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Friday, August 17, 2007

Uganda Attacks Kenya With Tanks, Helicopters And Foot Soldiers


The Ugandan army (UPDF) recently crossed into the country in Pokot complete with military tanks and helicopters and made away with large herds of cattle.

The defense minister's only comment; "We are talking."

My question is; talk about what?

When a neighboring country crosses the border with tanks and helicopters to attack a small village of unarmed Kenyans, is the thing to do, talk?

Isn't the right action to ask them to give a good reason why we should not send our military complete with helicopters into their country to recover the said cattle. And such a message is not delivered in talks, it is sent as an ultimatum. Or even better declare war based on this act of extreme provocation?

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Anonymous said...

Simon says,

Chris, I have two words for you. 1 there is a serious frictional relationship between the sloth and m7 and he ain't do nothing about it. Why? Anything happening to a country of such a magnitude must have a blessing of the head of state(in this case m7) (e.g Mt. Elgon or Mungiki - not forgetting those clashes in mombasa that only occurred prior to the electioneering period)

2 Where the spirit of the east african oneness? Probably the cattle were stolen from uganda, but was that the best procedure uganda could take?

Chris, Adios

Unedited said...

now if you can actually prove Uganda did that. I agree with you.
There is no way you can allow someone else to enter your house.How can you tell your wife, oh we are going to talk with the neighbor.

this is not good.

the only problem I have with it is that ,there are too many romours in Kenya.

Phil said...

What Kenya is attempting to do is called 'quiet diplomacy' which hardly seems to work in today's global affairs.

One wonder's why the ministers for defence and foreign affairs finds it extremely valuable to engage in NARC-Kenya party politics full-time when a foreign army has already invaded the country several times, kidnapped and Killed Kenyan citizens and our country offers nothing in response.

Instead our VP embarasses the whole country by shamelessly accepting to be honoured by some dubious award given by Uganda's president.

Question is; Does Kenya really have a government or these are just jokers?

Those people who have been killed and displaced by the Sabaot Land Defence Force (in Mt. Elgon) and Uganda Peoples Defence Force (in West Pokot), are they human beings or animals?

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