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Friday, August 17, 2007

Tribal Chiefs Shine As They Consolidate Their Positions: Only Divine Intervention Can Save Kenya From These Hyenas


Political temperatures in the country have risen considerably. Tribal chiefs have come out with both barrels blazing and each region is now strategizing on how best to come out ahead of the other.

So where does Kenya feature in all this? Stupid question you ask. Kenya features nowhere. You think Kenya is more important that individual tribal and regional interests? You must be out of your mind.

The Luhya community (all legislators from Western province) had a meeting yesterday where they announced that they will only support ODM if Musalia "Goldenberg" Mudavadi is declared the party's presidential candidate. They emphasized that any other candidate being selected would force the community to reconsider its' options. We all know who the ODM presidential candidate is don't we. One Raila Amollo Odinga, who by the way is yet to reply to Kiunjuri's accusations in parliament about oil deals and missing files.

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Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Problem is watu wa shags wao huvotia kabila, and our mps know this, hata ka wamesoma mpaka wapi.Thats what they are using. Uliza Lucas, watu wakitembea, they will stop feeling like Kenya is about 'us' vs 'them'. I was shocked nikiona Kalenjin MPs together solely on the basis of tribe. And I know there are many sub-tribes in Kalenjin, but that didn't matter.And them saying they will mobilise 'their' (no one owns PKW or her tribe-that's my opinion) tribes to vote as blocs. Hebu imagine kama stato wakisema watavote kulingana na rangi ya ngozi yako, how does that sound? Weird huh? Only juu sisi ni weusi so of course 'one of us' would never make it. But what are Kenyans doing now?I thought Ruto was as ideologically far from Biwott as Raila is from Moi. But come to think of, the two only fell out when Moi did not pass it on to Raila.

Karibu Kenya. I think of it as one nations within many, many nations.

Tribes aside, we have so many political parties I don't know them all leave alone what they stand for, and I've lost track of which politician is in what three letters of the alphabet put together in caps and called a political party. Oh, well, Najivunia kuwa Mkenya bado!

Taabu said...

It is the season of political permutations and grandstanding. The gloves are off and the fangs are menacingly ready to gobble prey Kenya. Kenyans have an inverted sense of unity to mean tribal groupings. We deny it yet shamesslessly practice in day light. None of these vultures will spare a bone from prey Kenya and we are solemnly watching, aren't we?

kalamari said...

With all these big tribes that must be “in government”, one must wonder if there’s any space left for the Ogiek. Other than the obvious, my fascination with the Ogiek revolves around the simplicity of their livelihood. Their humility is amazing. All they want is to live in the forest at peace with nature. Their needs end at the periphery of the forest. They are not drunk with power neither do they aspire to be president. Give them honey (volumes if you want a wife) and they are all set.

There's still some good left in Kenya.

derek said...

Did I say tribe, yes? Vikii supported me once and I want to repeat just what Daniel Moi says. ODM is a set-up of tribal chiefs and not good enough to lead Kenya. And with you Chris on this as we have always shared it, that Moi/Kanu/Uhuru will determine the presidency, and the TRIBES will be joined by others to form the next government. TRIBE!

I repeat, ODM is a collection of tribes under self-imposed tribal chiefs. Tell me when Musalia Mudavadi was appointed the head of the Luhya community and when Kalonzo Musyoka was appointed head of the Kamba. Until then, I will refer to them as fake tribal heads.

How sad that after the ODM atom that I was told on umpteenth times (on this blog) was alloyed finally broke into pieces, politicians are meeting on tribal basis and the true character of their leaders and dreams are being read loudly.

I am not a prophet of doom but a learner who wishes to be corrected. Tell me why the tribes in Kenya are being pitted against each other in the name of politics. If the LUHYA meet as one under the Mulembe umbrella; the tribe we never knew of before Moi came to power, KAMATUSA meet under another and the Luo (no longer Nyanza) meet as one with Otieno Kajwang’s Suba meet under another and why is none of the meetings not reaching out for the Kikuyu? Are they not Kenyans and are they not supposed to be in the next government? Honestly, this week has passed without any of their kind in the opposition saying a word of high politics.

How sad, that Raila Odinga’s Luo Democratic Party, and amalgam of ODM (whichever), can now brag to be inviting other TRIBES. It is not about tribes to me, it is about inviting other Kenyans and development of the country.

One thing I have come to realise that the only true opposition politician in Kenya was Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka. All others were Raila Odinga’s projects to show the rest of the country that they were democratic pretenders. Answer me please. Why does all other so-called ODM presidential candidates follow one person campaigning for himself to be the candidate. It will soon emerge that their so-called secretariat are being financed heavily by Raila to mask democracy.

I support Moi and very bitter that I have to, that the rest of ODM are tribal chiefs and tribalists. I like the others wait until Moi decides to tell us (starting with his Kalenjin) to vote for Mwai Kibaki as the next president of Kenya. I will oblige.

All in all, the political parties in Kenya are tribal, and the Simba Wanjes in the Coast have shown us how it is done. That they speak their romantic dialects is nine different strains do not stop us from calling them the Mijikenda and that is why Danson Mungatana is having it rough joining them because of his crocodile-hunting Pokomo lineage.

Has someone heard of Omingo Magara of late, please let me know and I will remind you that despite a fact that Ford-People was initially a Central Province political party, and only after Simeon Nyachae took over that it made inroads into Kisii and Magara, like all others were elected under the banner. Again, I ask, which of the Kisiii leaders can stand the effect of Nyachae, if the like of Sam Ongeri could be swept aside. Read TRIBE. I say, Nyachae is a TRIBAL leader.

And the Tharaka/Meru/Mbeere/Ndia? They are all allied to the same tribal formations that will determine who they vote for and how they shall be accommodated with their neighbours.

Anyway, take it as you wish, a LUo will first vote for a Luo, a Kikiyu for a Kikuyu first and a Kamba for a Kamba in 2007, if it will be a three-pronged race. Any bargaining, if it will ever be, will be Kamba bargaining with a Luo or a Kikuyu. TRIBE.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

How about we scrap constituencies as we know them and make parliament a matter of tribal representation? This is outrageous, but I think its what's happening now.
While I'm at it who represents the Yaaku, anywhere? There are very few of them left in Mukogodo forest (government property), Laikipa. But thats mainly because many have converted to neighbouring tribes - or been assimilated.

What makes a tribe? No, Taabu, its not the language, because then I'd be Mugikuyu, Mswahili and English.

Taabu said...

PKW, with all humility and utmost respect NO COMMENT gal.

luke said...

Divine intervention is the easy way out of this quagmire we find ourselves currently stuck in Chris.
People, do you really think we've currently got the leaders we deserve? So you mean to tell me your current MP is an exact reflection of you, all your hopes, dreams, aspirations?right down to a T? Come off it!
(Let all bloggers here be true and all MPs liars)tell me if your MP matches you in everything except God's gifts

Beth Mugo, i fear, is nothing at all like me not only in gender but in all the above-i want to ask her has all the water in Kenya disappeared or are we the only one's in drought? that by the way is just one example. Hiyo 6.1% haijafika Daggoh bado madam
My Mwalimu Bwana Taabu has said here time and again Kenyans are the ones who suffer while these predators roam untamed
So,what to do?buy shares in Safaricom and dream of blue-skies while sipping air with Mobitelea?haha
Getting the voters card in the hands of the voter isn't the problem-its that person holding it and how they're going to use it that confounds everything
Then again choices are limited, so what to do?
majimboism may not be such a bad idea afterall...but i advocate for voter brainwashing(sorry, education)

derek said...

Luke, my MP does not match the blood that was shed to emancipate Kenya. Infact, he is one of the biggest embarrassments to Kenyan democracy since independence. He is 'alleged' to have been found dealing in Koinange Street, chasing 'flesh'. How was he elected? It is said that he ‘printed’ T-shirts for his cousin and the same way, another one printing ODM t-shirts at the moment looks set to capture the seat. Another thing, it is said that once he had a fight with one of the TRIBE’S top musicians and this is another embarrassment to me.

Luke, while Kibaki has ensured that the remains strong, schooling made easy, farming made easy, , I blame my TRIBE for warring and running around in circles for the last fives years achieving nothing.

This tribe/relation thing should stop. Anyway, I am tribeless. I belong to Chris’ HAVENOTS tribe.

luke said...

Bwana. Derek, thank you for responding tactfully!
In light of your revelation(what an MP, huyo yako) every sane minded Kenyan should join in advocating for majimboism-let each province have its own clowns (sorry i mean MPs) stuck there,bound together there ruling their tribes elitely so that when they they mess up things it doesn't affect 43+years of independence
Not only that, it will really be the time of each tribe now to eat-can you imagine Kikuyu with an all-star line-up of their own, luos with the Raila they adore as their president,prime-minister and chauffer, kisii with Simeon "monisiter" Nyachae etc etc
Bliss for the kenyans i tell you. Chris would have to take to writing english literature in his blog instead of politics
Then let each province compete with the other in all things economic, social and political
now the only mystery question here this what kenyans want?

vikii said...

Let us ask ourselves one thing: Which serious politician in Kenya today does not owe it to his tribe? As Makau Mutua recently said in his rattling article, Raila Odinga would be another Jakoyo Midiwo if it was not for the cultic following his tribe accords him. Kalonzo Musyoka would be finished and burried by the hooligans today if it were not for his tribe's steadfastness in standing by him come rain or shine. Mwai Kibaki would not have survived the Moi-ochestrated molestations of the 80's if it were not for the Kikuyu's recognition of him as their leader. Musalia Mudavadi is not worth mentioning, He belongs to the jobless corner ater all. William Ruto is trying to jump the ship. He should wait until Moi's legs fail him after which Gideon takes over. If Gideon doesnt kill Ruto then he can leave the kalenjin leadership to him. It will be at Gideon's discretion though. Balala and Joseph Nyaga are people who are looking for appointments as parastatal heads because they are not even winning the parliamentary seats. Dr. Ojiambo, my gal--She will be a nominated MP and that's why she has no time for all this bullcrap. Kaluki Ngilu is doing her last kicks.

All said, it is not an entirely bad thing for communities to seek to be in the next government. The kalenjins in particular had gotten so much used to tonnes of ceralac. They dont see it no more and that is why they will eventually follow Moi's word when it matters. They will religiously vote for a person approved and vetoed by Daniel Moi. The Kambas want to be closer to government than they have been in these last five years.(Actually there is very limited government presence in Ukambani)and that is why they will vote for Kalonzo or their next natural choice which is kibaki. The luo will follow Raila to the grave. Actually these are the only people I have seen with no desire at all to be in government. They just love the opposition and when Raila dies, Fidel Castro Raila will take over the journey to anarchy and death. The luhya should just stop wasting time. Their vote will be divided into eleven equal portions. My opinion is that the end justifies the means and if we all find ourselves in government in January then that will be good. It will be one very inclusive government.

The meeting by the Kalenjin MPs has the potential of giving Mwai Kibaki a free ride to state house where he doesnt have to sweat. And by the way where is Uhuru? Huyo kijana amepotea. He should be minister for Home affairs in the next government. He should be denied a UK/US visa so that he stays home.

I have three Mps and all of them are jokers. The one I actually voted for is the lesser devil than the other two 'adopted' MPs.

derek said...

Vikii, at least you have mentioned it. Where is Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. Is he really interested in the prersidency of the nation of Kenya? If not, he should have been a victim of the Raila Tsunami in ODM. Remember the parable of the mustard seed. The one that fell on the thorns and was later chocked.

Thnx for the Fidel Castro line also. Soon, after he gets married before the elections to make him look 'national' and cosmopolitan, they will start planning to make him the next Luo leader and the TRIBE will fall for it, hook, line and sinker.

NB: Vikii, I am not talking football now. Not for the moment. I am still coming to terms with the loss. It was painful.

vikii said...

My Derek! Did I not tell you to join the winning team? We rule London and if u dont mind we can use your car for the journey to Anfield. I'll buy gas. We gotta go tell thgem there is only one London and we all know who the king is ----Jose. Talking of which Taabu has been spotted entering a stress treatment clinic. The diver that is CR is suspended and the oldman AF is bila new ideas. May be and just may be new boy Tevez is the saviour.

Taabu said...

Vikii you can have my car but I fear you may drive on the RIGHT. I don't want to loose you, ama? The premier league cannot be won with the first 10 matches but can be lost on the same. Derek is in foul mood like Jol and his car is on highway strike. Good luck and you need it in abundance, ama?

Sue said...

Luke your MP is not to blame for drought in your constituency, its not only in Dago but I cant blame my MP. Take heart coz Kumekucha is like Watchy (cutting edge) but at least here you are assured of your complaint being posted instantly and action being taken faster.

On tribal meetings or groupings, typical of Kenyan politics. Am watching the soap opera or better Kenyan comedy and can only guess how it will unfold.

luke said...

I know for sure that you are much smarter than whoever your MP is Sue, and given just one day in her shoes/position/office you would do what it's taken him/her years to accomplish-why?because you have a head that's working properly on your shoulders and a heart to go with it
Having said that, i hope your MP deserves to be defended by you for all what they're doing in parliament
I only blame my MP because the buck has to stop somewhere and with someone.
still, Majimboism ya jenga nchi...

Sue said...

Luke, if only our MPs were staying in the areas they represent, I believe we would not be having many problems like we do. But because of their social status, what do we expect.

I hope Nairobi Water Company gets the message and treat all Nairobi residents the same.

Anonymous said...

It is really sad that we never spin issues to understand reasons as to why tribal alliance is selling like a hot cake in our political set up. Right now, we know that Kibaki is going to contest the presidency but his party is unknown. What does he have? He has his ethnic block and that his what his opponents see.

We also know that Raila is obviously going to contest with his Luos Block behind him. These are realities that dictate the political gamr plan in the country.

We also know that an individual block can not win but we know that MOU works wonders, it is what propelled Kibaki to power.

A wise politician must recognize MOU as a very powerful weapon. The lesson that had be learnt however is that individual or party based MOU are not binding and this time around it is going to be tribal based. Indeed, tribal based approach reflect the true Kenya and it may usher in a new era.

Let us face the problem and avoid theoritical assumptions. Reality tells us that we must recognize ethnic groups first before we get going.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Anonymous, we should more like face the problem and avoid theatrical solutions.

The painful truth is that our countrymen and women are tribalistic, as you have seen right here, and our leaders take full advantage of this. As a pointer, let me generalize here for once and repeat what Phil said a while ago; The last three times, Kikuyus mostly voted for a Kikuyu president.Even when it meant splitting the votes between Kibaki and Matiba and spoiling the chances of any of them seeing the State House.Luos,but do I say, would knowingly follow Raila to hell-and that's not tribalism in Chris and Co.'s books. Kales will vote for Chogoo even when everything indicates Chogoo is a sore loser. Everyone thinks our time to eat starts with landing 'our son' (what is the life expectancy in Kenya again? Majority of us are younger than our MPs, we should be at least be talking 'our uncle') but in reality, the food chain is very short and very few people end up 'eating'. Ask me, I am Kikuyu. Maybe I should start my own survey and ask the people of Kenya how they have benefited because they are the same tribe as their MP? What then makes them think they are gonna benefit because one of them is going to be president?

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