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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Next Kamukunji MP May Be Decided by Influential Foreigners

Countdown to the Mother of All General Elections In Kenya: 2007

One of the parliamentary seats in the country that is bound to be the most hotly contested is the Kamukunji seat in Nairobi. Already the field is overcrowded with prominent personalities like lawyer Patrice Lumumba and popular evangelist and presidential hopeful, Pius Muiru announcing their candidature.

Word on the ground is that it will be easier for Mount Kenya to throw itself into Lake Victoria than it would be for the incumbent Norman Nyagah to win re-election. It is even said that currently he is not able to access his office in the constituency where his CDF cheque book is locked up and is therefore unable to put the idle funds to use, a major bone of contention most of his constituents seem to have with him.

Ironically this was Tom Mboya's old parliamentary seat. The seat he defended in his entire lifetime and resisted all pressure to join the mass exodus to rural seats. Still plenty has changed here since 1969. Probably the biggest change which is bound to influence the election outcome is the influx of foreigners in the expansive Eastleigh estate, which is part of the constituency. Most of these foreigners are of Somali origin and the Kenyan immigration has always had a very difficult time differentiating the local Somali from the foreign Somali. This serious problem was highlighted in the 80s when foreign Somalis pausing as Kenyans forced the British government to reverse an old standing visa...

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kalamari said...

As a bastion of ‘peace’ and ‘tranquility’ (only in relation to Somalia), Kenya will continue to attract fleeing refugees from bullet ridden countries…..if our porous borders have anything to do with it. The mere fact that the ‘foreign’ Somalis in Kamkunji live, work, trade and invest in Isich, demands that they are represented in parliament. It does not matter whether they are peddlers of drugs and guns or doctors and nurses, once we open our doors to them, we must accept the full responsibility of ensuring their human rights are upheld.
If indeed the Somalis are registered voters, albeit with fake documents, and maintain an influential voting bloc, then we must encourage one of the warlords to contest. It would be interesting to watch the operations of a foreign Somali MP in Kenya. In my estimation, such an MP will have no choice but deliver the services promised during the campaign; what would you do with cocked guns pointing at you?

PS- Those in import business in Dubai and China, I advise all to seek the clearing and forwarding services of these Walalos. They are the most honest agents you’ll find around and they deliver to your doorstep……always on time. If you choose to go with Kinyanjui, shauri yako.

vikii said...

Patrick Lumumba ANYDAY. A vote for Lumumba is a vote for a better Eastleigh and a better Kenya. Vote wisely, vote Lumumba.

David Mwangi said...

That is a very good piece bwana Phil. I love that "foreigners" from all walks of life, whether refugees or businesspeople or students, majority of whom are decent and hard-working individuals, choose to come and make Kenya their home. Of course we must try and kick out the few bad elements. Kenya should continue being a welcoming nation, not a xenophobic one. If walalos in Eastleigh influence the election of Kamukunji MP, that would be well and good. That is my constituency, and I know for sure my vote will go to Lumumba.

luke said...

we have no choice but to go the way of UAE in tightening our control of the entry and residence of foreigners in Kenya(VP Awori i hope you're listening);on that note, it would be interesting (certainly for me) to know what measures have been taken since 2002 to prevent passport fraud in Kenya (Anglo leasing does not count)
By extension, the rule of law in our country has to be obeyed by all such that once these immigrants are within our borders, they too will be bound to uphold the same laws meaning they should not contribute to creating insecurity and instability in the country.Therefore the type of MP we need in Kamukunji is one who can foster political unity, be a comprehensive spokesperson for such a diverse assembly of indigenous and immigrant kenyans; all in all an MP with tonnes of political savvy
He/she should not be a warlord or a rabble rouser (those days SHOULD COME TO AN END WITH THE 9TH PARLIAMENT!)

...Sounds to me like i just described the late Tom Mboya

Phil said...


So long as PLO remains aloof from the ODM (original) campaign, it seems he will not see the inside of parliament as an elected MP.

My take is that, first and foremost, any MP in Nairobi (perhaps apart from Raila) will be elected on the basis of their political party.

Even your 'nomination' to have Lucas Mboya run for the Kamkunji seat will fail miserably because he (I am quoting him) "cannot suck-up to Raila."

A minority of Kenyans with resources to mount campaigns or even blog as we are doing, have hardly any idea what is happening on the ground politically and what kind of sorry life the common man is living. That group of elites that grows richer (financially or otherwise) every day includes Lucas Mboya and PLO Lumumba. Lets review this in January, and you can be sure they will still be where they in not elected, lucky to be nominated because of their status in society. Thats a challenge, Chris.

David Mwangi said...

I kind of agree with Phil that Lumumba will have a very difficult time to capture Kamukunji. I actually think a non-odm person might carry the day. Ann Njogu is a fighter and she's running, but I doubt she'll have any impact.

Anonymous said...

The Smart chap called Yusuf Hassan is the only real contender and will be the chosen. The Guy is Smart and knows how to campaign. It is great to see he is treating poor and Rich in equal footing and very caring before even elections.

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