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Friday, August 10, 2007

Tom Mboya’s Son Now Says Father’s Real Killer Is Alive

Kumekucha Stop Press: Breaking News

One of Tom Mboya’s surviving sons has broken his many years of silence this morning and released a statement that will no doubt send shock waves across the country and beyond.

Ironically his father was slain at the age of 39 and it is at that age that Lucas Mboya has broken his long silence to demand justice for the heinous assassination of his father.

Here is his letter to Kumekucha followed by the statement in full in the next post;


My name is Lucas Mboya.

I have been visiting this blog since i came across it a year or so ago while
searching some documents on my father. I am impressed with the quality of the
dialogue and it would appear that the people who frequent it are well informed and
opinionated. I dont agree with all I find but that’s healthy.

Nevertheless I have not come across anyone who has such determination to keep in esteem the name of my father, Tom Mboya. As such I am indebted. That will not make me agree with your principles and or ideas but certainly I take seriously your position and that of your regular commentators.

I have attached a letter from myself on circumstances that I believe led to the death of My father. This has left me angry, frustrated and bitter. It would appear that successive Governments in Kenya are either too incompetent, ignorant, unwilling or afraid of doing 'justice' to the murder of Tom Mboya. The trial that was should go down in history as a sham. A complete farce of judicial procedure.

But that unfortunately is what Kenyans have come to expect from their judiciary.

I commiserate with the family of the late Pinto, JM Kariuki, Robert Ouko and many others where state complicity was obvious in their deaths yet judicial proceedings as usual were inadequate.

I am a very very very angry man.

Regards Lucas Mboya

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