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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ODM "Entrepreneur" Cashes In


As we all said here months ago, the two major ODM-Kenya presidential hopefuls have now officially parted ways. The sickening plastic, forced smiles, as they held hands, fooling the public that ODM was united have finally come to an end and the truth as we always knew it has been revealed for all to see.

Kalonzo Musyoka has remained with ODM-Kenya while Raila Odinga has purchased the first Orange Democratic Party to be registered for an unspecified amount of Kenya shillings. Both parties (seller and buyer of ODM) have of course denied that any money exchanged hands, but that one will be very difficult even for a hungry crocodile along that banks of Tana River to swallow.

It is highly unlikely that Raila has paid anything below...

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Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Poor me, I'm getting addicted to Kumekucha - but I beat Chris to the comments section this time round.

I was really happy when I was reading about the 'hand-over', you know just how totally representative ODM looked at the time. I still am fascinated and think thats a great start.

Corruption -would most people term it as that? How about securing the rights to a 'trademark' for a stated amount of money?- is also the wrong footing to start party and continue a presidential campaign whose buy-line is democracy. More like Demo-Crazy, if I may use Gaddo's without the benefit of his entrepreneurial skills. Once again, I'm confused, but gotta go!

Phil said...

Chris, are we to debate the political implications or how much $$$ Raila paid Imanyara?

Surely, the content of your post dilutes this event, which I consider the most important political event this year. And in all fairness, can you really standby your comments that Imanyara was paid Kshs. 5 million for ODM or you are just politicking like the Mwangi Kiunjuris of this world?

Milton Imanyara was quotes saying:
"In the fullness of time, we have come to the realisation that the people of Kenya recognise Mr Raila Amollo Odinga as the undisputed leader and face of the Orange Movement in Kenya. We, like the rest of the other Kenyans, have come to recognise and accept the fact that Raila is the best qualified to be the next President."

Does that sound like someone who has just sold his party?

When will you, like Imanyara, come to the realisation that this country needs change?

Are you aware that ODM-K are already sending feelers to ODM (original) for possible collaboration? And that despite what you saw in Machakos yesterday, Kalonzo's troops (Musila, Ojiambo) in ODM-K (LPK) are just awaiting parliament to be dissolved before they abandon the self declared ODM-K presidential candidate.

I hope you can now see who was called the DICTATOR in ODM-K sometime back.

kalamari said...

Although a somewhat similar Kalonzo-like defection, Raila still emerges the winner. The ultimate winner may well be Kibaki, but that’s still in the air and my money is still in my pocket..
I think the general public perception is that Raila has pulled it off again as opposed to ame-defect. Whether money changed hands or not is not important; it’s politics. It may be that Imanyara was a Raila stooge from the word go. Ni siasa tu.
His next move must involve destabilizing LPK, wooing Ojiambo and keeping Maanzo in court for the next four months.
I pity Kalonzo. He remains a traitor in the public eye; the guy who instigated all theses shenanigans. This chap is about to burn all his orange t-shirts, posters and caps as soon as he realizes that his rallies cannot forever be confined in Machakos. Eventually, his little round head will protrude from his Kitui bee-hive …………as Raila awaits to pelt it with ripe oranges.

Sue said...

Am glad this ODM issue is sorted out and Raila Odinga can move on. Those opposed to Raila can continue calling him names (like some who claim to support the government on this blog) say all they want but hes now unstoppable just like he said "you cannot stop River Nile from flowing to the Mediterranean Sea".

derek said...

Let the mutation begin…

Okay it is:- ODM-Raila, ODM-Kalonzo (based in Syokimau), ODM-Kenya (chaired by Maanzo, secretary Chepkonga), ODM-Chungwa, ODM-Balala (Buxton or Makuli Fagia), ODM-Mudavadi (Mululu), ODM-Nyaga (Mwea), ODM-ODM, ODM-Asili, ODM-People, many more. There is only one NARC-GNU.

And as Sue says, as sure as River Nile flows into the Mediteranean Sea, Raila will lose. Have people not said in the past that the ‘brothers’ were united? Then, let their unity win the election. Real 'brothers', in 2002, in the referendum, Artur, Mombasa, Nakuru, Gilbert Deya na kadhalika!

Sue said...

Derek you always misquote me, where did I say that Raila will loose. Are you a prophet to predict for sure that Raila will loose? Let the people decide and I imagine what you will say when he wins!

Please market you prefered candidate and try to convince people why they should vote for him. It would be far much better than to keep on say bad things about other candidates especially Raila Odinga.

kalamari said...

Derek, you forget ODM-Nyundo. The party symbol will be a hammer crashing an orange.

Sue, I'm a prophet (going by my previus 90% accurate predictions) and yes Raila will win. This I'm sure of.
Anyone want to take a bet?

Sue said...

Kalamari thats a good idea, we should take a bet. Chris should do a post on "Take a bet on who will be the 4th President of Kenya" then keep it safely to be reviewed in January 2008.

derek said...

Sue, can you read and digest what is in a post before you reply? I said, as sure as River Nile flows into the Mediteranean, Raila will lose. I am the one who said Raila will lose not you. I cannot misquote you. Never.

For your information, the fact that The Nile Flows North, and as sure as day follws night, RAILA will LOSE with a LOUD BANG.

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