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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pain Of Having A Luo Presidency


Guest post By Jerry Okungu Maputo, Mozambique

Jim Hayo has been my good friend for many years. He is fun to be with particularly when one feels a bit under the weather. In his moments of excitement Jim Hayo can be extremely funny and entertaining.

A few years ago, soon after the 2002 elections, I met Hayo and a few of my friends at a night spot. True to his character, he took the center stage to give us a few sideshows besides what took us there. He started talking about life after death. He also intimated to us that he was a firm believer in reincarnation. Fortunately, the four of us around his table were all Luos therefore we easily followed the sequence of his jokes.

Hayo confessed to us that he was a very happy man. He was happy because he had come to terms with the reality of his condition! We got a little concerned and uneasy! What condition was he talking about? Did he have the big one? Two ladies sitting next to us were even more agitated.

We held our breath.

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David Mwangi said...

Typical Luo victimhood mentality... very sad. We all have to get it to our heads that Kenya is a true democracy of one (wo)man, one vote. If anyone wants to be president, they have to convince Kenyans to vote for them, no other way. If one can't do that, then tough luck.

vikii said...

It is unfortunate that even journalists of renowned standing like Jerry Okungu have degenerated into this level of villageistic reasoning. Every Raila Odinga supporter is now officially caught up in this quagmire of wrongly believing that kenyans owe the luo the presidency. That is whack and if Raila and his apologists are planning to capture the presidency on this plattform, then it is bound to backfire very badly on them. A spade is not a big spoon, it is a spade--On the same breadth, what you people are engaging in is called tribalism and so you should never cry , either literally or otherwise when the same tribalism is used against u.

When Jerry Okungu talks of the pride of being a luo as explained by is good friend, Jim Hayo, I ask myself 'so what?' Who in kenya is not proud of their tribe? Being proud of who u r however does not mean you depict others as being of a lower cadre. Okungu and Jim Hayo talk of injustices vested on luo politicians but they obviously fail to acknowledge the fact that the gunning down, firing from positions of responsibility and any other injustices they may have in their minds were not done to the luo politicians in question on the basis of their ethnicity. Jomo Kenyatta killed Thomas Mboya pretty much the same way he killed JM Kariuki. Just the same way Pio Gama Pinto was killed and Kungu Karumba was kidnapped. Jomo Kenyatta politically mistreated Oginga Odinga just the same way he mistreated Bildad Kaggia. Infact when Moi took over, he tried to rehabilitate Odinga but he never bothered to extend the same kindness to Kaggia.
After Kenyatta came Moi. He killed John Robert Ouko just the same way he killed Alexander Muge (His fellow tribesman). He tortured Raila Odinga just the same way he tortured Koigi Wamwere, Wanyiri Kihoro, Kenneth Matiba and Charles Rubia. Now good people tell me, how can u justifiably claim that the luos are the common denominator in all these injustices? I mean Jerry and your friends, this is not advanced Calculus, no, it is just straight forward that these were intolerant dictators averse to divergent opinion. Plain and simple.

Jerry Okungu,just like Sarah Elderkin before her, has gone ahead and questioned Makau Mutua's contribution in Kenya's reform struggle vis-a-vis that of Raila Odinga. At no time has Makau Mutua ever claimed to have suffered more than Raila in the hands of Moi, none whatsoever.Questioning Raila's doublespeak and his tribalistic leanings doesnt require u to have been tortured. Makau Mutua actually went to exile fearing for his life but that has absolutely nothing to do with his attack on Raila. If Jerry Okungu and Sarah Elderkin have a right to fill us in with Raila's supposed uprightness, please do not feel hurt when other people question his other side. I am yet to read anything about Sarah Elderkin's or Jerry Okungu's participation in kenya's liberalisation and I a not dying to read it.

Yesterday or thereabout, Raila Odinga continued with his wild outbursts by saying that Kalonzo musyoka is refusing to support him because he is luo. I mean how more simplistic can people get? Who said Kalonzo should support Raila because he is luo? Why should he support him in the first place? Raila is proving to me to be a below average person because he at the same time claimed that Kalonzo was refusing to step down for Kibaki in 2002. Now was Kibaki a luo in 2002? Is Raila refusing to step down for Kalonzo because the latter is Kamba?

Makau Mutua's article was titled "Those who live by the sword must die by it". I fully endorse his take on that one. If u honestly feel it is perfectly inorder to tell me to vote for Raila because he is luo, please dont complain when I tell u that I will not vote for him because of the very same reason. I mean if etnicity is really an issue, u should also embrace its other side as well.

Makau Mutua goes ahead and claims, and righly so, that Raila Odinga's luohood is his biggest undoing just the same way it is his only strength. People say Raila would be president if he was not a luo. Thay forget that his political might lies in the fanatical following he enjoys from his community. Makau Mutua actually claims the tribe suffers from 'Communal psychosis' which they believe only mr. Raila can cure. If that is not true tell me which other community would follow one individual that religiously. Not even the kikuyus are that unanimous in their support for Mwai Kibaki.

I am in total agreement with Makau Mutua that Raila Odinga, the man he calls 'The quintessential tribal baron', will never rule Kenya not only because of the supposed stigma against his community but also because of the blind support the likes of Jerry Okungu accord him. It is just a repellant.

derek said...

Fear kills many times before real death descends on a human being, Lack of confidence, and social standing makes a man ran to a direction he never knew. I read that Jerry Okungu statement in the Kenya Times last week and like any other person who will inverse any comments about it on this blog; I tread carefully and take it with a pinch of salt.

For very many reasons and respect to Jerry, and I also think he is talking of Jimmy/James Ohayo formerly a KTN newscaster and later at Kenya Airways, I hope to treat this one with a lot of caution it deserves. Appalling might be my own (very personal) assessment.

To Jerry, the Luo have been known to play victims many times over. I would like to draw you to few comments that will always be heard from the community leaders and constituents alike. ‘We are used to suffering’; ‘We have lived all along without that’; ‘And we are better off in the opposition’; when Raila become president…we will do this, we will do that…we will build this…and many more.

Jerry, and any other reader, before it was made public, the first person to say this was Raila Amolo Odinga. He said ‘that people are against his presidency bid because he is a Luo’; ‘A Luo is unelectable and so the story snowballed to the Prof Mutua commentary and later, Sarah Elderkin and finally landed at Jerry’s doorstep.

Here, it was said that Raila was seeking sympathy or that Rutto was about to dump him after those statements, but things have changed since. Since that time, Raila has grown in stature, obliterating any visible opposition in ODM, transforming it into a ‘Raila-ODM’ and I feel that this is the point I need to drill home.

It is this ‘self-appointed’, ‘de facto’, ‘imagined’ status that make the Luo and in particular Raila Odinga shoot himself in the foot. If saying that Kalonzo defected from ODM and you are not the chairman, secretary of official, makes one get the barbs that come this way All this reference at the moment is being made at this time that the standing and the dream that Raila might be elected president of Kenya is waning.

This was not said when Oginga Odinga stood in 1992, and not when Raila stood in 1997 and neither was it said when James Orengo stood in 2002, and who heard it with Oludhe. The simple thing is that the spin-doctors made an error when they made Raila make the statement. If anything, they made him isolated by a section of ODM and thus the ‘kihii’ thing took a different turn.

Simeon Nyachae comes from a smaller tribe compared to the Luo and had great impact in the 2002 elections, so was Michael Wamalwa from the Bukusu sub-clan. No one from the two tribes ever said anything about their candidature despite a fact that chance of winning depended on how many ‘tribes’ they could bring out to vote for them. It is not about being electable, it is about policies. Did Charity Ngilu not bring the election scenario to tumult in 1997 despite losing? Who ever said that she cannot be elected because she was Kamba or a woman?

I believe that Raila can be elected as president not because of his tribe and because he is a Kenyan and he has qualities, playing victim by claiming to be Luos in this case will galvanise the community and a psychologist will tell you that this is why the Luo community will always be at the beck and call of the Odinga family.

Any person in Luo Nyanza will tell you that ‘the Odingas have suffered’, ‘the Odingas brought the independence’, ‘the Odingas helped install the presidency’ (two infact), but is that any reason to assume national leadership. On the same strength, why make loud comments about it.

Simple, Jerry and James, please stop playing victims. The travelling GYPSIES in Europe always play victim and in the process isolate themselves from the rest. ‘Why do you always accuse us when something happens? Why do you not like us?’ they will ask. But the reply is always, ‘it only happened after you were seen there. It does not happen at all’.

Spurs lost, Gunners won. Edmonton/Seven Sisters/Tottenham is a boring place to be tonight. We shall be back next weekend. Spurs, the best team in North London! Come On You Spurs!

Finally, Jerry is a commentator and not a journo. He is a trained marketer and was Marketing Manager for Nation Media in the late 1990s. Just a point of correction

vikii said...

Thanks Derek for agreeing with me that it is utterly foolhardy for anybody to solicit for votes using his tribe. If Obama tries to showcase his skin colour hoping that will win him the presidency, he will live to regret why he did it in the first place.

Thanks too for te correction. I have seen a few places where Jerry is quoted as journalist. One of them is the sixth African Governance Forum where he was one of the kenyan participants alongside Henry Obwocha and others. I think the line between media consultant and journalist is very thin and that's why. Correction accepted though.

Chelsea won and so u need not cry. West is as good as north. And what criteria did u use in calling Martin Jol's men the best in North London? Do u despise Arsenal that much?

luke said...

DISCLAIMER:-temporarily lowering myself to foot soldier level

I understand why any person in Kenya would cry foul and feel short-changed given our history of numerous injustices experienced by almost all generations right across the 42 tribes of our country. However power is another matter
In the case of family, you don't have a choice where you are born-in the case of leadership, it is arguable whether leaders are born or made-often philosophers settle for both answers. That Raila was born an Odinga is not a choice; anything else after that is choice including if he will be voted president by over 34 million kenyans in December 2007

well,does history ever afford one the chance to rectify his mistakes, or is the past is the past? the cry of victimisation for being political short-changed by the luo political leader may/may not be justified but is it worth the effort for them to rectify this whether real or perceived?

There was another time when groups of people shared a sense of communal robbery -the maumau for example was about land restoration for the kikuyu, the 1992 tribal clashes were about (looking past the political smoke screens) the same rightful ownership of land and its restoration-did maumau work? yes, kind of(we are an independent nation now are we not?), tribal clashes achieve any sort of goal whether intentional or not?i don't think so

However, nothing can be done about these now and this is what history will record about luo political leaders feelings of victimisation-that inspite of the fact nothing could be done to change the past and its real or perceived injustices,attempts were made. that is all. desire can be a funny thing

derek said...

I wait to be called any name for saying this. If Barack Obama, son of HUSSEIN (read Muslim) Obama in elected as the first BLACK MAN to occupy the WHITE HOUSE, pigs will fly.

Obama, like Raila Amolo Odinga is vying for the nomination of his party’s candidature. Much murk has come his way in the process. Indeed, what Raila Odinga has seen is not comparable to what Obama has gone through. Almost everything personal about his father, grandfather, mother and his early life has been written in the two sides the Atlantic. Interestingly, all stereotypes on Raila came from his own turf.

There are comparisons to be drawn in these two processes. They are (sorry about this) Luo. One condition, on both sides is that one should be a citizen of the country, though the American one drags it a little bit longer, that one has to be born in America. Fine.

Obama was born in America; he is American, though he has roots, that link to Siaya in Kenya. Then this wild imagination will one day come up that he will win against Hillary Clinton and possibly occupy the White House, and like the mistakes that Kibaki in Kenya has done, the incumbent in America, George Bush has his own litany of problems since the Gulf war and sees every chance of his party losing the Grip in Washington. Similarity to Raila’s chances and scenario in Kenya

Any American will not say it loudly, but watching the elections will show you that concentration of the people around Obama. Like Raila, the Black (African) Americans have been of great support for this man and it is manifested by the funds that have been raised. The same applies to Kibaki, Raila, now Kalonzo, then Moi. People one identifies with. Either culturally or by tradition and that is what will be the main undoing for Obama, when the racist Americans lift their stereotype gauge up a notch.

Back to the point drawn before. If Obama, a Luo (he is) qualifies to be elected president of the world’s greatest democracy, why should Raila, whose father fought for the country’s independence not be elected simply because he is Luo. Again, Raila should not be elected BECAUSE THIS IS ANOTHER COMMUNITY’S TURN TO LEAD/EAT or simply for change. We need policies to improve Kenya.

Vikii, there is only one SPURS. The only one team in North London. Arsenal has only two Londoners in their squad. The rest are French student exchange party. I tell you what; today (Sunday) there is nothing blue or white in Tottenham. Even the Kenya joint Wetherspon in Angel Edmonton is vacated. I am lonely.

Finally, Jerry comments as a man who has grown in the media. Not a journo. At one time he was a member of the Harambee Stars Board, served in the Kisumu 100 years celebrations served in MSK among others, and until recently, was based in Kampala. Nice bloke though. Jovial.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Phil, does this sound familiar??

I'd initially decided that this painting of such a huge tribe like the Luo as the single victim of Kikuyu greed was below me, but I decided to chip in any way. This is probably going to be my first and last comment on anything instilling tribal hate.In the name of love. For the motherland. In the name of justice. In the name of fighting tribalism. Anyone see how paradoxical this is?

I have a suggestion. A Kikuyu proverb says that s/he who does not travel thinks that their mother is the best cook. Why don't you guys take some time off campaigning for Raila and re-read the history of Rwanda-from the natives, dare I say!- and what led up to the 1994 genocide. You will see that they guilty 'tribe' had a lot of help from early missionaries (in the name of God, even, forget the justice part) that finally led up the the slaughter of close to a million people in the space of 10 days, not with weapons of mass destruction but with tools used in day-to-day work. I'm personally very skeptical of the self-appointed referee of the suggested meeting in the so-called 'neutral' country but, that's a comment meant to be on another post-you all let me know how much progress that brings.

This being election year, I understand the 'need' to frantically hit all buttons within reach, and get votes by whatever means.You've hit on the tribalism one multiple times, and evidently its not working. But first things first; though I was 10 years shy of meeting Mboya and too young to interact with all the kind people killed and tortured by the "Kikuyus" even in the Moi administration, I condemn these acts in the strongest terms possible. I wish there was anything I could do to reverse them or put the criminals where they belong.But as it is, someone ruined one very good inquiry by becoming very emotional and condemning the accused before they even had a chance to be heard.

Secondly, I condemn in as strong, for lack of stronger terms, the men and women of Kumekucha who have chosen to use the suffering of these noble Kenyans to meet their own ends. I did not know him, but I wonder if Mboya would like to see his name and course used to brand a whole tribe as oppressive, selfish, and his own tribe the self-made saints of the election year. Never mind that Chris posts one day how Kikuyus are selfishly rich, and then how poor they are doing today-are you schizophrenic, my man?? And why is this quest justice so unjust? Why is it so selective. Is Kenya about Luos and Kikuyus? Why did no one on the -feel-sorry-for-us-we-are-Luo talk of justice for Pio Gama Pinto or even Dedan Kimathi(surprise, surprise!)?

'Chris' and Co. either have very selective memory or have some form of collective but politically correct amnesia (see Vikii's comment above above with a fuller list of people of and for whom we should be talking instead of making this a Luo affair). I will be back to share my opinion on posts that I see worthy of my time, but till then, I'll just be a good reader. Good luck in your international pity parties. I'll never vote for anyone because I feel sorry for them.You gotta show me the works.

'Chris' you must be the change that you seek-Mahatma Gandhi.

Najivunia kuwa Mkikuyu.

vikii said...

Of course Barrack Obama will lose the nominations with a big bang. Flaunting his roots as if Africans will be allowed to vote was very ill-advised. To be honest if I had voting rights in states I would vote for Mrs. Clinton. I just happen to be so much in love with that three-member family. It is just a pity that two men I admire, Obama and Albert Gore before him may never see the inside of white house.

And just a question: Why do people say an Obama presidency would be the first black one. I thought having black parentage made Warren Harding black too. I just dont agree Obama is a black person and if he is then Harding was black too.

Having said that, I challenge the Raila backers in this blog who never miss a opportunity to tell us about illusions of the luo being marginalised as a comunity to explain exactly what they mean. I am yet to hack that one. If the luos are neglected then the kambas, the maasai, samburus and many others are always being kicked in the ass.

Phil said...

Oh yes PKW, sounds very familiar. I support JO to some extent.

Without batting an eyelid, I will tell those who care to listen/read that I support Raila Odinga for presidency not because he is a Luo but because he presents the best chance for change in this country. Other wannabes may have their individual reasons to want to compete, but I shall not deny it to them simply because I support Raila.

I have read all the above comments and I still cannot see any reason worth their salt that Raila does not qualify nor isnt fit to run for presidency. So far, he is conducting his ODM campaigns like in any democracy - that alone appears to provoke some people in to hate speech. He hasnt demanded to be voted for or to be installed president by force, has he? None of us has any right over the other person's vote. Let those who want to vote for Raila do so. All he is asking for is that he gets the democratic platform to sell himself and if Kenyans so wish, they will vote for him. Raila's reform credentials speak for themselves. Let the Mois, Kibakis and Kalonzos of this world table their own.

Mwai Kibaki has had his chance, but he has shown us, just like Kenyatta and Moi before him, he is the worst tribalist of them all. For example, (and this is just for illustration) how come his key ministries FINANCE, DEFENCE, CONSTITUTIONAL AFFAIRS, INTERNAL SECURITY have all been held by members of the GEMA community. Are bloggers here not aware that Moi never once in his 24 years presidency have a FINANCE MINISTER from his Kalenjin ethnic group? Everyone deserves a chance at everything. Not a few kitchen cabinet individuals taking advantage of a skewed constitution to virtually oppress the rest. And tribalism doesnt seem to be the only problem here. There's corruption too. And it is big time.

If people (not just Luos) are discriminated upon on the basis of their ethnic origin or minority numbers by denying them justice, economic power, political power and social amenities, you cannot expect them to sit 'pretty' forever, can you?

David Mwangi said...

Raila is fit to run for the presidency of Kenya, just like many other Kenyans. In a true democracy like Kenya where it is one (wo)man one vote (no electoral college stuff like in US or leader of a party like in UK) every vote counts equally. Raila or any other Kenyan, therefore, needs to convince more kenyans than his nearest competitor to vote for him in order to become president. It is as simple and as clear as that. No amount of hollering or playing victim or hateful ethnic rhetoric will change that fact. We all have our take on Kenya's political history and we can debate it forever without agreement because we have very strongly held opinions.

In a multi-ethnic nation like Kenya, engaging in ethnic rhetoric at any time is a dumb idea for a politician interested in scaling beyond his ethnic stronghold. I might be wrong, but this is what is biting Raila's chances presently. When he couldn't defeat Kijana Wamalwa to become Ford-Kenya leader, he is alleged to have said that Luhya's are cooks and watchmen, and weakened Ford-Kenya by forming NDP. During referendum campaigns, he refered to gema as adui. Raila has had a huge tiff with Nyachae and now with Kalonzo. Raila really needs to tone down his abrasive persona and ethnic rhetoric to have any chance of becoming president. He really needs a good PR/image consultant.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Phil, I meant the whole proud and un-proud part. That when you are proud of whatever you are, you have to be automatically un-proud of others who are not 'it'? That you cannot be proud to be Kikuyu and simultaneously (?) proud of other customs or cultures? That these are not mutually exclusive 'prides'? Sounds familiar? My comments have inspired entire posts here, but I was surprised coz it felt like you and I inspired that one, if you know what I mean.

I know by now you are a one of Raila's die-hard supporters, so that's not what I needed to hear for the umpteenth time. I asked why you and your crew are playing the victims? Why the Kenyan presidency, thanks to you guys, has been reduced to a Luo-Kikuyu affair, like no one else has a 'stomach'? Why GEMA is a tribe, just like Luo is? Why sometimes you are conveniently Western Kenyan, which I'm also convinced is not a tribe? Why you can't see beyond your tribe? I'll assume for the sake of harmony that it was mere coincidence that the 'guest' was a Luo telling fairy tales about another Luo who was proud of his tribal sainthood as a Luo, and the title had to do with a Luo presidency, on a blog dedicated to a Luo candidate. Thanks, but no thanks, I'm never voting for any tribe. I'm not a rich Kikuyu, but someone, show me the numbers!

Phil said...

Why the hypocrisy bwana David Mwangi?

When Kibaki defected from KANU to DP was it to mean he could not defeat Moi in KANU? The cooks and watchmen remark originated from Joseph Kamotho during his days as KANUs secretary general. He is said to have called those names Fred Gumo - a Luhyia - because Gumo and Kongo were feuding for the Nairobi KANU branch chairmanship.

PKW, no one is "crying victim" and please please, I am not supporting Raila because he is a Luo. I would careless even if he was a Pokomo or Borana.

Its just that some bloggers here are attempting to create an impression that other people are more tribal than others, yet Luos, Luhyas and Kalenjins (which are the major ethnic groups in Kenya in terms of numbers) have proven many a time that they are not tribal and they can vote for a candidate outside their own ethnic group..

Just check provincial voting patterns since multi-party era and you will appreciate what I mean. Both Luos and Kikuyus have had presidential contenders in all elections, but closer analysis of the provincial voting patterns of these two communities will reveal a startling fact!

And dont even check the referendum voting patterns because that was a disaster that completely divided this country because of the same selfish individuals who were hell bent to make the presidency of this country a one-tribe affair.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Then try other lines and stop selectively using Mboya, Ouko and anything Luo vs Kikuyu as campaign tools. I think any victim of the Kenyatta and Moi regimes would not appreciate it. They were doing none of this our-time-to-eating.

Taabu said...

Anybody ever heard of any these expressions

1. Security in number
2. Reason by substitution
3. Argument by displacement

NB: None of the 3 principles has any trace of originality. You engage in any of them when you unknowingly make your response the tail of a whip used on you. Guess who takes the lashes? Any takers out there?

vikii said...

Oh yeah, the luos have voted for other tribes many times over. Those must surely be the luos of Uganda. Please dont tell me 2002 coz only the kalenjins and the cushites didnt vote for Kibaki.

Now who said Raila Odinga is being denied a chance to run for president? Raila Odinga has always been welcome to run for president for as long as I can remember, anytime ,he's free. He was qualified to run in 1992 but he chose to support his father. In 1997, he ran and that should tell you people his candidature is not and has never been a big deal, not at all. In 2002, he was among the very first people to declare his candidature only for the truth to dawn on him that kenyans were not yet for his presidency. He did the needful.

We rejected the toy idea flaunted by Okungu that we owe Raila and the luo the presidency. That is actually the only reason we are discussing him and his tribe. Expecting us or me for that matter to endorse an article so lacking in breadth and depth is hallucination.

Nobody has said that the luos/Raila Odinga are/is more tribal than whoever. The only person here who feels some people are more saintly than others is Jin Hayo through his mouthpiece Jerry Okungu.

And if Raila Odinga has a right to run for president, how come he is the only one with that right? He tells us Kalonzo is not supporting him because he is luo and doesnt tell us why he himself is not supporting Kalonzo. Everybody, as u good people have said, has a democratic, legal and constitutional right to run for president. He should not keep shouting that people are not backing him.

My 'hate talk' will continue as long as the likes of Okungu continue holding the conviction that it is only a luo who can effect change. It is also very curious that, as PKW has pointed out the guest post was done by a luo heavily quoting another luo with whom they are glorifying the luo community against other communities while at the same time urging other presidential candidates to step down for a luo presidential candidate. This post was hosted in a blog owned by a luo and again as PKW says who supports the said luo presidential candidate. Oh and did i forget we were told the blog is dedicated (from the first word to the last) to a luo who died in 1969. Very nationalistic if u ask me. C'mmon lets not even bother agreeing on anything coz we can never. I will continue offering stinging criticism to this unwarranted glorification of a community and mudslinging of other communities. I have enough friends.

derek said...

As for me, I will not engage in ‘hate talk’ but I will say it as it is. Who said that Kikuyus are our ‘ADUI’ during the referendum? Raila Odinga, (NOT BAD)! Who said that the Luo are being denied a chance to lead Kenya because they are unelectable and they are forced to rethink their position in the country? Raila Odinga (EVEN BETTTER)! Who is touting an idea that a Luo should be given a chance, as if it is done be selection, Jerry Okungu and Jim Ohayo (SPECTACULAR)! Who is the man/tribe’s greatest enemy? The Luo (MAGNIFICENT)! Period. Electable or not, democrat/dictator/mobcrat/backstabber/ and any other, all these come from the mouths of the same Raila supporters and me, will join the Vikii in the ‘hate talk’ campaign and trumpet my voice to the loudest.

I for once can vote Jim Orengo, and my body shivers when I imagine, Patrick Lumumba will lose because he is in the wrong (a party the Luo do not support) formation. Draw the 1997 election books from your shelves and read PETER ANYANG NYONGO and count ANY NONE LUO (apart from George Nyanja) elected on an NDP ticket. I resign.

Anonymous said...

We all love reading. But aint some guys here just too wordy. Intelectualisms and reason get lost in verbal diarhoea (sorry for that). Am for a Kenyan president who will not bear animosity against other tribes who did not vote him.
Can someone give me leads on where Kenyans actively blog on business ventures. Am genuinely searching.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I don't know any such Kenyan blog, but we can borrow a leaf from our West African counterparts;

Anonymous said...

proud kikuyu woman,
Thanks for the URL. I found something on and also checked out
But the timbuktuchronicles is real something. A purely Kenyan startup biz blog with inspiring ideas can make aspiring enterpreneurs abroad take more interest on successful small enterprises in Kenya. Such blog can also give a lot of other details like funding and competitions. I will hang out at timbuktu for a while if only for inspiration.
Thanks again

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