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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Men Missing In Action As Second Liberation Kicks Off In Earnest


The expert driver who maneuvered out of the Central Police Station with tyres screeching was in fact not a man but a Woman. A man probably won't have done it without running over the policeman who tried to block the car.

Men are known to make jokes about women drivers but this is one instance where many drivers who have viewed the dramatic Jack-Bower-like clip can only admire the driving.

When you also consider that most of the people we are seeing on the forefront of fighing for the second liberation are women, one cannot help asking themselves where the men are. Even the small group that camped outside CID headquarters to show solidarity with Health Minister Charity Ngilu when she was being held were mostly women.

So where are the men? Or do they just mostly prefer to...

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Anonymous said...

dont make a mountain out of a small matter. please this preoccupation you have with ngilu is fucking sickening.

Taabu said...

Well, I should know but it appears there is a disease called preoccupation that is terminal. And when you mouth faul one-liners it only exposes load of your own inadequacies. Chris can be wrong (he often is anyway) but when you shout expletives instead of reasoning we end up focussing on what you would wish hidden from everybody else except you.

Even reading some of these words makes one look for Omo with powerfoam to wash his/her mouth. Obsession can be sickening but but not fatal. Tell us another now that raw tirade has benefitted from a response it never deserved.

Anonymous said...


Vikii said...

There is something I dont understand here. You people are talking about liberation and I ask myself from what? What is Ngilu, Kumekucha and Raila liberating us from? This is sheer opportunism by people whose political deaths are at the corner. No amount of adolescent-like restlessness is gonna change the fact that the truth will soon catch up with those who have all along hidden themselves from it.

When Samuel Kiminza defected from SDP in 1999, Ngilu told her he was defecting when defections were no longer fashionable. I am now telling Ngilu and her male friends that drama is no longer fashionable. All this hullabaloo is totally uncalled for. People who belong in the club of hooliganism and thuggery like Kumekucha may defend this lawlessness under the guise of liberation from God knows what but I congratulate Kibaki for doing what he knows best------Showing total disregard for the less noble minds and mouths.

Second liberation my foot. People thought Mukhisa Kituyi would find it hard graduating from activism to responsibility but they were dead wrong. He has shown he was not jumping up and down for the sake of it, no he had a cause. It is people like Kaluki Ngilu staring unemployment in the face who have all of a sudden discovered the government they have been defending so passionately to the extent of calling their 'colleagues in the struggle' "uncircumcised zealots" has turned oppressive and they need to liberate kenyans from it. Very funny if u ask me.

All this publicity Kumekucha is giving Ngilu is not principled solidarity. It is fueled by the false belief among Raila supporters including Chris that Ngilu will support Raila in the coming polls. People, it is Ngilu we are talking about and she knows how such a move will hurt her already precarious hold on her parliamentary seat. Ngilu and not Raila is the master of exploiting political convenience and very soon she will be going back to Kibaki. She is just hoping Kibaki will notice her skirts up in the air and then call her to state house. She wants Kibaki to name her the running mate and she is trying to coax him into doing that. Kibaki wont do it, no. She will go back home, offer some reasons like, 'for the sake of continuity and our country kenya, I like in 2002 will bite the bullet'.That will throw Raila into confusion mode because he appears to nurse dreams of bagging Ukambani through her.

I remain The Ever Tribalist Vikii. And stii very proud of it.

Anonymous said...

Chris Mark my words if Ngilu goes Raila way then she will never see the door of the 10th Parliament. Infact she should be whipping MPs to vote the 50 new slots for women because she will need it. I'm from her constituency and I can assure you Ngilu Kwisha!

luke said...

Come on anonymous 1, raise the bar in your debate-no need to resort to base name calling or gender-hating
Stand your ground with a sound argument and make enemies based on strong reasons not just insults

Any donkey can trade insults-show us what you got other than swear-words.otherwise the www is a large resource where anyone can start their own blog if they don't like someone else's

derek said...

Anonymous, what is the problem. What has education/knowledge done to you? Why the dirty words. This kind of decadence makes people imagine what we are made of. Is it little brains, is it borrowed words or is it complete ignorance. Sorry, I am getting sucked in the murk of trying to reason.

Please, when using words, in a comment, kindly moderate the ‘fs’ and words that throws reasoning to madness. I don’t think Chris or anybody here needs that. No fights please.

Luke, you tell him/her that any ass can start an own blog, me i will tell him mapema. I will not visit the blog. If it will contain the stuff that is spewed here, I would rather remain where I am. RESPECT MATTERS.

Anonymous said...

This word Coup seems to be offending people here. What's in a word? I wonder.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Dude, you really know how to play ordinary (or not-so-ordinary, everything depends!) words into any picture you come up with. I thought the second liberation was the one that ushered in multi-party democracy in Kenya(again) back in the late 80s and early 90s. And the third liberation took out Moi in '02. Maybe this is the third liberation, in which case each time there will be a liberation every election period. Maybe this is even the fourth liberation after the Referendum.By the time I've a wide enough base to run for parliament or 'house on the hill', we'll have painted a Kenya that will be dying for a hundred and something-th liberation.

Taabu said...

PKW don't blame Chris, his numerica sense must be impaired. Won't fault him because it seems the guy cannot count upto 10 in the reverse without a PC or calculator. May be in his wisdom second is better than first and also superior to third plus all other subsquents. Poor Chris. I advice him to register for ngumbaru in arithmetic (mathematics my be too much).

Anonymous said...


It is important that we remain balanced in our comments, whichever side we are on. A few of the contributors have already indicated which side we are on, but still are able to pen balanced comments.

On the Ngilu issue, i am one of her supporters (from DP to SDP to Narc, etc) but i maintain there was no heroism in what she did. It was first illegal and second very dangerous, putting other people (her driver for example) in grave danger.

If we justify what she did in whatever language we use, what is the difference with what the VP, Moody Awori did? This is what Kumekucha wrote in April 2007.

"Now it has emerged that Vice President Moody Awori seemed to have tried to influence the outcome of a murder trial involving three of his constituents. A copy of a letter he sent to a magistrate asking for an update on the trial has been unearthed and tabled in parliament".

The common thread is that someone in power came forward to influence the "rescue" others who were legally being held by court/police/prison etc. Is this the Kenya we want to build?

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