomes Raila And ODM To Nyeri." Instead Mrs Weru, who was alerted of what was going on by somebody in the ODM party (no doubt a traitor or mole) decided that she much preferred the headline; "Raila And ODM Evicted From Nyeri Hotel." Wouldn't you?

Imagine the damage that would...

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Phil said...

Chris, I strongly disagree and request you to table facts you claimed to have unearthed so as to support this fabricated story or you withdraw it all together. I am regrettably interpreting this article as some of those structured to hit some candidates / parties below the belt. It seems obvious you are attempting to insinuate that some Kenyans are not entitled to enjoy a meal at some hotels even if they require a meal or need to book a room for the night. You sadly also seem to suggest that the ODM supporters who found themselves in Nyeri last week were not there to genuinely console the family of a deceased party member but to play politics. Chris, do you think this article is fair to the mourning family or it matters little what their feelings are because you have also joined the bandwagon of stereotypes who still believe that Kikuyus are a naive community who will only follow political parties that Kibaki's second term like a flag following the blow of wind? Can I take it to mean you are supporting the retrogressive and mungiki-like actions of the Karatina Hotel proprietor?

During the referendum, while addressing a victory rally at Uhuru Park, Madam Mumbi Ngaru tearfully recounted the difficulties and tribulations she and her orange team in Central Province went through while campaigning against the Wako draft. They literally risked their lives in order to democratically support an ideology they believed in under very hostile circumstances and here you are, for reasons best known to yourself and your informers (rumour mongers?), suggesting that their actions in attending a funeral were intended to influence a newspaper headline, please!!.

Today, ODM launches its first official campaigns into Central Province. If anyone in Thika, Sagana and Kerugoya reads your post - that being the official programme for ODM in Central Province today - the residents there may be led to believe, after reading your post today, that ODM thrives on achieving political mileage through negative press and does not care for the welfare of the common man. On the contrary, one of main aims of an ODM government is to reform this country and its structures so as to remove power from the hands of a few individuals and devolve it to the people themselves and other institutions. If any violence breaks out in todays functions or any sabotage occurs, I will lay the blame squarely at Kumekucha's feet.

Kumekucha as a blog that has grown in readership and that which professes in publishing quality and factual information, it is sad that the 'election fever' has caught up with you and now you are now intentionally trying to negatively influence the thinking of your readers that ODM is taking advantage of a bereaved family in order to gain political mileage.......and to make matters worse, you conveniently forget that we have had numerous heated debates in this blog for years (infact since it started) regarding the matter of tribalism in Kenya which you and I know so well is akin to 'touching a raw nerve' just by merely suggesting a solution to this plague. Tribalism is also something that has directly caused the deaths of thousands of fellow Kenyans not to mention those that have been permanently displaced simply because they belong to the 'wrong' ethnic community. How unfortunate!

In as much as you must post articles here and we debate them, I believe we shall continue to do so maturely and with honest intentions of enhancing unity of all Kenyan people regardless of their ethnic origins or political inclinations and ultimately make this country a better place to live in.

PS. And before 'known' Kalonzo and Kibaki's overzealous supporters start defending Chris here, I want them to take note, I have not intentionally mentioned any of the presidential candidates by name, in order to avoid the kind of arguments you thrive on. Lets debate the issue that is Chris's article by tabling facts. Not personalities and propaganda please.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Kudos, Phil!

Anonymous said...

phil.. u hit the nail on the head. I'll put in my two cents and say this, if it was someone else like PLO Lumumba or James Orengo they probably wouldnt have had all this issue going on but it only happened because Raila was there. Simple !

Vikii said...

At least unlike you Mr. Phil, I have never and will never defend Chris for anything. I perfectly understand Chris's agenda here and I am not as short sighted as some of you who never see beyond Raila. Chris may say what he feels like but that doesnt change the way I view him.

The agenda of the 'ODM government' if they have one will only be implemented in their heads. Where else can they implement that 'agenda'?

The other day you told us some people had attended that funeral purposely so they could listen to Raila, Now you are reading blackmail and disrespect when people insinuate the Raila gang had gone to play politics. It is very simple here, either those Karatina people who went to listen to the ogre stories are more of dunderheads, at least when compared to Raila and his mob, or your equation doesnt balance out Mr Phil. You know which is which.

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